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  1. Greetings all! We understand that discussing the announced changes can get heated, please just remember that negative comments directed at, or about, others is not appropriate. We have removed a few posts in this thread and would ask that everyone try to remain civil. Thank you!
  2. Hi Vega Firelyte! I am glad I understood, and you are very welcome!
  3. Hi all! I think I understand what Vega Firelyte is asking. And no, currently there is no way to have separate "departments" or "brands" under the same store in a way that would separate them from each other. When an item is listed, it is just listed under the User/Store itself. So when you review reports, like traffic reports, all of the items are grouped together. There isn't a way to tell the system that you only want to see report numbers for BrandA or Department B, for instance. It can be done, but not natively within the Marketplace itself. Each Product Listing that is created would need to be given its own Brand Name. So the listings would look like BrandA - Name1., BrandA - Name2, BrandA - Name 3, and BrandB - Name1, BrandB - Name2, BrandB - Name3, etc. The reports information would need to be exported to an external Spreadsheet and then sorted/Filtered by Brand names using the tools in the spreadsheet program. The external spread sheet can then be used to compare how each item in BrandA is doing compared to other items also under BrandA, same with BrandB, etc. for each "brand" that the seller has set up, or to see how items in BrandA are doing compared to items in BrandB. Anyone can see only specifically branded items in the store using the current MKT Search Tools, though, by going to the sellers store and doing a search that only shows the items in the specific Brand itself. If someone only wanted to see items in BrandA, they would go to the sellers store, then enter BrandA into the keyword search field and choose the option to only search that specific store. All items in that sellers store with BrandA in them would show in the search return, and any items without BrandA in them would not be visible. The visitor could then sort the returns to show the newest items, or lowest priced items, etc. for only those items that showed up when they searched for the specific BrandA name. Hope this helps!
  4. HI Mikey Shu! If it keeps happening, try clearing your browsers Cookie files for SL. I know that phrase has become some kind of fall back excuse for issues, but the MKT sets the cookie with your settings for the MKT, and that could be why it flips back to another language. You shouldn't need to delete ALL cookies, just the ones for Second Life or the Marketplace. The Chrome browser has an awesome feature where you can Inspect the web page and directly delete any cookies that are set for that web site/page directly without mucking about with other site cookies, etc. Not sure if other browsers offer the same, or similar, options, but might be worth checking.
  5. Greetings all! If you click a link to a Marketplace listing that is in one of the alternate languages, it can flip your setting to the language from the link. Clicking on the World Map at the top let of the Marketplace web page will allow you to change your setting back to your preferred language.
  6. Greetings! All Off Topic posts have been removed. If you wish to discuss land pricing in Second Life, please create a separate thread in the General Land Forum section.
  7. Hi MoonAngel Zsun! The Marketplace Report is showing UTC on the time stamp. The L$ Funds Transaction Log uses the time stamp for USA Pacific (Second Life Corporate office). Both reports should show the Marketplace Order Number if you are trying to match the Marketplace Report entry to your L$ Funds Log entry.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen! This thread should be used to discuss the Linden Homes Security System only. If you wish to discuss anything else, please do it elsewhere in one of the other appropriate forum sections that are made available to you for those discussions.
  9. Greetings all! We appreciate and understand that this issue is a royal pain for everyone and is causing many users upset and irritation, but taking it out on each other is not appropriate. Linden Lab IS working on the issue. If you believe you have found something that you feel is pertinent to the issue, please submit a Bug Report. Please play nice, and if you believe you cannot, then please refrain from posting to the forums. Doing so may result in your own account being suspended, and that is never fun.
  10. Greetings! This activity will get your items removed and your account suspended if you are caught. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#abusive-behavior If your product is removed because you did this, you will not be allowed to ever sell that same item again through the Marketplace. The original listing will be taken down and any attempts to relist the same item will also result in the item being removed if found. I would strongly recommend NEVER doing this if you value your Product, your Marketplace Store, and your Second Life Account.
  11. Greetings! You can quickly see how many active listings are on the Marketplace by going to the main Marketplace page and clicking on the Search button without entering a term. If you have the Marketplace set to show General, Moderate, and Adult content, then the total number of active listings will be shown. 6386902 matching items found.
  12. Greetings! Everyone is correct! The original SLExchange/XstreetSL Marketplace did not require review comments. Buyers could leave a just a star rating, or they could leave a star rating & review comments on their purchases. These were originally called just that, Ratings and Reviews, since they could be separate. When products that were listed on that old Marketplace system were migrated to the SL Marketplace, the Ratings & Reviews were also migrated with the listings so some old listings may only have Star Ratings with no actual Review Comments on them.
  13. Greetings! It is not possible to refund a buyer through the Marketplace system. If a buyer has requested a refund, you may refund them the amount they paid, including commission, and then create a Support Ticket and let us know that you refunded the buyer and we will be happy to refund you the commission. Please include the Marketplace Order Number, the name of the item, the price, and a copy of the Transaction (refund) from your own transaction log. This makes it easier to pull up the order and see how much the seller paid in commission on the sale, and then refund them that amount.
  14. Hi Danika! If you have ghost items in your Marketplace Store, please create a Support Ticket and provide the link to the listing itself. These are usually items that failed to be migrated correctly originally when the items were transferred from the old SL Exchange/XstreetSL Marketplace to the new SL Marketplace. Some merchants who have had items/stores for more than 5 or 6 years may have a couple of those items still showing in their stores. You can right click on the listing in your store and copy the URL and past that link into your Support Ticket. If you just click on the item, you are redirected to the main Second Life Marketplace page since the item doesn't actually exist. Customer Support may be able to remove the item from your store front. If they are unable to do so, they will let you know, and unfortunately, a bug report will need to be submitted if they cannot, but only if they cannot do it, so it isn't necessary to file a bug report first.
  15. Greetings all! If an item has changed significantly, the creator/seller CAN create a new product listing on the Marketplace for the new version of the item and they would not be in violation for "disabling or deleting and relisting an item". The creator/seller does not have to create a new listing, but they can, if they choose to. Using information posted previously, if a creator makes an item using prims, and then updates that item to be Mesh, the creator CAN create a brand new listing for the Mesh version of the item, since upgrading the item to Mesh is a significant change to the product. When buyer requested redelivery was implemented, some creators/sellers were concerned that their Copy Enabled items that had been around for a while, or ones that had been updated, should not be able to be redelivered, so the option was added, as noted above, so that the creator/seller can disable that ability on the Edit Listing page for the product. It states that the option only applies to Copy Enabled Items because the system should not allow redelivery of No Copy items. Items can be updated and the creator/seller can choose any price they wish, even if the item was a lower cost previously, they can still change the price at any time, to any price, for any reason, and that does not violate the "Inflated Listing Price" section of the Listing Guidelines.
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