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  1. I'm completely with you there Gadget. That annoys me to no end. I usually just put them on ignore. The one's I've had experience with there is never an option (or a clear one) to opt out besides muting or IMing the owner and asking for removal. But the customer shouldn't have to contact the owner. I really wish store owners who use it would really think about the fact that they're more times than not pushing away customers with that type of marketing.
  2. You can also try searching for free templates on the Marketplace. On the categories on the left hand side, you can search: Building Components >> Textures >> Clothing Textures, and categorize by price (or enter in $0L to $0L) and "Refine Search". I've also noticed some in these categories as well: Apparel >> Clothing Textures (I hate that they have a 2nd category for this and not just one, lol).
  3. Everyone is right. While many people have enough sense to not take things apart seeing how they all need to be linked together in order to work, there's a percentage out there (i.e. the customer in the OP posting) who will. So while we all may be smarty pants, it might be wise to still include the fact that they all need to be linked in order to function and taking it apart will break it. I also agree that you (birne5) should include a notecard with the product stating that you do not give refunds on full perm items. Whether you'd like to try and explain to the customer how the scripts work, or offer him a new replacement (though like many has already said, he should have a copy of it since it's full perm), or whatever...how you'd like to deal with him is up to you. :matte-motes-big-grin: Hope all works out for you!
  4. Hi Lumychan, I tried to answer your question in my first posting. Though you may not feel like it since I didn't offer any links or exact places. Unless other people here is in the niche market you are in I do not know if anyone will know any exact fairs, or events that you may be interested in. I suggested to go to places similar to what you offer and look any signs they may have posted to see if it is something you can participate in as well or search for groups that pertain to your market and ask there. Also try searching the events section to see if you can find any fairs that may be going on and you may can get involved the next time they have one. Each fair and promotional event will be different in how they work. With the one's I have been involved in you either pay a small fee or it is free to rez a few items on prims and set them for sale. I've been involved in one that everything is under $100L. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Princess wrote: "There are in fact different fairs and events to advertise your products. Try TPing around to places that have similar items in your niche (furniture stores, rp sims, Victorian clothing shops, steampunk shops, etc) and check out the shops there. Look and see what postings (signs) of different things they might participate in and see if you can get more info about it and see if it would be something you'd be interested in. Also, search in-world groups that pertain to your type of market and join them and ask the group if they may know of any good groups to join."
  5. Hi Lumychan, congrats on your first marketplace shop! I had pretty much a very similar question a while ago, see here. In my opinion when it comes to the marketplace or if you have both a shop in-world and marketplace when it comes to advertising we're just thrown out there (and it is each store owners responsibility I suppose). But information on advertising and such just isn't as readily available as we'd like it. There are in fact different fairs and events to advertise your products. Try TPing around to places that have similar items in your niche (furniture stores, rp sims, Victorian clothing shops, steampunk shops, etc) and check out the shops there. Look and see what postings (signs) of different things they might participate in and see if you can get more info about it and see if it would be something you'd be interested in. Also, search in-world groups that pertain to your type of market and join them and ask the group if they may know of any good groups to join. For the clothing market, I know there are groups for fashion that you can send notices once or twice a week about a new product you may have. You would have to look and see what groups are out there for the niche market you are in.
  6. I don't really think people care what it is called. It's a fun way to win some cash. And a good way for those who enjoy photography to experiment with that a little.
  7. Also check out the different fashion blogs that cater to the guys. You'll find postings of stores there that have male clothing. I just searched Google "Second life mens blog". Just a few off top of my head are: Razorblade Jacket, Hoorenbeek, Gizza Creations, Alphamale & Blacklace, Gothicatz, Trapt. And the stores on our sim (*Base13*, and [AsYLUM]) as well as our store {:ThirteenTH:} carries male clothing. Hope you find some good ones!
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  9. Hmm could be Ayesha. Like I said I just recently started to notice this happening within the last week, its never happened as often as it has for the past week or so. Thank you both for your quick responses!
  10. I do not know if this is normal, well actually I'm sure it isn't becuase I've never seen this happen before on the sim I'm usually on working. Over the past few days I've noticed restarts what seems like every other day. Any one have any idea whats going on?
  11. Do you use any scripts in your sign that is for sale? I've had similar happen but later found that the person had a gift card and used what was left to pay for something and then paid the rest out of pocket.
  12. Yes, Gimp is an editing program so you can use it to make clothing for Second Life.
  13. I think the OP ideas about putting the word "Demo" everywhere is probably the reasons they do it. I cannot not speak for all creators, but I'm sure if people can get around purchasing the full version of an item they would. If a demo item can be photographed with out much effort then there are those who would rather buy the demo then the full version. Creators rather the customer buy the full version then using the demo as unintended like for photos, etc. I'm sure they also mark "demo" so it can be clear that it is one. If the word "demo" was so subtle that you could get away with wearing the demo of an item there are people who would do just that.
