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  1. Hey DarkEmperor13, shoot me a message in-world and I'll get you set up.
  2. Hello Triexy, if you'd like to shoot me an IM with some details on what you're looking to have made I'll be on later today and I'll let you know if I can assist with your project.
  3. I've personally never used llPreloadSound I've had good success with doing a for loop through all the sounds and using llTriggerSound on zero volume with a .1 sleep between playing them.
  4. I second https://freesound.org that's my favorite site.
  5. Everything you've listed off is possible - With that said you'll need to find some land to where you can place down these objects. More likely than not you'll have to pay rent for a parcel so your build will stay up. Another possibility would be to build your setup and place it at a sandbox (Free land to use but objects are sent back to after a specified amount of time usually 4 - 6 hours) to do your recording. I would recommend not doing it at a sandbox if you were attempting to do this live as you could have random people show up as it's public land and place their own objects. If you're needing props I would also recommend checking out Second Life's Marketplace you can even find stuff free on there as well. Best of luck with your idea it sounds very interesting!
  6. I don't believe there will be a pre-made script that'll do that but if you give a little bit more detail as to what this is I wouldn't mind scripting it for you.
  7. Tier is $95 each month and due on the 17th. Please send a notecard with your offer I will be waiting 24 hours before I accept an offer so please be patient. Sim is completely empty no tenants. I will post when the region is sold no need to ask if I have not mentioned it's sold.
  8. What specifically is not working Can you see voice dots and the green indicator but you're unable to hear them? No voice dot and it never loads? Can you hear others but they can't hear you? I'd recommend doing a clean install. This will clear all cache files and saved settings. That will hopefully fix if the voice dot isn't loading at all.
  9. If it's owned by a linden or a user with the last name Mole there is nothing that can be done about it other than building above / around it. If another user owns it ask them politely if they could move it over some.
  10. You have to be a premium member in Second Life to have a girl friend rules are rules.
  11. Since this is a list you're generating it seems as if it would be easier if you were to just flag what each UUID as an avatar or group. It seems unnecessary to check and ping Second Life's servers if you already know the answer. You could use llParseString2List on each line and check for a flag. AV|5ffbf977-2cf1-4fd1-b531-102e19147d1b GRP|ab550636-5aa2-fb43-153f-110cc0c27ae2 llParseString2List just takes a string and converts it into a list by separators. In my example above the "|" is the separator. so you could check by doing list data = llParseString2List(notecardLine, ["|"],[]) if(llList2String(data,0) == "GRP") { llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/group/" + llList2String(data,1) + "/about"); } else if(llList2String(data,0) == "AV") { llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/agent/" + llList2String(data,1) + "/about"); } else { llOwnerSay("Some weird error just happened"); } Hopefully that helps a bit Please excuse any errors as I'm not online and going off memory!
  12. @Jennifer Boyle Grandfathered means it has a reduced monthly tier. Here is more information on it. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/grandfathered-region-pricing-r1408/
  13. Adding additional region sizes could be neat but I can only imagine how many scripts would break because of this.
  14. You can run Second Life on a potato. Your graphic configurations along with the specific region you're in will be the determining factor in how much lag you experience. Too many places (and avatars) use poorly optomized builds that once stacked with 1,000 others generate a lot of lag. Even my 1080 ti will get sub 30 FPS with mid graphics.
  15. I believe that most people are not script/code savvy that purchase scripts off marketplace that handle only a single feature they're looking to have in their product. 99% of the time I inspect something I'll see a naming scheme like "Texture Menu1" "Texture Menu2" "Change Color1" "Change Color2" "Rotate slow" "chat commands".
  16. I used to play an amazing MMO way back in 2006 that I was blown away by. It was called DarkLife and I was impressed (still am) with the amount of work that went into creating that type of game in Second Life that was so well thought out, balanced, and fun to play. It had loads of content like different character classes, quest, grouping up for shared xp with friends, and tons of different armor for each class. I always wondered just how much further something like that could have been pushed with todays tools because as a lot of us know back in 2006 things were a LOT different.
  17. It's risky to copy and paste code dealing with L$ if you do not understand how it functions as it could lead to you losing all of your L$ on your account.
  18. If everything functions when the HUD is rezzed in world (not attached) then I'd suggest making sure you don't have another HUD overylaying it blocking you from clicking. You can check by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T to show transparents they'll highlight red. Also if you've added in any functions to check if attached like llGetAttached make sure it's not checking for attachment point 0 because that's for not attached. If neither of those help resolve your issue you should post the code below for assistance debugging.
  19. If you don't want it to update delete everything in the else except for echo $SC . $PC . $CC; You don't need to put quotes around the variables and to concatenate you use the period . vs doing + like in LSL That should resolve that issue - if it still does not work I woul recommend post what the error file. It'll direct you to the exact line that is throwing the error. Also you should look into prepared statements as somebody could destroy your database without any data validation.
  20. You will not find a shield or anything that does what you've listed. If it's the same region they could have an item down that scans for your key when you enter and it'll keep rezzing the object. If this is happening at differet regions throughout Second Life you'll want to check whom you've given your map rights too or what objects you're wearing.
  21. Hey if people are willing to pay that then by all means..
  22. Are people buying grandfathered homesteads for these ridiculous prices? Roughly $900 dollars to save 14$ a month I'd have to have the region for 64 months (over 5 years) before you'd even benifit form this. I understand there is a $300 transfer fee which seems a bit extreme as well to just save 14$ a month. If i'm missing something please let me know..
  23. There isn't a specific function that'll get objects under your avatar but you could just check if their avatar is walking / running and stop the particle effect if they're flying / falling. llGetAgentInfo
  24. If you're looking for the menu to display "Lights on" When they're off and "Lights Off" when they're on it'll take a decent bit of changes. If you don't understand your menu script or how list work this would be very confusing. You'd just be adding to the list once clicked and checking if the light is On or Off.. myListName = ["Option 1","Option 2","Option 3"]; lightsOn = TRUE; if(lightOn == TRUE) // The light is currently on { myListName += "Lights Off"; // Add the option to turn the lights off. } else { myListName += "Lights On"; // Else the lights must be off add turn on. } The code above would add to the list a 4th option to turn the lights on or off like so below. myListName = ["Option 1","Option 2","Option 3", "Lights On"];
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