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  1. LGBTQ Marketing & Advertising

    Greetings! Why is Linden Lab/Second Life Celebrating Pride? Because it is Pride!! Party Time!!! SLB15 is happening at the same time, so you are primarily seeing all of the Happy Birthday celebrations for Second Life. Since Pride is happening at the same time, some of the that celebration of Pride is crossing over. Second Life doesn't just celebrate Pride. Second Life has events for most major holidays, including St. Patrick's Day which is primarily an Irish Holiday, and Easter, which is a religious holiday, along with Seasonal Events, like Summer, Winter, Winterfest/Christmas/Kwanza, etc. I would like to touch on one one issue that was raised in the OP. That of the lack of celebrations for racial pride. LGBT Pride is a visibility issue. While assumptions can be made based on stereotypes, unless and until someone comes out or is public about their sexuality, members of that community are hidden. We are black, white, red, furries, dragons, vampires, tinies, etc. We ARE literally, everywhere. But that means we are also hidden, ignored, and I dare say, many time, bashed, for who we are. Linden Lab is a very diverse company. Employees are from all walks of life, and all races, and cultures. Off of the top of my head I can say for a fact that we have White, Black, Asian, and Native American employees. Those same employees are also across the entire sexuality spectrum; straight, gay, bi, poly, and trans, etc. Linden Lab is based in San Francisco, California, so Pride is not only a local celebration in the city itself, it is a US wide celebration, and even a World Wide Celebration. Keep in mind, though, there isn't a White Pride celebration that is world wide with specific dates. Same with Black Pride. Although there is a Black History Month celebrated in the USA. I am personally not aware of a Native American Pride Celebration, but there might be! If you are aware of a celebration event that you would like Linden Lab to have, that has specific dates, and is World Wide, I would encourage anyone to send off mail to the Linden Lab corporate office (address is in the ToS), and ask that they consider adding that Celebration. I would include the Type, like Black History, and the dates of the Real World Celebration, along with your personal feelings on why you would like to see it celebrated by the company (Second Life), especially if you are asking for your own personal reasons. So if you are black, and asking for a Celebration for Black History Month, etc., I think, personally, it would have a greater impact with the company. There is no guarantee that the company will add your request/suggestion to the list of ones that are done in Second Life. But the old adage applies, if no one says anything, the company has no way of knowing.
  2. LL, MP, and Credibility

    Greetings! Reviews are removed if they violate the SL Terms of Use or the Linden Lab Terms of Service. This information is again outlined in my post here on the Merchants Forum that was posted earlier, and I will post here again for your convenience: I would direct any user who has had a review removed to the section of the above post with the header, "Writing an Effective Review", and the section immediately below that regarding why reviews are removed. ChocolateEclair, based on the statement in your post on the first page where you stated "in turn lead to me putting up a worse review largely centering around that interaction", the most likely reason why your review was removed would have been because it was a personal attack against the seller, and those are never appropriate in any public area of Second Life, including here in the forums, and on Product Listings on the Second Life Marketplace. This is stated in the link above and in the section that covers why Product Listing Reviews are removed. While we appreciate your desire to protect buyers, including yourself, when it comes to making purchases, especially through the Second Life Marketplace, disputes with any user, regarding any issue, MUST be resolved between the buyer and the seller directly. It is not Linden Lab's place to attempt to mediate Resident to Resident issues, and as such, we do not permit either party to post attacks directed at others in any public location on any Second Life property, as stated above. I am truly sorry that you believe that your review being removed means that Linden Lab is biased towards sellers. I am sure you could easily find any number of sellers who believe exactly the opposite when it comes to having negative reviews removed from their own Marketplace Product Listings. I am locking this thread at this point, so that it does not further devolve into an argument.
  3. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    Hi! If you click on a Get Demo or Get Item link on a listing and you are redirected to the Second Life Marketplace homepage, it means that the item that is linked is not available, unfortunately.
  4. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    Greetings! Merchants can bulk update their product listings, including the SLurl through the Manage Listings page. Log into the Marketplace (the obvious part) Click on the My Marketplace Link at the top of the page Click on Merchant Home on the drop down options Click on Manage Listings in the menu on the left Change the options to view 100 items per page Click the Check Box next to the Date header on the left of the list of items Scroll to the bottom of the page and change Modify selected items field to Edit Click the Go button You will be shown an empty Edit Listing page Scroll to the SLUrl field and ONLY enter the new SLurl DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THE OTHER FIELDS Scroll to the bottom of the page Click the Update button When the page reloads, you will be returned to your Manage Listing Page and every listing that was selected should now be updated with the new SLUrl. Rinse & Repeat for each page of listings. Unfortunately, there isn't a faster way to update the SLUrl's on Product Listings themselves, as the maximum view is 100 listings. So any merchant that has more than 100 items will need to scroll through each page and edit up to 100 items at a time, but it is faster than updating one listing at a time.
  5. Most discriminated against group of avatars

