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  1. Hi Summer! I am very sorry to hear that you have received devastating news in your life. I wish you the very best, whatever path your life takes from this point forward. If you choose, you may give or donate any L$ on your account to any person, or any charity, of your choosing. If you have a Paypal or Skrill account, you could sell the L$ on the LindeX for US Dollars and then choose to make a Process Credit Request to have the US Dollars sent to your Paypal or Skrill account. Alternately, you may also choose to close/cancel the account and just leave the funds on the the account. If you do decide to return to Second Life in the future, you may ask to have the account reactivated and the L$ will still be there for you if you return to Second Life.
  2. Hi! Best Selling is Best Selling, regardless of how long the item has been around. What you are really asking for is a way to have different options for looking at your Best Selling items by time range. 30, 60, 90 days and then 6 months, 12 months, and forever, etc. Since this option doesn't exist, it would need to be formally requested from the Engineers and Developers.
  3. Hi RohanaRaven Zerbino There is actually a really simple answer to the issue with the keyword Bench. The Non English pages for your item have 'bench' in the keywords. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RNP-Funny-Sleep-7FemaleFull-Perm-Animation/6522793 If you edit the listing for this item and then click on the German Language tab, you can see the Item information including the keywords on the listing. If you are creating product listings from a Quick Fill template, each language option has to be update, not just the default/English language option. If each language is not updated, then the information on the Product Listing will continue to be from the item in the Quick Fill template that was used to create the new listing.
  4. Greetings all! While I cannot offer any comments regarding the specific issues or items raised in this thread, I would like to point everyone to the Marketplace Listing Guidelines, specifically the Branded Content section, located here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines
  5. Greetings all! Unfortunately, I am unable to assist with questions regarding land or prim allowances. Those would be questions for the Land Team that can be submitted as a Support Ticket. Cheers~
  6. Greetings! Merchants can search for the Order ID Number or the Buyers name (not receiver) Click on My Marketplace Click on Merchant Home Click on Transaction History Enter the buyer's name in the Customer field. If the buyer's last name is "Resident", omit the last name. - If a user named 'James Resident' is asking for a redeliver of the item, enter 'James" into the Customer field. If the user has purchased from you, all of their orders will be shown in the search return.
  7. Greetings all! My comments on this post should not in any way be taken as applying to THIS specific purchase, and is only for general information. 1. If an item was purchased and the buyer believes the seller may have removed and relisted the item, they can check easily enough. Open the Order Summary on the Marketplace and try to go to the Product Listing linked in the order. If the buyer can go to the Product Listing linked in their own order, then the item wasn't removed and relisted. The original listing that the buyer purchased the item from is still there. 2. Reviews can be removed if the issue the buyer is raising in the review is already covered in the Product Listing Description. Example 1. If a buyer leaves a review saying that an item is No Modify, but the Product Listing Permissions and/or the description, images, etc. all show that the item is No Modify, then the review will be removed. The buyer purchased an item advertised as No Modify and then wrote a review upset because the item is No Modify. This can also happen with clothing Example 2: If clothing is listed for Classic Avatars and a buyer purchases the item and writes a review stating that the item does not fit their Mesh avatar, then the review will most likely be removed. The item in the listing is noted as being for Classic avatars, not Mesh avatars. This can also happen when purchasing Mesh items. If the items is designed for a specific body, even if items that fit that specific body MAY fit other Mesh bodies, if the buyer leaves a review stating that the item did not fit the XXX Body when the listing says it is for the YYY Body, the review will most likely be removed. 3. For confirmation, yes. 1 review is all it takes. Each report is reviewed on its own. Having multiple people report an item, or a review, will only annoy the Linden who is working on the reports because it clutters up and bloats the reports. If an item is reported for keyword spam, having 10 other people also report the same listing for keyword spam isn't going to have any impact on whether or not the listing does or does not have keyword spam. The MKT Flagging Tool isn't a popularity contest where the listing or review that gets the most reports will convince the Lindens to do something.
  8. Greetings! As with all feature requests, please submit a Jira request ticket with information regarding your suggestion. The Engineers and Developers will then use the Jira Ticket to add the request to their lists of projects.
  9. Greetings all! If the image shows "bits", then the listing has to be set to Adult. If the image censors the "bits" then the listing can be set to General. This information is in the Marketplace Listing Guidelines, located here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#adult-guidelines Bits = female nipples, including aerola, and both male and female genitals.
  10. Greetings all! We understand that discussing the announced changes can get heated, please just remember that negative comments directed at, or about, others is not appropriate. We have removed a few posts in this thread and would ask that everyone try to remain civil. Thank you!
  11. Hi Vega Firelyte! I am glad I understood, and you are very welcome!
  12. Hi all! I think I understand what Vega Firelyte is asking. And no, currently there is no way to have separate "departments" or "brands" under the same store in a way that would separate them from each other. When an item is listed, it is just listed under the User/Store itself. So when you review reports, like traffic reports, all of the items are grouped together. There isn't a way to tell the system that you only want to see report numbers for BrandA or Department B, for instance. It can be done, but not natively within the Marketplace itself. Each Product Listing that is created would need to be given its own Brand Name. So the listings would look like BrandA - Name1., BrandA - Name2, BrandA - Name 3, and BrandB - Name1, BrandB - Name2, BrandB - Name3, etc. The reports information would need to be exported to an external Spreadsheet and then sorted/Filtered by Brand names using the tools in the spreadsheet program. The external spread sheet can then be used to compare how each item in BrandA is doing compared to other items also under BrandA, same with BrandB, etc. for each "brand" that the seller has set up, or to see how items in BrandA are doing compared to items in BrandB. Anyone can see only specifically branded items in the store using the current MKT Search Tools, though, by going to the sellers store and doing a search that only shows the items in the specific Brand itself. If someone only wanted to see items in BrandA, they would go to the sellers store, then enter BrandA into the keyword search field and choose the option to only search that specific store. All items in that sellers store with BrandA in them would show in the search return, and any items without BrandA in them would not be visible. The visitor could then sort the returns to show the newest items, or lowest priced items, etc. for only those items that showed up when they searched for the specific BrandA name. Hope this helps!
  13. HI Mikey Shu! If it keeps happening, try clearing your browsers Cookie files for SL. I know that phrase has become some kind of fall back excuse for issues, but the MKT sets the cookie with your settings for the MKT, and that could be why it flips back to another language. You shouldn't need to delete ALL cookies, just the ones for Second Life or the Marketplace. The Chrome browser has an awesome feature where you can Inspect the web page and directly delete any cookies that are set for that web site/page directly without mucking about with other site cookies, etc. Not sure if other browsers offer the same, or similar, options, but might be worth checking.
  14. Greetings all! If you click a link to a Marketplace listing that is in one of the alternate languages, it can flip your setting to the language from the link. Clicking on the World Map at the top let of the Marketplace web page will allow you to change your setting back to your preferred language.
  15. Greetings! All Off Topic posts have been removed. If you wish to discuss land pricing in Second Life, please create a separate thread in the General Land Forum section.
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