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  1. There has already been a lot of great advice to take into consideration. To add to that here are some things in my opinion to be aware of/take into consideration: - Do it how YOU like. Don't try to be all things at once. - Events can be a good way to bring in people. But be prepared to shell out money for winner(s). Consider building a rapport with different business owners who might be interested in sponsoring events. That is a good way to still allow people to win something from events, and a better way for you (or your staff) from not going broke by shelling out money for events, and a great way to get small business owners more business and known by letting them sponsor events. - Just like in RL, finding the right employee can be trial & error. Talk to the people you want to hire. See what they are like and see how much experience they have had. Make sure you have something for them to follow, i.e.. rules for hosts, etc. so they can know what you expect from them. - Talk to your friends about it. Tell them what your doing and ask them to join your group for your club (assuming you have one) and stop by sometime and bring some friends. Though be careful for sending mass TPs every single day. You might notice your list of friends getting shorter and shorter. - Go out and meet people. I mean genuinely meet people. Let the conversation go where it may. If they are interested in you then they'll be asking about you and things you like to do. You can always tell them you own a club and that they should come by sometime. Don't let the fact that you're really wanting people to come to your club overtake the reason you should meet people. Meet others because you want to. You may come out with a few good friends from it! - How is the build of your club? Is it entising? Interesting? What would make people want to stay apart form the music? Is it too cramped? Too laggy? The colors clash and not too friendly to look at? Bring a few friends to the club and ask them their opinion. This way you'll get different views about it or they all may say around the same thing, therefore letting you know what may needs to be changed. -Check out the forums (search all forums) here a little more. See who else has asked questions about running a club. So you can get different insight.
  2. In the past (as a customer) I have received updated products from merchants who use a product updater for their business. While I think it is very useful I've been thinking of something like that for my store. I just have a question about how it works. The few I did find (product updaters) on the Marketplace seem to be able to keep a database of customers names who have purchased things from you. My question is, say I wanted to give an update to a product but only 10 people out of the 50 customers stored in the product updater (example numbers) purchased the product. Does all 50 get it the updated product regardless of if they've purchased or not? Or will the product updater be able to determine some way how many people purchased that particular item and give it to the 10?
  3. Very good thread LoveAngel. I've often wondered the same myself when I was thinking about making shoes. I personally prefer an alpha layer to be included. It looks much neater and doesn't show thru on floors like the invisi-prim does. While I cannot imagine anyone still using a viewer that doesnt support alpha layers, there probably are those hard-headed users who refuse to update or maybe users who do not know to update. For the time being I think both layers should be incuded.
  4. I've never used the AvPainter, but there is a free version of it that is similar. You can't paint or make things in it, only upload your clothing textures to it for viewing. I've used it and it works pretty well if you just want something to view your creations on its called SL Clothes Previewer (http://metaverse.mitsi.com/Secondlife/Posts/SLCP/). Maybe try that and see if it can be something that can help you. **Update: seems the link given previous was no longer available. Above is a new link for the SL Clothing Previewer
  5. Maybe you can do 2 pictures. You could show it how people will use it. Maybe place one person, or two in the photo using it and interacting with it (this could be your main pic on the Marketplace), then you could have the other against a simple background without people/distractions so customers can see the item more clearly (this can be used as the secondary pciture on the Marketplace).
  6. Prize: $1000L Bring out your best pictures and stop by S@K's Mall & Lounge to enter our FREE photo contest! Fun and easy way to win $1000L! Ends: Jan 1, 2012 Join the S@K group (group join sign on wall by photo contest board) Costs nothing to enter. Only $10L a vote. 10 votes per person, per day. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Paradise/48/110/21
  7. I can definietly understand the idea behind this product. The main picture looks good and shows the product like a real world laptop ad would. There are a few things that (has been mentioned already, but are still there), that may be an issue. - The use of Microsoft Windows 7 in the picture. It may be better to perhaps come up with your own name and not name it something that is already trademarked to avoid removal or further legal problems. -The use of the Dell brand. The same issue as above. -The use of Windows 7 or Microsoft or any other trademarked name in the keywords (when filling out your description) field may be subject to removal of the item and because possible legal issues.
  8. I've had people do double orders too. I just assume they may have hit the "back" button or purchased 2x because the first may have taken a little longer to arrive. If you go to the top right and click on "My Marketplace" > then Merchant Home > then Reports > Orders, you can see who bought it and who it was delivered to.
  9. For me it is a combo of system layers and prim clothing. Most things I wear (and make) are on system layers from photoshopped textures, then if I want to spruce it up I'll add on some prim items to make it look better. IMO, sometimes you can get away with only system layers. But only if the shading, lines and wrinkles are right. But there is nothing wrong with wearing only system layers or only prim or mesh clothing.
  10. That is a very good question that I have been wondering myself. When I am shopping I appreciate an entire outfit, only because I can go to it when I am feeling lazy and mix and match things within. But other times I like buying things separate so I can put them with anything in my wardrobe. So it is a very good question and I'm interested in what others think as well!
  11. Nelson Jenkins wrote: Back on topic, a questionnaire seems like it would be a good idea, maybe it would filter out some of those reviews, but I'm inclined to believe that there would still be some tools that zip through it just so they can leave a bad review and vent their frustrations. So true. And I had thought of that when I was typing it. But I mean there must be something or some way like that, that will be efficient for lower reviews. A long questionnaire with 20 questions? Maybe that would defer people from leaving bad reviews if they had to answer questions for 4-5 minutes, or maybe a more interactive questionnaire where they had to type in a response of at least so many words to justify their low rating. Anything would be better then how it is now I'm sure.
