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  1. Hi! It isn't permitted. If a seller chooses Copy, Modify, Transfer and the item received is No Transfer, then the Permissions are wrong and the listing should be reported using the Flag tool. For example, if you purchase a shirt (single item) and the seller put Copy, Modify, Transfer as the Permissions and the shirt is received in world and it is Copy, Modify, No Transfer, then the listed permissions are wrong and the listing should be reported by clicking on the Flag this item link. But not every product is a single item. If a seller is listing an outfit (pants and a shirt) and the pants are Copy, Modify, No Transfer and the shirt is Copy, No Modify, No Transfer, the seller has limited options on what Permissions they should list. If they tag the listing as No Modify, then that is wrong, since the pants ARE modify. If they tag the listing as Modify, then they are also wrong, since the shirt is No Modify. At that point, the seller should tag "See Description" and then list the Item Permissions for each piece of clothing. Some products have multiple items, all with varying combinations of permissions on them. As long as the seller lists those permissions in the item Description for each part, then there is no violation of the Marketplace Listing Guidelines since they do list the permissions correctly.
  2. If an item is described as Full Permission and the buyer does not receive a Full Permission item in world, then the listing is in violation of the Marketplace Listing Guidelines. If an item is tagged as Copy, Modify, Transfer AND See Description, that does not necessarily mean the item is "Full Permission". Example: If I sell a product that has 3 parts with varying permissions: Item A - Copy, No Modify, No Transfer Item B- No Copy, Modify, No Transfer Item C - No Copy, No Modify, Transfer ANY combination of permissions I pick for the product will be wrong unless I use Copy, Modify, Transfer and See Description. If I choose No Copy, then that is wrong since part of the product IS copy. If I choose No Modify, then that will also be wrong because part of the product IS modify. If I choose No Transfer then that is also wrong, since part of the product is also Transfer. But choosing Copy, Modify, Transfer AND See Description does not, in any way, mean that the item is "Full Permission". This is specifically why there is the option "See Description" available. When a seller chooses the See Description option, they now have the responsibility to list the various permissions on their content that is included in the product. The buyer now also has the responsibility to review that information to determine if they want to purchase a product that has items/content with those permissions.
  3. Hi! The best way is to attend the Web User Group.
  4. hi LittleMe Jewell, There is nothing in the Listing Guidelines that specifically disallows offering different permissions to different users. If seller does make it clear in their listing that unless the buyer has a store either in world or on the Marketplace, that they will receive a limited permission version of the item, then they are technically not in violation of the Listing Guidelines, since the item permissions are noted on the listing. As to whether items should be allowed to be sold like that, those types of questions are best directed to the Marketplace Team since those would be deeper compliance/legal questions that I nor anyone on the Governance team would be able to answer.
  5. Hi! An item listing that has permissions listed as Copy, Modify, Transfer may not be "Full Permission" just because those options are noted. The items in the package could have a combination of the permissions on different items. So one item could be Copy, Modify, No Transfer and another item could be No Copy, No Modify, Transfer having mixed permissions. The seller most definitely should state in the Item Description the permissions on the various parts and note that buyers should see the Item Description for more information. If a listing was removed and new listing created for the same item, then please report the listing using Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices - Item disabled & relisted. Users who have listings reported & unlisted for Keyword Spam are absolutely allowed to correct the issue & set their listings back to active. Unfortunately, some sellers don't fix the issue and just set their listings back to active again. It does not, in any way, mean that the Governance Team "missed" the keyword spam on the listing and dismissed the flag report. if you have reported a listing for keyword spam and the issue is not resolved after 1 week, report the listing again with an alt, or you may submit a ticket with the links to the listings through a support ticket. Please be crystal clear that you reported the listing already and cannot report it again, but the keyword spam is still on the listing. If you get the standard reply to use the Flag Tool, please keep in mind that we are all human. Just reply to the ticket and gently remind the agent that you did that already but the keywords spam is still there.
