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  1. You can submit a support ticket. There's a link to do that at the side of the forum, just under the bit about submitting a pic of the day.
  2. If I were a mole, I'd appreciate not doing the same task all the time. It's something a bit different to do an event. But I do think they could use a few more volunteers for the exhibitor side. There are two non-mole volunteers this time... a few more would make it a lot smoother.
  3. Sky clutter is everywhere on the mainland, so you've been very lucky if you've avoided it so far. As a general rule, you can't report something for being ugly, whether it's a low skybox, a full glow rotating oak tree with particle squirrels, or a giant plywood cube. People get a lot of freedom to build what they want on the mainland. The rules for mainland are only about things like land cutting, adverts and stuff like that. Here are the mainland policies: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Mainland_policies And the more detailed advertising policy: http://wiki.secon
  4. I haven't seen an SL17B schedule yet. You should have been invited to the group for performers though, so make sure to check for notices there (I'm not in that one... I'm an exhibitor only). Remember that notices won't always be sent to the whole group because Second Life is Second Life, so manually check the group profile for them. For merchants, it looks like they're closing those applications early, so they need to be in before June 1st. Always tough to get a spot in the merchant side of things.
  5. My reply was written when the original post ended at the bit I quoted, so they were looking for people who could manipulate atoms by spelling words correctly to create things and demons were involved somewhere. That's a confused sort of Hollywood rather than something people are doing. I'm not Wiccan, so I can't say exactly what they believe, but they're not creating objects with atoms in the manner originally suggested. My form of witchcraft doesn't either. I'd have my own region by now if I could create piles of money by thinking about it. It makes more sense that creation was not
  6. When you say it used to show as different colours, what was Blender doing exactly? Turning them into materials with a different colour on each one? Nothing stops multiple materials being the same colour in Blender, so worth checking to be sure the materials aren't there but all the same colour.
  7. It's not clear what you actually want and the clarifications just make it less clear. As it stands, it looks like you want people who are like movie witches. In real life, it's a religious/spiritual thing and nobody is actually going all Doctor Strange in the middle of a city.
  8. Not all pets are equal when it comes to physics load. It's not unusual for wander pets to be set to phantom and not use physics to move in any way. Some animals also appear to be moving, but it's a trick. Butterflies might be a texture animation. Rotating animals are often only rotating in your client. Breedables have a tendency to be designed as utter lag buckets, but it would be possible to design them to be less resource intensive. And it doesn't mean that anything that looks like an animal and moves is using a lot of resources.
  9. You need the group Second Life Birthday (the founder is Squeaky Mole). That's the current public group. The official blog is where everything is posted on the web. I believe they still had a few last spots to fill for the exhibitors, which is why it was mentioned in the Shop and Hop application post. The form still looks to be open as I post this (also linked in the blog post that Lindal posted... there's the link to the merchant form first and then the exhibitor form at the end). It certainly wouldn't hurt for any last minute hopefuls to fill out the form. You might get lucky.
  10. Clearly a clue that the next homes will be giant glasses! Ideal for those who want no privacy at all.
  11. The main way to deal with a negative review is to do nothing at all. This should be the only way if the review is an opinion like they hated the product after using it. What are you going to do? Tell them their opinions are wrong and they should like it? That's only going to end badly. If it's an issue you could resolve with a customer, you can try that... but they might not want to talk and that should be respected. If you do resolve it, it's up to them whether they change the review or not. This would be things like the product was broken or they needed help understanding the instructio
  12. There were issues with YouTube and the FTC when it came to videos that were directed at children (12 and under... once they're 13, they're on their own). YouTube was taken to court and the rules changed to comply with COPPA. Which is outdated, because it was aimed at stopping children giving out their phone number online and not things like recommendation algorithms, but that's how it is right now. Videos aimed at children are allowed under the new rules, but they get a lot of features removed (like the comments section). There's the possibility of being fined by the FTC (up to $42530 per
  13. I put it up when I have time. Sometimes that's immediately after the event closes. Other times it'll be a lot later.
  14. I explore and attend events (generally the big events that run for a short time, rather than clubs and stuff). I enjoy doing hunts. I run a shop and build things, so also spend a fair bit of time making stuff. Sometimes it's for the events if I'm signed up as a merchant/exhibitor.
