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  1. Dakota Linden

    Product listing reviews beyond my understanding!

    Greetings all! While we appreciate that no creator wants to have someone post a negative review about an item that they spent time creating, a buyer is permitted to post their personal opinions about the item that they purchased. If a buyer says something like "the animations could be better" that is the buyers personal opinion. Reviews and comments such as those will not be removed. There are a very limited number of reasons why a review will be removed, as I have previously outlined in the sticky regarding Product Listing Reviews, located here:
  2. Dakota Linden

    'See in Second Life' link is broken" button.

    Greetings all! Unfortunately, the links to the sellers store, or items, is entirely up to the seller themselves, so having a report option on those links wouldn't alert the seller and instead would end up being reported to Linden Lab, who has no control or oversight over the links. If a seller has a main in world store, they should use the Link to In World Store option on the main Store Information page. This link is what shows up in the options on the left of the sellers main store. The SLurl on the item listing itself is a way for sellers to include a link directly to the item location in world, as long as the seller doesn't have a Landing Point set on their land. This can be an excellent resource for sellers who have large items, like houses, or big builds, where the buyers may want to be able to see the item rezzed before purchasing it. The item SLurls must be changed per item listing, which is why they should not be used as a general Store Link and shouldn't be used if the seller has a set landing point, as the landing point will override any other location SLurl for individual items on parcel. Sellers can bulk update 100 items at a time to remove the SLurl from the listings through their Manage Listings page. Unfortunately, the more listings, the long this process will take.
  3. Dakota Linden

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    Greetings all! http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines Off Topic Content: Please keep your commentary relevant to the discussion and within the format that the forum, board or question and answer area require. (For example, in the Answers section, please follow the Q&A format of the discussion.) Content that is blatantly off topic is not permitted. You may also not post regarding subjects that do not relate to Second Life except in the General forum discussion board. This thread is now closed.
  4. Dakota Linden

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Ladies and Gentlemen. Gachas on the Marketplace is a passionate subject, no matter which side of any "argument" you are on. Please remember, though, that no matter which side you personally take, everyone is trying to use the Marketplace to meet their own personal needs. Not everyone will have their individual needs met. The Gacha category was asked for by both Gacha and Non Gacha sellers. It was asked for by both Gacha and Non Gacha buyers. The single biggest issue reported from both sellers and buyers is that the vast majority of items are in the wrong categories. Gacha items are a fact of life, no, they will NOT be banned from the Marketplace, as some users actually requested. It was decided to create a new Gacha category for those items, and judging by the sheer number of listings in the category, it was appropriate to create that category for those items. Is it an easy category to browse? No. It is an easy category to search? Yes. If a buyer is looking for a specific set, or a specific item, they can use the Search function to try to quickly locate the item regardless of which category the listing has been placed into. Since there are a LOT of Categories and Sub-Categories on the Marketplace, and a HUGE number of Gacha items and Gacha resellers, the simplest and quickest option was to create a category for those products. The sellers no longer have to try to guess which category their listings should go into. They can place all of them into one category and be done with it, and not have to worry that their items will be unlisted, instead of trying to review every possible sub-category to try to decide which one should be used for any particular listing. The Developers and Engineers are always looking at new features and options that are requested by sellers and buyers to determine if what is being asked for can be done, and if it can be done, should it be done, and if it should be done, how is the best way to do it. If you, as a seller or buyer, would like to see new options on the Marketplace the best, and frankly the only, way to ask for those options is to create a Jira Ticket. Discussing the ways that the Marketplace CAN be used, and the way each of us DO use it can highlight issues that could be handled differently, regardless of whether you personally would even use a new, or different option. Do NOT attack others on these forums, it will not be tolerated Do NOT assume that your way is the only way. It isn't. Do NOT assume your way is the best way, either. It may not be. Linden Lab provides the Marketplace as service to the users, to help users to sell and buy content that they themselves have created. We value the input that all of you provide on how it works, or doesn't work, for you, and how you personally feel it could be improved. You use the Marketplace the way YOU want to, as long as it is not in a manner that violates the policies, and if you think we could do something different that would make it better for you, then create that Jira Ticket and get your idea into the system.
  5. Dakota Linden

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Hello Prokofy, If you are unsure which category a Gacha item should go into, then the easiest thing to do is put the listing into the Gacha Category. Both buyers and sellers requested that category for Gacha items to, in part, address confusion regarding where the listings should be placed. I am sorry that you feel that you have been, or are being, ridiculed. You are not. I am a Customer Service Agent, as my forum signature indicates. My job is to try to help buyers and sellers with using the Marketplace and complying with its existing policies and guidelines. If you, as a seller, are not satisfied with the categories, or the way things work, on the Marketplace, then you MUST submit a Jira Ticket for the Devs/Engineers. The Devs and Engineers are the only ones who can change the way things work on the Marketplace, including adding more categories. While some Linden Lab employees who work on the Marketplace may monitor or scan through the posts on the Merchants Forum to see what the users of the Marketplace may be discussing, or in case a report of an odd issues pops up, this is not, and never has been, the appropriate location for requesting Marketplace Updates/Changes or to report Marketplace Bugs.
  6. Dakota Linden

