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  1. i understand Since the arclength around a circle is given by the radius*angle (l = r*theta), you can convert an angular velocity w into linear velocity v by multiplying it by the radius r, so v = rw. but not sure how to apply this to angular vector
  2. Hi scriptwriters and scribblers I am back with another question . Can i push an object in a circle with an angular impulse if so how do i set diameter of this circumference as an angular vector I have target_relative_direction = pos - llGetPos(); vector target_normalised_vector = llVecNorm(target_relative_direction); float push = 1; llPushObject( intruder_key, ((push/100.0)*2147483647)*target_normalised_vector, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE ); Which pushes in a straight line on global co-ordinates . If I want to get a circle can i change ZERO_VECTOR to an angular rotation and how and what and will this be in relation to diameter of circle pushed around ? Thank you for looking
  3. I also found this resource which is of interest and http://gridsurvey.com/api.php vector vP = llGetRegionCorner() / 256 + <-1,1,0>; // NW region = <-1,1,0>gkReq = llHTTPRequest("https://cap.secondlife.com/cap/0/b713fe80-283b-4585-af4d-a3b7d9a32492?var=varName&grid_x="+(string)vP.x+"&grid_y="+(string)vP.y, [], "");
  4. Also does not llGetRegionCorner() get the region corner your script is in not the one in the landmark?
  5. Hi i know this isa old thread but is there away to construct the SURL from it please?
  6. I cant see the point of encrypting something you can set with perms . I just rezed something i only own and the textures are all 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 so why do this do you have to much time on your hands and why does this need protection
  7. Hi everyone, Its very interesting that this map Api returns integer version of X and Y this suggests there is more that is waiting to be discovered and a reason for this representation requirement, does anyone know why please? D
  8. there is scripts t do this i think i put one on here a while back
  9. I am currently on the trail of the troll The Blind Wanderer I found another helpful clue left by him or her on wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Map_API_Reference this API can be used like gkQID = llHTTPRequest("https://cap.secondlife.com/cap/0/b713fe80-283b-4585-af4d-a3b7d9a32492?var=name&grid_x=" + (string)((integer)grid.x) + "&grid_y=" + (string)((integer)grid.y) , [], ""); However i am not sure how all this interrelates yet please let me know if you find "DaBoom" and LSl or The @BlindWanderer anywhere as I am sure they have the answered way:)
  10. hi animats , thanks for your message , I think there is differences between mainland or Linden owned land and other sims. I have notice when I try to use the script above setGlobalPos(vector globalDest) { , on wiki then my prim bangs up against the up most corner of the prim going no further. I Knocked but no one let me in . Now there is a region border on the other side of sim which I have not tried that is known to me so can I get corner add sim size the SURL local vectors. All this is good but it not addrees how the teleport are going further to another region. How is LSL doing this please? @BlindWanderer I saw your posts can you help please?
  11. I dont understand this bit: Q: How do I convert the landmark positions (retrieved using llRequestInventoryData) to global coordinates? A: Add the dataserver's return value to llGetRegionCorner before moving; the coordinate is relative to the simulator where you made the dataserver request. Now to complicate things. Say you want to move a prim from one sim into another sim that is diagonal from it. An example situation would be calling llSetPos(<257,257,50>); from <254,254,50>. Your prim will first transfer into the sim on the x axis of the move and then into the sim on the y axis. If there is no sim on the x axis your prim will go offworld. So if you move a prim from Tan to Kissling it will go off world. But if you move a prim from Kissling to Tan it won't. -BW from https://lslwiki.digiworldz.com/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=BlindWanderer
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