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  1. I would like to thank everyone for your quick reaction and your notecards! I am absolutely amazed how many replies I've received by so many talented and wonderful people! I will begin looking through the notecards now, to then get in touch with one or two businesses for further details. But please don't be discouraged by that - feel free to keep your offer coming! 🙂
  2. I am hiring an affordable Interior Designer for my new penthouse on the Upper East Side in New Yor City. The skybox is the "Downtown" Loft from Onsu. Expected Style The desired style for the apartment and its balconies shall be somewhat (ultra)modern with a luxurious and classy, but clean touch. I dislike kitsch, too playful and too colorful things. I own a collection of precious and rare modern art paintings that I will place throughout the apartment. Thus the decoration should not distract too much. Most importantly, I want for the apartment to look "used" and not like a fake facade straight out of a magazine. I actually live here and I want for the apartment to reflect this. As I'm a Roleplayer, furniture (such as kitchen appliances, beds, couches, etc.) need to be functional and with decent animations. Additional Information - I'm needing complete interior design, from furniture over decorations to plants. - New businesses and entry level designers are more than welcome to apply, to gain another reference! - I don't mind you taking some snapshots of the finished apartment for your references. - I don't have a lot of time, so I am seeking for a business that doesn't mind discussing things via voice in SL or Discord! If your're interested, please send a notecard to Michael Blackwood with your ToS, references, available times and your rates. I will then get in touch with you, so we can meet and discuss further details. Thank you so much in advance! Kind regards, Michael Blackwood CEO Bluestone Capital S.A.
  3. Ready for the next part of my ongoing life? Of course I wouldn't forget to update y'all! 🙂 I'm in a bad place. Because my virtual flight from Windhoek to Amsterdam was delayed, I missed my connection to New York JFK and had to sleep in the terminal. While kicking time in Amsterdam, I also decided to call my employer to-be and blew the job. She had continuously ignored important calls for days and kept ordering me in for online meetings on my vacation, which she then skipped without a notice. When I finally arived in New York City in the early morning, believe it or not, my luggage was missing. Completely frustrated of the events of the past few days and exhausted from the trip home, I took the next cab to my new apartment on the Upper East Side. As I got home I dropped my filthy clothes, took a quick shower and instantly fell asleep on my new bed. Because of the jetlag, I slept all day long, until early evening. That's when the flashbacks started. I kept thinking of the trip to Namibia with its terrible ending, the exhausting journey home and, of course, Vanessa. I couldn't think of anything else but Vanessa. In hopes of distracting myself, I started binge-watching old episodes of "King of Queens" while having one Whiskey after another. To be honest, I doze off more than I saw anything of the famous TV Show. I started questioning myself and whether the decision to return to SL had really been the right choice. Was that all worth it? Two weeks have gone by since I returned to SL and here I am again - right where I started. Should I leave SL? Stay? What should be my next adventure in SL? Perhaps you have suggestions! Let me know! 🙂
  4. D'awwww thank you!! And shhhh! *whispers* They aren't actually "little stories"! Everything I'm writing is actually true! You guys are "participating in my life 'live' ". 😉
  5. Hah! I bet you guys already thought, I was "Lost in Africa". Wrong! My adventurous "live story of my life" continues, once again: After I spent a few days exploring the mighty Savannah with a local tour guide, I decided to spend a fortune and fly in the one person I knew: A gorgeous woman, called Vanessa, whom I met at that my sandbox shelter. We've had a date or two before I left for my vacation. I missed Vanessa so badly, that I asked the Lodge's concierge to prepare a candle light dinner at the private beach, for when she arrives. Her flight was delayed for over six hours, but eventually she arrived at the Kidaka Lodge. For some reason, her mood was bad and almost instantly she broke off a fight. It ended up with me saying some stupid things, her saying some stupid things and then her suddenly "friendzoning" me and storming off, back to the cab, to return to the airport. I stood there stunned, heartbroken and devastated. I then went back to my tent in the bush, sat on one of the wooden chairs underneath a beautiful Acacia tree and cried for a good hour. Yes men cry, too. When I had collected myself again, I decided to pack my things and end my vacation early. I suddenly couldn't stand Africa anymore. Originally I was going to actually extend my vacation and spend another three days in Havanna, Cuba before returning home. In the meantime my lovely Personal Assistant, Estelle, would be finding an apartment for me and furnish it. As I had ended my vacation early and changed plans about Cuba, I needed to inform Estelle. So I called her from the airport in Windhoek to ensure that I had a home, once I landed in New York JFK. I miss you so much, Vanessa.
