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  1. What do I do about trespassers ?

    Hello Qie! Disabling scripts on the land should prevent anyone not expressly permitted from running scripts on the land. Expressly permitted means the land owner, or anyone in the land group, if the option for Group is enabled. Back years ago when I owned land, I disabled running scripts using the Land option and anyone who visited my land couldn't run anything. I found this out myself when I overheard a couple of people talking about the build I had up, but that I had scripts disabled, so none of the items could be used by anyone.
  2. What do I do about trespassers ?

    Greetings Angelin Galicia! I am very sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with another user. A big thank you to those who have replied to your post with information and suggestions! One thing you can do to discourage trespassers is to turn off scripting for others. This will prevent anyone not pre-approved by you from accessing menu's on things like chairs, beds, doors, etc. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/About_Land If you own the land, or have permission to edit the About Land - Options section, you can uncheck the Allow other resident to Run Scripts option. This will prevent others from using any of the scripted items in your home. If you are unable to edit those options in the About Land section, I would recommend checking the scripting on each of the items directly. Sometimes you can disable the scripting for non owners, or non approved users directly through the scripted item itself.
  3. The buyer is always right?

    Hello Mikka! The CMT options on a listing are based on the Second Life Permissions system. If the product contains various content items, like textures, or appliers, that result in a mix of permissions, then the See Item Description option should be ticked and the permissions detailed in the Item Description itself. The Item Description should be used to provide potential buyers as much information about the product as possible. If this includes Open Source scripts, then that information should also be included. It is not possible for anyone to review a product that they have not purchased/received through the Marketplace. However, anyone can leave a reply to an existing review, even if they did not purchase the item through the Marketplace.
  4. Refund for false advertisement?

    Hi Pamela, Content created and sold by users is solely the responsibility of the creator/seller. Unfortunately, if there is an issue, the buyer must try to resolve the issue with the creator/seller directly without the assistance of Linden Lab. https://www.lindenlab.com/tos 1.4 Linden Lab is a service provider and is not responsible or liable for the Content, conduct, or services of users or third parties. You understand that Linden Lab is a service provider that enables its users to interact online and display and communicate information and Content chosen by those users. Linden Lab does not control or endorse the Content of communications between users or users' interactions with each other or the Service. You acknowledge that you will be exposed to various aspects of the Service involving the conduct, Content, and services of users, and that Linden Lab does not control and is not responsible or liable for the quality, safety, legality, truthfulness or accuracy of any such user conduct, User Content or user services. You acknowledge that Linden Lab does not guarantee the accuracy of information submitted by any user of the Service, nor any identity information about any user. Your interactions with other users and your use of User Content are entirely at your own risk. Linden Lab has no obligation to become involved in any dispute that you may have or claim to have with one or more users of the Service, or in any manner in any resolution thereof.
  5. Refund for false advertisement?

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Let's please try to keep this discussion on topic for the issue raised in the Original Post. If I have to hide any more posts in this thread, I will, unfortunately, have to start handing out warnings, and I really do not want to do that.
  6. The buyer is always right?

    Hi Rolig! Many, MANY, moons ago the old SLExchange/Xstreet Marketplace tried to address the issue, and ran into a brick wall. Since at that time, the Magic Boxes were being used, the permissions that were pulled were of the box itself, and not the actual items in the box. We found that reporting the permissions on the box causes just as much, if not more, confusion. This still holds true today. When the Contents tab of a listing is looked at, if the items are in a box, the reported permissions are for the box itself, and not the actual items in the box. If the items are in a folder, then the permissions for each and every item are listed, which helps greatly. Unfortunately, there really isn't a one size fits all solution, which means the responsibility drops firmly and squarely on the shoulders of the seller and to avoid confusion, it is up to the seller to detail the permissions in the Listing Description. Even then, buyers can be confused. But as long as the seller does detail the permissions, if a review is left on the listing that complains about the permissions, Linden Lab can remove the review for the merchant. It is when no information is detailed that Linden Lab finds its hands tied and will always err on the side of caution and leave the review unless another reason (like profanity) would cause it to be subject to being removed.
  7. The buyer is always right?

    Hello Iren, A review that states only that an item does not work does not violate policy and the review will not be removed. Linden Lab has no way of knowing if their statement is true or not and the item may not actually be working for that particular buyer. A seller is the only one who can work with the customer to try to determine what issue the customer is having and work with them to try to resolve the issue as best as possible.
  8. The buyer is always right?

