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  1. Why Are Nicks Allowed on the Forums?

    Greetings! This thread has been locked. 1. No one can create a "Forum Account". 2. The only people who can post on the SL Community Forums are those who have created a Second Life Account. 3. Issues with Profile Search has nothing to do with the Forums. If you cannot find an SL Avatar on the web profiles page or by using in world search, it doesn't mean that the SL Account doesn't exist.
  2. Community Participation Guidelines

    Introduction These guidelines cover Resident participation on our Second Life community pages, which include the Second Life Blogs, Forums, Answers, Bug Tracker, User Groups, and the Knowledge Base. They are intended to help all Residents have a constructive and enjoyable conversation. The Second Life Blogs, Forums, Bug Tracker, User Groups, Answers, and the Knowledge Base are places for you, the Residents of Second Life, to discuss ideas, experiences, and questions, and to share what you’ve learned about Second Life with each other and with us. We want to foster an honest and open exchange of ideas on our community pages; to do that, we want to encourage all participants to maintain an atmosphere of courtesy and respect for others at all times. Creating a constructive place for conversation will help us build a strong, better informed community in Second Life, and make both our communication channels and our world a more supportive and engaging place for all. In addition to adhering to the Second Life Terms of Service, Residents must also refrain from the activities listed below. These Activities are Not Permitted on the Second Life Community Sites: Vulgarity, Profanity, and Sexually Explicit Content: No name calling, expletives, or any language that is offensive, pornographic, or sexually explicit. Profanity, hate speech, or threats of violence are not permissible. Harassment: Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Harassment can include text or images that contain racist, threatening, abusive or hateful material. Personal Information: Sharing someone else’s personal information—of any kind—is not allowed. Disclosing another Resident’s real-world identity, contact information, or the text of interpersonal communications (chat, email, IM) is not allowed. Nudity or Adult Content: Keep the content of your postings “General” as provided in the Maturity Guidelines. Postings that do not comply with the “General” rating may be removed. Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. No advertising or promotion of specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services, unless the forum area is specifically for the buying or selling of Second Life products or services, for example, a “for sale” or “wanted” forum. Do not reference other websites offering any product or service. Note: It is OK to have a signature line with a link to your Second Life profile or information about your Second Life business. Interpersonal Disputes or Personal Negative Commentary: If you have a personal disagreement, do not post about it on the Second Life community pages. Residents who have personal differences have other channels of communication available to them — private messaging in the forums, IM within Second Life, or chatting within Second Life. No Flaming: "Flames" are hostile or disruptive posts, or messages intended to incite an angry response. Spirited discussion and constructive disagreement are welcome, but name-calling and airing of grievances are not appropriate in our discussion areas. We will also not tolerate any post that encourages others to violate any policy of Linden Lab Off Topic Content: Please keep your commentary relevant to the discussion and within the format that the forum, board or question and answer area require. (For example, in the Answers section, please follow the Q&A format of the discussion.) Content that is blatantly off topic is not permitted. You may also not post regarding subjects that do not relate to Second Life except in the General forum discussion board. Abuse of Moderation or Moderators: Please honor our moderation process and the decisions that come out of it; they are being made in order to provide you with a productive environment for conversations about Second Life. We prohibit abuse of our moderation process, including the following: Posts that discuss or re-post material that has been removed or locked by a moderator Posts questioning a moderator’s decision Posts that discuss the status of any Resident account (e.g., on hold, suspended, etc.) Frivolous or malicious use of the abuse report feature Report inappropriate content for moderator review Moderating a discussion site is a daunting task; our forums alone see in excess of 10,000 posts per week. You can help by reporting abuse when you spot it. If you see a post you feel violates the Community Participation Guidelines, or our Terms of Service, then please click the Report Inappropriate Content link that appears in each post, and let us know why you feel the post is inappropriate. We moderate at our discretion We evaluate posts on a case-by-case basis and take into account the severity of the conduct and any history of past violations. Although we will make reasonable efforts to take into consideration the context and general sentiment of the blog or forum discussions, the actions taken (or not taken) by Linden Lab and our moderators are at our sole discretion, and we may act without warning or explanation. We provide the discussion areas of our sites as a service to Residents, and we will take the actions we deem appropriate to keep our sites a productive and enjoyable environment for all Residents. *Please Note - these participation guidelines can be located here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines Quote Edit
  3. Are Linden Bears Still a Thing?

