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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everybody! I'm a Maya beginner, and I have some questions for you: What renderer for Maya most of Second Life creators prefer using for texture baking: Mental Ray or V-Ray? What kind of lighting in Maya Second Life creators using to achive results like this: I mean, less shadows, dark spots inside and outside. Is it may special HDRI map? What do you guys think? Thank you!
  2. Hello! my vehicle has a light system called from the menu. how to add to the script also the option to turn on the light when you click on a specific prim/face in the vehicle linkset? and how resource-consuming is this change? is it worth doing?
  3. Hello! What is the easiest way to make the light blink using the llSetLinkPrimitiveParametersFast? Preferably not using a timer, since there is already one timer, and I tried to build it into it, but it didn’t work out yet. Is it possible at all?
  4. Hello! need a script for linkset of several objects, allowing one object to emit light and turn off for the rest in a circular chain. I managed to add a light to all objects but I can’t turn of for the rest. What is the way to do this?
  5. Hello! I want to embed the brightness and glowing of certain surfaces in this door script to simulate the inclusion of light in the refrigerator. It will be two prims - the refrigerator itself and the door. only two faces will be lit accordingly. Advise how to do this? and another question. Will it work if the fridge itself is part of the linket? The script is written by the forum participant string door_sound = "743e6ba4-65a8-d641-da12-6dc20e37eceb"; integer intSwing =90; rotation rotSwing; vector vOffset; default{ state_entry(){ rotSwing = llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,(float)intSwing>*DEG_TO_RAD); //90 degrees on the z axis vector size = llGetScale(); vOffset = <(size.x*//0.5 .45),(size.y*.5),1>;//open away from someone standing in front of face 2 -- that is, in front of the prim -- hinged on the left. } touch_start(integer total_number){ llPlaySound (door_sound, 1.0); list l = llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POS_LOCAL,PRIM_ROT_LOCAL]); vector v = llList2Vector(l,0); rotation r = llList2Rot(l,1); llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POS_LOCAL,v+(vOffset-vOffset * rotSwing)*r,PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,rotSwing*r]); rotSwing.s*=-1; } }
  6. In features you can make an object create light, I have been trying for some time to find a way to control the light so that it doesn't go through objects (i.e. Floors if it's a ceiling light, walls if it's a street light, and even cove lights which are only supposed to light up the side of wall they are directed at.) I've been playing for almost 12 years and I never looked to deep into it because traditionally we used glow and a secondary object with a gradient or shadow texture. In hopes of finding a better solution I was told to post here and I hope y'all can help or at the very least tell me there really is no way to control the light function and I will start learning to bake multiple textures(light on & light off)
  7. Hello. First let me say I'm still pretty new to building, scripting, etc., so I may be a little naive, but... Okay, let me try to explain what I've got so far....First, I have a link set of lights (prims)...each prim has a script that changes to one of a set group of colors. I've added an invisible prim as the root which acts as switch for all of the lights with the same script inside. So each prim color can be changed individually AND they'll all change to the SAME color if the root prim is touched instead. I've also found and added a script that turns the prim "projector" light on and off along with "full bright"....also by touch. This only works in the individual lights, not as a set via the root prim, which I'm fine with. All of this works and works together beautifully. The only thing I'm looking for now is a way to synchronize the color of the projected light with the chosen color of the prim. So if I choose to make all the lights blue, then click them all to "turn them on", I'd like the projector light to turn on blue automatically as well. Not sure if that's even possible...or if it is, whether or not that would conflict with any of the other currently working scripts. But any help or advice....or scripts, lol...would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. ive started to build neon light signs. im looking for a creative light script that will: Script 1 - add color to sign running from one side of the object to the other in a smooth motion - option for one color or multiple colors in sequence Script 2 - smooth increase from 0 to 100 transparency and back to 0 on a loop if anyone has any pointers that would be amazing! im happy to buy a good script if it comes copy/trans
