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  1. Lots of thinking here--some helpful, some that made me laugh....I will always speak out about personal harassment no matter whether sl or rl. I removed the info from my profile....and am reminded sadly that even in game--people can be cruel when hidden behind an avatar or social medial Thank you all--wish you well!
  2. truly i know this is a game--and can laugh at your reply---yet the ability to call people names freely here and in rl still is painful so thanks for the laugh
  3. agreed my mistake was somehow missing their rules and inquiring who the person was talking to me---live and learn--and no i had not been there before nor will i go again--thank you for your thoughtful reply
  4. wow reminds me why i take breaks---thanks for the advice--the profile post is removed--yet know its not about a thick skin as i have a very thick one or would not have been here as long as i have--yet to allow harassment, even in a game, maybe, just maybe, should not be tolerated--we all have achilles heels---take care!
  5. I was tp'd in by my date to a place for dancing---i was contacted by someone i did not know and believe now it was the owner of the public spot. She/he was verbally abusive, called me names and so on. They banned me and then I was contacted by a second person from the same spot who did the same thing. The first person also continued. I saved the entire conversation. I reported to Lindens under abuse filing for all the good it can do. I have been here over 12 years and not ever treated that badly by supposed owners. Thoughts on what I can do?? I believe not only w
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