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  1. Was going to ask, I assume 150USD per project, yes? Because 150L$ is.. πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜­
  2. I'm sorry but to be frank and honest... LightNina is quite right. From my perspective as a successful Entrepreneur and Investor I have to strongly question your post. You start your thread by stating a few conditions: - You're looking to earn L$, but you're new and have 0 SL skills - You'd prefer a job where you can work with no set hours, just "here and there" - You're wanting to become a business partner with someone but ask for them to come up with 100% funds on their own risk, all the way until the business is running well I can't help wondering, as LightNina said so well, what YOU actually bring to the table. Because so far you have only stated information that limit yourself. And in fact, each of these statements above in itself already pretty much rule you personally out as a business partner for a serious business. How do you want to be someone's business partner, if you have 0 SL skills to bring to the table? An idea alone doesn't mean much if you have 0 skills to help bringing it to life. You want to bring up a successful business with all strings attached, but demand to "work your desired hours, just here and there"? A successful business is a "24/7" job. And last but not least, you want to become a business partner but can't even come up with any funds. Funding a new business over a few months time until it picks up and makes revenue is a highly risky thing. Why on earth should any sane person give you 100% funding for just an idea, where you said yourself, other than that you have 0 skills to bring to the table? A business partnership is always a mutual thing with shared risk, work and revenue, but you have nothing to offer. I'm sorry, beat me up for this, but being just blunt, you sound like you literally have 0 clue about business. You ask for a lot but want to give nothing, and expect somebody else to do the entire work, fund the entire thing, hold the entire risk until it is all smooth and running and you can scoop off the cash for nothing in return. Here is my advise for you: Start small, search this "Employment" board here and work at businesses as intern, then get yourself into a small paid position. Learn the ropes, then maybe climb up to a Manager position, become someone's Personal Assistant or the likes and save the money you're making. While doing these things, start to learn some useful stuff for SL, like scripting, meshing, graphic design, etc. Just anything you'll need to successful start any business. THEN you can come back and find a business partner, because then you have something to offer yourself.
  3. TBH non fantasy / gorean medieval RP in general seems super low in SL. Years back I had a rp alt for that kind of RP and I tried hard for a long time to find a proper sim without any fantasy elements. It was almost impossible and I didn't have the funds or found right partners to start an own project with, so I dropped out. I would be surprised if it was any different now.
  4. If she is, then she just proved the worst advertising ever. πŸ˜„ No seriously, I will never understand people like this. People who want to sell a product or service and then give 0 effort in Marketing. It doesn't take a degree to figure that threads such as the one here won't push your business...
  5. Not entirely correct, you also have to eat if you want to produce anything. Whether harvesting something, crafting something, you need energy for that as well. @Kylerra Nayar: Another system, similar to G&S but with a realistic and non Gorean approach is DFS. Then of course, but expensive and more into the Lifestyle corner like LIFE2, there is BeYou (or something like that), as well.
  6. Hey there, as a little bit of an OCD guy, I am wondering why my main avie has 2 sub folders in his calling cards folder, which I can not delete. Which means that consequently I can't delete the entire calling card folder, either. And that is really bothering the OCD me. Main avie: Because it seems related to my main only, as my alt avatar has all calling cards directly in the main folder and thus doesn't even have these sub folders at all. So I can easily delete the entire calling card folder on him. Alt avie: Anyone any idea what to do, do remove these old subfolders from my main avie's inventory once and for all?
  7. Totally the wrong forum category...
  8. I can very vividly remember my first days in SL. In RL I have always been interested in business and economics. Consequently, the moment I joined SL back in 2006, my first thoughts were "How can I make money to sustain myself in here? How can I found a business, trade, etc.?" I figured out quickly, that I had no clue how. So I acted like I would in RL and helped myself. In a veeeeery unique way. πŸ˜„ I used the build tool and somehow managed to build myself a simple signpost out of a stick block and a flat block. You know, like the plywood signs people often hold up during demonstrations. Around that time I was just fresh out of college in RL as a young Graphic Designer / Marketing & PR Manager and so I knew enough about Photoshop to make me an own gaphic. Somehow I managed to get it on the prim and successfully ended up with a demonstration sign, that I even managed for my avie to hold in his hands. You can see on this image of me in my office today, what the graphic looked like! πŸ˜„ Yes, no kidding! I made my avie a sign saying "Jobless and Poor, I am jobless and poor, please give me some money or offer me a job!" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ But the best part: It actually worked! I sat myself on the floor with that sign in my hands, at random sims. I remember one was a city themed futuristic sim and I sat in front of a store on the sidewalk. Not long until the first people walked by, saw the sign and actually started giving me a few dollars. At the end of the first day, I had about 100L$! A fortune and enough to buy me a texture shirt! Yay! But it got even better and I guess that is where my inner "business me" really came out! After a day or so, other new people also started asking where to get this cool sign for themselves. So I said "I can give you a copy of mine for 100 L$!" and that way I made my very first 1000L$ in a few days in SL. πŸ˜„ Seeing where I stand today, as a multi-business entrepreneur, this is a memory very special to me. So special, that I kept this texture of the sign and framed it. It always moves with me to any new office, to remind me of my financial and economical roots. --------------------------------------------- Another funny story from my first days: Someome tried to explain me the first steps in SL and tried to teach me, that you could build on multiple levels on a sim. I argued with him for over an hour because I failed to understand how the heck it would be possible to build in the air on top of one another. I wouldn't understand how you would reach the other "levels" without a ladder or the like. I just couldn't visualize several "layers" built on top of each other on a sim. πŸ˜„ Took me a while to understand. πŸ˜„ --------------------------------------------- EDIT: Here is something else from my first days - careful, cringeworthy! I recently found out and remembered that apparently I used flickr many years back and had made an account for my avatar. Was funny to see the old images, still there. This here is me October 2007, so about one year into my SL "life". And believe it or not, back then I was a super good looking avatar! πŸ˜„ Oh good lord, SL HAS improved! πŸ˜›