  6. Muchas gracias! I have no idea of social media, blogs, etc. so I didn't know bloggers usually state the brands they're wearing. Thanks, found them!
  7. OMG I need those glasses! Name, pleeeeeeeease pleeease?
  8. You got it right. Why don't you toss me a message if you're in the same situation? That is, if you're interested, of course!
  9. It's never too late for a regret! While we (unfortunately, so true) can't delete our posts, you could just edit it and erase the text or modify it!
  10. And the story continues today, as well! I ended up ditching the five star hotels and instead took a 11hr flight to Namibia, where I checked in at the beautiful "Kidaka Resort" and booked a cozy Lounge right in the bush. I might be lonely, but at least I can have some fun! Being in Africa for the first time, I couldn't help but grab some binoculars and observe the wildlife right on my doorstep:
  11. Not sure if I find that too funny. We pretty much lost our house in the insane floods a few days ago, 30 miles away from that photo. EDIT: As some people, according to their smileys, seem to be a bit confused, I'll give some more background. The photo of the flooded village, that was used as a meme earlier, seems to come from the news. Over the past couple days and ongoing, Western Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium were hit by one of the worst floods ever. In Germany alone, casualties count around 150 bodes by now - dozens and dozens more missing and probably dead, as well. Unfortunately our inherited vacation home was hit hard by the flood, too. We inherited the precious house from the 1920s and the surrounding gardens and field from my grandparents and share it amongst the entire extended family. We were going to rent out parts as an apartment to tourists and thus renovated the house. We had JUST finished renovating it with everybody's pension for almost half a million €, when the flood hit the village. A man died in that village, every neighbor lost parts of their homes. The carpenter neighbor, who did our new apartment, lost both his home, garden and his huge carpentry shop. Half of his carpentry shop "swam" a mile down through backyards and piled up as tons of heavy debris in our backyard. We ourselves lost the entire brand new kitchen, furniture, walls and floors of our new rental apartment, our basement and everything on the ground floor of the "Old house". The car you can see on my photo isn't even ours. It was swept over from miles away and got stuck with the rubble in one of our trees. We found an entire house roof, solar panels and tons of construction wood in our backyard.
  12. I have recently returned to SL after a very long and necessary break. Unfortunately I often find myself rather lonely now, because most friends left SL or have moved on. So I decided, that instead of renting a skybox or a house of my own (and ending up lonely in there, as well) why not find a friendly person to live with as roomate. Therefor I am looking for you to share your home with me! I want to be your roomate! I am fairly easy-going, low maintenance, and I don't have too high expectations. We can become friends and hang out together, or just live side by side and come & go - either is fine. We can share every room or each have our own room(s) / area - either is fine, too. I also don't care much if it is an apartment or a house, small or huge. It would be awsome if it was on a developed sim or an urban RP sim, but it's by no means necessary to me. At first, I will most likely spend quite some time at the new home, given that I don't really have many reasons to go elsewhere, yet and currently work from home in SL, as well. Needless to say that as your roomate, I will pay my part of the rent! If you're up to the challenge, send me a PM or an IM inworld! Looking forward to hear from y'all! 🙂
  13. And my story goes on! Some things changed by now. I got the job I had applied for the other day! While I'm happy about the upcoming job, I am also still homeless and super lonely. So I decided to slap on my best "vacation suit" and check out some five star hotels, to get a few days of vacation while I can reflect upon things. The photo was taken by a staff member, while I was typing out this post.
  14. Prepare for a huge ass *****storm from all the gay people in SL and RL. 😄 😄 3....2....1....go!
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