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  1. Thank you for saying it was CasperVend, as I'd thought it was a generic give script. It doesn't solve the issue, but their website does give a more useful error message. Looks like the delivery box was removed before the hunt item was removed inworld. The error is as follows: "Sorry, we couldn't redeliver: Failed: Couldn't find delivery box for item ***Removed Gift Name*** on ***Removed Location*** It's possible that this merchant is no longer using CasperVend."
  2. One thing to watch is your draw distance. You can set it high enough to see across more than one region... which doesn't matter when it's a single private region. It does matter when you're in an area with a lot of connected regions. It'll mean you're loading a lot of stuff you can't really see anyway, because it's too far away.
  3. A friend tried to get the hunt gift in the last few days and got the delivery message, but it never delivered. I don't know if it was a once off error or the gift is no longer working, but they're not the sort to report such things, so I'm letting people know. They did try to click again, but it's limited to one per avatar. I assume that wasn't really intended as the gift is a copy item, so anyone can make as many copies as they like... but the settings do prevent people with failed deliveries from trying again.
  4. An advantage to general ratings is the rules are a lot clearer, which can help with reporting it and discourage people from pushing it with edge cases. I'd use general if I owned a private region for those reasons. Nothing is that simple though. I had a report ignored in my general mainland region. I think the sex area only went in the end because the owner decided to move. Whereas the moderate Linden Homes regions responded quickly to the person who thought drawing genitals on the map was a good idea. For the most part, Linden Homes get watched more carefully than other regions, which do
  5. They're all moderate and not general. Bear in mind that moderate doesn't allow adult content in public places and you set the rules in your own home (you can ban anyone who does something you don't like). Back when it was called mature, it was where public adult content would be, but all that changed.
  6. I'm not so convinced that the theme announced at Christmas will be a winter theme. Based on what they have so far, they're going to need another theme to fit the same basic niche as the traditional. That's more the basic house and garden niche, rather than the quirky novelty niche. I'm more into the latter personally, but most of the demand seems to be for basic houses. There was also the comment about the mystery theme being something that went well with railroads. If they intend to put the first area on the tail fin of the main area, it'd be a sharp transition if it suddenly went to sno
  7. In the past, abandoned land didn't automatically send stuff back to the owner and didn't automatically block people from rezzing items on the land. The result was some abandoned land had a lot of stuff on it. There's always a slim possibility that a very old piece of abandoned land remains somewhere with those settings, but I haven't seen any like that for years. These days, the default settings for abandoned land will stop people from using it as a free building area. It's more likely that the land belongs to someone, which you can check by seeing who owns it in the land details. Even la
  8. I'm hard-of-hearing so the only point of voice would be if I wanted to waffle on at people without them being able to reply to me. So far, nobody has asked me to verify that I'm a mushroom, so it hasn't been an issue.
  9. I hope I'm joking about the boat party, because it'd be a pretty sad party with only two people, each in a different region. Now I'm imagining a sad mole wearing a party hat wondering why nobody came to the party.
  10. There were some dots hanging around SSP287/288/303/304 and those regions are blocked on the map like the ocean on the other side. Hopefully they are working on a nifty water feature of some sort and not just having a boat party.
  11. I see it as just a bit of fun to raise some money for charity. It's not like putting in the island would have taken a long time and caused delays in releases. It's only two house plots.
  12. I'd also like to see them finished rather than have weird holes in the coastline. It'd be nice to see everything finished and linked up. But I've not seen any comments that there's any chance of this. About the best you can do is move to a more complete area.
  13. I had a wander to see where they might be expanding next. SSPE325 has some water terraformed in and more rail. And an unattended LDPW car, but it had security on it so I couldn't drive it away. It's almost like people don't want me stealing their cars. SSPE297 has some track extensions added as well, though seems less far along.
  14. It is a single hunt item to find at the moment and there haven't been any others previously. From what Patch has said, I would take it to mean that he will remove the first hunt item when the time comes, and then place a new item elsewhere with a new clue. A clue that I think would help people is to know that the hunt item is small. I went straight to the right place first time, but I didn't find it because of the size of the item, so wasted a lot of time searching elsewhere. If you really aren't sure what is the most obvious place to hide something, people have been good about giving pri
  15. The usual method is to ask the mole who made the bear/bunny, which means we need a cunning plan to capture Notta Mole!
  16. I've now visited the cabin! Food, drink, Linden secrets! Can't steal the Notta Mole bear bunny though.
  17. It's the SL Christmas Expo. The website is here: https://slchristmasexpo.com I've visited before, but this will be the first year of being a merchant at the event. So hopefully people will look at the new houses and then wander into the market and buy all the things.
  18. Also worth noting that the big releases are a great time to look. Houses and houseboats have been popping up more regularly since the trailer regions were moved into place. The big rush to abandon was just as the trailers were released, but there's still a reasonable turnover going on. In other words, now is a bad time to spend time complaining and a good time to get refreshing. It wouldn't surprise me if it takes a few days to really settle down. The next big release hasn't been announced (and could well be the new style, which would put it months away). Make the most of this one.
  19. They couldn't transfer Limevale over because it already had released houses on the other side of the river. So someone will have to go in and decorate that region separately. They did pop in the train tracks, but the full decorating most likely wasn't a priority with the release pending. I'm sure the waterfall will be a proper waterfall once they're done.
  20. There's a fork in the road somewhere apparently... as in a literal fork.
  21. Patch said they were done for the day, but they're just not all going in five seconds is all.
  22. The last regions are out now apparently.
  23. They're releasing in small region batches (confirmed by Patch in chat), so keep refreshing. They're coming.
  24. They just did The Beaten Path, so still lots to go for the releases. Nice region. Access to water that leads to the main sea areas and a train station.
  25. It was rolling restarts today as well, so that can mean sometimes regions appear to have vanished. Anyway, looks like everything is back and the map is finally updating.
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