  9. Now about the groups: Without going into my own opinion about that change, there is however a simply solution to this. A solution I have been using myself for years now: Just create yourself a 2nd avatar and name it "groupavie" or so. Then only keep the most important groups (for store gifts, yadayadaya) on your main account and outsource any other group to that alt avie. You will still get the groupnotes via email from that avie and can then login and check the note itself. Would it be easier if we just had enough slots on our main avie? Sure. But LL decided we don't, so deal with it. We can't change it, unless you plan on flying to San Fran and storm their RL office. πŸ˜„ But at least this is a good, free alternative to circumvent the new group limit and even bring a bit more order to the chaos of your own groups. πŸ˜‰ I am using this method for years now and I have nothing to complain, it works, it is free and I love it. I actually made myself a full "service avatar". Not only does he have most of my store groups and serves as 2nd person to my own groups (if they're small or new). He is also my bank account through a script and many RP related things, like my radio and pager networks are now outsourced on him, so I can use him as "HUB" for all of my active alts. You should consider such measures before complaining too hard about something that sucks but is as it is and won't be changed. Stop wasting your time yelling about the change, Linden "TheSinkingShip" Lab doesn't care much anyway. So rather use the time and find ways around it, like I did long ago. πŸ˜‰
  10. That was actually the first thing I did after it began happening. I cleared my entire browsere history (well that was about time to do again anyway), including all Cookies. I still have that problem occasionally... πŸ™‚
  11. There is a simple way to hold them accountable: Just stop going there and tell your friend about your experience, so they are warned and may end up also not going there. πŸ™‚
  12. Dakota, that's what happened for some people, myself included, but that isn't the issue. The issue is that (funny enough, I had it again just 5 minutes ago), even without clicking such a link, sometimes AFTER switching your language back to English it suddenly flips back to, in my case Japanese. Out of nowhere, when having MP open in English and then clicking an English link to a product, it opens that product page but flips to Japanese. I checked the links of some before clicking and they were designated with the /eng-en part in the link. And yet, after clicking then, they opened in Japanese... πŸ™‚ Guess it's time for me to learn Japanese now!
  13. HAH!!! And I thoughtI was the only one!!! I keep getting this for a week or so, suddenly out of nowhere my MP is in Japanese sometimes Like litereally I open something in English, then click on a link within MP itself and baaam it's suddenly in Japanese... like wth? πŸ˜„
  14. Hello there! You might want to try contacting my daughter inworld, Abigail Shu ((iiparadoxii)). She is really good at furnishing / decorating and has a lot of things of the style you described, that she loves driving me crazy with, scattering them all over my house. πŸ˜„ Greetings and good luck! Michael
  15. I have always worn glasses in SL, really. I wear glasses in RL, similar to the ones on my second picture. So it was never really a question for me. πŸ™‚
  16. Sorry to hijack the post for a moment, but honestly Rahul, you start being quite annoying. So far you have 16 posts in this forum and pretty much every single post of yours in every board has only been made to boost your own sim Acacia Falls. I think you may misunderstand the purpose of the SL forum a bit here. Not only are some posts in here against some of the board's posting rules. It's also becoming seriously annoying, if that is all you have to contribute here to the forums. I think we all know about your sim now after you name-dropped it once, twice or 3 times. I doubt you really need to drop your sim name in every god damn post you see popping up in any (RP related) board. That's not the way to properly advertise your sim AND actually contribute to the forums in a beneficial way. Just saying, sorry guys.
  17. I only have my pictures in flickr and can't copy the direct URL out to attach them here. So if you want to check out some images from the flickr album of our current project - a Safe House for our RP "Mexican Cartel", click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sonoracartel
  18. I can tell you why! Because most people have this idea like you but nobody wants to step forward and bring it to life! ? Why don't you go ahead and bring up your idea as an actual working station? I am sure it will become popular and work out! ?
  19. Let's just all agree on one thing so far: The by far most "non touched but complete overhaul needed" part of the MP is the search. The search is plain and dumb and nowhere near as complex (in terms of the amount of options to filter with) as it should be by now. So the search really badly needs complete reworking with a ton more filters of sorts.
  20. This is very funny, Taina, because my RP daughter and I want the same thing. Actually I do, I want to get half a HS and build a super realistic midwest US ranch/farm using DFS, for roleplay. Sadly it's not happening because we both want roleplay with others badly, too and that would be hard on an own farm, as opposed to living on a RP sim. Long story short, though, maybe you want to message me inworld and we all together can figure something out, since you are seeking the same thing! Kind regards, Michael Shu (mikey.shu)
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