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  1. Not allowing to drag item

    Hi West! If the item is No Transfer for you, then you will be unable to list the item for sale on the Marketplace. Just as you are unable to transfer the item to another user in world. If you created the item, or the item is already Full Permission for you, check the permissions on all parts of the items. If you purchased a texture that you used in the item, the texture must also be Transfer enabled, same with any scripts that might be in the item.
  2. No Seller Response

    Hello LittleMe Jewell! The non item section you are referencing is primarily to do with things like user manuals for an item that does not include the item itself. So if a seller is listing a notecard on how to use their item, but you have to actually buy the item through another listing, then the notecard listing would be considered a Non Item - Information only listing. If Information only listings applied more broadly to listings, then things like listings for Real Estate, Listings for Shoutcast Streams for DJ's, etc, would all be considered Non Items - Information Only listings and would be removed from the Marketplace, which is why listings of those types (Services and Real Estate), are specifically exempted in that section of the Listing Guidelines. With regards to this issue and product that WickedRayvn purchased, they did received what was advertised. Which was information and a link to download the item itself. Unfortunately, the download link isn't working, which is outside of the control of Linden Lab and can truly only be resolved by the seller themselves.
  3. avatar creation qiuestipm

    Hi StormcruzerLore Abbot, Linden Lab employees are allowed, and many do, have alternate accounts that we use for playing in Second Life. As long as you do not use information available to you as an employee to profit from with your alt, there are no issues, and if you have an existing Second Life account before joining the Linden Lab team, you are not required to cancel the account. You may keep any existing accounts/alts that you currently have. When a person first starts working at Linden Lab, if they will be working with users, or in world, a Linden named account is created for them, as in my case, Dakota Linden, and others like Tommy Linden, Kristin Linden, Oz Linden, etc. We are also granted a small amount of L$ in order to customize our avatars, if we choose. The Linden named account is then used for all of our work related duties, so if you see a Linden named avatar in world, there is a 99.9% chance that the person behind the account is "at work". With regards to the types of avatars that Linden Lab employees use, it really depends. My avatar is currently a mesh golden eagle. However, some Linden Lab employees who are working, especially if they are in world investigating issues like lag, they may choose to use a simple avatar without scripts that does not add extra load to the system, etc. We have quite a few Linden Lab employees that are creators and maintain their alternate accounts for creating and selling their own items. You will find that Linden employees, myself included, are very private when it comes to using their alternate (non employee) accounts/avatars. If users knew who we were while we were on our alts, we would be bombarded with requests for help while we were off duty, and we would not be able to play and enjoy activities in Second Life. If you are interested in working for Linden Lab, please check out the Jobs postings on the main Linden Lab website, located here: https://www.lindenlab.com https://www.lindenlab.com/careers
  4. No Seller Response

    Greetings all! Issues of this type are considered resident to resident issues and Linden Lab is unable to assist you with resolving the trouble. Users are solely responsible for the content that they create or sell in Second Life, including through the Marketplace. Before purchasing any content, in world or through the Marketplace, please do your due diligence on the seller and the product, especially if the product is a high cost one or requires downloading the item from a 3rd party web site. If there are reviews on a product listing, always read the reviews before purchasing the item. If any review notes an issue look to see if the seller replied, and what the date of the review and the reply are. If a review notes an issue, and there is no reply from the seller, then you should contact the seller in world before purchasing the item to verify that the noted issues have been resolved. This will place you into contact with the seller before you purchase the item. If the seller does not respond, then do NOT buy the product. There are some very narrow and limited cases where Linden Lab may be able to help, though, so if you are not sure, please submit a Support Case using the General Marketplace Issues options. When contacting Support about an issue with a purchase through the Marketplace only, as we cannot assist with in world purchases, please ensure that your case includes the following information: - Marketplace Order Number - Name of the product that was purchased - Name of the Seller - Details regarding the issue that you have had with the item and what, if any, communication you have had with the seller. Customer Support will then review the purchase and the issue you are reporting and will reply to you letting you know if the issue is one that must be resolved with the seller themselves, or if the issue is one that we are able to help with, we will respond to your case with the information about what we were able to do to help you.

