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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, While we encourage users to engage in discussions, including discussions that can become heated, attacks against each other are not permitted.
  2. Hello Yasojith, The short answer is yes. The Product Listing Title is a separate and editable field to allow you to name the listing as you wish. As others have stated, renaming a Gatcha item runs the risk of others not being able to search for the item itself since most Gatcha buyers will do a search using the name that the original creator used. You can put the original item name in the Features List so that it will show up in any searches.
  3. Hello Taylor Schroeder, You should be able to edit the listing and add a title to the item. You can then delete the listing after it has been given a title.
  4. Refunds should now be completed!
  5. Greetings! This thread will remain open until we know that everyone affected has been refunded.
  6. Greetings! As I am sure most of you are aware, on June 26, 2017 there was an issue that resulted in the Second Life Billing system going into emergency maintenance. A large number of orders that were placed through the Marketplace were affected. Affected Marketplace orders debited the funds from the buyers account, but did not process the orders correctly and the orders remain in a pending state and will not complete and no items were sent to the buyers/receivers. Linden Lab is actively working to determine who was affected and to ensure that those affected buyers are refunded as quickly as possible. At this time it is not necessary to submit a Support Case in order to receive a refund and in order to limit the load on Customer Support, we ask that you do not create a case regarding this issue. Once we have determined who has been affected and the accounts are refunded, I will update this posting. If at that time you were affected and did not receive a refund, you will be asked to create a case so that we can verify the charge and refund you at that time. Obviously this is going to take a couple of days, so we ask for your patience while we work to get everyone refunded. You may monitor the Second Life Grid Status Report for an update: https://status.secondlifegrid.net Thank you!
  7. Hello intelligentdreamer, The short answer is no. As LittleMe Jewell pointed out, the Marketplace Listing Guidelines disallow the inclusion of links on your product listings where the content may be purchased through another web site. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines With the exclusion of Real Estate Listings and some Services offerings, any product listing on the Second Life Marketplace must deliver the actual product itself. If you wish to offer the option to purchase some of your content through a 3rd party web site for US Dollars, you may include a catalogue that is provided to the buyers with the purchase of your content that shows the other items you have available along with a link to your own web site where the content may be purchased for US Dollars. One thing to keep in mind though is that the vast majority of Second Life users will not make direct US Dollar purchases from other users. This is because their Real Life information is then exposed to the each other. In order to maintain privacy and security of any user, Linden Lab strongly recommends that users do not engage in practices that may expose themselves, or their private information, to strangers, and unfortunately, this also includes not conducting business transactions with other users in US Dollars outside of the Second Life environment.
  8. Hi Tony! The Limit Buy option allows buyers and sellers to set their own prices. You can absolutely create a buy order for 40K L$ and set the price to equal $90 USD. However, the chances of that order ever being completed and you getting the L$ are very slim and your order may remain open in the system for a very long time. The current exchange rate is 262/1 - that is 262 L$ per $1 USD, but the exchange rate for your purchase would be 444/1 Your order would remain open in the system until a seller is found who is willing to sell their L$ at the same rate as your asking price of 444/1
  9. Hello RoDen Kilian, If you are asking about a Support Ticket, then that area is located here: https://support.secondlife.com/ You should be able to click on Help - Contact Support if you are logged into the viewer and the web page will be loaded up in your browser window for you. To submit a new ticket, click on the Submit a Support Case in the menu on the right. To view your previously created cases, click on the Support History link in the menu on the right.
  10. Hello Taylor. Try putting both items into a single folder in your inventory first, then right click on the new folder and choose the option to send the folder to the Marketplace. The Marketplace UI window should open up automatically and show you the new entry. You can then verify that both the item and the HUD are in the same sub-folder. If that does not work, then unfortunately, the items will need to be boxed together before trying list them on the Marketplace.
  11. Greetings! If they are multiple copies of the same item posted by the same seller, then they are considered Item Spam and are not compliant, as Item Spam is disallowed under the Marketplace Listing Guidelines.
  12. Greetings! The bug is that the system doesn't update the email address immediately, and it can sometimes take up to 7 days for the Marketplace to reflect the change. As Whirly said, drop us a Support Case under General Marketplace Issues and we are happy to manually push through the change so that you do not have to wait for the system to update the information on its own.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, General discussions about what is, or is not, acceptable, and what we are, or are not, willing to accept with regards to any particular lifestyle should be posted in a thread that was created specifically to discuss those issues, located here: We ask that you please restrict your discussions to that dedicated thread, and not hijack a thread from another user in order to express your opinions about their choices. Thank you!
  14. Greetings! Waterfront only means that the land ends at the water. It does not necessarily mean that the water is part of the land that is available for purchase. It is not considered misleading to say that land is waterfront, and unless the land owner is claiming that the parcel rent or purchase entitles the user to access to the water, then no action would be taken for the advertisement. Road protected usually means that road is owned separate from the parcels and cannot be changed or built on, so you will not suddenly find a large building, or texture wall, in the middle of the road next to the parcel.
  15. Hello Stormm Firecaster! Unfortunately, the Best Selling and Related Items lists will show all listings that you have ever created on the Marketplace, so it is not possible to trim the list to only show the currently active listings.