  15. That symbol looks to me like a hand with an eye embedded in the palm... but the logo looks to me like a giant eye with fingers coming out the top like eyestalks. It's like the fingery version of a Beholder. So it doesn't really make me think of the older symbols, even if it might have been intended for that to happen.
  16. The peril of any conversation is to find yourself turning into a Last Worder. You are right and they are wrong, and you are good and they are bad, so you must have the last word at all costs. It'll turn into insults and nothing new is being said, but you must have the last word. It's the only way that people will know you are right! Except it doesn't work like that. Last Worders turn threads ugly and get them locked, spoiling it for everyone. That's what people remember. The endless nasty back and forth. Not who might have been right initially, because it no longer matters. Anyone who res
  17. The logo doesn't bother me either way, just to put a vote in for indifference. The text is more readable, which isn't a bad thing. They obviously missed their chance to use a mushroom, but we can't have everything.
  18. I've not done it as I use Avastar so I can avoid this sort of hassle, but this post about bind info in the previous version of Blender might be of use: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/428270-blender-279-collada-export-for-secondlife-failing/?tab=comments#comment-1799294 And the linked file here with the skeleton set up: https://blog.machinimatrix.org/fitted_mesh_survival_kit/ There's no guarantee that any of this works with Blender 2.8. It does things differently and there aren't many tutorials for it. Avastar also doesn't work well with it. So I went back to the previo
  19. There's no rule that states what landlords have to offer renters. Landlords can do what they want, and set whatever rules they want, as long as they're not breaking the other rules (like harassment rules or the like). They tell you that you can't place blue items and everything must be rotated to 33 degrees exactly... they can do that. Whether it's fair is another issue. The situation described doesn't sound fair. The script resources are being used by the landlord and then they turned around and blamed a few butterflies at ground level. Nope. Get out of there and find a better rental. Te
  20. Avatars with catwa in their names are going into regions and sending people something that's labelled as a free Catwa head. Old scam with a new wrapper. I guess they saw Catwa offering a real free head and thought this was their moment. (For anyone new, don't accept or wear random objects sent to you like that. Only accept objects from people you know and trust.) The link has an extra . at the end. If you remove that you can see the screenshot, but a number of groups have been discussing this.
  21. I can't see a way around boxing things to sell unless you hire staff to roleplay serving someone, taking their money, and handing the items over. However, a box doesn't have to look like a box. It could be a plate from a food display or something like that. You could have an NPC waiter telling them to make a selection from the display or something like that. Same technical stuff, but a different ambience.
  22. Some moles are working on the birthday right now (which I should be doing now, but instead I'm on the forum, so there we are). They also have behind-the-scenes work on new themes. So you will see some moles working on builds I'm sure, but they have other projects as well.
  23. It seemed like they were working on ideas for it when they had the working copy of the continent. There were possible plots marked out, which is why people wondered if it might be a market area. Then they covered up the working copy so we couldn't map spy. The working copy doesn't seem to exist anymore, whatever was on there. The main copy had a train station and camels. And then the volcano arrived on the main copy and killed all the camels. And that's the story so far. In other words, nobody has a clue, but I vote for a giant chocolate lake next.
  24. You are being your own pet peeve, where you treat others as nothing and expect them only to discuss things you want to discuss. For example, you said people who were sad their friends died were pansies. You were expecting them to be just like you and not care about that and not talk about it. There's a balance when it comes to not caring what people think. I wouldn't take it into account if someone thought I should wear an avatar they like better, but it does matter if I punch someone in the face and they don't like it. I couldn't say it was their problem for taking that badly or that I s
  25. Most of the reviews on beds sold for that price seem to be from 2013. Maybe there was a push to get group members to leave reviews or something, because it's odd to have almost all reviews from the same year and all of them positive. But that was also seven years ago, so buyer beware outdated stuff. The most recent review I found on any of the beds was one-star. This is why it's important to look at the content of reviews and the dates. The overall star rating doesn't mean much. It was funny to check the review dates and then see this... you nailed the date.
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