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  1. I am in the market for one grandfathered Homestead. I'm not willing to pay extreme inflation prices, but I do have cash in hand and Am a reliable source. I will move and re-name the region if requested. Contact me in game if you have anything. Grandfathered or buy down only
  2. 5,000 Prims No rules Dreams/189/189/22
  3. Full Homestead for rent L$ 7,299/week Full Estate Manager Rights No Rules. Do as you please! Stream/125/125/21
  4. Looking to rent a Grandfathered Homestead

    I sent you a PM in game. Stream/125/125/21
  5. 1/4 of a full private island Commercial or Residential allowed. 16,384m - 5,000 prims L$3,999/week price locked for the length of your tenancy. terraform however you'd like. Dreams/191/189/22
  6. Only one 1/4 parcel remains! Commercial or Residential allowed, no major rules or restrictions. Terraform +/-100, Moderate region. Your choice of Sand or Grass upon rental. Dreams/188/190/22
  7. Looking for 1/4 sim commercial use

    Did you find what you are looking for? I have available 1/4 parcels
  8. I have 2 open parcels, each are 1/4 of a Full Region (16,384m). Each parcel has 5,000 Prims. Any type of use is allowed, Both commercial and Residential. View all our available parcels in real time at
  9. I have land on a residential homestead for rent. Land is green, and can be terraformed anyway you prefer. Land includes 1,250 prims and is L$1,750/week. Land Size is 16,384m Pines/193/67/35
  10. How much for full transfer?
  11. Are you selling Full Transfer or are you trying to rent it? This is the SALE section, not rent.
  12. 1/4 Homestead parcels for rent L$1,600/week Grass Rent the full region for L$6400/week and get EM Isle/90/183/28
  13. 1/4 Homestead for rent 5,000 prims L$1,699/week Bay/67/186/23
  14. 1/4 Full Private Region 16,384m exactly 5,000 Prims L$4,199/week Commercial or Residential. No strict rules Dreams/196/64/32
  15. Full Homestead L$6,999/week EM included