  12. I loath seeing those ratings for myself or any other merchant when I am shopping on the Mkpl. Its almost like people don't really give a flying f**k what it means to the merchant because clearly its the merchant holding on to their items (not). I would really like to see customers to have to go a bit more just to give 1-2 or 3 star ratings. Maybe questionnaire, or ...something...i.e 1. Have you received the item? 2. Have you contacted the seller? 3. Is the reason for your low review because of something the seller misrepresented? etc..etc. Something that will trigger the right combination in order for people to have the opportunity to make a 1-2, or 3 star ratings visible. I guess what I mean is not to make it as easy to give a low rating. I've seen more low ratings on items about the dumbest things that they could of took the same amount of time that it took to create the review just to contact the seller.
  13. There are pros and cons to both. I like tattoo makeup for the reason that you can get multiple options and create many combinations without having to change skins. And for skins with makeup already on them, its nice to have skins with makeup because you don't have to bother with putting it on tattoo layers. But I wouldn't mind having maybe 1-2 base/neutral skins and make up layers to apply them too. That way you're not making a whole pack of 10+ skins and people aren't getting skins they don't want (unless you offer them separate too). It might also be an idea to make a pack of skins, and also offer them separate...then make a pack with 1-2 neutral skins and makeup layers and see which sells the most.
  14. IMO, with the system I belivev you are referring to, Bloodlines, there is a fault in the system. Which is that it requests animation from another person. But is this really a fault if it is used correctly? The problem is Kew, to me that people are completely missing what the entire vampire game/rp is about. People are not being taught because leaders do not care to explain and because many are interested in only the numbers and how high up on the leader board their clan can get. IME there is rarely roleplay involved. The HUD should only be there to enhance both vampire and other persons experience in the roleplay. It is not there to be misused and for people to go around sending multiple bite requests to random people. The reason that some members "attempt to snare new SL members as soon as they arrive in SL" in my opinion, is because they are not interested in the hard work and any role play that it takes to get other older SL members. New residents in SL are naive, not by choice, but most are just learning the new platform and many want to be accepted and be helped in finding their way around.
  15. My personal opinion is I don't mind bots at places when I am shopping. I often will check out what they are wearing and I like the fact that you can see it on an avatar. I've seen at some places if you try and IM the bot, you will get an automated repsonse telling you that it is a bot. Most times if I have a question I'll try and contact the owner if there is no live person in store to help. If all else fails I'll usually make the decision to go ahead and purchase or pass up. I think there are pro's and con's to having bots over live people. I'm not sure if I would actually use bots in my store though. However I do not think of people any different who choose to use them. :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  16. I think that people set up a store how they like, or how they feel will be good. Maybe to separate certain things, or maybe because they feel it will help the customer flow from room to room. I personally hate stores with tons of areas, but like Faithless said, depending on how I feel at the time determines if I will enjoy it more/less. I can definitely appreciate a store that is different from others. But sometimes that can be over done. Sometimes people want to make their space represent something, or them, or what they sell I guess.
  17. Good question Amethyst. I use Robin Wood's templates (and have tried Chip's) but matching from front to back or wrapping has always been an issue as long as SL has been. IMO it's sort of pre-historic in this day & time that nothing else better has came around. Maybe the Photoshop 3D mode that Ceera mentioned is something someone can elaborate on but to my knowledge there is nothing out there to make it easier. There is the SL Clothing Previewer that helps you see your creations in 3D instead of uploading in-world numerous times, but that program doesn't allow you to create it in there. I'll be listening too for any other answers to your question.
  18. Hey Ariella, have you tried looking in the Classifieds in-world by searching "custom animations". I got a few results like that and you could TP to the store and contact store owners.
  19. Check out the link that Ariel posted. Templates, how-to's and almost anything else you need to know is there. :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  20. Check out the link that Ariel posted. Templates, how-to's and almost anything else you need to know is there. :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  21. Very interesting answers! It's clear that many of us are tired of the very same things when it comes to male clothing! One question still remains... What types of clothing do you wish there was more of for the guys?
  22. Very interesting answers! It's clear that many of us are tired of the very same things when it comes to male clothing! One question still remains... What types of clothing do you wish there was more of for the guys?
  23. At one point it was 99L, but this was some time ago. I can't imagine someone having it in their cart for nearly half a year. Perhaps this may be the case, even so (I'm sure everyone else would agree) that the Marketplace should empty automatically carts to prevent this from happening. I can't think of any other good explination. I don't want to bother the customer about this but I know that would be the only sure way to know somewhat as to what happened.
  24. No, beleive me I checked that too. Price it sold for shows 99L (instead of the 110L). Out of 99L the correct commission was taken out which was 5L, with me netting 94L At 110L it would be 6L commission and me netting 104L.
  25. Yet another Marketplace post.... I tend to check regularly my transaction history/things purchased from my MKPL and I just noticed that something that was purchased a few hours ago was purchased for less then the listing price. For example: Listing price is 110L Customer paid 99L for it. I realize that sometimes the pricing screws up when you update or edit an item, or its price....however I have not changed this items price or anything about it in I don't know how long. I know I am not going crazy because I can click on the item be it through My Store on the marketplace or "View Order Summary" from the item the customer purchased and it still shows it at 110L (correct) listing price. Why is the Marketplace selling things at it's own price? Anyone else having this issue?
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