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  1. On the map the region names are showing without the land showing. For real, the regions are there. It's just the map is behind and doing weird stuff, which is what's being discussed I suspect.
  2. At risk of being on topic, I could do with another clue if anyone has one. Just to narrow it down a bit, as I'm struggling doing my usual grid search of the whole area.
  3. I like that Backhill has a winter cabin in the decor, like the demo region did.
  4. I'm usually good at hunts, but I can't hunt for more than a few minutes at a time due to the whole having food poisoning thing. So I hope the prize will be there for a bit, as I'm not going to find it today. It wasn't in any of the places I'd have thought were obvious.
  5. The pointy green ones mark the centre of the regions. If you look at them in edit, you can see it in the object name.
  6. The same poster threw out a load of quick replies to a bunch of threads without really reading them, so I wouldn't worry. It was clear what was going on (and I'm glad the bots seem to have stopped... I guess the Lindens figured out who was doing it, though we'll probably never know why they did it).
  7. You (or if you've abandoned it, whoever gets it next) could put in a ticket about the tree. That's the sort of thing that's a quick fix if the parcel is otherwise good.
  8. You mean I'm not supposed to randomly veer across the road whenever I feel like it? That explains a lot.
  9. The green trailer placeholders are being removed in areas, the houseboats in SSP230 are now the right way around in the docks, the big building is getting new tree decor... so looks to be the final frills getting done. I did notice someone working up in SSP84 as well, so I wonder if they'll toss that one into the release as well.
  10. For the trailers, it's on the working copy of the continent, which are the regions marked SSP (and not SSPE). This link will show you the map of the new trailer area: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSP247/128/128/2 For the other styles of houses, you can visit the areas as well as look at the map, as they're being built on the final continent. You'll get a feel for when areas are ready to go, but it's currently the island to the right and they're working from the top towards the bottom.
  11. I'm not a house hopper, but one of my friends wants one. There's been a lot of activity today and Patch said it was now Very Soonishโ„ข. It does look like they'll be ready to move the trailers to the final area soon.
  12. The old homes have no impact on the speed of producing the new homes. Eventually, they'll delete the old homes because they're outdated and there are new homes. At the moment there aren't enough new homes to go around, so it'd just add to the problem if they made all the remaining residents homeless. It'd simply mean more people refreshing the house page. In other words, if they deleted all the old homes today, it'd make it harder to get a new home. It wouldn't make it easier.
  13. Also notable that the actual trailers seem to be appearing on the green parcel markers (based on the way the trailers looked on the map on the preview sim versions).
  14. This sounds like you're talking about event exclusives. Many events ask for something new, and only sold at the event initially, as part of the requirements for taking part. Merchants could choose not to do events, but usually such things generate a lot of sales, so it's worth taking part. I try to get all my new stuff on the marketplace, but things like event items and hunt items won't be there until the event/hunt is over.
  15. The original poster was talking about vanity in the sense of a person who cares only about their own appearance. Anyone who changed their avatar was assumed to be vain, which would include you, me, and the majority of people in Second Life. You're talking about something else. When people make those suggestions, it's not really about the mesh body as such. I've had it a few times from people wanting me to become human, and that's almost entirely because they're looking for relationships. They can't imagine that other people don't want to be with them and change everything to be attractive
  16. I've literally written and published a novel, along with other things. But my forum contributions have been small over the years, so I've got a way to go for novel-length foruming.
  17. It does look suspiciously trainy... and the pink line markers could be marking where the tracks will go, so they don't put houses on it. Which would mean the "waffle house" is a train station, but there's still the chance of a waffle snack counter, so we could still have it all.
  18. When the regions they moved over arrived, it looked like they'd been experimenting with things like plot layout. There was a layer thing going on with trailer plots just by the houseboats and then traditional houses in a layer behind the trailers. There were also some finished clone regions as part of their experiment to see if that made things faster (it didn't). Which means my theory is they didn't have the final plan at the time the regions moved over and that anything we see there has no real significance. It's the leftovers of the fiddling around.
  19. This quote became very relevant, because the messages from the game stations changed (within the last few days) to mock people who'd raised concerns. The wording would suggest it was aimed at certain people in this thread (a "think of the children" message when items were fished on general land), but in a way where it'd likely seem like a harmless joke to anyone who wasn't aware of what had been said. A neat package, because it can both mock, and not look like it's mocking to anyone who doesn't know why the message appeared. Whether someone agrees with the concerns or not, it's mean-spirited t
  20. Taking a look at the region, I don't think anything moved as I found both houses. I figured they couldn't be the same house, because this isn't just a few landscaping bits changed... the whole orientation of the houses to the road isn't the same and the front paths are different as a result. The house in the first screenshot was claimed by someone else. However, that house is not at the stated coordinates which are visible in the first screenshot. It's a few houses down the road (though still backing onto the lake). The house in the second screenshot is at the stated coordinates, but clea
  21. In addition to the advice about teleporting home, if you do come back and realise someone had asked you to leave and was upset you hadn't... get out of there. Don't argue with them or hang around to see what will happen next. Just teleport out as quickly as you can.
  22. I don't get the impression that the original poster wants a child avatar. Rather, they want to be an adult and do adult stuff (as long as it isn't taxes), but have an adult adopted family. Parent, grown sibling, and so on.
  23. You can see the progress of the regions being built and the naming both by visiting the area and watching it on the main map. Though nobody knows exactly what will be released when, we can make reasonable guesses about which ones might be next. At the moment, they're moving down the main land area, which is heavy on houses and pretty thin on houseboats. There are some on the coasts, but not a lot. The pickle island area has a lot though, and that looks to be where they're going next. We know that simply because they've started laying out the regions at the top of the island.
  24. Your suggestions are sensible, but you can't blame me for hoping that's a really big bouncy castle in the middle.
  25. I'm guessing one issue might be they intended to have some trailer areas on the tail fin, so they're not ready for that yet. Maybe the pickle island will be traditional houses? Anyway, in building clone news, it looks like SSP185 has a lot of colourful gubbins on it now. I saw they'd cloned over the road layout from the final version, but it looks to be getting filled with something. Probably not more camels with those colours.
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