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  1. Greetings Alekso Minotaur! Please ensure that you are attending the Web User Group in world meetings to ask about issues that you believe should be addressed by the Marketplace Team. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups
  2. Greetings all! While I am not privy to the inside stuff that the Marketplace team is working on, I can say from personal knowledge after working on and with the Marketplace for the past 10 + years that multiple stores per account would not, in any way, be something "easy" to do, if it is even possible with the code that the Marketplace is built on. Currently, all information is done by account. So all sales information, reports, etc. If multiple stores were done under each account ALL of that information would need to be coded to be split up so that it is recorded by User & Store name instead of just by user. While using alts isn't convenient, pending any actual change to the Marketplace system to allow users to have multiple store fronts, it is easier to use alts for tracking and recording purposes since each "store" will record their own information separately. Merchants /can/ set up their own Marketplace to work within the way the system works currently, but it is far easier to do from the start than to try to change things around once a user has a lot of items listed for sale already as once a seller has a lot of product listings, it is easier to just use an alt and set up their own store with the different products. This is done by creating a "brand" for each type of offering and then ensuring that every item and listing uses that brand. For example, if a user sells both clothing and furniture, then they should have 2 different "brand" names for each section. For example, the clothing section could be named something like "ZBestApparel" and the furniture could be named "AwesomeInteriors". Every product and product listing would then need to be named either AwesomeInteriors - Product Name or ZBestApparel - Product Name. Reports can then be downloaded, saved, and then imported into a spreadsheet that can be sorted in the spreadsheet using the brand names where the seller will be able to tease out information regarding each brand that would't be natively available just by viewing the information on the Marketplace. (which is why it is easier to just use an alt after a store is established and has lots of listings) Using brand names that have extremely distinct names, like ones that start with A and Z, (or any other "brands" that use names with letters that are at least 3 or 4 apart in the alphabet) means that buyers can sort the sellers store by name A - Z or Z - A and see only those items that are part of the specific brand. Buyers can also search the sellers Marketplace Store for only listings with the brand name itself to see all items under that brand, assuming the seller doesn't put both brand names in the keywords on every listing (which would be keyword spam, by the way). Users who sell Gacha items can do the same type of thing to separate out their Gacha listings by putting the word Gacha at the start of every listing for those items. So a listing for a Gacha item would be "Gacha - Product Name". When they download their reports, they can then use the spreadsheet options to filter sales reports to show total sales for those items in a different field on the report from their other items.
  3. Greetings all! When a recent set of categories was added to the Marketplace the decision at that time was that the Category would be called Anthropomorphic. This has been changed. The new Category name is Furry. Skins, shapes, mods, clothing, etc. for Furry avatars should be placed into one of the (now) Furry sub-categories, other items like Necklaces, Earrings, tail toys, etc., should continue to be placed into the appropriate Avatar Accessories - Furry Accessories category. Cheers!
  4. Hi! Actually, it will. If you have a tip or trick when searching on the Marketplace, please add it as a comment to that Search thread. One thing to try to remember when searching on the Marketplace is to not try to use generic terms. If someone searches for an item and the search returns too many listings, then remove one of the terms. In the case of the Forest Bridge Photo, seeing that there are hundreds of items with photo showing up, then remove photo and try the search again. Which in this case, resulted in the item showing up on the search returns, as the 6th item. Another thing to remember is categories. If someone is looking for an actual photo then the best way to eliminate the vast majority of any chance of false positives is to go directly to the Photos category and search there instead of searching the entire Marketplace. Or search the entire Marketplace and then dive down into the categories to progressively eliminate all of those other items in categories that have nothing to do with photos.
  5. Greetings all! Just some clarification for everyone. Multiple open AR's all get merged into one, and are handled in the order they are received, oldest to newest. Mass AR'ing wont have any impact on how quickly the Governance Team addresses the reports and will have absolutely zero impact on any actions that are taken against the avatar that has had an Abuse Report filed against them. Abuse Reports, like Marketplace Reports, are not a "popularity" contest with Linden Lab deciding what actions happen based on the number of "votes" (Abuse Reports filed). If you wish to post screenshots to try to find out if something on a LH violates the covenant or other policies, then please continue to do so. However, if this thread is going to be used strictly to call out others as a way to name and shame without using the parcel owners actual name, then this thread will be closed or removed, so we strongly encourage everyone not to do that.
  6. Greetings all! Since this isn't really a question about avatars, and instead is looking for recommendations regarding.. content.. avatar accessories... male enhancement items?, I have moved the thread to the Adult Content - General Discussions sections. Even though it could go into wanted, and normally would, since this is more about adult content items, it has been moved to that section.
  7. "Let's use "Original Photo: The Forest With Bridge In Frame" as an example.How would I find this?" Hi! Try using just Forest Bridge, without the word photo. When I did this, the item is the 6th item on the page when sorted by Newest items first. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Original-PhotoThe-Forest-with-a-bridge-In-Frame/18360950
  8. Greetings! This is usually caused by a corrupt browser cookie that is stored on your system. Changing the email address probably caused the cookie to get cleared and reset. If this happens again in the future you can check the Grid Status Report page to see if maintenance is happening (any work on the billing system will affect the Marketplace) and if nothing is showing on the Grid Status, then clearing cookies and browser cache should fix the issue. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ If you do have this issue again, and clearing cache & cookies doesn't work, please submit a support ticket so that we can investigate the issue as quickly as possible.
  9. Greetings! If you see an item that has incorrect permissions listed like that, then please take the time to flag the listing and choose Not as Advertised - Incorrect Permissions so that the Governance Team can address the issue with the seller.
  10. Hi All! Per anonymous request. The Marketplace Listing Guidelines specifically disallow listings on the Marketplace for real world goods. Any content listed on the Marketplace should be for content/services for use within Second Life. This means that there are /some/ real worlds goods that are listed, but those are strictly limited to services like Music Streams that are used by DJ's and land owners but something like licenses for software, even though the software can be used for creating SL content, is disallowed.
  11. Hi! Honestly, I do not know. I do know that some users who attend usually will post a summary of the meeting in the respective forums. I have seen some users post information in the General section after meetings with a basic summary of what was discussed, specifically back when last names were being talked out. Perhaps a suggestion for the Teams? Maybe attend and ask if they are willing to post minutes or a summary somewhere?
  12. Greetings! All of your concerns and questions should be directed to the Web User Group who maintains and controls the Marketplace http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups As one of the forum moderators, I try to help or answer basic questions, with a larger slant towards the Marketplace since I started with the Marketplace back in 2008 when it was still a 3rd party property. Specific concerns or questions always need to be directed to the team that handles those properties, like the Marketplace.
  13. Hi All! Just for clarification, Governance doesn't work on land issues. That is primarily handled by the Land Team. Governance just handles, well, governance issues. The team tries to ensure that everyone is following the Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and most related policies (they do not handle legal issues, etc), and they investigate reported violations, through Abuse Reports and flagged Marketplace Listings. You can attend the various in world User Groups that are hosted by the different teams if you would like to ask questions or get insight in what each team does, and does not, handle. It really is worth going to these meetings, if you can. Sometimes the different teams drop information about what might be upcoming for their teams and you can get a jump on information regarding future releases long before the information is posted to the blogs, etc. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups
  14. Greetings! This isn't specifically forbidden by the Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, nor the Marketplace Listing Guidelines. The listing says that the buyer WILL get one of the items and as long as they do, then the listing is essentially for a "random" item, and there are other listings on the Marketplace for random items as well.
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