  9. Hello! Question to experienced scripters. Has anyone ever worked with RCX flight scripts? I have this Land Light script. Its for the prim cone of light. In the off state it is a small cone but when it is turned on it increases. And I want to redo it into a simple light source (no cone prim). I need to remove all the excess that affects the size of my light source and leave only the turning on/off the parameters of light. What needs to be removed? Can anyone help? /** * @author(s): Reconx86 * @created: 2016.04.12 * * RCX Landing Lights: * A script too manage Landing Lights * * @license: * You are allowed to share this script full-perm with others and even use it in your own projects. * But do not sell the script seperately nor as part of a script package */ integer lLandLight; integer rLandLight; string objName = "landing light"; integer links; integer objTotal; list lstPrimNames; rcxGetNames() { lstPrimNames = []; integer link_nr; integer links = llGetNumberOfPrims(); for (link_nr = 0; link_nr <= links; link_nr++) { lstPrimNames += [llGetLinkName(link_nr)]; } } integer rcxName2Link (string prim_name) { integer link_nr = llListFindList(lstPrimNames, [prim_name]); if (link_nr == -1) { link_nr = llGetListLength(lstPrimNames); llOwnerSay(llGetScriptName() + ": Prim \"" + prim_name + "\" not found"); } return link_nr; } lightsOn(integer num, integer navSide) { list params; params = [ PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, num * 0.1, PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, num, <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>, //reflection/tint 1.0, 2, 0.5, PRIM_COLOR, ALL_SIDES, <0.0, 0.5, 1.0>, num * 0.07//Light transparancy ]; if (num) {//When lights are turned on this returns TRUE params += [ PRIM_POS_LOCAL, <16.4, navSide * 3.5, -2.64>, PRIM_SIZE, <5.00000, 5.00000, 30.00000> ]; } else {//Executes when lights are turned off params += [ PRIM_POS_LOCAL, <3.9, navSide * 3.5, 0.0>, PRIM_SIZE, <1.00000, 1.00000, 1.00000> ]; } if (~navSide) { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(lLandLight, params); llSetLinkAlpha(lLandLight, 0.0, 0); } else { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(rLandLight, params); llSetLinkAlpha(rLandLight, 0.0, 0); } } default { state_entry() { links = llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey()); rcxGetNames(); lLandLight = rcxName2Link("RCX Landing Light (Port)"); rLandLight = rcxName2Link("RCX Landing Light (Starboard)"); lstPrimNames = []; } link_message(integer sender, integer num, string msg, key id) { if (msg == "#landing_light") { lightsOn(num, 1); lightsOn(num, -1); llSetScriptState(llGetScriptName(), FALSE); } } }
  10. Hi! Is it possible to animate light texture option in the features tab with script and how? Not just flickering, I want to use gif texture.
  11. Hi! Is it possible to animate light texture option (next to light color window) in the features tab (advanced lighting) with SCRIPT and how? Not flickering or intensity stuff, I want to use animated "gif" texture.
  12. Hello! Help please create a script of a police siren. So far I have managed to create such a script, but for some reason it does not work. please tell me where did i make a mistake? It should turn on / off by click and blink blue / red lights. the sound is excellent, but there is a problem with the light. And when i turn it off, it gives an error : llSetPrimitiveParams error running rule #2 (PRIM_POINT_LIGHT): arg #2 is missing. Thanks for any help! //* script_starts_here // integer run; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if(llDetectedKey(0)==llGetOwner()) { if(run) { run = FALSE; llStopSound(); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(llGetLinkNumber(),[PRIM_GLOW,ALL_SIDES,llFrand(0.10),PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,FALSE ]); } else { run = TRUE; llLoopSound("Siren", 1.0); { llSetTimerEvent(0.01); } { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(llGetLinkNumber(),[PRIM_GLOW,ALL_SIDES,llFrand(0.10),PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,TRUE, <1.0,0.0,0.0> // START COLOR ,1.0 // START INTENSITTY ,10.0 // START RADIUS ,0.2 // START FALLOFF ]); llSleep(llFrand(0.3)); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(llGetLinkNumber(),[PRIM_GLOW,ALL_SIDES,0.0,PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,TRUE, <0.0,0.0,1.0> // END COLOR ,1.0 // END INTENSITTY ,10.0 // END RADIUS ,0.2 // END FALLOFF ]); llSleep(llFrand(0.3)); } } } } } //* script_ends_here
  13. Hello! tell me please how should the script of the lighting device look like, which is switched on/off by command in the chat, and illuminates the ambience, but with only one surface glowing? Danke, Muchos gracias, Thanks!
