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  1. Hello Tamara, Unfortunately, Customer Support and the Marketplace Team are unable to implement a reward system of that type. Anything like that would definitely have to come from On High at the Lab. That is, people WAY above my pay grade. You can always try to send in the suggestion to the corporate office to see if that is something that they might be interested in researching further.
  2. Hi All! Just some friendly information that may help sellers. A few months ago, as noted, search was updated on the Marketplace. If your sales have dropped off, now may be the time, before summer hits, to spend some time tweaking your listings for the changes. 1. Product Listing Title: Make sure the Product Listing Title is effective. If your title is something like "BD-200-Red" it doesn't mean anything unless a buyer is looking for a very specific item with that name. So you will want to make sure your Title really stands out. If you are selling Lipstick, make sure that is in the title of the listing. Using the example in this thread. "Just Kissed Lipstick - Fatpack" would be a perfect title. The name of the item is included "Just Kissed", buyers know immediately what it is; Lipstick, and they also know immediately that the item is a Fatpack, so they will get multiple colors. 2. Product Images: Try to make sure your images are clear and specifically show the item you are selling. If you use a standard format for images for your store that include your store name, product, information, permissions, etc., try to also include additional images that show a close up of the item you are selling. So, again using lipstick as an example, try to include images of an avatar wearing the lipstick itself so that it shows off the color. Try to make sure the image is either a face shot, or a shot of the lips with the color. As we all know, graphics cards and monitors can have shade differences in the actual rendered color. Offering a few different pictures of what the buyers can expect will help them better to decide if they would like to purchase that particular item. 3. Item Description: This is where you have the chance to really set your item apart from other products. The Item Description should spend at least 50% of the space to describe the item you are selling. Is it for classic and mesh items? What are the permissions? If you are selling a fatpack, listing all of the items in the pack can be done in this section, so that your potential customers will know all of what they are getting with their purchase. Watch for spacing in this area. The information should be clear and easy to read with paragraphs, etc. A wall-o-text will make it harder to read and understand. Try to limit information about your store itself, but it should certainly be included. Short and concise about what kinds of items you sell, an invitation to visit your inworld location, if you have one. If you have any restrictions on the specific item in the listing, those should be included here too. If the item is No Transfer and you do not offer a refund on No Transfer items, this should be noted, etc., 4. Features List: One of the Tabs that is available, but is extremely underused by sellers is the Features List. This list is included in search, and acts as a type of Keyword search for your item. The name of the item should be listed, the permissions should be listed, if the item is Mesh, it should be listed. If the item has multiple colors, a Hud, etc., these should all be listed on separate lines on the Features List to help generate additional views. 5. Keywords: Keywords should be inclusive for the item being sold in the listing. Your should include words that help tag the item. So if your item is Red, then red should be in the keywords. If the item is Mesh, then the word Mesh should be in the keywords. If your item is not something, you should refrain from saying that in the keywords. If your item is not mesh, then you should not say No Mesh, in the keywords. Your item will show up when someone types Mesh as a keyword search. (I explain this more down below). 6. Related Items: Related Items should be used to draw potential customers to your other items. If you are selling a Fatpack, but you also offer the items in the pack as individual purchases, you should consider linking those individual items to the FatPack using the Related Items feature. If a buyer isn't really wanting to buy an entire Fatpack for 1 item, knowing they can purchase the item by itself, and having a quick link to that item will help to drive sales. If you have a lot of items in the Fatpack, you could instead include the individual links to the items in the Item Description (Above) and use the Related Items to link to other similar options. Again, using the Lipstick Fatpack sample, you could use the Item Description to list all of the colors in the FatPack (if they are individual items and not a HUD Controlled color picker) with links to those individual items, and then use the Related Items option for linking to any other Lipstick Fatpacks you sell. So, why do we only want to use keywords that apply to the item in an inclusive way? Part of the search changes takes into account your sales conversion compared to search. So if your item does not include mesh, and you put "not mesh" in the keywords, your item will show up when someone searches for Mesh. This might be considered a good thing, since your item will be shown to more people, but in reality, under the new search changes, your item will get hurt. The more times your item is shown in a keyword search without being purchased, the ranking on your item goes down. Here is a small example to show how this works. Say you use the keyword Mesh in your item, but it isn't mesh. When a user searches for mesh, your item shows up, but since it isn't mesh, no one buys it when they use that search term. At the start, your item is shown in the 4th spot. This, at first, might be good. It is showing high up in the relevance, and more people are seeing the item. But no one is buying it. After a while, your item will slowly lose relevance and one day a search is done, and instead of your item showing up in the 4th slot, it is down in the 15th slot. Having the word mesh in your keywords is actually hurting your item, even though it is shown to more people. Cheers~
  3. marketplace

    Hi! As a seller you can download and save your entire Marketplace sales history. Log into the Second Life Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ Click on the My Marketplace link at the top of the web page and choose Merchant home from the drop down options. Once you are on your Merchant home page, click on the Reports - Orders link in the menu on the left. Enter the Start and End dates then click on the Go button If you have a lot of sales, it may take a while to generate the list. After the report is generated, click on the Download CSV link to save a copy of the report.
