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  1. All you're really doing is turning your NPV into a follower/trap that keeps updating to your targets position with llSetRegionPos. This will make their traps / followers go onto them giving the illusion that they're reflected back onto themselves.
  2. You stated none of these have the word "harley" in them.. I checked and they all have harley in the features.. Edit: I just saw @Ansiri has already stated this and I missed that but that's why it comes up when you search harley.
  3. It's very unrealistic to have someone available 24/7-365 to handle reports. There is typically 37,000 - 60,000 residents connected at a given time. IMing accounts with (whomever Linden) will get you no where you need to file an AR like you did and they'll handle it as soon as possible. Best thing is to block the trolls because fighting / arguing with them is just feeding into their game only makes it last longer.
  4. Submit a support ticket by login into Secondlife.com and hover over the Help tab > Select "Support" from that menu and click "Submit a Support Case" on the right hand side. Explain the situation and they'll get back to you.
  5. Second Life only charges $349 which includes a free month nowdays. You'll want to lower your prices if you want somebody to take them off your hands.
  6. What have you tried? Show us what you've added we'd be glad to help guide you through to fix any mistakes.
  7. I believe you would be able to achieve this with smartbots it's a subscription based service so you'll have to pay a small weekly fee I believe it's only a little over L$ 4,000 for an entire year.. I personally use it myself but only need people invited into a single role I've not done multiple but they can answer any of your questions.. here is their website: https://www.mysmartbots.com/
  8. To make your NPC randomly select a question you'd want to utilize the llFrand function that'll randomly a number between 0 and the limit you give it. Once you've generated a number have a list full of questions like so.. list questions = ["Question 1","Question 2","Question 3"]; You can then use the function llGetListLength and have it return the total number of items in the list. integer listCount = llGetListlength(questions); integer randomNum = llFrand(listCount); Then you'd use llList2String to convert the random number into a string of text from the list. string randomQuestion = llList2String(questions,randomNum); And then all you have to do is output it as you are in your script.
  9. Is this a grandfathered region? If not then why would anybody pay 600$ when they can purchase one directly from Second Life for $150 and get an entire months rent included..
  10. Thank you! I should have checked the JIRA first before posting.
  11. Hello, I'm having an issue with a script I wrote years ago that has functioned fine until now it's just returning a 499 error. It is doing a http request to https://secondlife.com/httprequest/homepage.php and parse out the amount of avatars online and display it on a board at my sandbox. I recently noticed it was 0 and left it be figuring Second Life was acting up at the time. It has now been a week and it's still 0 because it's getting a 499 error... Has something changed with request that I'm not aware of?
  12. I have no clue as to why they're on a different port. I'm sure they've got a very good technical reason for it being different I just have no idea.
  13. I was doing a project awhile back and I found out my host did not allow any outbound communication ports other than the standard I believe the ports were 12046 for HTTP and 12043 for HTTPS. You'd have to ask your host if they'll open them for you.
  14. Rekson Rentals Breedable / Commercial / Residential ALLOWED AMAZING MOVE IN SPECIALS MUST MENTION SEEING THIS ON THE FORUMS CONTACT SCALER REXEN FOR DETAILS Not sure if renting mainland will work for your needs? Try the land for 24 hours if you don't like it get a 100% refund. Featured Listings *Bonus Time added to all Featured Listings* L$ 1823/wk | 2810 Prims | 8,192 sqm (64m x 128m) Flat Grass | Suri (127,254,55) L$ 1793/wk | 2612 Prims | 8,192 sqm (64 x 128m) Flat Grass | Muhongo (129,1,48) L$ 1093/wk | 1582 Prims | 4,608 sqm (72m x 64m) Flat Grass | Scurfield (191,186,42) L$ 943/wk | 1405 Prims | 4,096 sqm (64m x 64m) Flat Grass | Vetiver (129,1,113) L$ 523/wk | 703 Prims | 2,048 sqm (64m x 32m) Flat Grass | Hyriasm (193,159,49) L$ 263/wk | 351 Prims | 1,024 sqm (32m x 32m) Flat Sand | Shukshin (162,129,38) ______________________________________________________________________________________ All Available land located Here Don't see the parcel / prims you're needing? Contact me Please ask any questions you have about our rentals. Please IM me in world Scaler Rexen
  15. It's not possible to have collision on a particle it might just take a few more objects at various locations on the boat to achieve the effect you're looking for.. I would also suggest using llLinkParticleSystem so you can have one script control all of the particles.
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