    Greetings all! Linden Bears are definitely still a thing although not every Linden has one. Some historical bears may no longer be available, and if there are Bears rezzed in world, or on the Marketplace, from Lindens who are no longer working with the company, you may be able to get a bear that way. My forum avatar icon image is one of the bears I did a couple of years ago for Pride, and it is on the Marketplace where you can buy it for Zero L$.
  4. Wont let me upload to marketplace

    Hello Santanooo! The "Send to Marketplace" wording is shown if you right click on the item in your Inventory window. If you open the Marketplace UI window directly, as shown in your screenshot, the wording that is shown instead says to Drop folders here to create a new listing.
  5. Greetings! That was part of the holdover from SLX/Xstreet. Items that were priced %5 or less higher on the Marketplace than in world were allowed so that the users could charge their customers more to cover the %5 commission fee that was charged by the site for each sale.
  6. Greetings all! The Inflated Listing Price restriction was put in place by Apotheus when he created SLExchange (renamed to Xstreetsl), to prevent users from abusing his marketplace by advertising their items on his site and then avoiding paying the commission fee by telling users that they can buy the items cheaper in world. After this thread was brought to the attention of the Marketplace Team, they worked as quickly as possible to address your concerns and update the Listing Guidelines, as noted in the post by Alexa, linked above.
  7. how to use the marketplace

    Hi LeaSvetlana! The absolutely easiest way look for the items is to go to the appropriate Long Hair category. You do not specify if you are looking for men's or women's long hair though Women's Long Hair Men's Long Hair You can click the appropriate link above, or follow the next steps to locate the sub-categories using the Marketplace Category Menu Options. The Long Hair sub-categories are located through the menu on the left by clicking on Avatar Accessories - Hair and you will see both Men's Long Hair and Women's Long Hair as sub-categories. Click on the one you want. Once you are in the Long Hair sub-category you want, scroll down the menu on the left and enter 2 for the minimum price, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. The Marketplace will then filter all listings in the category to only show you items with a minimum price of 2L. This should eliminate 99% of the Demo listings in the category.
  8. Name change

    Hi Gadget! My Bad! I didn't realize account name changes are ruled by an "industry standard"! I might have to try to find that law/ruling. Thank you!
  9. Name change

    Greetings! Second Life is its own service, using code that is different from other services. How other companies or services do things has no bearing on how Linden Lab does things.
  10. Fatpack into huds Help on how to do

    Hello AmethestPearl! My personal recommendation would be to create the new HUD version, and then add that new HUD version to the Marketplace as a new Product Listing. You could then add a very prominent note on the existing listing linking to the new HUD Version or the item/s. The Related Items options on the existing single item listings should also be used to link to the new HUD Version. Eventually, the sales on your single item listings will fall off, and may eventually stop all together, and at that point you can unlist or delete the single item versions of the items. There is a little bit of initial work going back and adding the link to the new HUD version on the listings for the single items, and setting up the Related Items link, compared to just putting up a new listing, but I think in the long run, this may end up being the easiest option with the least amount of hassle. Once you have created your first HUD version of your existing single items, drop an update in here and I can further walk you through the process described above if you would like!
  11. A question of security

    Greetings all! The most likely scenario is that you have your Second Life Avatar name linked to your RL name somewhere on the internet and doing a search of your SL Avatar name showed your RL name. While Linden Lab appreciates, and absolutely LOVES when users work to help each other out, please be careful when claiming a user has been hacked, or is being stalked. The most simplest answer is usually the correct one.
  12. Name change

    Hello llHexy Last Names will be offered as a list of pre-approved names in order to prevent abuse or other issues with using non standard characters in account names.
  13. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    To whom? Only the seller can correct the broken or outdated SLurls. Any request would necessitate adding a function to the Marketplace system to notify the sellers when a report is done. And this would open the system up for abuse, since users could just click on the report to harass the seller.
  14. Maxiumum number of items per folder?

    Greetings! All Off Topic posts on this thread have been removed.
  15. Unfair ban from a region

    Greetings! Please ask yourself a question before replying to a post: Does my reply have anything to do with the OP in this thread? If the answer is no, then do not reply. I have tried to use that same question when looking at the posts in this thread. If I found that the answer was no, then the post was removed. Cheers~