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  1. Reading about the new prices

    As an estate owner, I have always offered the option for Non estate owners to purchase Homesteads through me, and pay me the cost of tier in L$ without a markup. I don't mind offering it at no profit considering I am going to remain a region owner anyway. Might be a good alternative to those who cannot own a Homestead or OpenSpace because they do not have a full region. Not sure if you are a region owner, I didn't quite understand your post, But i wanted to throw it out there just encase
  2. Adult Region No Rules, Use the land however you want! L$1,999/week. Land price covers first weeks tier. Corner Parcel with Sunset view. Dreams/64/32/21
  3. Great Residential spot. Light Commercial is also allowed! +/- 100m Terraform L$1,750/week 1,250 Prims! Pines/194/197/22
  4. Grandfathered Full Region

    $2200 contact me in game
  5. 1/4 Homestead L$1,700/week

    Also available is 1/2 Homestead for L$3,400/week
  6. 1/4 Homestead L$1,700/week

  7. 1/4 Homestead parcels for rent. 1,250 Prims per parcel Residential and light commercial allowed. Breedables Allowed 2 parcels available Pines/191/192/44 Pines/192/64/44
  8. Full Homestead L$6,999/week

    b Region was recently moved, If you cant find it try to log in to the region.
  9. I have a Grandfathered Full Region available for sale. The tier date will be the 6th of each month. The region will not be ready for transfer until Monday the 9th so the buyer will get a full months tier included! $2,600 including the transfer fee to maintain grandfathered status. contact Sonof Marvin in game if Interested.
  10. I have a Grandfathered Homestead available for sale the region is empty and ready for immediate transfer. Price is $1,300.00 including transfer fee. I am open to reasonable offers, but am not in any NEED to sell the region.. the tier date is on the 14th of each month. Contact me in game if interested
  11. 1/4 Full Region for rent 5,000 Prims. No Rules! Use the land however you want Adult Region Breedables Allowed Clubs Allowed Commercial and Residential Allowed Purchase the land pays the first weeks tier! Dreams/65/193/22
  12. Use as you'd like. No rules L$6,999/week. Price of land covers first weeks tier Full Estate manager included 5,000 prims