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Hi Prokofy, The Marketplace Listing Guidelines specifically state that items should not be placed into top level / root categories. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines If you believe that the legal policies for Second Life should be changed, I would recommend that you submit your request in writing to the Linden Lab corporate office, attention Legal Department. With regards to the Food and Drinks category, I strongly recommend that you review the link I provided previously for the full list of Marketplace Categories. "Coffee and donuts" would perfectly fit into the 'Breakfasts & Cereals" sub-category. "Snack" does in fact exist as a sub-category. It is called 'Cookies & Snacks' For clarification, items placed into a top level category actually get LESS exposure, and sell less, and therefore reduce income for sellers. Items in a category are shown in higher level categories. If a seller puts their Fence item into the top level Building & Object Components category that is the ONLY category where anyone will see it. If the Fence listing is put into the correct Fences category that listing will be shown anytime someone looks at the Building and Objects Components Category, AND the Structural Components Category AND the Fences category. By putting the item into the correct sub-category, the seller increases the chance of a buyer seeing their item, thus increasing the chance that their item will be purchased. If a buyer is looking for a fence, and they go to the Fences category, they will NEVER see a fence that is put into the main Building and Objects Components top level category. Your example of searching for a Fence is resolved easily with the existing tools that already on the Marketplace, by refining the search results. When a search is done, the default is relevance. If the user wants to see cheap fences, they can change Relevance to show instead by Price: Low to High, or they could use the Price options on the Left side of the web page to specific the price range they would like to see.
  7. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Search

    HI Snickers! Thank you for the suggestions regarding including boolean terms like NOT. You can search sub-categories, by going to the sub-category first before doing the search. For example, if you wish to only search for items in the Home & Garden, Furniture category, then use the side Category options to go to that sub-category before doing the actual search. Since there are so many categories and sub-categories, the primary search from the main Marketplace page only includes the top level categories. Once you to into a sub-category the "Search In" field will automatically be filled in with the current sub-category that you are browsing.
  8. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Search

    General Overview What is "Search"? For the purpose of the Second Life Marketplace, "Search" is the functionality of the Marketplace that allows a seller to target their items towards potential buyers, and for buyers to find items they want to purchase from the sellers. For this guide, information will be provided in 2 sections. The first section will cover how to search, and find, items in the Marketplace. The second provides information to sellers on how Search affects their items. Using Marketplace Search - Buyers Marketplace Search starts with the options at the top of the page. In the Items tab, choose which Top Level categories you would like to look through, choose the Maturity Rating of the items you wish to see, enter a keyword and then click the Search button. You can then browse through every listing on the Marketplace that in some way relates to your search term, or you can choose to further refine the list using the options on the left. Refining The Results: Categories The categories on the left will show the Category Name and a number. When you do your search, you can see how many of the applicable items are in each of those categories, and you can choose to view only those items by clicking on the category name. Price Here you can choose, if you wish, to limit the listings that you see by price range. There is a group of pre-defined prices, or you may choose your own minimum and maximum by entering a number into either the left (minimum) or right (maximum) or both. If you choose a price, the Marketplace will automatically update the options and reload the page. If you wish to remove the price and go back to seeing all prices, delete the numbers from the boxes and click on the Refine Search button. Land Impact If you are looking for an item that is going to be rezzed, you can choose to enter a Land Impact value to refine the search further. Enter the minimum and maximum numbers that you are looking for and click on the Refine Search button. If the seller did not enter a Land Impact number on their listing, the listing will be hidden. Permissions If you to only see Copy enabled items, place a check next to Copy and then click the Refine Search button. The Marketplace will "hide" all listings that are not listed as Copy enabled. Using Marketplace Search - Sellers There are 3 direct fields, and 1 additional option, on a product listing that Sellers have complete and total control over when it comes to optimizing their items for the Marketplace Search functions to try to hit their target buyer. Product Listing Title Product Listing Keywords Product Listing Features All 3 of the above fields on a Product Listing are included in Marketplace Search. This means that words and terms in those 3 fields are, in large part, what the Marketplace uses when a keyword search is done. The Marketplace uses other metrics to include, or exclude, items from search, but these 3 fields are the most important ones on a Product Listing, and the ones that sellers should take the most care in using, when creating a Product Listing. The last option that sellers control is Marketplace Category Selection. If you put your items in the wrong category, you will lose views and therefore, will lose sales. Product Listing Title The title is the single most important field on a Marketplace Product Listing. The product title is shown and used when both browsing and searching the Marketplace for content therefore, the title should be brief, but contain valid, appropriate, information. Product Listing Keywords Keywords on a product listing should be only about the item being sold in the listing, full stop. If your item listing is for a L$500 copy enabled red mesh cocktail dress, then putting Blue, green, orange, jeans, shorts, tie, hair, boots, full perm, demo, or any other words that have absolutely nothing to do with this dress you are trying to sell in the listing in the keywords, is, essentially, misleading. The item is not blue, it is red. The item is a cocktail dress, not a pair of shorts, boots, jeans, hair, etc. The item is L$500, not a demo, The item is Copy enabled, not full permission. Product Listing Features The single biggest ignored section of a Marketplace Product Listing is the Features list. This is where a seller can "bullet point" the top stand out things about the item they are selling. It is not necessary to try to put as much information onto the list, but sellers should absolutely use this feature on every product listing they have. It is a great place to highlight what the item is in a legible list, so that potential buyers do not have to look through the Item Description for essential information about the item. Marketplace Category Selection The Marketplace has a massive number of categories and sub-categories. A full and complete current list of the Marketplace categories is available in the Commerce - Merchants section of the SL Community Forums, located here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/404787-second-life-marketplace-categories/ To maximize effectiveness and have the greatest chance of an item being seen, it should be placed into an appropriate sub-category. Items in sub-categories are seen in each successive higher category. If an item is placed into the Women's T-Shirts sub-category, it is visible in that category, and in Women's Tops, and in Women's, and the main Apparel categories. If the item is placed only into the top level Women's category, then it will never been seen by someone is looking in Women's Tops or Women's T-shirts.
  9. Dakota Linden

