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  1. 1/4 Homestead available for rent 1,250 Prims. Residential and Light Commercial Allowed. No clubs L$1,750/week Pines/64/64/20/
  2. I have a Roadside and Waterfront parcel in a Moderate region available for rent! there are no rules with this land. Do as you please with it. L$3,949 Per week 5,449 Prims Any questions please contact Sonof Marvin
  3. 4096m - 1406 Prims - L$999/week

    Both still available
  4. 4096m - 1406 Prims - L$999/week

    Still Available
  5. Two Flat, Green parcels available for rent. No Rules! Do as you please!
  6. Want to buy a full sim

    Purchasing a full region typically happens in US$. First you have to find a seller and agree to their price. Then you have to Submit a transfer ticket. Mid you are buying non grandfathered you’d probably benefit from just buying brand new. They’re $600
  7. Still Available, now only L$3999/week
  8. 1/4 Full private region No Rules, All types allowed. (Commercial, Residential, Breedable all allowed) L$4099/week 5,000 Prims 16,384m Square Touch the land sign in the middle of the land for a landmark to the Tier Box. Adult Region Grass can be adjusted to Sand or Rock as requested Dreams/65/62/21 Contact Sonof Marvin if you have any questions.
  9. Commercial or Residential land. No rules. Breedables allowed. 4608 Meters Square L$1,099/week 1,582 Prims Use the land however you wish. Perfect for residential. One sim away from the waterfront. Abandoned land nearby with a perfect view of wide open field. Rental box is located on the NW corner of the land.
  10. No rules, Do as you please! Full estate manager included. Touch the land sign in the middle of the region for a landmark to the tier office. L$6,999/week. Price locked for as long as you stay. Heights/128/128/43
  11. Land is intended for Residential or Light Commercial use. Because it is a homestead clubs will not likely work. Land is green grass, we will be glad to try to add more sand if desired. Touch the land sale sign in the middle of the land for a landmark to the tier office. 1,250 Prims, L$1,750/week. Pines/64/64/20/ Pines/64/64/20/

    I've sent you a PM in game
  13. No Rules, Do as you wish! L$4,099/week. 5,000 Prims! Dreams/64/64/22
  14. No Rules, Do as you wish with the land Flat, Green land. Perfect for commercial or residential L$999/week