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  1. I have a little bit wrong on the tongue its extending the mesh out to mush how do i fix this please https://i.gyazo.com/8489ed4b709dc5f98c30eef106267730.mp4 Also Am thinking about shape keys and am wondering if they can be used in animation . Is it worth saving them with different poses to start animation work? Thank you *smiles*
  2. I got a bit further the problem above was because my mFaceJaw was only the outside skin not the skin inside the mouth . Since adding this the mouth was behaving better . my only think left is the tongue which doesn't behave quire right and seems twisted . I presume this is something to do with weights ?
  3. Well I made them all cheeky bits smaller. But still have this large area i cant identify what part of mesh it belongs too can you let me know ideas how to fix this please ?
  4. Yes @Quarrel Kukulcan I understand what you mean but the way above is much cleaner than painting unless you are an art artists then i guess it would be easier. However I still need o work out how big the dragons cheeks should be as they seem to large. Also you didn't seem to note that the mFaceCheekLower and mCheekUpper both left and right was weighted wrong from auto weigh placing exactly the same vector groups of faces in the upper and lower. This is why I asked @Aquila Kytori for some idea with the auto for these cheeky bits placing as it seemed all foobar Dx
  5. @Quarrel Kukulcan Well the cheeks come from auto weight model in blender 2.92 there was much wrong with it facially as we have been discussing I am guessing this last cheeky issue is the last one so am excited to get onto animating it . The two upper lower areas are the same so cannot be correct @Aquila Kytori showed me where to set the areas last time within the 'Object Data Properties' tab in edit mode which shows vertex bone groups on auto weighted mesh which worked with front lips in video here , which also shows whats left to sort https://i.gyazo.com/babfe243cfaf3d05b5bcda9dfbbf3636.mp4
  6. Do you think it could be my cheeks the area looks a bit large I hope this looks better and i think it might be causing problem as this is mFaceCheekLowerRight the mFaceCheekUpper is similar where abouts should these be please your best guesses. Thank you Dx
  7. Nods i am excited about it again as we solved the problem with front teat I just wish there was a way of touching a part in pose mode so it gave you the faces it was in ?
  8. I think i was moving jaw out of moth that is why it stretched the chin ? Am not sure but mouth does not open to far before it goes wrong but is looking much better @Aquila Kytori But I think there is some other bits causing concern could you help as its close see video below https://i.gyazo.com/babfe243cfaf3d05b5bcda9dfbbf3636.mp4
  9. Wow its a lot better but still have a small problem with cheeks i think or maybe the chin had some move i am going around looking for some
  10. But oh dear before you look at images below which I deleted I forgot to select by ' .' mode this shows lots of other weights attributed to other parts on every vertex . How can i remove these easily from all vertext it seems i may have removed them from faces but not vertext oddly
  11. I hope this looks better but i don't know why my teeth do this . They are separated correctly under vertex bone assignment yet in weight this looks a mess can anyone suggest what is wrong? It seems defiantly the teeth misshaping as have checked tongue and it is not that I think i need some expert advice as maybe i have messed something up ? Thank you With skin shown and teeth selected nothing else is selected so why does it do this please ? Top and bottom are separate and bottom is with correct vertex So why does it do above 1st
  12. I think its the scripts giving back this as the model is ok . I have found a Collada output. This normally defaults to y instead of x for some reason :i need x forward faxing for animesh. the forward axis gets set to y why ?
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