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  1. Thank you for your answer Amethyst. Have you ever had anyone to pet or other activities with your AIF Pet?
  2. I've been looking into virtual AI pets in SL. While there are many to choose from, each has their advantages and disadvantages. I was particuarlly looking to "share" a pet with a friend, as in, allowing others to have the same level of control of the pet as I (the owner) does, i.e. petting, feeding, bathing, etc. I am not looking for breedables, and have narrowed it down to the A.I. Friends Pets (or AIF Pets), however, I cannot seem to find if these pets will allow others to control them (pet, feed, bathe, etc). I have tried to contact the creator, but the language barrier makes it d
  3. Hmm, thanks for checking Ciaran. I'm still have the same issue with people. Now even the old LM people are taking is ending up on the ground as well. So odd!
  4. I do this as well and I surely appreciate when other merchants do it that I buy from. It makes things a TON easier. I wish more did this!
  5. Unless you are doing it in Blender or 3D Max (I believe) with an avatar file that you upload in to those programs then I do not think there is anything else (and then I'm not completely sure you will be able to place the avatar where you like). I actually prefer to temporarily upload it in-world myself and apply to the avatar.
  6. I'm unsure which template you have but there are at least 2 that I know of; Chip Midnigh'ts and Robin Woods. I beleive it is Chip Midnights that has multiple layers that you can turn on and off to make it a little easier with lines. But honestly, it is just practice. Making clothing and learning how to takes time and definitley patience. Don't expect to be able to jump right in to it and have the lines match up the first time. I've been making clothing going on 3 years now and it takes me still a few tries. But I do notice the more you do it, the better you get at it and the better you get
  7. The landing point is set to "teleport routing" to landing point. My alt nor the person who made me aware of it was in the land group...and on the part I no logner own...maybe that is the issue?
  8. Hi all! I've tried to search this topic without luck. This is the first time I've noticed this issue. I've moved my store in the air (from the ground) and have tested this with an alt after someone said they took an SLURL and seen them on the ground level where the SLURL was placed. I have a landing ponit set at the new location in the air so I assumed all would be routed to there, so it seems that with SLURLS it is different. Anyone know of a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  9. I agree with Shaodie. I'd contact the reviewer in-world via notecard and say something along the lines of: I just became aware of the the review that was left on the marketplace for the (item name here). I understand you were disappointed with this product after purchase. I feel the review is a little unfair since I was not contacted by you for any help, and I would have loved the chance to help you because I want all my customers to be satisfied. I would still like the opportunity to help you if you will let me. I do hope you reconsider your review. I look forward to hearing back from you.
  10. I'm with you on this one. You can look at any given time at various places and find the same designs. But at the same time when I think about it was (and sort of still is) the same with popular templates (system layers). I do think that people use to be more willing to spend more time on creating something original when there was just system layers and maybe add a sculpted piece to their outfit to set it apart from others. Since creating system layers is still time consuming and you still needed to learn whatever softwear you wanted to use, I think it is less tedious then attempting to create
  11. At Surreal Fashion District we have 2 1 shop available for rent. Small (9 x 12): $75L/wk 25 prims (1 available) Med (13 x 14): $125L/wk 50 prims (1 available) Purchase 4 weeks rental get 5th week free. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just getting started Surreal Fashion District can be a great atmosphere to house your products. This is a fashion-related sim (clothing, shapes, hair, jewelry, avatar accessories, tattoos, shoes are all accepted). No business in a box vendors allowed. You must be the original creator of your content. Interested? Stop b
  12. The Rude Santa Christmas Hunt by Surreal Fashion District is half way through! Don't miss out on the great prizes to find! Dec 7th - Dec 31st Santa has gone mad and is running through the shopping district mooning folks. SMH. It's the Rude Santa hunt and he doesn't give a sh*t! This is a non-typical Christmas hunt so the theme of prizes is wide open! There will be prizes for both sexes for only 1L! Find all of the Santa doll hunt prizes from the awesome designers here at the sim! Confused what the hunt object looks like? Locate the hunt poster upon landing at the sim and you will see a sampl
  13. I agree with Ceka. They had mentioned a while back in one of their posts on the site that they would soon stop working on Phoenix so I suppose some already expected it. I don't mind firestorm so much especially since there is a Phoenix skin option. Makes navigating easier and just like phoenix.
  14. Try to change your Maturity Levels to "General, Moderate" or even just "General". Search the word "tiny" in the "Avatar Appearance" category and hit search. From there you can narrow it down from the options on the left side "Avatar Components" and "Complete Avatars". To be more specific than just searching the word "tiny" and hoping for the best you might try to search for "tiny avatars". Hope that helps!
  15. It would help if you would first start by Googling how to sculpt and search here on the SL forums and Youtube this very question. Before you learn how to sculpt something as specific as skirts in Second Life you will want to learn how to sculpt in general something basic. There is a free program Blender that is used as well as many other paid programs like 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and others. All are a challange to use espicially for a beginner so it is not as simple for someone to answer you in a short answer on how to sculpt a skirt. If this is something you are in fact serious about then you
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