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  1. I checked my script and memory usage my script was at 721 lines and had only 1200 left to load this list making this not possible . I opened a new script and got same routines loading from note card however the only transport is message linked this is simply not fast enough for sound wave . So I am back to original problem with this sound wave issue of non reading consecutive sound files with [bpm] in their name , Can someone in Linden look into this please ? Thank you
  2. Oh well i don't think this is possible thanks for looking , gives up with this as there is no help on the wiki about how to do this and am fed up with silly people show boating
  3. I am still getting this side affect of a big push at the start of the collision it doesn't matter what i do to remove it latest code used a bigger item with bigger mass and cylindrical Se video the Timer gave a delay that got the circle walk but to far away from the item as the initial push is still to high which we cant seem to avoid. rotation rot3ToQuat(vector deg) { return(llEuler2Rot(deg*DEG_TO_RAD)); } float magnitude = 5.0; default { state_entry() { llSetText("",<1.0,1.0,1.0>,1.0); } collision_start(integer num_detected)
  4. Please ignore wolfies version I am guessing again from his previous show boat he did that he is not doing the same thing as usual as the code my college and me are testing why are you bothering to waste time writing something different you are not teaching anyone anything wolfie . The last time he said he could do something his code was totally different . I did ask you not to comment on my threads Wolfie as you gave no help! I have now put you on ignore sorry but i have asked you not to do this. Anyway his video showed no movement of the centre item so I know he is not using collision
  5. I am still not sure how to do this i have had to put wolfie on ignore list as his content is always unhelpful and just show boating.
  6. Ok I have had another look at this and I made a bigger box made of plastic 1.77m3 this still gives a ridiculous first push as you can see from video its un realistic and even the script cannot compensate for it I am hoping for some help? s if I can loose the initial kick i can get what I am trying to do working . Video https://youtu.be/LAJ6ZIaXHqE Code : rotation rot3ToQuat(vector deg) { return(llEuler2Rot(deg*DEG_TO_RAD)); } default { state_entry() { llSetText("",<1.0,1.0,1.0>,1.0); } collision_start(i
  7. @Qie Niangao Oh lord it now gets to 8 loaded not 15 . I substituted your simpler GetNotecard () [08:28] PS 1.06: (DEBUG) Line : 0, DATA Candle in the wind (Piano Arrangement)-01 98.44 [08:28] PS 1.06: (DEBUG) Line : 1, DATA Candle in the wind (Piano Arrangement)-02 97.51 [08:28] PS 1.06: (DEBUG) Line : 2, DATA Candle in the wind (Piano Arrangement)-03 91.74 [08:28] PS 1.06: (DEBUG) Line : 3, DATA Candle in the wind (Piano Arrangement)-04 99.39 [08:28] PS 1.06: (DEBUG) Line : 4, DATA Candle in the wind (Piano Arrangement)-05 93.97 [08:28] PS 1.
  8. @Andrew Linden Ok I have had another look at this and put llGetEnergy() into script to determine if the system has full energy which it does 1.0 at all times so I still do not understand what is happening. Some experimentation has determined that : 1) this first push is annoying it puts my avatar out of range and is unhelpful. 2) My walking is not putting in more energy par ce! As I get close to the proximity to the box the forces start affecting my avatar to make it rotate in a circle. 3) As no force is being depleted here why is there this initial un realistic force and why
  9. ok thanks but its building a list of lines from the notecard to a list
  10. @MollymewsYou seem to refer to conservation of momentum not not a perpetual motion engine. I understood you informed me llGetMass() the mass of the box is 1.25 and is a cube 0.5x0.5x05 in size This is pretty normal for a test . @Andrew Linden I hope you do not mind me saying However my answer is not being answered . I wanted to know why the magnitude of force was being given straight in first push . Then every time it was applying the same force this force diminished unrealistically. You can see from the video that the forces are changing just as first push is used with one big p
  11. Um @Qie NiangaoYour GetNotecard does not seem do the same thing I really don't understand what you mean by that am i missing something as yours does not compile the lines to a list at all. I am unsure why "[" and/or "]" would be troublesome as his is grammatical in English language . A simple search did not throw up any exceptions of using the "[" and/or "]" characters.
  12. @DoteDote EdisonAlthough this is true of llListFindList() it is not true of as a partial find as of the code I supplied as two of the lists would need to be checked as partial matches may not be found. Hope this clarifies?
  13. Thanks @Mollymewsthat's quite interesting however it talks about energy, the object loses energy, energy as the energy is reduced by llPushObject . This makes no sense as the magnitude of the force is applied into llPushObject, as I said the the llSetForce( or llApplyImpulse( and llSetForceAndTorque( might be of use but why does walking the avatar away from the object in the script in it magnify this energy into the system. I would expect repeated calls of llPushObject(llDetectedKey(0),iForceVec,<0.0,0.0,0.0>,TRUE); to force the energy onto the detected key . I understand this may lo
  14. @Qie Niangao Thanks for your message and your offer to help. You have the script above for playing which fails i believe because of naming expectation in PlaySound and Preload which only seems to function with sequential sound names sound-01 ... sound -10. It cannot seem to work were sound [067]-01 or sound -01 [0607] is used as name either sound [067]-01,sound [057]-02, sound[038]-03 ... sound[026]-10 or .either sound-01 [067],sound -02 [057], sound-03 [038] ... sound-10 [026] only sound-01 , sound-02, sound-03 ... sound-10. Seems to work well but you cannot add anything to the song
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