  14. Hello! I have such a wonderful script. It is turned on/off by chat command "ON/OFF". But I need the light to turn on and off on the same command, for example light. You say "light" for the first time and the light turns on. The second time and it turns off. Please help! Thanks for your help in advance! default { state_entry() { key owner = llGetOwner(); llListen(0, "", owner, ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "ON") { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,TRUE,<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0,15,0.750, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 0.4]); } else if (message == "OFF") { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,FALSE,<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0,15,0.750, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 0.0]); } }}
  15. Hello! I have a question. I'm building a boat and there must be a refrigerator with a door with lighting on/off when door is open/close. I want to add such a lines to script, but I do not know where. Advise please! THANK YOU! LINES TO ADD: /////////////////ON llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,TRUE,<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0,15,0.750, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 0.4]); ///////////////// OFF llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,FALSE,<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0,15,0.750, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 0.0]); DOOR SCRIPT (For vehicles) //------------------------------------------------------ // Timeless Linked Door Script by Timeless Prototype //------------------------------------------------------ // The latest version of this script can always be found // in the Library section of the wiki: // http://www.secondlife.com/badgeo/ // This script is free to use, but whereever it is used // the SCRIPT's permissions MUST be set to: // [x] Next owner can modify // [x] Next owner can copy // [x] Next owner can transfer // [x] Allow anyone to copy // [x] Share with group //------------------------------------------------------ // USAGE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERYDAY USE: //------------------------------------------------------ // Say the following commands on channel 0: // 'unlock' - Unlocks all doors in range. // 'lock' - Locks all doors in range and allows // only the permitted users to open it. // To open the door, either Touch it, Walk into it or // say 'open' or say 'close'. //------------------------------------------------------ // USAGE INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUILDERS: //------------------------------------------------------ // 1. Copy and paste this script into the door prim and // change the settings (see further down). // 2. The door prim must be linked to at least one other // prim (could be linked to the house for example). // 3. The door prim MUST NOT be the root prim. // 4. Use Edit Linked Parts to move, rotate and size the // door prim for the closed state. // 5. When ready, stand close to the door and say // '/door closed' (this records the closed door // position, rotation and size to the object's // name and description). // 6. Use the Edit Linked parts to move, rotate and size // the door prim for the opened state. // 7. When ready, stand close to the door and say // '/door opened' (this records the opened door // position, rotation and size). // 8. Once recorded it will not accept these commands // again. If you do need to redo the settings then // delete the Name and Description of the door prim // (these are where the position information is // stored), and then follow the steps above again. // Note: deleting the object name won't save, so set // the object name to 'Object' to reset the object // name. //------------------------------------------------------ // Change these settings to suit your needs. //------------------------------------------------------ // To mute any/all of the sounds set the sound string(s) // to "" (empty string). // To get the UUID of a sound, right click on the sound // in your inventory and choose "Copy Asset UUID", then // paste the UUID in here. string doorOpenSound = "9a076511-9aa8-f50d-e34c-1396a07a66a9"; string doorCloseSound = "876d3492-b8b8-7745-f5ae-dc5176ec6105"; string confirmedSound = "69743cb2-e509-ed4d-4e52-e697dc13d7ac"; string accessDeniedSound = "58da0f9f-42e5-8a8f-ee51-4fac6c247c98"; string doorBellSound = ""; // Setting to empty stops door announcements too. float autoCloseTime = 0.0; // 0 seconds to disable auto close. integer allowGroupToo = TRUE; // Set to FALSE to disallow same group access to door. list allowedAgentUUIDs = ["e032aea2-9489-40d3-87b3-713300ead4cc"]; // Comma-separated, quoted list of avatar UUIDs who are allowed access to this door. integer listenChannel = 0; //------------------------------------------------------ // Leave the rest of the settings alone, these are // handled by the script itself. //------------------------------------------------------ integer isLocked = FALSE; // Only when the door is locked do the permissions apply. integer isOpen = TRUE; vector openPos = ZERO_VECTOR; rotation openRot = ZERO_ROTATION; vector openScale = ZERO_VECTOR; vector closedPos = ZERO_VECTOR; rotation closedRot = ZERO_ROTATION; vector closedScale = ZERO_VECTOR; key openerKey = NULL_KEY; key closerKey = NULL_KEY; integer isSetup = FALSE; integer listenHandle = 0; string avatarName = ""; mySayName(integer channel, string objectName, string message) { string name = llGetObjectName(); llSetObjectName(objectName); llSay(0, "/me " + message); llSetObjectName(name); } mySay(integer channel, string message) { string name = llGetObjectName(); llSetObjectName("Door"); llSay(0, message); llSetObjectName(name); } myOwnerSay(string message) { string name = llGetObjectName(); llSetObjectName("Door"); llOwnerSay(message); llSetObjectName(name); } mySoundConfirmed() { if (confirmedSound != "") { llTriggerSound(confirmedSound, 1.0); } } mySoundAccessDenied() { if (accessDeniedSound != "") { llTriggerSound(accessDeniedSound, 1.0); } } myGetDoorParams() { isSetup = FALSE; if (llSubStringIndex(llGetObjectDesc(), "door;") == 0 && llSubStringIndex(llGetObjectName(), "door;") == 0) { list nameWords = llParseString2List(llGetObjectName(), [";"], []); list descWords = llParseString2List(llGetObjectDesc(), [";"], []); if (llGetListLength(nameWords) != 4 || llGetListLength(descWords) != 4) { myOwnerSay("The door prim's name and/or description has invalid syntax and/or number of parameters. Delete the door prim's name and description and setup the door prim again."); } else { openPos = (vector)llList2String(nameWords, 1); openRot = (rotation)llList2String(nameWords, 2); openScale = (vector)llList2String(nameWords, 3); closedPos = (vector)llList2String(descWords, 1); closedRot = (rotation)llList2String(descWords, 2); closedScale = (vector)llList2String(descWords, 3); isSetup = TRUE; } } } mySetDoorParams(vector openPos, rotation openRot, vector openScale, vector closedPos, rotation closedRot, vector closedScale) { llSetObjectName("door;" + (string)openPos + ";" + (string)openRot + ";" + (string)openScale); llSetObjectDesc("door;" + (string)closedPos + ";" + (string)closedRot + ";" + (string)closedScale); isSetup = TRUE; } integer myPermissionCheck(key id) { integer hasPermission = FALSE; if (isLocked == FALSE) { hasPermission = TRUE; } else if (llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner()) { hasPermission = TRUE; } else if (allowGroupToo == TRUE && llSameGroup(id)) { hasPermission = TRUE; } else if (llListFindList(allowedAgentUUIDs, [(string)id]) != -1) { hasPermission = TRUE; } return hasPermission; } myOpenDoor() { isOpen = FALSE; myToggleDoor(); } myCloseDoor() { isOpen = TRUE; myToggleDoor(); } myToggleDoor() { if (isSetup == FALSE) { myOwnerSay("The door prim has not been configured yet. Please read the usage instructions in the door script."); } else if (llGetLinkNumber() == 0 || llGetLinkNumber() == 1) { myOwnerSay("The door prim must be linked to at least one other prim and the door prim must not be the root prim"); } else { isOpen = !isOpen; if (isOpen) { if (doorBellSound != "") { llTriggerSound(doorBellSound, 1.0); if (avatarName != "") { mySayName(0, avatarName, "is at the door."); avatarName = ""; } } if (doorOpenSound != "") { llTriggerSound(doorOpenSound, 1.0); } llSetPrimitiveParams([ PRIM_POSITION, openPos, PRIM_ROTATION, ZERO_ROTATION * openRot / llGetRootRotation(), PRIM_SIZE, openScale ]); // Door API. llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 255, "cmd|door|opened", NULL_KEY); } else { if (doorCloseSound != "") { llTriggerSound(doorCloseSound, 1.0); } llSetPrimitiveParams([ PRIM_POSITION, closedPos, PRIM_ROTATION, ZERO_ROTATION * closedRot / llGetRootRotation(), PRIM_SIZE, closedScale ]); // Door API. llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 255, "cmd|door|closed", NULL_KEY); } llSetTimerEvent(0.0); if (isOpen == TRUE && autoCloseTime != 0.0) { llSetTimerEvent(autoCloseTime); } } } default { state_entry() { listenHandle = llListen(listenChannel, "", NULL_KEY, ""); myGetDoorParams(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { if (myPermissionCheck(llDetectedKey(0)) == TRUE) { avatarName = llDetectedName(0); myToggleDoor(); } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } timer() { myCloseDoor(); } link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { // Door API. The API is here in case you want to create PIN entry keypads or whatever. if (num == llGetLinkNumber()) { if (str == "cmd|door|doOpen") { myOpenDoor(); } else if (str == "cmd|door|doClose") { myCloseDoor(); } } if (str == "cmd|door|discover") { llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 255, "cmd|door|discovered|" + (string)llGetKey(), id); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { // Performance note: it's quicker to compare the strings than to compare permissions each time anyone says anything on this channel. if (message == "open") { if (myPermissionCheck(id) == TRUE) { // Only open the door if the person is quite close to this door. openerKey = id; closerKey = NULL_KEY; avatarName = name; llSensor(name, id, AGENT, 5.0, TWO_PI); } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } else if (message == "close") { if (myPermissionCheck(id) == TRUE) { openerKey = NULL_KEY; closerKey = id; avatarName = name; // Only close the door if the person is quite close to this