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  1. I really need a custom skin designer that able to make a very realistic and high quality skin for bento heads
  2. I really need a custom skin designer able to make a very realistic skin for bento heads
  3. Once you wear the eyeshadow you need to mask your eyelashes otherwise it will look ugly
  4. Help is there anyway to buy lindens with phone
  5. ri13

    help please im confused alot

    please help me i need really to look exactly like rihanna
  6. Thoese are my rihanna avatars please which one is the best and closer to riri please i need help
  7. ri13


    i have a wifi connection and dont know if i buy Huawei Y3II will lumiya work?
  8. ri13


    i will buy a phone and dont know which one is the best for it
  9. ri13


    doese lumiya viewer workes in Huawei Y3II http://www1.huawei.com/enmobile/consumer/mobile-phones/det ?
  10. and cant buy a second life for mobile phone is there a free version that you can see your avatar and the destinations?
  11. ri13


    how to put an object a skin or hair in a box for sale ?
  12. ri13


    is there any way that can transform your classic avatar into mesh or mesh into classic?
  13. ri13


    i need a viewer ofr slow computer i have 3g ram and windows 7
  14. ri13


    is there a viewer faster than firestorm?
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