    Sorry Folks. This thread has devolved beyond the original post so it has not been closed.
  6. All the Governors Horses and all the Lindens

    Greetings All! For confirmation: I am the Marketplace Guru on the user facing side. This means that I know almost everything there is to know about using the Marketplace, including the Marketplace Listing Guidelines Policy, but have have to defer to the Devs when there are problems or issues that are deeper than what Customer Support can resolve. (ie. bugs) I am on our escalated Customer Support Team. This means that if a user requires assistance that needs additional attention, like Tier Reviews, you may see my name on one of the replies. I am also one of the Forum Moderators and I try to help out on the forums, when I can, by pointing users to available information or channels for reporting issues, and sometimes jumping in to the various conversations when needed. (like now )
  7. Racism in player profiles

    Greetings all! 1. Profanity is NOT appropriate on the forums. Trying to get around that policy by masking the words with *** or any other similar alterations doesn't change the fact that you ARE posting a profanity. I have edited the posts that contained the profanity in order to preserve the conversation. If you do it again, I will have no choice but to start handing out warnings or suspensions. 2. Being the "Thought Police" is a very tenuous position to hold. Racism exists, in many forms, across many cultures and countries, of that there is no question. But trying to lump who or what someone is under the racism (or any other ism) umbrella just because of who/what they are can be an equally distasteful generalization as well. If a man only dates women, does this make him homophobic? If a white woman only dates black men, does this make her racist? If a black man only dates black women, does this make him racist? If a white man only dates white women, does this make him racist? If you take pride in who you are, does that make you racist? I would venture to say that any group that is in some way exclusive is seen as a threat and a bad thing, regardless of why it is exclusive in the first place. Perhaps it would be wise to ask yourself WHY you might feel threatened by others, especially if those others have not actually done anything, other than exist? There is a HUGE difference between saying you are proud that you are white and going around calling others nasty names just because they are not. There is a HUGE difference between saying "this is my personal preference" and going around verbally attacking others because their preference is different. There is a HUGE difference between saying "this is my personal fetish" and going around attacking or harassing others who have a different kink. With regards to the issue raised in the OP. There is a HUGE difference between saying "this is who I am and I am using song lyrics to reflect that" and "this is who I am, and I am going to attack you because you are not the same". Unless and until any person uses who and what they are as a reason to attack or harass anyone who isn't the same, leave them alone and let them be. You cannot control someone's actions, but you can control your own reaction.
  8. Photographer for hire * Re Building client list *

    Greetings! If another person is using your images in violation of your copyright, please ensure that you submit a DMCA Violation Notification with Linden Lab. https://www.lindenlab.com/tos#tos7 https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy
  9. The Latest on Last Names