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Greetings! If you would like to see a new feature on the Marketplace, please file a Jira Request. https://jira.secondlife.com
  10. Dakota Linden

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Hi Prokofy! First and foremost, no item should ever be placed into a top level category, unless there isn't a sub-category for the item. If a Fence is in the Building and Object components category, but is not in the Fence sub-category, then it is in a wrong category and is subject to being unlisted if reported. If the item is a Gatcha item, the moderator will recommend to the seller that the item be moved to the Gatcha category, however, the seller could instead choose to move the listing to the Fence sub-category instead. The Rec & Entertainment - Food sub-categories does have one for meals. It is called "Full Meals" Re-writing the SL viewer code from the ground up to add a "thing" designation when an item is created isn't radical, it is grid destroying, IMHO. It would not only require an entire re-write of the code base, it would require blocking access to the grid for all viewers, including 3rd party ones, that do not have the code, otherwise the system wouldn't work. This would mean everyone who does not have a newer system that can run the newest viewers would be eliminated from Second Life, including creators and others who use Second Life as a large source of income. It would also cause problems for all of the items that do not have a "thing" designation, either by forcing creators, including those who are no longer with SL for whatever reason, to update the item to include the "thing" or it would cause problems with the "thing" being missing by dumping all of the items without the "thing" designation to a default.
  11. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Homepage Feature

    Hi Shassie! You can click on the item, then click on the Visit The Store link that is on the listing itself. It will save you time having to search for the sellers store.
  12. Dakota Linden

    To necropost or not...

    Greetings! We have moved the post to the General Forum where more users may see and contribute to the discussion. The primary reason not to necro post, is as others have pointed out, out dated information. A thread that was started 3 years ago about an issue in SL will be extremely outdated. In those cases, it is far better to start a new thread. Jokes on the other hand, well, they never really do get old, do they?
  13. Dakota Linden

    Do You Miss Anything Purged from the MP?

    Greetings! I do not personally have any information regarding how many items may have been unlisted.
  14. Dakota Linden

    How determining the maturity level of a selling item of mine

    Hi Gianni You are very welcome!
  15. Dakota Linden

    Marketplace Homepage Feature

    Hi Adam! I have absolutely no information regarding the capabilities of the Marketplace code system, so I am unable to say if targeted Enhanced items would even be possible. As for wasting money to advertise, again, only the merchant can really determine that. Many users switch between avatars, a nice luxury of Second Life, with many different users having both male and female avatars, along with any other number of avatar types and styles. With the exception of the Marketplace homepage and the Zero L$ checkout page, most sellers who pick a Landing Page PLE are already targeting users who visit those categories. In most landing page categories, either items already in those categories are featured, or related items are featured. For example, the Animals main category has Featured Items that are all related to Animals. The same with the Men's Clothing category. I would be very surprised to see a Feature Item on the Men's Clothing page for a listing for women's lingerie. Are there ever times when an item shows up in the Featured Items section that is unrelated to the category? Yes. But most times it is accidental, and the Merchant contacts support when they realize that they put the PLE Item into a category that is unrelated to the item they are selling.