door. llSensor(name, id, AGENT, 5.0, TWO_PI); } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } else if (message == "lock") { if (myPermissionCheck(id) == TRUE) { isLocked = TRUE; mySoundConfirmed(); } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } else if (message == "unlock") { if (myPermissionCheck(id) == TRUE) { isLocked = FALSE; mySoundConfirmed(); } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } else if (message == "/door opened" && llSubStringIndex(llGetObjectName(), "door;") == -1) { if (llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner()) { mySoundConfirmed(); openPos = llGetLocalPos(); openRot = llGetLocalRot(); openScale = llGetScale(); isOpen = TRUE; if (! (closedPos == ZERO_VECTOR && closedRot == ZERO_ROTATION && closedScale == ZERO_VECTOR)) { mySetDoorParams(openPos, openRot, openScale, closedPos, closedRot, closedScale); } } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } else if (message == "/door closed" && llSubStringIndex(llGetObjectDesc(), "door;") == -1) { if (llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner()) { mySoundConfirmed(); closedPos = llGetLocalPos(); closedRot = llGetLocalRot(); closedScale = llGetScale(); isOpen = FALSE; if (! (openPos == ZERO_VECTOR && openRot == ZERO_ROTATION && openScale == ZERO_VECTOR)) { mySetDoorParams(openPos, openRot, openScale, closedPos, closedRot, closedScale); } } else { mySoundAccessDenied(); } } } sensor(integer num_detected) { if (openerKey != NULL_KEY) { integer i; for (i = 0; i < num_detected; i++) { if (llDetectedKey(i) == openerKey && myPermissionCheck(llDetectedKey(i)) == TRUE) { myOpenDoor(); } } openerKey = NULL_KEY; } else { integer i; for (i = 0; i < num_detected; i++) { if (llDetectedKey(i) == closerKey && myPermissionCheck(llDetectedKey(i)) == TRUE) { myCloseDoor(); } } closerKey = NULL_KEY; } } //------------------------------------------------------ // Uncomment the following code if you particularly want // collisions to affect the door state. //------------------------------------------------------ // collision_start(integer num_detected) // { // integer i; // for (i = 0; i < num_detected; i++) // { // if (myPermissionCheck(llDetectedKey(i)) == TRUE) // { // avatarName = llDetectedName(i); // myOpenDoor(); // } // else if (llDetectedType(i) & AGENT) // { // mySoundAccessDenied(); // } // } // } } // End of default state and end of script
  16. The land of Morathai, Is a newer Rp medieval fantasy sim with adult themes... We are currently in need of a variety of races. Dwarves we need greatly as we have tunnels and mining and they would have much to rp with us.. We also need Brothel workers.. Guards, knights, advisers, common folk, shop keepers and much more.. We at Morathai strive for a positive rp experience focused more on the stories you wish to build. We allow our rpers that join our sim to help with ideas and to branch out and enjoy all of what we have to offer.. For more questions Please message Saraya (Alitthea Resident ) or Stop by the Sim.
  17. float sun_height;vector sun_position; default{ state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(150); } timer() { sun_position = llGetSunDirection(); sun_height = sun_position.z; if(sun_height < 0.0) { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,TRUE,<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0,15,0.750, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 0.4]); } else { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,FALSE,<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0,15,0.750, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 0.0]); } }} float glow;float time; //------------------------------------- // Main program default { state_entry() { llSetColor(<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, ALL_SIDES); state begin; }} //------------------------------------- // Begin state state begin { state_entry() { glow = (integer) llRound(llFrand(1)); // Random on or off time = (float) llFrand(2); // Random wait time llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, TRUE, <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, glow, 5.0, 0.5, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, glow]); // Set prim light on/of state wait; // Go to the Wait State } } //------------------------------------- // Wait state state wait { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(time); //Wait } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); //remove the timer state begin; // Go back to the Begin State } }
  18. Greetings to all! We would like to welcome all who have a love of fantasy, medieval times and Good role play to come and enjoy time in Morathai! Morathai is an Ancient land divided into five clan realms. Each clan has its unique races written and designed for the sim.. and every clan also has something to offer to the other clans. Some are on the verge of war.. Some prefer to be neutral and not get involved in the battle of good and evil! Which side will you choose? There are no messy huds to level up with, no applications to fill out! All you have to do is come, choose a clan, then choose your race.. And please have a short bio and limits in your profile and your good to go! Come on down and Role play with us!
