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  1. Anyone know where i can buy?
  2. Hmm, seems like there's a gap in lsl for this Apart from my use.. think of people making doors, or obstacles that needed to be pushed harder to move. Would be great for rp sims - having to get another person to help or it won't budge , etc
  3. hmm, actually that doesn't seem to work. It only measures the force being applied to the prim, not a push from another object hitting it
  4. That looks perfect, thank you. Just having a brain fart and couldn't think of what i needed
  5. As above really. I need to make a simple cube that will measure how much force is pushing on it. The cobe won't move and cannot be phantom, etc. Just can't figure out what will measure this Help pls
  6. Well to be honest, if the scripts were moddable i'd be able to work it out for myself! D'uh
  7. I want to find out how these scripts are working. How is one having an affect on the other when i cannot see any linked or chat messages between them
  8. Sorry, I can't post it as it's not my script. I was trying to find out how it was done
  9. I looked through that list and nothing stands out really. It's weird, I have 2 scripts. When one is used on it's own, it behaves one way. but when the 2nd is added, the whole machine works differently. Yet I cannot find any communications going between them. I've scanned for linked messages and chat, but nothing is there
  10. hmm, they would require a web server though? Don't think it's that... Basically, i have 2 scripts that comminucate. i.e. one has an affect on the other, but I've checked for linked messages and chat, nothing is happening
  11. Ok, I know of 2, but suspect I'm missing something. I'm aware of linked messages, or simply making one script 'say' and the other 'listen'. But is there any other way 2 scripts could communicate, or one script could be affected by another?
  12. I have more L$ to sell. It seems the value has gone up, cos an exchange rate of 249 now gives me less value than the default option. Can anyone advise me the best rate to offer at?
  13. This unique community is created with pilots and aviation enthusiasts in mind. although anyone is welcome to set up their home here.  We offer a selection of part furnished houses with landscaped gardens, and also various sized hangars for private or group use. Note, commercial use is not permitted Prices start from as little as 350 L$ per week, with discounts available when house and hangar rent is combined. Make your dream come true and join our community - live at the airport! Teleport to SLPG Prague 
  14. Is here... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiva/115/69/25 Come and have a nosey
  15. Do you have a passion for vehicles in sl? Do you enjoy racing? Are you able to keep order and gain respect? Then you may be what we're looking for :) You will be employed as a member of the admin team with the day to day responsibility of keeping order and assisting visitors. In addition, you will take on the role of race director. This involves hosting some of the race days and organisation duties for the race series. Anything from keeping a record of points during races, to meetings concerning scheduling and awards. To be successful in this role, you need to be comfortable in front of a crowd and have the ability to present to the audience. You will also need to commit to regular times for coverage of racing events (i.e. you MUST be online at the times scheduled for races). This position carries a great deal of responsibility and only the most suitable applicants will be considered. In return we offer a fun working environment, a good wage , in depth staff training and all the support you need to be a success. Contact me in world for an application form.
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