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  1. No longer Available
  2. No longer looking to buy.
  3. I have a grandfathered full region tier is on the 20th. $1,400 plus transfer fees contact Sonof Marvin in game if interested
  4. Region name: Stone Ridge price will never change L$15,999/week
  5. I am interested in purchasing a Grandfathered Region. I have cash on my account and can do the transfer immediately. Contact Sonof Marvin in game with offers. Thank you
  6. Hi, the time period to "buy down" regions to grandfathered status has already passed anyway, so it is impossible to grandfather a region that is not already grandfathered. in some cases grandfathered regions can be worth more, but in most cases they aren't. By the time that extra transfer fee is collected you get about the same either way. Hope that helps
  7. I have 2 available for rent. I sent you a PM if you're interested
  8. To buy a island from linden lab it's $600.00 plus $295USD per month. A grandfathered region is considerably more, and depends on what the seller wants for it.. plus a $600 transfer fee. Also in USD.
  9. If you are still looking for a region to rent please contact me in game. I have a couple available. I will beat the ll prices per day.
  10. How much do you ask for your grandfathered region?
  11. Hello, Is your homestead grandfathered? What is your price for full transfer? or perhaps did you mean to post here?
  12. Yeah me too at that price Btw there is a wanted section. This is the for sale section
  13. Only ONE left!