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  1. Greetings All! Nude art should be okay on Moderate regions, including Linden Home Regions that are Moderate.
  2. Greetings! As noted in another reply, the correct option would be: Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices - Harmful or disruptive content
  3. Since this thread has gone Off Topic, it has been closed.
  4. Greetings! Off Topic posts have been removed. If you wish to discuss regions and region pricing, you are welcome to do so in the Land - General Discussion section. If you wish to discuss climate change, please create a new thread on Climate Change in the People - General Discussion forum.
  5. Greetings! Please remain civil. This thread has been moved to the Your Avatar section of the forums since it is about Avatars. We have also removed a few posts that were clearly Off Topic and/or did not contribute to the conversation.
  6. Hello m0ld! Absolutely! Advise the person who did get the message to file an Abuse Report and to include a snippet of the chat that they had with the user they are reporting, in their own Abuse Report, and then you can also file an Abuse Report with any additional information that you believe may assist the Governance Team, including any additional Avatar/account names that you think might be linked to the account that is being reported. This way you are not disclosing information to other users about accounts that may or may not actually be related, but you are still able to pass that information to the Governance Team in your own Abuse Report. Something as simple as: "This user (reported account) was being abusive towards XXX (user who got the message). I believe this user (reported account) may be related to XXX, YYY, ZZZ accounts." can assist the team with their investigation. Thank you!
  7. Greetings! It is not necessary to include the TOS reference in any Abuse Report. It wastes space in the report leaving less room for the reporter to provide information about the actual violation that is happening. The Abuse Report information should include a copy of the violating text and a screenshot showing the violation, if possible, with the avatar name visible in the screenshot. If you believe that the avatar is related to another avatar that has engaged in the same activity, you may include one or 2 of the other avatar names, if you remember them, as that information can help the Governance Team member determine if the accounts are related to each other.
  8. Greetings! When you first create a Marketplace Store, you have to open the Marketplace Listings UI window in the viewer located in the SL Viewer Menu itself under Me - Marketplace Listings. After opening the UI Window, open your SL Inventory window and click on the folder you want to send to the Marketplace then drag it from the SL Inventory window to the Marketplace Listings UI window. This will finalize the link between your account and the Marketplace. After the first item is "drag and dropped" into the Marketplace Listings UI window you will then be able to right click on items in your SL Inventory Window and the options to copy or send to the Marketplace will be available.
  9. Greetings all! Just a friendly reminder that threads that go too far Off Topic will end up getting closed. Since this thread is currently at 870+ pages, I would really hate to see that happen, so please restrict off topic comments to private messages, or another thread, if you believe it is a topic worth discussing.
  10. Hi beeskness88! Welcome to Second Life. Second Life isn't a game with a start and end, and goals to meet or achievements to obtain, like there in games like World of Warcraft, or Mario Kart, or Diablo, etc. Second Life is a Virtual World where your avatar is a representation of you, yourself. This can be you today, or last week, or next decade or it can also be that little part inside of you that has always wanted to be a cat, or dog, or unicorn, or even a 3000 year old dragon that breathes fire. You can hang out in clubs, dancing and chatting while a DJ spins tunes and hosts a dance contest, or sit on a towel on beach with a cool drink and a massive floppy hat. There are various Communities that you can join that are dedicated to Police Officers, Firefighters, Motorcycles, Car Racing, Boating & Sailing, or just a local Neighborhood where you can attend a BBQ and chat with others along with almost any other group of like minded people that can be found in and around your local state or country. If you like the idea of creating things yourself, you can learn to make avatars, clothing, buildings, cars, and even animals and pets. If I could go back in time and give myself 1 piece of advice on the day I downloaded and logged into Second Life the first time, it would be this, don't be afraid to explore everything. I logged into Second Life, looked around, and felt lost. I didn't log back in for about 3 months, but since then, I haven't left, and that was more than 10 years ago. If you are unsure where to start, check out the Upcoming Events and Activities forum where you can find things that are going on in world. Even if it might not be something that you are 100% interested in, I would recommend attending at least a few of them. You will be able to see what different places look like and meet other users who are there. If you have specific interests, you can post them in this thread and others will be able to offer suggestions and locations that you can visit.
  11. Greetings! If you believe that activity or actions by any Second Life user is in violation of the Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions, including the Community Standards, please file an Abuse Report by clicking on Help - Report Abuse and the Governance Team will investigate your report as quickly as possible.
  12. Greetings All! Since this thread has gone off topic, and before it degrades any further, it has been locked.
  13. Greetings all! Since this thread has gone Off Topic, it has now been locked.
  14. Hi Summer! I am very sorry to hear that you have received devastating news in your life. I wish you the very best, whatever path your life takes from this point forward. If you choose, you may give or donate any L$ on your account to any person, or any charity, of your choosing. If you have a Paypal or Skrill account, you could sell the L$ on the LindeX for US Dollars and then choose to make a Process Credit Request to have the US Dollars sent to your Paypal or Skrill account. Alternately, you may also choose to close/cancel the account and just leave the funds on the the account. If you do decide to return to Second Life in the future, you may ask to have the account reactivated and the L$ will still be there for you if you return to Second Life.
  15. Hi! Best Selling is Best Selling, regardless of how long the item has been around. What you are really asking for is a way to have different options for looking at your Best Selling items by time range. 30, 60, 90 days and then 6 months, 12 months, and forever, etc. Since this option doesn't exist, it would need to be formally requested from the Engineers and Developers.
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