  4. Greetings! I am sorry to hear that there was an issue with another user regarding a product that was purchased from them. As has been said in the posts in this thread, Merchants cannot remove a review from their Marketplace Product Listing. They can report the review and Linden Lab will look over the review, and if it is found to be in violation of any Linden Lab policy, the review will be removed. If a Merchant removes the original listing and creates a new listing for the same item, please report the new item listing by clicking on the Flag this item link and then choosing the options: Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices - Item was disabled and relisted. Removing a listing and then creating a new listing for the item is absolutely not allowed.
  5. My Avatar is a bird. Nothing special
  6. Hello Alwin, Not every report results in action taken. The Marketplace Moderators can only address the issue that was used to flag the item. If the Item is flagged for incorrect category, but the category is acceptable, no action will be taken, even if the user who reported the issue believes that the item should be in a different category. And using the example keywords from your post above: for example here one for a lady's short: dress,mesh dress,black,fit,fitted,fitmesh,top,HUD,skirt,shirt,maitreya,tmp,belleza,slink,pink,red,bottom,body,sexy,original,women,clothes,item,hourglass,freya,isis,blueberry,white,blue,latex,leather Nothing in red is considered keyword spam on its own. If the item is a skirt and shirt combination that looks like a dress, has a color changing HUD, is fitmesh, can be used with any of the avatar systems in black text, and has a texture that mimics leather, then there is no keyword spam. If the item is a pair of ladies shorts, then yes, those terms would be considered keyword spam and the item should be reported. The item will be unlisted and the user will be sent a message letting them know so that they can fix the issue.
  7. Greetings! Thank you all for your additional comments regarding the existing issues with category selections and keywords. Merchants have previously requested a full listing of the currently available Marketplace categories and that has been added as a sticky to this forum to help. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of available categories, many sellers are either not aware of what is available, or are not sure which one their items should be placed into. If you come across listings that you believe are in an incorrect category, PLEASE report the listing using the Flag this item link that is on the listing itself. This is the only way Linden Lab will be able to address the issue and help the sellers ensure that they are placing their items into the correct category. While we understand the reluctance of some users to report item listings because they may feel it is "snitching", or they believe that it is the responsibility of Linden Lab to manually look for issues, Linden Lab does not have the resources to dedicate to trying to review 4,999,573+ active listings and we heavily rely on the users of the Marketplace to assist us. The only way to ensure that the Marketplace is a valuable resource is if we work together to make it that way. When you are aware of an issue but do not let us know so that we can help educate the sellers the issue continues and the quality of the Marketplace as a resource degrades. The Marketplace is 100% a user resource, and yes, we understand that there are features and functions that the users would like to see implemented, but we all must work with what we have now, today.
  8. Hello Studcrusher, At this time, Customer Support had no information regarding when the Marketplace Team might be doing another category overhaul. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to monitor the forums and blogs for any updates directly from the Marketplace team.
