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  1. Dark has already mentioned some very useful things. It sounds like you're looking to find out how to better market your products/business. I posted this as a response to an earlier post on the forums but it can still very well work here: Also don't forget to search the forums. There can be a wealth of information and links for the very question(s) you have. Google as well on how to start and market a Second Life business can turn up some good results if you just do a little research yourself. Here are two links I think that can be really helpful and that I believe that I found here in the forums at one time. http://synzcreations.wordpress.com/about/marketing-a-new-business-in-sl/ http://mistletoeethaniel.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/the-content-creators-supplementary-guide-to-busine...
  2. The community in second life can be as different as the places you may visit. In some places people might be more talkitive then others. I can't say if people make a new community for themselves but I can say that I think it would be safe to say that most people go where they have an interest and go from there. You can always search for things that interest you and find other common interest people there to start up chats with. Welcome to SL & have fun!
  3. It would be ideal for people to change in SL but unfortunately it is just like RL, and RL high school at that in some places on the grid. Just like most have already stated there are cliques and it doesn't make out for a friendly invite to start up chat with anyone. Naminestolenheart, maybe try and think of things that might interest you, search for them and TP there and see what happens. In the past, I've found that by just TPing to places other then clubs, etc, people are mostly alone which makes it a little easier for starting conversations. Also classes within sl, maybe there are classes of things that you might have interest in and you can chat with others that can end up in friendships.
  4. Also don't forget to search the forums. There can be a wealth of information and links for the very question(s) you have. Google as well on how to start and market a Second Life business can turn up some good results if you just do a little research yourself. Here are two links I think that can be really helpful and that I believe that I found here in the forums at one time. http://synzcreations.wordpress.com/about/marketing-a-new-business-in-sl/ http://mistletoeethaniel.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/the-content-creators-supplementary-guide-to-business-in-sl/
  5. Some have issues with it and some do not. Personally, if it were me I'd go ahead and do it to get it over with. If you do decide to do it, make sure you only put a few folders in the merchant outbox at a time. It seems to not work when there are a over a certain amount of folders to move to the marketplace. ETA: But it is personal preference whether to wait or not. In the end we'll all be moving to DD.
  6. Nataly Moonwall wrote: Not agree with this. I have had problems with ítems not delivered from marketplace and instead get angry i just sent a polite notecard to the merchant explainning the issue. then merchant has resent the ítem and problem solved. People leaving bad reviews due ítems not received are just idiots, they can take the time to write the bad review instead give a chance to the merchant sending a notecard or IM...so, there are "customers" and "customers". For these stupid people i would say: delivery issues are NOT FAULT of the merchants, do not pay with them your frustration for delivery failures of the MP system! You are the idea customer that we'd all like to have each time a issue arises. Truth is that not every customer thinks in this manner. The one's who do leave the "I didn't get my item" reveiws probably figure it is the merchant themselves who is keeping the item hostage instead of the fact that the Marketplace just didn't deliver it.
  7. You've asked similar questions before and people have given similar responses about how to go about it. Are you looking into the links and information people have given you already? I am unsure if you are hoping for different answers but the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creation_Portal is a good place to start. Forum topics like clothing creation, how to create, making second life clothing, etc, and posts of the sorts have been asked many times so searching for the question you may have within the forums before you ask may answer a lot of them for you. Taking the time to do some research of your own for the things you would like to do will benefit you in the end. Google is also a great platform to find an endless amount of information regarding making clothing. You'll be able to find many helpful links that will answer many of the questions you may come to have about making clothing. Creating clothing (or anything within SL or RL) is something you have to invest time in to learn, no one else can do that for you. But if it is something you really want to do, then investing time is a small sacrifice for something that you may end up enjoying. As others have already said, there is no point in creating clothing in SL without some sort of outside program. Your clothing will end up plain with no shading or wrinkles to give definition or to make your creations stand out. An outside program is a must. YouTube is a great platform to search as well in things you might like to know such as above, creating sl clothing, how to create SL clothing in Gimp/Photoshop, etc. For selling items such as clothing you can put the items in a box (shirt, pants, etc). If you're selling on the marketplace then you have the option of selling them boxed or in folders with the new direct delivery system. Here is a how-to on direct delivery and the marketplace.
  8. I'm really sorry you have to go through this Lexi. Others have given some really good advice already. You are taking a good course of action buy responding. As far as letting LL know, perhaps try and sending them an email regarding the issue. Hope this works out for you!