    Greetings again! Please do not argue. There are some REALLY good points raised after my initial post. 1. Phil, you are very correct. This needs clarification from Linden Lab. When a user creates an account, is it ONLY the last name they can pick, or does the feature allow them to pick a new first name as well? I do not, and have not, heard anything about that. I would recommend people attend the meetings where Last Names are discussed and ask 2. Please remember that Linden Lab is not Blizzard, Club Penguin, IMVU, or any other system out there. How they do things has absolutely no bearing on how Linden Lab does things. The entire system set up is different. I have played games where even after paying for an account, I had to pay extra for a character name change (WoW) ($10us), and I have played games where if I want a new/different name, I have had to kill/delete my character and start all over again (Ark Survival Evolved). Linden Lab is very unique in that each avatar is its own account. In order to change a name, the entire account name must be changed, not just a character name like in WoW. Once you create an account name in WoW, it cannot be changed. In this respect, LL is currently more like Gmail, where if you want a different email address, you have to create a brand new account. 3. Your Second Life account name is directly tied to everything in Second Life. Changes to the name mean that there is a LOT of work that has to be done behind the scenes, including main database updates, Marketplace database updates, etc. It may seem an "easy" process for users, but it is not. There are a lot of different people involved in getting everything updated.
  10. The Latest on Last Names

    Greetings all! It is wise not to speculate about what "might" happen at some time in the future regarding anything related to Second Life, or life in general for that matter. 1. ALL new accounts will be created with the Resident last name. Whether your personal choice in viewers allows that name to be hidden or not, ALL new accounts will have the last name of Resident. 2. IF a user chooses to become a Premium Member, they will have an option to purchase a different last name. The available last names will be from a Pre-Approved, rotating, list. If you do not want to purchase the option for a different last name, then don't. No one is being FORCED to choose a last name other than Resident. 3. Will having the option to choose a last name change the gobbledy-gook first names? No. Why? Because some people will still choose to have weird or goofy first names that have no meaning at all, regardless of whether or not last names are available. 4. Will using your preferred, chosen, first name be easier when last names are available? YES! Why? Because you pick your own first name, then have an option from a pre-approved list of last names, to pick from. This means you will ALWAYS be able to have your preferred, chosen, first name, even if someone else is also using that name. Provided you are a Premium Account member AND you have paid for the option to have a different last name.
  11. Casino gaming expose' still very alive on SL

    Greetings all! If you see content in Second Life that violates the Terms of Service or Terms of Use, please submit an Abuse Report so that the content can be investigated. Attacking or name calling is NOT appropriate, at all, on the SL Community Forums. DO NOT DO IT! http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines Many reply posts have been hidden as a result.
  12. Live Chat Access

    Greetings All! I have locked this thread to prevent misunderstanding. If you need assistance, please submit a Support Ticket: https://support.secondlife.com
  13. Racism in player profiles

    Greetings all! Anytime someone feels that content in Second Life, including profiles, text, items, Marketplace Listings, etc., violates the Terms of Service or Terms of Use, please feel free to file an Abuse Report. Even if you are not 100%, file it anyway. I removed the link to the video of the song/band. The lyrics in the video DO contain offensive content by referring to others with derogatory terms. As to the actual lyrics posted in the user profile, they would most likely not be removed. The lyrics are first person (referring to the person who posted them), using language, that while distasteful to some/many, is not done in derogatory terms. With regards to deleting content that you purchased from someone who holds beliefs counter to yours, it is entirely a personal choice. If the item is transfer enabled, you could try asking for a refund without bringing up the sellers personal beliefs (no need to inflame the issue, or argue opinions), just saying that you bought the item and it does not fit with your theme, style, whatever. This way you could try to get your L$ back from them so that you do not let them profit. If the item is No Transfer, your only option is to delete the item if you do not wish to keep it.
  14. MP Categories are Strange, Annoying and Just Missing

    Hi Drake! Please make sure that there are Jira Tickets for the requests. While the Marketplace Team does monitor these forums, comments or posts on the forums are not considered a request. Formal/Official requests should be made through the Jira Issue Tracker
  15. MP Categories are Strange, Annoying and Just Missing

    Greetings! Gatcha items are Used Items, in that they were not created by the Seller and the seller is Reselling the No Copy item. However, placing Gatcha items into the Used Items category is not mandatory. Gatcha items may be placed into the most appropriate category for the item itself. If the Gatcha item is a skirt, then the Women's Skirts sub-category or the Used Items category may be used for the item. The item should not be placed into another category or sub-category however, as the item will be subject to being unlisted for being in a wrong category as outlined in the Marketplace Listing Guidelines.