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  1. Commercial or Residential land. No rules. Breedables allowed. 4608 Meters Square L$1,099/week 1,582 Prims Use the land however you wish. Perfect for residential. One sim away from the waterfront. Abandoned land nearby with a perfect view of wide open field. Rental box is located on the NW corner of the land.
  2. No rules, Do as you please! Full estate manager included. Touch the land sign in the middle of the region for a landmark to the tier office. L$6,999/week. Price locked for as long as you stay. Heights/128/128/43
  3. Land is intended for Residential or Light Commercial use. Because it is a homestead clubs will not likely work. Land is green grass, we will be glad to try to add more sand if desired. Touch the land sale sign in the middle of the land for a landmark to the tier office. 1,250 Prims, L$1,750/week. Pines/64/64/20/ Pines/64/64/20/

    I've sent you a PM in game
  5. No Rules, Do as you wish! L$4,099/week. 5,000 Prims! Dreams/64/64/22
  6. No Rules, Do as you wish with the land Flat, Green land. Perfect for commercial or residential L$999/week
  7. You can make a 20,000 region a 30,000 region without loosing grandfathering. For future reference.
  8. Grandfathered Homestead

    No Longer Available
  9. Full Homestead available for rent. L$6,999/week. Price will never increase for as long as your tenancy. Estate Manager included Change the region from General, Moderate, or Adult as you wish Terraform +/- 100m Build as high or as low as you want Change the terrain textures as you wish. Your Region, Your Rules! Do as you wish Heights/128/128/2
  10. Full Homestead L$7,099/week

  11. Full Homestead available for rent Estate Manager included No rules, do as you wish. L$7,099/week Stream/128/128/22
  12. Full Homestead available for rent Estate Manager included No rules, do as you wish. L$7,299/week Stream/128/128/22
  13. L$7,299/week Full Homestead 5,000 Prims No Rules!

    No longer available
  14. No Rules, Commercial, Residential, Breedables all allowed. 5,000 prims. L$4,099/week Dreams/198/68/22