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  1. Yup. I am having the same issue on my Acer 7600U. I have BRAND NEW installs of both Phoenix Viewer and SecondLife Viewers. I am sad. I'm still searching for answers. I will update when I can.
  2. Hey thanks so much Charolotte! You guys should get paid for the tips you bring... Just a thought. Anyway. I was able to find out where these awesome creatures are by doing some hunt this last week. So hi5 to you and thanks again for the tips!
  3. I am in the same area as you. I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to find myself some really nice, appropriate career related clothing such as A-line skirts, bloushes, nice pumps, briefcases, etc.
  4. Evening fellow SL'ers: A few weeks back I was in :ellabella: and this woman had these two amazing looking 'mini cat avatars' on both sides of her that would walk while she was walking. I had asked where she had purchased them - with no reply back. The critters almost reminded me of something out of a Final Fantasy video game. I've searched and searched marketplace to no avail. I am hoping that someone out here will have an idea to what I am referring to. I could of sworn I had taken an image, but I cannot seem to locate these images currently... X_X. If I happen upon them, I will update ASAP. Thank you to anyone who can help me find these little dudes - because I find them too amazing to pass up! All the best, Payne
  5. You MUST try these eyes https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/28121 Negaposi or go under Marketplace search and type "Np eyes"
  6. Good Day Community! I have just begun to frequent these forums and have not come across any events for "Best Host" // "Best DJ(Genre?) // "Battle of the Bands" // Best Venue - type events. Has there - to anyone's knowledge - been these types of events before? There are is so much great talent in-world. I feel like I'm missing out. I know of some popular clubs from 'search', but what about the people that promote the venues? I think they deserve to be recognized. When I frequent some of these venues - the one thing I count on is having a great atmosphere. I think having a great host to set that mood is key, along with great music, and To me this would be a cool way to discover new venues to explore, get to know others, and get out of the cushy boxes I am already accustomed to. ... Or maybe a magazine like "Vibe" or "Rolling Stones" that caters to these different areas with interviews, fashion, events (E.g. Vote specific)??? I'd personally like to see a magazine that does this with any type of genre - Folk, Nu Metal, DnB, Pop, Future Garage, Hip Hop, etc.
  7. Sweet... I may have some things I can give you. I'll check you out I.W.
  8. Yup - my thoughts too Which is cool if she wants to be "hush hush" about it. But I never saw them on her - only her Flickr account. I hardly see the dear anymore. And if she is like me - I have too much c r a p in my inventory to sometimes know exactly what and who I am wearing... Thanks for your help regardless
  9. That looks like something Volpin Props would create. He's always makin wicked stuff. Would be cool if he could create it virtually ...
  10. Hello Community! I was hoping that one of you may know who the creator is of these awesome pants... My friend had them and I had asked her where she got them from, but she couldn't give me a definitive answer. I have tried Google, MP - under Uma Thurman Pants / Mia Wallace Pants / Pulp Fiction Pants / Smoking Mia Wallace, ect... Thanks to those who help me find this gem. LP&CG- Payne
  11. My type of friend! I'm a bit into the dry sense of humor myself, kind of a big mouth, and love all things related Star Wars!
  12. Hey, maybe we can all hang out! I'm into all of the above (art - I used to draw myself, japanese inspired culture - I'm learning how to speak/read/write it now, clubs - dancing with friends while listening to awesome music? PLUS!)
  13. I would be surprised if SL did not act on this since It seems the majority here all agrees that it should be reported. What kind of consequence is involved? I would hope a ban, but there are always loop holes around that. :matte-motes-not-even:
  14. My avi is kinda like me on the cuteness side, but I change her apperance sporadically. But one thing I really want to see is more diversity as far as age goes. It seems like all I've bumped into are toddlers to 30 somethings. Where are the awesome avatars that look like they're 50+!? I want to meet (sometime) a woman who is aged gracefully (E.g. Glenn Close) or a man who looks like Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart - yum! I understand that people come to SL to escape that and to feel young again - at the same time a lot people act their age, so it would be cool to see it in SL.
  15. Hiya Davvek :matte-motes-little-laugh: First off - welcome to SL! It is a pretty interesting place and full of crazy **bleep**, haha. I'm in the West Coast myself, and like you, I'm only on a few nights a week. I'll hit you up inworld and we can "shoot-the-**bleep**". See ya soon- Payne
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