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  1. Dakota Linden

    Pros and cons of having multiple MP stores

    1. The Marketplace design is 8+ years old. If Linden Research had the same amount of funds that Amazon & PayPal/Ebay have available to dedicate to web design, I am sure that things on the SL Marketplace would look much different. Just as I am sure that if you go back 8+ years to the way Amazon and Ebay looked back then, you could probably find issues with those designs too. 2. The language fields are NOT hidden, each one has a tab on the Edit Listing page that is clearly marked with the Language itself. 3. The Language option fields are filled in with EXACTLY what you told the system to fill them in with, the information from the Quick Fill template you used when you created the new listing. 4. The Marketplace is designed to be simple to use, and it is. But this means that users with special needs, or wants, such as the ability to bulk upload images, or bulk import listings, etc., were not originally designed into the web site 8+ years ago. If you want a feature, function, or ability, create a Jira Ticket and request it. IF it can be done, the team will investigate the best way to implement what is being asked for. 5.https://www.lindenlab.com/careers You are welcome to submit your Resume` to the company. Residents who come to work for Linden Lab bring an amazing amount of experience and vision to the company when they join. They have a chance to make a real, appreciable, difference from the inside and we welcome them with open arms when they join the company.
  2. Dakota Linden

    Something should be done about 1L$ items on marketplace.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.
  3. Dakota Linden

    Will we ever be able to filter out demo items on the MP -completely-?

    Hello Kai! At this time, it is not possible to completely eliminate viewing Demo item. You can reduce the chances of seeing those items by filtering out zero or L$1 items from your search. In the options on the left under the header section titled "Price" enter 2 into the left (lowest price option) box and then hit the enter key on your keyboard. This will eliminate every product listing on the Marketplace under 2L from showing on your search so you will no longer see any of those listings.
  4. Dakota Linden

    Pros and cons of having multiple MP stores

    Greetings! Search is actually a very easy issue to address. If you use a Brand in your Product Listings, anyone can search your store for that brand and see only the applicable items. Using ChinRey's provided Brand as an example, each listing title for that brand should start with "OPQ Builders Supplies - Item Name" Any customer, or potential customer, can then go directly to the ChinRey's store and do a Marketplace search only for that store using the Brand name. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/154697 As long as the listing for ONLY that brand have the name, then only those branded items will show up when using the "Search this store" option at the top of the page. Currently, searching the store for "OPQ Builders Supplies" returns zero listings. Searching the store for "OPQ" returns all 263 listings. Setting up a store using specific Brand Names and using the Brand Name exclusively for items in that range (IE, do not use the same brand name in keywords for other branded items), will take a dedicated effort on the part of the Merchant, but in the long run, can maximize the features and functions of the Search ability on the Marketplace. If a merchant has multiple brands, then all of their listings should start with the Brand Name "Brand Name A - Item Name". "Brand Name B - Item Name". Customers should then be encouraged to search the specific merchants store for the particular brand they are interested in. Once the search is done, the customer can then use the categories on the left side of the page to further narrow the specific types of items under that brand to show only the ones they want to see. So if Brand Name A is furniture, anyone who searches for Brand Name A in that sellers store can then use the Categories on the left to further narrow their search to only show those items in the Kitchen Furniture sub-category, as opposed to items in the Bedroom Furniture category, if the user is looking for kitchen cabinets.
  5. Dakota Linden

    Something should be done about 1L$ items on marketplace.

    Greetings! It is extremely easy to hide all of those L$1 items when you browse or do a search on the Marketplace. In the option on the left side of the web page, under the section titled "Price", enter your minimum price into the left (lower price) box, and then hit the enter key on your keyboard. Poof! All of those items will be hidden. Search problem solved.
  6. Dakota Linden

    Issue with editing Marketplace items

    Hi Mikki! Updating product listing information (description, name, etc) may not immediately be reflected on the listing itself. The Marketplace has to re-index the listing, and that process can take a minute or to up to about 15 minutes. Waiting a couple of minutes and then reloading the actual Product Listing web page itself should show the changes.
  7. Dakota Linden

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    And we are done!
  8. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace item flagged as Adult for Illegal Drugs

    Greetings! Second Life is bound by US Federal Law along with the laws in the state of California as stated in the Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions. https://www.lindenlab.com/tos https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions Please keep in mind that Second Life is also an international platform. Just because YOUR city/state/country says it is not illegal for you to smoke dope, doesn't mean it is legal to do so elsewhere.
  9. Dakota Linden

    No redeliver option for marketplace purchases?

    A Jira Feature Request for buyers being able to ask for delivery of Copy Enabled items purchased through the Marketplace was created a while back and is still open in the system as something that both Linden Lab and the users would like to have implemented. When and how that implementation might happen is entirely dependent upon what the Devs can do with the system, and how long it may take to actually work on getting it implemented with the current backlog that they are working through. So yes, I have included terms such as "hopefully" and "if" because making promises that cannot be delivered is not nice to the users
  10. Dakota Linden

    No redeliver option for marketplace purchases?

    Greetings! That will be part of the decision that the Marketplace team will make if that feature is implemented Many sellers update their items, or release new versions of their items, and use the same Product Listing. Not all sellers offer free updates for life on products. If a seller wishes to charge for updates then offering free, unlimited, lifetime available, re-deliveries on products purchased through the Marketplace will not be a "feature" for those sellers, and restrictions must be available to them, or built into any re-delivery system on the Marketplace.
  11. Dakota Linden

    No redeliver option for marketplace purchases?

    Greetings! There has been a request in the system for a while now for buyers to be able to request a redelivery of the items they purchased through the Marketplace, with restrictions. No Copy items would not be able to be redelivered, and there should be a hard limit on how long ago the item was purchased. (if an item was bought 4 years go, should the buyer be able to ask for a redelivery of the item?) This feature request is still in the systems for the Marketplace team and is hopefully being considered for a future update.
  12. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Listing Issue: Related & Demo Items

    HI! Welcome to the sometimes confusing way Jira tickets are handled BUG-225307 is reporting that the Inactive items are not visible. Correct! This is the way it is supposed to be. So the ticket was closed as "Expected Behavior" because currently, inactive items are not supposed to be showing. (Hey, these are not showing. Yep, we know, we changed it so that they no longer show.) BUG-225317 is the request to revert the change. So that is a valid and open request, with a comment that says devs are actively working on it. (Hey, this was a BAD choice, put it back the way it was. Okay, we have added this to the list of things to do!) Jira doesn't really have a Features/Change request section, so 99.999% of reports submitted by users go into the default BUG section, where they are triaged and then routed internally to the teams that will be tasked with fixing or changing whatever it is that is reported or requested in the bug report.
  13. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Listing Issue: Related & Demo Items

    Hello Arwen, At this time, there is no other option. Either you can see ALL items, including inactive, or you only see Active items. So yes, it is working as intended and that is why the bug report was closed. If you wish to request a NEW feature where you can selectively choose which items to see on a list, it will be necessary to create new Jira Issue Tracker ticket requesting that feature.
  14. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Listing Issue: Related & Demo Items

    Greetings! It isn't a bug, it is a request that was implemented. Merchants were getting tired of seeing 4000+ inactive items on the Related Items search. So the change was made that only your active listings would be shown, and not the 4000+ inactive ones.
  15. Hi! My first thought was, "I don't even have a boyfriend, how in the world would I know how to convince one to come to SL!". Then I read the post I was tagged in. Nah, I don't close dead threads just because they were dead. I kinda like horses, usually.