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  1. Ok, I'm gonna bump this old thread of mine cause it's mine and why not. 😋 Thanks everyone for the feedback, sorry I didn't say so sooner. I ended up making a gigantic leap, bought up a bunch of land at excellent prices, and built a community! It's definitely been hard work and it's still not completely done (doubt it ever truly will be), but it's been a lot of fun and I hope that maybe others can get some enjoyment out of it too. Come take a look: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mullein/146/205/83. The community is called Mullein Gap and is located on Heterocera, bisected by R
  2. I've been looking around for residential mainland communities but haven't really found what I'm looking for. Maybe someone can make some recommendations? Ideally, a family-friendly community with an assortment of homes, shops, services, entertainment, etc... Something on a roadway, bonus points if also on navigable waters. Heck, I'd even be willing to build and manage one myself if someone had the land available!
  3. I think maybe I've found what you've been looking for...? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GEMC-Baiern-Alpenjager-Boxed/5577953
  4. I'm looking for either the sounds themselves or a script specifically for a fridge. I've got a commercial fridge I love, but the sounds grate on my nerves. They are horrible. So far all I've found to replace it with is sounds designed for sliding doors or regular building doors. Does anyone know of some sounds suitable for a refrigerator door? Thanks!!
  5. Yeah, you're right, it's best to just sit back and ignore the dicks that hide behind their computer screens and don't seem to give two *****s about the thoughts and feelings of others. No need to call them out on that behavior, although it's often that behavior that more and more often these days drives people to extremes--those depressed souls that don't find acceptance in the real world, find the same judgement and bullying online that further pushes them into a state of hopelessness, and eventually they end it by taking their life or the lives of others. I've seen it happen twice in two mon
  6. Wow, another illustration of how some of the people on these forums really need to stop and ask themselves "Is this response really warranted and/nor necessary? Am I saying something useful and kind, or just saying something to further inflame a situation?" You haven't been asked to psychoanalyze the guy... Stop posting judgmental pointless posts that would do nothing more than hurt others. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. (PS- Best responses made by @rasterscan and @Vanoralynna...) So now that I've broken my own rule and said something to further inflame a situation
  7. I have been searching for some good, high-quality mesh items for a pharmacy, and I'm coming up with nothing. Can anyone help? I would be willing to pay a mesh creator for make a few items. More than anything, I would like some low-impact medication display shelves.
  8. Ahh, gotcha. It is unfortunately quite true. Even within a single denomination, you have schisms and groups that break off and form their own churches. About to happen right now with the Methodist Church between two opposing sides that argue vehemently to their opinions and positions regarding one specific issue. I'm a Baptist, and they are fairly well known for their ability to argue with others and break free. My own pastor likes to make jokes that fried chicken on Sundays is just about the only thing you'll get all (Southern) Baptists to agree on.
  9. ...not sure what exactly you mean by this. Not all Christians have a desire to open churches on every corner.
  10. Your response has made me think that maybe what I'm looking for isn't as "weird" or impossible as I had imagined. I've been hoping to eventually find someone who wants to RP the whole family/marriage/kids thing but without an expectation or desire for RL romance and love. I'm not looking for a sexual relationship or ownership, or even full time companionship. I just want to find someone who would be a good friend but nothing more, someone who enjoys family RP too and wants to build onto their family unit. But it seems like what you generally find is the opposite- generally with men, a h
  11. Did you mean January, or have I completely lost track of time?
  12. Hi Jaide! I would be very interested in talking to you! I am also a Christian, and while I've been blessed to have found a couple other Christians in world with whom I am friends, I agree that it's hard to meet like-minded Christians who are open to friendship. Feel free to message me in world and lets chat. Or, send me a IM through here. Look forward to talking to you!
  13. Just figured I'd reply and keep this one going... HAHAHAHAHA! The post that won't die....
  14. Hi Paige! I'll send you a message next time I'm in world
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