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  1. birds of a feather, birds of a feather. It's alright. I'm leaving SL. You guys are right I don't belong here. bye, enjoy your second life.
  2. I guess it's best to stay as far away from rl as possible when in SL. I never bothered to do anything to my profile.
  3. Why would it be trolling discussing SL people on the People forum in the SL forum?
  4. It's reputation, not fact. It's what SL is known for to most people. The common opinion of it. There's no true or false in opinions. The common opinion becomes reputation. SL and SL people do not have a good reputation. Sadly, I kind of agree with the definitions on Urban dictionary. It's quite accurate from what I see on SL.
  5. Is lucinda really someone here or you just joking about lucifer? Just some sad interesting facts available for all on the internet man. The reputation is what it is unfortunately.
  6. More from Urban dictionary. No 2 and 3 2. Second Life 3788 up, 255 down A digital world where people without a first life mingle and be pathetic togethor in harmony. "Timmy and I play Second Life and then we watch reruns of our middle school graduation while masturbating." 3. Second Life 1146 up, 75 down An unstable, unsecured virtual real time chat platform/medium, that claims no responsibility for anything, brought to you by the creator of an internet video conferencing sofeware, which was later acquired by RealNetworks. Players are generally in their 20s or 40s' Where one (a
  7. Look at urban dictionary 1. Second Life 5291 up, 73 down A game where desperate people with no lives or friends get to live out their dreams of social acceptance and sex. The vast majority of Second Life players are unattractive and socially awkward. With Second Life, nerds everywhere that are deprived of sex in their 1st life can have virtual sex in their Second Life. Woo!
  8. ^ Yeah that's true. SL is an escape from RL. It does has a reputation for being a community for rl loser. When I Google Second Life followed by an L "second life l" the suggestion dropdown list thing shows "Second life losers". It's no generalizing though. I didn't say all. I said most and this from my experience.
  9. Most people on SL are just odd. They don't talk like people irl and have very erratic behaviour. It just seem like a lot of people on SL have personality problems, rage issues or are depressed. Generally mentally unstable people you know. Do you notice it? I think people who don't notice it are one of those mental people themselves, birds of a feather flock together huh? I've seen and met some good, logical people on SL but the majority just seem mentally unstable. What do you think?
  10. Is this the future of SL? Everyone wil be wearing realistic mesh heads?
  11. I'm looking for how to get more US$ from selling L$. Not how to get more L$. Thanks.
  12. Edited original post. What's the best way to get the most money out of L$?
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