    Hello Ela Talaj, As a one time courtesy, I have removed the review. However, Pamela is correct. Your product listing is confusing. This is why the review was not removed originally from your report. The Image shows that the item is Modify/Copy/No Transfer. The permissions on the right side of the listing show that the item is Copy/No Modify/No Transfer. I reviewed the Item Description and there is nothing in the description that explains the discrepancy with the noted permissions. Not all Second Life Users know that even if a script is No Modify that the object itself can still be modified. If that information is not included by the seller, their customer may be confused or unaware and in those cases, their reviews are legitimate since there is nothing in the listing that indicates otherwise. I would encourage you to edit the listing to detail the permissions for all parts of the item, including object and scripts, so that any future buyers are not confused by the permissions and the additional information will explain the discrepancy with the reported permissions on the listing.
  9. The buyer is always right?

    Greetings Iren! Flagging a review option has available the choice for "Issue noted in Item Description" specifically for those situations when a buyer purchases an item and leaves a negative review for something already noted. As an example, a buyer who leaves a 1 star review complaining that an item is No Modify when the listing shows that the item is No Modify, will find that review removed if it is reported. Another example is when a buyer purchases an item and complains that everything in the image is not included, but the listing clearly states that the item is a Hood/Hat and the image is used to show what an avatar would look like while wearing the hood/hat. Unfortunately, no matter how much work a seller puts into their product, or how well they describe the item in the listing, not every customer will be happy with their purchase and Linden Lab is striving for neutral ground between both the sellers and their customers when it comes to the reviews. We do understand that improvements in the process and experience can be made, for both the buyers and the sellers, but at this time this is the iteration that is available and being used and all of us must work with what is currently available.

    Hello SedonaOnidene! Linden Lab enforces the Marketplace Listing Guidelines, IF we are informed that there is an issue. If you find items with Keyword Spam or that are in an incorrect category. PLEASE take the time to report the item to us using the 'Flag this item' link that is on every listing. This is the only way we know that there is an issue with the listing. There are well over 5 million items on the Marketplace and it is absolutely not possible for Linden Lab to moderate or address all of those items without the help of yourself and the other residents who use the Marketplace. The only way these types of issues can be addressed and resolved is with the help of everyone.
  11. I suck at making friends!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This thread has been cleaned, and a lot of posts were removed. 1. Personal disputes are not appropriate on the forums. If you have an issue with another user, take it to Private Messages. 2. Hijacking Threads is not appropriate. If you believe that you cannot remain on topic to the original post, please start another thread or take it to Private Messages. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines
  12. The buyer is always right?

    Greetings! Linden Lab will remove a review if it is in violation of the Second Life policies. A user reporting that the product does not work for them, or they purchased the item and they do not like it, do not violate the policies in an of themselves. While we understand it is discouraging and sympathize with sellers who receive less than 5 stars reviews, the purpose of the review system is for buyers to note their experiences with the item. Whether that experience is good, bad, or neutral, is entirely up to the buyer themselves.
  13. Marketplace Language Problem

    Hello Arken! When you create a Marketplace Product Listing using the Quick Fill template, all languages are filled in with the information from the template. Each language tab then needs to be edited so that the information is applicable to the item being sold in the new listing. Most merchants only update the English Language tab since that is the default view. If the other tabs are not also updated, when viewing the Marketplace in a non English language, the listings will display the information from the Quick Fill Template. It is necessary to edit each product listing and then update each language tab so that the correct information is showing on the listing.
  14. Suddenly Unassociated products

    Greetings all! This should now be fully resolved. Product listings that were still missing should now be restored and can be viewed on your Manage Listings page on the Second Life Marketplace web site. Users who had Product Listing Enhancements on affected listings should have been refunded and may view the refunds on the L$ Transaction Log through the main SL web site. If you continue to have an issue, or are unable to see the refund, please submit a new Support Ticket under Marketplace - General Marketplace Issues and we will be able to assist you as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your patience and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Suddenly Unassociated products

    Greetings All! Looks like we have some good news The team is testing the refunds for merchants who had PLE's on affected listings. If all goes well, the refunds should be completed within the next couple of days. I will be sure to post another update when the refund process is complete, and anyone who did not receive, or cannot locate, their refund should wait until after I post that update before submitting a support case. I have also received information that the team working on getting the remaining items restored is also hard at work and testing the process to ensure everything is working correctly, so it looks like those remaining items should also be on the way to being restored. Thank you all again so much for your patience.