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  1. Now, some honest answers: - Going back into a club after having been banned, to grief the hostess - Cheating in contests - Cheating on partners - Griefing in sandboxes to 'let off steam' - Making controversial posts on the forums -
  2. Well you are not missed. Be sure of that, troll.
  3. So the bad truth is that SL casinos are still operating, under the radar. I found abandoned land and was surprised to see six green dots on the map, contained within a plain (non-textured) prim pyramid. I entered and this is the sight I captured: I asked how they got around the gambling ban. The avatar in purple (right) said: "You are wrong, nobody is gambling, this is a bible study group." I took another picture and the croupier said "Kick him, he's taking pics!" I was then attacked by the avatar in red on the table (subsequent AR filed) and had to leave because I was being hit by missiles. I also saw someone place a bet with a value of 25,000L. Gambling goes on in SL and I think the Lindens must not give a damn.
  4. Apply inworld. No details available as yet. You (and we) will know if you're suitable candidates. We would strongly advise anybody with MH/psychological issues to think twice before making contact. Apart from that, best of luck, and be careful what you wish for! xx
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