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  1. You'd need to contact support, which I've not had to do in a long time, but I can point you in the right direction. When you're logged in to the main account area on the website, look at the "Help" menu. "Ticket History" takes you to your support history and has a button to submit a new ticket. I think everyone can do that rather than just premium. Once you have the form open for the ticket, the issue type is "Marketplace" and the subtype "Marketplace Item Listing Issues". Then explain the issue and give the listing IDs.
  2. Themes don't all have to be equally popular and don't need to appeal to everyone. They can vary how many they place of different themes based on demand, to avoid large areas sitting empty. What is important is to have a variety of themes to cover as many people as possible. As an example, trailers were not the most popular option when people were polled about it. This didn't matter, because the people who did want a trailer added up to enough people to fill them and still have demand. It didn't require a majority percentage for there to be enough demand to make it worth placing them.
  3. This is the information page: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/about-the-second-life-destination-guide-r22/ Under the "Submission guidelines" section, there's an email address for the editor. That's what I used when I wanted to update my category.
  4. I could see including free gifts with products sometimes, but it's not much of a gift if customers have to then buy multiple other products at various events to get a working item.
  5. The last big release had enough trailers to last for hours (I've heard eight hours thrown around). So it was more about whether someone was checking in each day and less about timezones and clicking speed. Big releases are much rarer, but worth watching for if you haven't found an abandoned house by the time of the next one (we don't know when it'll be, but as it gets close, people will be talking about it all over the forum).
  6. You can either contact and ask which word or try to figure it out by removing bits of the description/tags/title until you find which bit is blocking the listing. I had issues in the past with AOs. It was fine to say a complete avatar included an AO, but not AOs in plural. I also had the purple version of one product moved to adult for no obvious reason (the only wording difference was being purple instead of another colour). The word system is a mess and nobody can really predict what will get included.
  7. If there's something wrong with the house that isn't personal preference (it's not aligned right, it floats above the ground, there are two copies on top of each other, the controller is broken, the house vanished...) you can put in a support ticket and get it fixed. I wouldn't suggest abandoning an otherwise great spot for something that can be sorted in a few days.
  8. One confusion I've seen people have is when the hints appear in local. When I did it, the hint appeared, the location appeared, and then the message about the gift I just received appeared. This all happened quickly, so the last message pushed the hint and location off my local chat window before I saw it. I had to scroll back in the chat to see it. A related issue is people clicking the location of the gift server, rather than the location that goes with the hint. If access is denied to the location, you probably hit the gift server location and need to scroll back in local for the actua
  9. Anytime I hear about this system, it's because someone got banned from everywhere and the seller was then aggressive when contacted about it because the system couldn't possibly be wrong. Your best bet is to be as polite as you possibly can, avoid going into details (so just that you came back after an absence and were banned), and do not get provoked no matter what is said to you. Do not express any dislike for the system, frustration for being banned, or anything that could be taken as a criticism of the system. Just stick to being banned and say you use Firestorm if asked about viewers.
  10. I don't mean the volume controls in your client. I'm talking about the volume control in the sound functions in the scripts. This is something that's set in the script when the sound starts to play. Quiet means it doesn't travel very far. Loud will travel across the whole sim. A good sound item will either have menu options letting you change the volume or will let you edit the script to change it. Items also really shouldn't default to the maximum in most cases. But some creators are better about this than others.
  11. Sound functions in SL do have a volume control, but a lot of creators set it to the max and don't offer a way to change it.
  12. Trailer region naming ahoy! SSPE95 is now called Toad Hollow. I know some people were watching for the new trailers, so could be sooner than we thought.
  13. I had planned to get my latest stuff all boxed and on the marketplace today. I probably shouldn't have said that too loudly around the server.
  14. There's a new SSPXT area just to the side of the island in the SSP area.
  15. Millbank is a region we've mostly assumed is going to be for community stuff. That might be wrong, but it'd seem odd to leave a region empty in the middle otherwise. If that doesn't sound like your thing, you're probably not going to be happy in that house.
  16. I got word that the gift arrived for my friend, so thank you for sorting it!
  17. Not a fan of the way it looks at the moment, because it looks rather bolted on. The sharp dip in the coast at SSP371 (where old joins new on the left side) contributes to that feeling. But it also does look like it's all on the same level, so hopefully there's more terraforming to come to blend it in.
  18. That has happened! In my early years of making the avatars, people assumed that anyone wearing one had to be me. It's not happened for some time though, as people now seem to understand that they're for sale. Which means I've achieved brand awareness, brand infamy, or something like that.
  19. Any methods will have failures. People thought I was an older avatar with a new account when I first arrived, because SL wasn't something I found difficult to pick up. This was in part because I actually read the instructions. I've had people assume my friends are my alts because we use similar phrases and hang out in similar places, as friends do. In experiences of my friends, an oddly common story is being randomly accused of being the alt of someone who "stole" someone else's romantic partner. Sometimes moments after arriving at a new place they've never visited before. That's one
  20. They're not purposefully keeping the number of houses low to make a demand. They're making the houses as fast as possible and releasing them when they're ready. It helps to take up mole watching as a hobby, because watching the building makes it clear how the system works. In theory, they could have kept quiet about new homes and released a big batch in many themes in ten years time, rather than releasing houses as soon as they're ready. The pro of waiting is everyone would get a house at once. The cons are numerous. It means no income from building the houses for years (which could kill
  21. There's so much to fix that it's faster to just start fresh. Another issue with the old areas is a bigger picture one... they copied the same area multiple times, rather than make new areas. They also didn't design it to link to the rest of the mainland, so the areas are isolated (even from each other). That's a much bigger thing to fix than doing some local landscaping.
  22. I'd like fantasy, but if we're betting (pretend money because we're good and following the gambling rules), I'm going for Victoriana. Patch seems to like the steam trains and it's the right era for that.
  23. I wouldn't be surprised if they do a Swaginator hunt, special bear, or something like that. Rather than it all being related to houses.
  24. I've had other shops come and go around me, but it's rare for a customer to walk between them. For a shop, there's nothing lost in trying anyway, because even a rare customer who does the rounds could mean more sales. For a club, there is something lost in trying, because you'll end up competing for resources with your active neighbours.
  25. The Japanese-style homes are in Shareta Osumai. This is one of the old Linden Home areas, which was released years ago. The old homes are easy to get as many are available. They're also somewhat outdated and will be going away at some point (probably a year or so). The new Linden Homes are in Bellissaria. These are the traditionals, houseboats and trailers. They're in short supply at the moment and still being built. There will be other types coming, but we don't know if there will be a Japanese theme. If it's old and Japanese you want, they're right there waiting to claim so you mig
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