  19. Welcome to the Elements of Ezari!!! We are a new fantasy sim, looking for dedicated RP'ers who would like to join in the fun and chaos of story driven role play. We have created a delightful integrated sim to facilitate the stories of those who dare to join us. From a city to country, woods bright and dark, a desert and beneath the waves; Our sim itself lends to the weaving of your plot lines and provide a home for you. We have our own custom Fantasy Lore; Good, Neutral and Evil, all for your entertainment. If you wish to be a part of our Universe, please join the website and fill in an application. OR contact, Kou Syntera (KouWainohia.Bergbahn) or Arrenzyr (Cross.Nexen) or Buggie (Cricket.Ceawlin) Please have a gander at our website (https://ezari.enjin.com/), and feel free to peek at the sim to see for yourself - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aina Kealoha/166/184/1000
  20. I have noticed that some clothes even without changing the lighting or putting facelight / light remain perfect, same as with lighting. How do you do this? Is there any configuration in photoshop, mesh super low? Or very high? For my clothes with and without illumination change drastically. Grateful No light = normal (afternoon) lighting. Light = edited environment setting.(All white, made studio)
  21. So Hi, I'm Purz-- I carry a shattered heart, wounds that don't close, yet I still believe in fairy tales. (I definitely believe in a beautiful girl that sparkles when she walks too.) What I'm looking for in a friend/companion is unique beyond comprehension.. Perhaps that's why I haven't been able to make many since the ones I grew up with had passed away.. (overdoses and suicides). As far as my AV's "persona" goes, shes all me. I'm straight up with those I talk to.. Yes, I want friends and hopefully a dark-heart one day-- but I'm not one of those people that are okay with just calling it a day with a photo of me without a bit of a background, morose and beautiful at the same time. I did start a group for those that have suffered passed the traditional "depression".. I'm working on it's own location, in the meantime meeting at my house if anyone wants to have movie night that I set up.. I also set up a Skype for us, so yes-- questions about whether or not I'm actually the girl in my photos, don't even ask. I also DJ and host groups for controversial and supportive issues.. It is just me working on all of this but I'm doing the same in real life-- I'm working on a grant for victims of abuse, substance use, ptsd, homeless.. thats to name a few-- I'm just trying really hard to help others, and not many people are helping me back. I work really hard to help others, and it doesn't discourage me, only make me sad that I'm not being thought of the way I will think of a stranger and help them. I suppose it just hurts a small bit. and yet, I really just try to forget about it because crying is harder. Anyway, I'm a Pagan. I've been a Pagan since 13.. now in my late 20s and I'm still gratefully learning.. I admire the light and the darkness beauty of it. It's absolutely lovely, as well as continues to help me find spirit through study. I very little role-play, (other than embellish with my cute Demonic tail and furry now and then) in Second Life because my First Life has become a bit broken and scary that I seek so desperately people that like me for who I truly am, and not what I could never be.. I'm so honest that most don't stick around, and I don't want that kind of posse anyway. I want strength, and people who don't cower when faced with the opportunity to stand up for themselves or someone they love. I'm hoping to settle down at least with a bad-ass crew, even if the one person with the other piece of my heart doesn't exists-- At the least I'd have my coven of ladies. I love men also, just they always wound up being the people to slam me up in the air or punch me in the face.... Men usually make decent friends though.. However, those that give up will never see daylight the way it's suppose to be seen. I've battled, I've fought, I've won, I've lost. A bit more about me; I am a freelance Jill of All Trades; I am well educated with two degrees. I love sophisticated conversation.. I make music, graphic art, write constantly, and an IT and Networking Specialist. I do my own projects-- whether it be for victims of abuse to tune creation or publication, to fit training, etcétera.. I love helping individuals realize their true potential. I monitor websites, and absolutely love being a internet DJ. I'm a Gamer, used to be Pro. Now an Xbox Ambassador-- I wouldn't give up my XB1 for anything. I love the weirdest s h i t, and I listen to music that might give you a headache. I don't like social media too much, but I like to hope there's still a few wonderful people out there. But being "in" on the Net, you need a few pointless apps. WHAT DO I LOOK FOR THE MOST? She has the most frightening beautiful life in her eyes that can give me oxygen when needed, and take it away whenever she wishes. Yep! So! There's a brief synopsis. (Don't bother if you're fake or soliciting, I'm a Computer Specialist and can find out easily, please don't waste my time.) If that didn't scare the s h i t out of you by all means, hit me up!
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