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  15. JavanTrust wrote: "After, purchasing two items I wrote a negative review, which I felt it was due. When the owner got the lindens she removed the products and reposted the items, so that left my review null and void." Whether you're a merchant or a customer I think majority of people try and give others the benefit of the doubt. What I am not seeing mentioned regarding to the OP message is how exactly can they know for sure that the merchant re-liststed themselves instead of contacting LL to remove the review? Unless of course there was other reviews and all were removed possibly meaning a re-listing. Also, as the OP said they wrote a negative review because they felt it was due...did they try contacting the merchant beforehand? Did they give the merchant an opportunity to improve the issue? Though I suppose it doesn't really matter in regards to the question, but perhaps it could of been solved. But to answer the question, I agree with everyone else on this issue. If it was indeed a re-list by the merchant then that isn't allowed. It would be hard IMO to determine if re-listing is common or not because sometimes you can never tell if it was a re-list or LL removal for review.
  16. Wow! All of those are really beautiful places. Thank you for sharing them. I'm excited to hear of any other favorites!
  17. I actually think that nambssab1 had a good idea above with the split commission vendors. Also on the Marketplace you can in fact split commission. Its at the bottom of the edit page and it says "Revenue Distributions: Specify co-creators of this product and allocate a portion of their revenue." You can click on a button next to it that says "Add distribution".
  18. What's your favorite sim(s) for photographing fashion? One sim I remember visiting a few years back (thought I don't know if it still there) was called Pixel Mode. I remember it being a really great sim for art or fashion photography. Here are 2 pics I took then.
  19. Hey MrsAvaLynn! Welcome to SL. Just like in real life you will come across some strange, some dramatic (or some strangly dramatic) people and some very normal and nice people. One thing I use to do, and still do at times is just explore. If you are using Viewer 2, check out the "Destination Guide" on the sidebar and see what you want (or if you're using an 3rd party viewer, i.e. Phoenix, you click on Search, then "Showcase". And don't be afraid to say "hi" to someone!
  20. S@K has another photo contest going on and this time the prize is raised to $2000L!! See details below. ✖ 2000Ls PRIZE!!!! ✖ Free to enter ✖ 10 Votes Per person per day ✖ Ends March 1st 2012 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Paradise/43/166/21
  21. You could also search the forums for the very same question! You will find a lot of info regarding making clothing already in the forums. Also Youtube. You can search "making clothing second life". As well as the Creation portion on the Second Life wiki HERE
  22. Great topic Chelsea. My goals for 2012 are things I've been wanting to do but havent found the chance: 1. Either find a new mainstore or build a new interior to the one I have now. It would be nice to have more space to put things as it grows. But I often find that I come to a blank when I try and think about what would be good. 2. I would like (though I have been hesistant) to pick up a sculpty program again to learn more. I would really like to do this in this coming year. 3. Meet more people, network, and find better ways to promote. I hope a wonderful new year and a very sucessful 2012 year to come for everyone!
  23. I'd like to see: - A way for the search to recongize words to be taken out like you can most places. For example, I dont want demos to show in my search so I should be able to put in the search box "black hair -demos". - Now, when you search and start clicking on catagories and sub-catagories the "search in" drop down menu goes back to the default "all catagories". It would be nice to keep it in the same catagory and not be switched back. - It would be nice to have an advanced search. Then assumingly my first 2 things would possible be fixed. The advanced search could offer things like most advance searches, i.e. include searches with these words, do not include these words, exact word or phrase, one or more of these words, etc. - Be able to search for more then the 96 per page. - Under the "Catagory" second on the left hand side. It would be nice to have check boxes so we could select and deselect things we want included in our search. For example: I want to serach in Womens Appearal. Appearal > Womens >Women's [ ] Women's Bottoms [x] Womens Costumes [x] Women's Dresses [ ] Women's Footwear [ ] Women's Intimates
  24. I guarantee just based on the title itself it will get some views even if ppl arent interested in the forum, lol! But I don't think it is illegal but like it has been already said, they might be there because the clothing was taken from a photograph or they were added in. I don't prefer to add them myself to clothing nor do I like wearing clothing that would have them but I can see the use for them on things like lingerie and things like that.
  25. It is not as simple as a yes or no answer because while you may prefer one program, or one way to do something, someone else may like something different and can only tell you those things about that program or ways to do something from experience, etc. In other words no one can really tell you what to like or not like. There has already been some really great advice given! :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: You could continue to work in Gimp until you get good at doing the things you'd like to learn. PS is expensive and it may take you more time than you want to put in to learn a program mostly all over again. You can create some really great things in Gimp as I'm sure you know. As far as seams and pockets you can create this in Gimp by using the Paths tool. Draw out a path and click on "Stroke Path" within the tools menu to create different types of lines, line widths, etc. Seams can be quickly done by drawing 3 lines black, white, black around the edges of the clothing. blur them out to your liking. You can always create another layer and add more definite lines to create more look of a seam.
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