  9. Hello Studcrusher! Thank you for your comments regarding the categories on the Second Life Marketplace. At the time of the most recent category overhaul, users were asked for suggestions and ideas for new categories, but unfortunately, no one at the time suggested Wrestling or Boxing.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have attempted to clean up this thread and removed personal attacks and posts that quote posts that were hidden. The Second Life Forums are a public place for ALL Second Life Users, regardless of whether or not you agree, or do not agree, with the views and opinions of another user. However, making personal attacks, derogatory or snide comments, etc., regarding another user's opinion, is not, and never will be, appropriate on these forums. At this time, no one has received a warning regarding the activity, but that will change if additional attacks or comments are made about anyone else on this, or any other, thread on the forums. Play nice, please
  11. Introduction These guidelines cover Resident participation on our Second Life community pages, which include the Second Life Blogs, Forums, Answers, Bug Tracker, User Groups, and the Knowledge Base. They are intended to help all Residents have a constructive and enjoyable conversation. The Second Life Blogs, Forums, Bug Tracker, User Groups, Answers, and the Knowledge Base are places for you, the Residents of Second Life, to discuss ideas, experiences, and questions, and to share what you’ve learned about Second Life with each other and with us. We want to foster an honest and open exchange of ideas on our community pages; to do that, we want to encourage all participants to maintain an atmosphere of courtesy and respect for others at all times. Creating a constructive place for conversation will help us build a strong, better informed community in Second Life, and make both our communication channels and our world a more supportive and engaging place for all. In addition to adhering to the Second Life Terms of Service, Residents must also refrain from the activities listed below. These Activities are Not Permitted on the Second Life Community Sites: Vulgarity, Profanity, and Sexually Explicit Content: No name calling, expletives, or any language that is offensive, pornographic, or sexually explicit. Profanity, hate speech, or threats of violence are not permissible. Harassment: Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Harassment can include text or images that contain racist, threatening, abusive or hateful material. Personal Information: Sharing someone else’s personal information—of any kind—is not allowed. Disclosing another Resident’s real-world identity, contact information, or the text of interpersonal communications (chat, email, IM) is not allowed. Nudity or Adult Content: Keep the content of your postings “General” as provided in the Maturity Guidelines. Postings that do not comply with the “General” rating may be removed. Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. No advertising or promotion of specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services, unless the forum area is specifically for the buying or selling of Second Life products or services, for example, a “for sale” or “wanted” forum. Do not reference other websites offering any product or service. Note: It is OK to have a signature line with a link to your Second Life profile or information about your Second Life business. Interpersonal Disputes or Personal Negative Commentary: If you have a personal disagreement, do not post about it on the Second Life community pages. Residents who have personal differences have other channels of communication available to them — private messaging in the forums, IM within Second Life, or chatting within Second Life. No Flaming: "Flames" are hostile or disruptive posts, or messages intended to incite an angry response. Spirited discussion and constructive disagreement are welcome, but name-calling and airing of grievances are not appropriate in our discussion areas. We will also not tolerate any post that encourages others to violate any policy of Linden Lab Off Topic Content: Please keep your commentary relevant to the discussion and within the format that the forum, board or question and answer area require. (For example, in the Answers section, please follow the Q&A format of the discussion.) Content that is blatantly off topic is not permitted. You may also not post regarding subjects that do not relate to Second Life except in the General forum discussion board. Abuse of Moderation or Moderators: Please honor our moderation process and the decisions that come out of it; they are being made in order to provide you with a productive environment for conversations about Second Life. We prohibit abuse of our moderation process, including the following: Posts that discuss or re-post material that has been removed or locked by a moderator Posts questioning a moderator’s decision Posts that discuss the status of any Resident account (e.g., on hold, suspended, etc.) Frivolous or malicious use of the abuse report feature Report inappropriate content for moderator review Moderating a discussion site is a daunting task; our forums alone see in excess of 10,000 posts per week. You can help by reporting abuse when you spot it. If you see a post you feel violates the Community Participation Guidelines, or our Terms of Service, then please click the Report Inappropriate Content link that appears in each post, and let us know why you feel the post is inappropriate. We moderate at our discretion We evaluate posts on a case-by-case basis and take into account the severity of the conduct and any history of past violations. Although we will make reasonable efforts to take into consideration the context and general sentiment of the blog or forum discussions, the actions taken (or not taken) by Linden Lab and our moderators are at our sole discretion, and we may act without warning or explanation. We provide the discussion areas of our sites as a service to Residents, and we will take the actions we deem appropriate to keep our sites a productive and enjoyable environment for all Residents. *Please Note - these participation guidelines can be located here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines
  12. ANIMALS Animal & Pet Supplies Animal Feed & Water Supplies Cat Furniture & Condos Dog Houses & Beds Horse Saddles & Bridles Pet Toys Small Animal Habitats Tack Room Products Birds Cats and Dogs Horses Insects Linden Bears Marine Animals Other Animals Scripted Pets ANIMATIONS Animation Bundles Animation Override Female Animation Override Male Animation Override Unisex Animation Override Combat Animations Couples Animations Dancing Animations Emotive Animations Erotic Animations Gestures ASCII Gestures Misc. 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  13. Greetings! There is a dedicated category for tails. Avatar Components » Cosmetic Enhancements » Ears & Tails You can try limiting your search to that category on the Marketplace to see if you get better results. Cheers~
  14. Greetings all! We are sorry to hear that users have been exposed to comments or private messages from other users that may contain inappropriate language, offers, or other communications. As stated, some replies that contain a witty response can remedy the immediate issue with a particular user. If you chose not to respond to the user and would prefer to ensure that you never receive another communication from the same user again during your Second Life endeavors, you may mute/block the individual and they will be unable to send you any future private messages and you will not be exposed to any communications that they may post in the open channels on a region or parcel.
  15. Greetings GothicMarina666! You may have as many Marketplace stores as you wish, within reason, of course. Each store must use its own alternate account, and no store may sell the exact same items as one of your alternate accounts/stores. Cheers~