  6. Greetings! The Governance Team can only address a narrow set of options with Marketplace Listings. This is why only those options are available when you click on the Flag option on a listing. Anything not listed on the flag tool is effectively outside of the scope of the Governance Team. For example, Copyright issues are Legal issues and not something the Governance Team can address. Those reports MUST be filed as outlined in the Intellectual Property Rights policy pages and any attempt to report listings for those items using some other option, like Gaming Policy or Real World Goods will result in the Flag report being immediately dismissed. If you purchase an item that is advertised as Full Permission and you do not receive a full permission version of the item, then the the listing should be flagged with the option Item not as advertised - Item Permissions not as advertised. If you buy an item that is not as described, we also strongly encourage the buyer to leave a review on the listing as well, ensuring that the review is not inflammatory. In the case of buying an item with permissions that do not match a simple "This is advertised as Full Permission but when received in world is Copy, No Modify, No Transfer" (or whatever the actual permissions are on the item you received) review will not only alert future buyers, but will let the Governance Team member who reviews your flag report have an additional block of information that goes with the flag report. Users should always use due diligence when buying items from others. If you see an item that is made for certain mesh bodies, if your very specific body is not listed, do not assume the item will fit just because other, similar, bodies are listed. Many sellers take a lot of time to provide information about their items. Users should take the time to read that information before purchasing an item, and if they are not sure, then contact the seller first to ask. You can also check the Contents tab on the listing to see if the items are in folders. If the items are in folders, then you can see the individual parts that are included, along with the permissions for each of those parts. If you have purchased an item and you do not get what is advertised, then a clear, calm, review, even a negative one, will not be removed from the listing. Unfortunately, many buyers, rightfully so, are upset, and they leave reviews that reflect that they are upset. Many times we have had to remove a legitimate review because the buyer chose to use profanity or made personal attacks against the seller in their review comments.
  7. Hi! Any issues regarding how long it takes to finish any "Service" project would be an issue between the users (buyer and seller) and not something that Linden Lab would be able to assist with.
  8. Hello Aoleth, If your "service" was removed, please ensure that it was listed correctly as required by the Marketplace Listing Guidelines. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#non-item-listings "Dispensing catalogs or information regarding a service without actually charging at least 50% of the value of that service." If you listed a service and didn't set the price to at least 50% of the cost, then the item would be removed if reported.
  9. Greetings! Please create a Support Ticket so that we can work to assist you further. https://support.secondlife.com
  10. Hi Camcom! I am sorry to hear that you have had an issue after your return to Second Life. If you are still having issues, please submit a Support Ticket and Customer Support will be able to assist you as quickly as possible. https://support.secondlife.com
  11. Hi Gallatis! When updating a listing, it is necessary to update each language separately. It is not possible for the Marketplace to use information from one language and then translated that information into other languages and then update those language fields, so the sellers must do that themselves.
  12. Greetings! Support Tickets are filed through the Second Life Support Portal: https://support.secondlife.com
  13. Hi Gallatis! When you update an existing Product Listing, it can take a few minutes for the system to re-index the listing. This means the original information will still be visible for a few minutes, but should correct itself within about 5 minutes or so. If the incorrect/outdated information is still showing after 15 minutes though, please create a Support Ticket using Marketplace - Marketplace Listing Issues and provide the link to the listing in your ticket and a Customer Support agent will be able to investigate your report and assist as quickly as possible. When creating listings with the Quick Fill / Fast Filling Template, information from the chosen product listing is imported into the new listing and then the new listing needs to be updated so that the correct information is showing. If you are using a template that does not have all of the Language Options filled in, then the new listing will be missing that information. Please check the product listing that you used for the Fast Filling and ensure that each language (English, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish) have all of the required fields filled out. After ensuring that all of the information is there for the existing listing, please try creating a new listing using that one as the Fast Filling template. If information on the new listing is still missing, please create a Support Ticket and provide us with the existing listing you used as the Fast Filling template and the new listing that was created that is missing the information and an agent will be able to assist you as quickly as possible.
  14. Hi! Please file a support ticket under the Marketplace options and provide the link to the review. If you get the standard reply about negative reviews, please reply back and ask for an escalated review. We are only human, after all. Thanks!
  15. Greetings All! As Pamela noted, there is a guide for Marketplace Listing Reviews pinned at the top of this forum section. A few bullet point reasons why a review may be removed: 1. Profanity, even masked 2. Attacks directed at the seller 3. Attacks directed at other buyers/reviewers 4. Telling people to buy another users products, advertising another sellers items, or inviting people to visit or contact the buyer. 5. Negative comments about cost, permissions, lack of support for other content or other information already in the listing, etc.. For example, if a purchased item is No Modify, a review that says "Sellers should stop selling No Modify Items" is not appropriate. 6. Buying a Demo or Free item to complain about the seller, buyers of the full version, an in world purchase, or a different item that was purchased. 7. Reviews regarding issues outside of the control of the seller. This includes, but is not limited to, issues such as failed deliveries, changing the size of Mesh items causing LI changes, lost in world inventory, scripts not working in No Script regions, etc. If anyone sees a review that they believe is inappropriate, they should report the review. The Governance Team will investigate the report as quickly as possible.
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