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  1. I have also read this book. My Love language is quality time. I speak many of the love languages but, I feel most fulfilled in a relationship when time is spent together. I don't care for receiving gifts, I would rather having a nice meaningful chat comprised of sympathetic dialog and sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other openly. I feel deep intimacy in shared experiences and time spent together in an uninterrupted context. For expressing Love, I can thoroughly speak any of the other languages with no difficulty. I have no problem putting in the effort to filling someone's "love bucket" if I care about them. Even if that means going at it like rabbits ? well hey that's quality time too
  2. I joined Second Life in 2008 at the age of 19 years old. I've been here for nearly 11 years. Were their some gaps in that time. Sure. But the reason I joined back then and the reason I stay are pretty much the same. Love the people I've gotten to know here, and it is still very much fun for me to be a resident here. Super outgoing. Love to voice chat and meet people from all over the world.
  3. I don't about ya'll introverts. I need social interaction to feel energized and alive. Too much alone time makes me feel miserable. I can small talk for days, and have. You can find me where the party's at
  4. I'm just leaving this hilarious quote out right here. DONT DO IT.
  5. Well you are the wise one, I didn't really read the posts. I just went through the last few responses and IMed ones I have never talked to before.
  6. Apparently if you ever IM her, you are NEVER allowed to leave the conversation for ANY REASON. I muted her as well. How Dare I reach out to Lonely hearts to strike up some convo. For shame?!
  7. Wow you guys Wow. I was chatting with Ashlyn above.. And you know as per WEDNESDAY region restarts got me booted, I come back online to more or less this message ... just add some ratchet language and swearing every other word You prove my point with your behavior. Everyone in this game is a liar.. Claiming to be nice but then stop responding instead of being honest about it. If you didn't want to say anymore you shouldn't have reached out in the first place. But whatever Your avatar is ugly and you look incredibly old for 30 years. But I'm done with the fake people in this game. Abandonment issues much? lovely chatting with everyone else I reached out to this afternoon
  8. I just reached out and left Ims or offlines to several of the lonely hearts out there. ❤️
  9. I put @Lexy Nexen's Fan Poster above my bed. That's not awkward or anything :-)
  10. When you accidentally use a ground sit in the middle of getting dressed. #dying
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