  9. By the way it sounds that is pretty silly. Sorry this happened to you. I doubt they would ever release the name to you to keep the other party "safe". They could be a little more specific as to what item it is so you could at least try and see what part might of caused it. Hopefully this will all straighten out for you soon.
  10. What Anaiya said. There is no reason really you would need to color it in-world using the edit menu's color picker. You will get better results making and coloring/tinting the tattoo in PS. If you havent already, you might try to put the black on one layer and the multi-colored on another that way you can gage the darkness of the black to your liking.
  11. You could always just put together your own version of it. I found tons of cheerleader outfits here and some even come with pom poms, socks & shoes. Just get you some pigtails and a chainsaw you'd be good to go!
  12. That's really weird. I was going to say that it may be a script until I read the last line of your post. Have you tried to contact the creator about the issue. More than likely they'll be more then happy to give you another copy if you explain the issue.
  13. I think we all wish there was a faster way but unfortunately I do not think there is any. Found this post for you about Virwox, but it doesnt seem to get the best vote: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Fastest-way-to-sell-L/m-p/1036075#M7314
  14. Haha! Love the video Anaiya! Glad someone made something like that. It's perfect for this topic!
  15. I have seen this happen only I believe they relisted the product, or either they just create a new avatar and new marketplace store and relist. I would be browsing the marketplace many times and would come across things from time to time that seemed like it was a copybotted item...once the seller said thank you and I assume handled the rest....the other time the seller was aware and had an agreement with a business partner to sell a few items. Either way it's always best to just send a quick IM or notecard with links to the original creator because you never know what the situation might be.
  16. I'm gald you brought this to attention. I hate when this happenes and not all of the time am I able to tell if something has been photoshopped a lot or not. As a customer I would do as most have already said. You can flag it for item not as advertised and/or leave a reveiw. Not to take up for the merchant, but it may be possible because clothing textures look a lot better on "high" or "ultra" Graphic Settings. Also I have noticed that different viewers take pictures differently, some better some worse. But either way if tons of photoshopping was done, it is not right. There are ways to make your picture better without having to edit the clothing on the pic. I either think that the people do not know how much they are editing their pictures (because it looks good to them), or there are those who do realize it and still do it to decive.
  17. Nice tip Irene, I would of never of thought of that. I agree with everyone about reporting. Personally, I'd check first by looking at the page source (the crtl and u) to make sure I wouldn't be making false reports. Keyword spamming only makes the consumer angry for getting spammed and makes other merchants mad because they're listings are being possibly bumped down due to keyword spamming.
  18. You can also check out http://slhunts.wordpress.com/. They are usually on top of what hunts are going on (and what hunts are to come) and it includes the information you'd want to know about it.
  19. It's funny you mention that because I had the same thing happen yesterday though this seller sold mostly packs of textures from the few I seen. As you, I wanted to google related items and found all the textures there. They seemed to be from different sites, but still I just shook my head and removed the item from my cart. I don't understand the thought process behind copying a texture to sell though anyone can upload a google texture. Maybe they just hope that buyers won't notice..
  20. Great link Ry0ta! Also Oni, don't forget to search the forums for similar questions that have others have already asked! Just type in key words i.e. "marketing", "promoting", "how to get my store known", etc.
  21. We all have to convert to direct delivery at some point. Prior to me starting I was talking to a friend who was going to keep her items boxed. I was telling her I was thinking of doing folders. This made me wonder what everyone else is doing. Keeping the items boxed seems much easier, but on the other hand I can see where folders is more convenient for the customer. I created a quick poll about this because I'm sure others might be interested in seeing the results. Take the poll here DD: Folders or Boxed Poll It is set up to show results thus far after vote, but you can view results here. Hope it works!
  22. I feel your pain Von. I had this happen yesterday along with trying to covert everything to DD, then having to manually associate everything because of the way my items were named. I was almost to the point of tears. If you are creating a JIRA, i'll vote!
  23. Personally, I'd put the actual prims. But would somewhere mention for those who are able to see it, the land impact.
  24. Great post Deja! It would be a great day if customers would treat the marketplace as a secondary tool for purchases. I remember the day where we'd gather a few friends and TP from place to place going shopping. It was a ton of fun and I really felt like we were actually shopping (like we would if we were together in RL).
  25. ¸.•* S@K's [Mall & Lounge] *•.¸ PHOTO CONTEST!! ✖ 8000Ls PRIZE!!!!✖ Free to enter✖ 500 Votes per person/per day✖ Ends April 15th 2012http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Paradise/43/166/21
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