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  1. Sunrise view, Green grass can be adjusted to renters preference. 1/4 Homestead land on South East side. Everything allowed except Clubs. Commercial and Residential Allowed Breedables Allowed. L$1,750/week with 1,250 prims! Pines/192/64/22
  2. 1,250 Prims! No Major Rules, Stay within your parcel lines and have no issues Residential and Light Commercial allowed. L$1,750/week Pines/192/63/22
  3. Grandfathered Homestead

    Oh sorry it’s been sold a while now
  4. 1/4 a full region for rent. any type of use allowed. Residential, commercial, clubs, breedables, all allowed. L$4,199/week Touch the land sale sign in the middle of the land for a landmark to the tier box. Dreams/67/193/22
  5. Tier date is the 7th. Grandfathered $95/month tier. Accepting offers. PM Me in world. Please include transfer fee in your offer.
  6. Looking to buy grandfathered homestead

    Sent you a PM IG
  7. Grandfathered Homestead for sale

    I think we all would want one for 1,400 Linden’s hahah. but it’s already sold.
  8. I have a grandfathered Homestead for sale. The tier date is on the 28th of each month. The monthly tier is $95 I am looking to get $1,400.00 including the transfer fee to retain grandfathered status. I am not in any hurry to sell this region, and therefor am looking to get the most I possibly can. Feel free to PM me in game if you are interested.
  9. Sunrise Parcel Green Grass +/- 100 Terraform rights. Residential sim nice quiet place to live Light Commercial allowed as well. Pines/192/64/21
  10. 1/4 Homestead available for rent 1,250 Prims. Residential and Light Commercial Allowed. No clubs L$1,750/week Pines/64/64/20/
  11. I have a Roadside and Waterfront parcel in a Moderate region available for rent! there are no rules with this land. Do as you please with it. L$3,949 Per week 5,449 Prims Any questions please contact Sonof Marvin
  12. 4096m - 1406 Prims - L$999/week

    Both still available
  13. 4096m - 1406 Prims - L$999/week

    Still Available
  14. Two Flat, Green parcels available for rent. No Rules! Do as you please!