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  1. Last year, it would have been fair to say that the most likely reason for someone not being around is they were busy with something else. This year, we're in the middle of a pandemic. I'm seeing people I know in Second Life confirmed dead at a rate that hasn't happened before, because this is the first pandemic that's happened during Second Life's history (and during my lifetime as I'm not in my hundreds). So the obvious thing is that people are worried because the chances of someone being dead are a lot higher right now. It's obvious that some of them will have already had friends/family
  2. The birthday isn't long away, so it'll be interesting to see if there is a new theme there.
  3. It's a badly constructed wall, but it didn't crash me or slow down my movement. My computer is not good, so if it's going to cause client issues, it usually will. What I did notice is the scripts. There are a lot of active scripts. There's little spare time in the stats. You can see this by first activating your "advanced" menu (the option will be in preferences somewhere), go to "performance tools" and then "statistics bar". Or look around a bit if it's in a different place for your viewer. Anyway, that's what's causing the lag. You can help by making sure your scripts are as low as
  4. I downloaded the EEP update and then switched to Firestorm so I can avoid EEP for as long as possible. I do like the environment part of it, but the way it messes up materials is not great. It breaks old content on a scale that means redoing years of work. Even with my small shop, that's daunting. Now, it might have been intended to break everything, but I can't see why. It's not realism to have a sun that doesn't reflect off anything except the most shiny of chrome textures. It's just odd.
  5. You can set a landing point on any parcel. You can then decide using the "teleport routing" options whether people can go "anywhere" (they can arrive at a different place if they have the landmark/slurl) or "landing point" (they can only teleport to the landing point and no other place). What you can't do is have a bit of both. You can't make someone go to the landing point on arrival and then let them teleport around freely if they're already there. Either they can teleport freely or they can't. However, you don't really need what you want to do. Setting a landing point and then set
  6. I've never owned a house and the only building I have with a door is my shop. Though if strangers want to wander around my meadow and see all my cute pets, they're more than welcome.
  7. Knowing when you log on or off is pretty irrelevant. The issue here is that she tells your friends who tell you and that upsets you. She's using your friends to harass you. So tell your friends that and ask them to stop taking part in this. Ask them not to pass on the messages she gives them. She shouldn't be using them to get around a block.
  8. Glad you figured it out!
  9. This is an error if you have a premium account, you have your free tier remaining, you're trying to buy mainland and not private land, and you're sure it really is 1024 and not 10024. If it is mainland, the seller has no control over any tier charges.
  10. On moderate land, adult content/services can't be promoted. There's a difference between saying people will do what they want behind closed doors and renting them somewhere explicitly for that purpose. Adding in the furniture does move it in that direction, as it's more like adult clubs that offer private rooms for hire. Now, it could be it'd be deemed acceptable if it was never promoted. That'd have to go to a Linden for a final answer. But that creates a really weird situation. The unrented houses couldn't have the furniture, because that's publicly accessible. The information about the
  11. I would not suggest placing adult furniture in your rental houses, because that'd mean you're renting out adult furniture to people.
  12. The main way is to see if the creator is actually doing anything at the moment. You could find out I was active by seeing that I'm posting here and there's a poster for an event going on right now in my shop. But most of the time it isn't really needed. Unless you're trying to do something like complete a gacha set or buy something expensive, in which case it'd be worth checking.
  13. No, but you can use linking to related items to show there are other variations.
  14. The reason decorations are mentioned at all is that some people felt they were not in theme and should not be allowed at any time of year. The compromise was to say decorations were fine, but only actually at the holidays. In other words, yes, some people would absolutely be upset if the decorations were still there in July. They didn't want them there at all. I'd hope all the Lindens/Moles would do is return them to the person's inventory, as there's a lot that could stop someone logging in and sorting it.
  15. Do you mean a bumper car ride? How was it broken exactly? What did you try to get it working again?
  16. The picture on the land page is a generic picture, not the exact houseboat you'll get. But the good news is you can change the houseboat to any of the available houseboat styles. The controller is a life ring for the boats I believe. That means you don't need to abandon and try again if you don't like the style. You just change it.
  17. The issue is that people don't want the unpopular last names any more than people wanted them back when they were unpopular. They want the popular last names, which have fewer first name options to go with them. I can see why they went with fresh names. It gives more naming options for people.
  18. I get the impression you just tl;dr that. So in short... 1) Make rides and sell them. 2) Use that money to buy a premium account / pay tier. 3) Expand as you make more money. I had to cut down on land when my finances changed, but I make enough from selling things to keep my premium account (which covers my shop land in the free tier) and have money left over to spend. You can still do something fun with small spaces. There's also the option of setting up temporary fairs at events that have exhibit space.
  19. If I feel someone is doing something that others need to be warned about, I'd certainly tell people. But most bad experiences are simply people being rude that one time. That's a lot of time to take on writing up complaints and dealing with the fallout. It'd create more drama than someone with an "I don't like drama" profile. I like to consider which battles are worth fighting so that I don't end up doing nothing other than fighting. Which is the potential risk the original poster faces. It might be all the complaints are valid, but whether it's worth following up on them is another matte
  20. Slightly better than last year where they did an environment patch on the day Fantasy Faire opened and broke the windlights on the regions. This year, there are a few days to go to fix anything it breaks.
  21. Big events can be a good way to meet people. They last a few days at least, have community groups where people chat, and have lots of little events within the event. Upcoming examples include Fantasy Faire (which starts next week) and the Second Life Birthday (SL17B). They'll appear in the destination guide, but they'll often be advertised with the login messages as well.
  22. Second Pride happens in June. https://second-pride.com/ Outside of that, your best bet is to try events on themes you like and see who you meet. Then they might be able to direct you to something more specific. The Second Life Birthday is one to try, because the exhibits include community groups. There might not be anything that'll interest you there as each year is different, but it's worth a look.
  23. It doesn't take someone a long time to make a bunch of accounts and set them to run a game while they go off and do something else. If you're genuinely concerned about the person playing the game... don't be. There's no reason to suppose that playing the game is doing them any harm. This really is just about the region resources being used unfairly by one land owner, but you've left the area so your part in this is over. You've walked away, so don't look back.
  24. As a note, there has never been a waiting list system for the new homes. When a house comes up, the first to click gets it. Recently, the need to be someone with the reflexes of a demigod has been reduced as the number of houses increases. But it is still the same system.
  25. Give it a few weeks and the new regions will settle down as people who want a permanent home get them. If you're playing the long game, a few weeks is a drop in the ocean compared to living in that house for years.
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