    Hello Whirly Fizzle, We are working on solutions that will hopefully address the issues with the Event listings. Until the solutions are in place, if you would like to report those duplicates, we will continue to address them as they are reported. Thanks!
  6. Question about Relevance Ranking

    Hello Galilla Sinatra, The military uniforms themselves should not be in the Military Vehicles category, but if you have a Product Listing Enhancement on a listing for a Military Uniform, the Category Landing page for the Product Listing Enhancement on the uniform can be the Military Vehicles category. If the actual listing for the item was in an incorrect category, then yes, the listing would be subject to being actioned for being in a wrong category on the Marketplace. Second Life isn't going anywhere, and isn't being replaced by Sansar. The standards on the Second Life Marketplace haven't gotten lax. What has happened, though, is that there are now more than 5.5 million active listings on the Marketplace, whereas back during the SLExchange/Xstreet SL days, there were barely 400,000 active listings. This is why it is very important for users to report listings to Linden Lab by using the Flag option if you notice an issue with the listing.
  7. Question about Relevance Ranking

    Hello Galilla Sinatra, How effective a Product Listing Enhancement is depends on a few things. 1. What landing page did you choose? 2. How many other products are also using the same landing page? 3. Is your product a popular or niche` type product? Items placed on the Marketplace Home page are going to compete against the thousands, or hundreds of thousands of items also with Home page enhancements. If you are trying to sell a niche` item, it may be far more effective to place the item on a sub-category landing page as opposed to a top level landing page. If you are selling a game, it may be more effective to use the Games category landing page, instead of the main Recreation and Entertainment landing page. This way your listing is shown specifically to people looking in the Games sub-category. Consider cross marketing. If you sell Military Uniforms, you might look at the Military Vehicles category to see if you might want to use that category landing page for your Uniforms to see if those looking for Military Vehicles might also be looking for Uniforms for their Avatars as well.

    Hi Whirly! Thank you for filing the AR's. 1 report against each account should be sufficient. The Governance team will then be able to look at each account and see all of the spam on the Events listings and address the issues directly with the users.
  9. Question about Relevance Ranking

    Hello Pavon! I am so sorry to hear that the user responded to your communication negatively. The type of spamming you describe is definitely against the Marketplace Listing Guidelines. If you see their items, please consider reporting a few of them so that Linden Lab can address the issue with the seller directly.
  10. need advice on somthing wierd

    Hello Quinn Lysette, Please reconsider very strongly loaning money to anyone, especially in Second Life, and even more so if you do not personally know the user behind the account outside of Second Life. Any such loan would be outside of the Linden Lab Terms of Service and if the other user did not pay you back, Linden Lab would be unable to assist you in any way with trying to recover the funds. If you choose to loan the funds, you should most certainly get a written agreement by the real person behind the user account. In the event that the person does not pay you back, you will have real world options with regards to trying to recover the funds, namely Small Claims Court, if both of you are residing in the USA.

    Hello Galilla Sinatra & Whirly Fizzle, Thank you for the clarification that the issue is regarding the in world Events Listings and not the Community Forms Events listings. Please file an Abuse Report against the users who are posting the Events and the Governance Team will be able to look into the issue further for policy violations. Thank you!
  12. Premium Account Voice Morphing

    Hello Michel Karmin, Welcome back! I am glad to hear that you were able to locate the section for Premium members. Since your posts and follow up may assist others, we are going to keep the post, but move it to the Answer forum where others who may run into the same issue may see your follow up reply.

    Greetings all! A Gatcha hat is still a hat. The seller/reseller can place the item into the Hats sub-category, or the Used Items category on the Marketplace and both category options would be appropriate for the item. Creating a set of Categories and sub-categories strictly for Gatcha items would result in a duplication of all of the current, and any future, Marketplace categories, and would not resolve the issues raised. Some users would put their non Gatcha items into the Gatcha item categories, and some users would still put Gatcha items into the non Gatcha categories, resulting in even bigger issues with category selections for items. The Marketplace Listing Guidelines already outline, and cover, issues like Category Selection, Keyword Spam, and Item Spam, which are the issues raised in this thread. When a creator lists a new item on the Marketplace, they should be sending out the link to their Marketplace Storefront for their customers. Their customers can then sort the merchant's store by Newest items to see the new products instead of just sending out an announcement that there are new items in their store. For your convenience, Marx, here is the direct link to your Marketplace store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/18884
  14. Manage listing-upload images

    Hello Berenika Clarence, Bulk Editing does not offer the option of uploading images. Images must be uploaded for each listing individually.
  15. Gacha items being flagged on MP

    Hello Kurz Neox, The items should still have an entry on your Manage Listings page on the Second Life Marketplace web site. You can right click on the item name and copy the URL which can then be pasted into your Support Case. If you removed the folders from your Marketplace Listings UI window in the viewer, the listings are then deleted from the system and the entries will not appear on your Manage Listings page.