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  1. I ask in situations where it's a small thing or an accident, but when someone's breaking the rules in a big way... they probably know and it won't end well. You don't want to end up as a target because they got in trouble over it and they blame you.
  2. People aren't discriminating against you or fascists because they used the reaction system in a thread from last year. You can change your notification settings if you want to only see notifications when you visit the forum, which would stop it from spamming you.
  3. I appreciate you're upset because your shoes got deleted, but that doesn't mean copybotting is mythical. It isn't as common as some merchants think and most of the things people think will stop it are about as effective as hanging a lucky horseshoe over the door, but it doesn't mean it's not real or that it shouldn't be reported if it's found.
  4. If they contained a script that deleted them, I'd go with copybot paranoia, as that seems to explain most really weird stuff people do.
  5. Outside of that camp looking very shady, the money would be better spent on other things. You'd get a lot more from a PS4 and some games. It also has a VR system and games all ready to go. There's no need to rush into multiplayer online games/worlds.
  6. Most times when I've had someone randomly IM with the drawn out "hi how r u" conversation, they've been customers who need help and need to be asked directly "Do you need help with something?" before they'll say it. The few who don't fit that have wanted sex and not noticed that I'm a small fungus. So in general, this might not be the best way to do things if you want friends, because the motivation for such contact is rarely friendship. It's different if it's in local at an event, because it's expected that people will be chatting about the event. This also gives you a topic to talk abou
  7. Are you saying you have an estate ban, so you're banned from all the regions owned by a particular land company? If that is the case, you'd need to contact the person in overall control of the estate. The person who rents the region wouldn't be the one involved. A quick Google search brings up a website for the group you mention and they have a support ticket system. That might be your best bet if you are banned across all their land. If I have it wrong though and it's only one region you can't enter, you will need to wait for the person who rents it to get back to you. It also might
  8. Second Life YouTubers aren't being mean by not wanting promotional spam in their comments. That's standard for YouTube, because it's promotional spam. I make videos in other areas entirely and it'd still be frowned on if I went around posting "Watch my video! I'm awesome!" on other videos. What you can do is watch other videos and make a comment based on what you liked and so on. If people want to click on your name and visit your channel, they will. Also make sure your title, description and keywords are helping people find it in YouTube's search. See if you can find relevant commun
  9. You can sit on phantom objects. If it'll let you mod them to phantom, do that. If it won't, pick them up one by one and check the stairs again. Chances are you have one thing doing this, so you can set everything else back once you find it. For the physics view, a trick is to use Firestorm and derender (temporary only) the house. This will also remove it from the physics view, making it easier to see what else might be there.
  10. Try looking for objects you've placed that are not set to phantom. Sometimes the physics shape will be sticking out past the visible object.
  11. Polenth Yue


    The times I've reported objects, I didn't get a text response... I just saw the object disappear. The blocks disappearing are more likely to be a support person than this person seeing the error of their ways. You've locked down the settings now from the looks of the thread, so that'll solve most things and you can return most of the rest. The big issue is things like the rotating block or particles, which you will have to report if they appear. When it vanishes, you know support got to it.
  12. When people talk about regions being for children or child-friendly, they don't mean it's for real life children. It's for adults who either have a child avatar or like the whimsical side of things. Though those areas often are age-appropriate for a real child, Second Life as a whole is not. This is why it's not a safe space for real children. You could check an area and the build might be fine, but you have no control over the people who turn up or what might get built next door.
  13. Fantasy isn't banned everywhere as a word. It's in my G-rated land description, which appears in search and the destination guide. Not being allowed in event listings is likely due to TooManyUnconnectedSystems Linden and DifferentDatabases Mole.
  14. A friend had an issue with a suspicious transaction from a toy company... which turned out to be an online gaming company and he had a subscription with that company. Worth thinking about whether you had any purchases that might have hit the same time.
  15. It's already against the rules for child avatars to take part in sexual content and most adult regions have strict rules about it... but they can't be there all the time to make sure no child avatar enters and gets near (or takes part in) sexual content. In other words, this is a time when you might want to let the region owner know what happened as well as ARing it. They can't take action on something they didn't know happened.
  16. People have covered the going to kidnap sex regions then wondering why it's full of people kidnapping each other, but it's also not against the rules to feature women in artwork or to ban visitors for breaking rules set by the region owner. You'll have a much happier time if you don't seek out places with roleplay and art you don't like. You could spend this energy on places you do like.
  17. They will be merging at some point. The ones above are where exhibitors are setting up. Originally, these regions were in the spaces in the main bit in groups of one or two, but they moved them over here for us to work on. We don't have access to the main bit with all the secrets. The deadline for our setup is the 14th, so I expect the merge will happen after that. Come visit me on SL17B Sparkle when it opens!
  18. Polenth Yue


    Do you have more context for this? Where did you see it? Was the picture cut off or do you know what the text said?
  19. Also note that your region is not mainland, so this wouldn't be the place to discuss it regardless.
  20. Copybotting is unlikely. It'd create a massive amount of data and nobody wants to sift through that. If someone's going to copy your stuff, they're likely using a regular account and picking the things they're going to steal. That doesn't mean what the bots are doing is harmless, as it'd be possible to track people with enough bots checking public areas. But they might just be checking overall traffic data. Nobody really knows other than the owner.
  21. Stuff happens, but it's not really working. The most obvious thing is to look at shiny objects under the sun/moon. Most won't shine at all, unless their glossiness is set very high. That means all those subtle shines, glitters and pearl effects... they don't work. The world looks very flat again. Under local lights, different things happen depending on settings, but generally it shines brighter than before. I probably noticed faster than most because my cap is shiny, so it was very noticeable that I suddenly looked flat as though I had no materials at all.
  22. It depends on your settings. You can either see the settings chosen by the land owner or you can override it. Much as you could do pre-EEP, where you could see the region settings (which everyone can see if they want) or set it to something like midday (which would only show for you). Unfortunately, at the moment EEP also means you're saying goodbye to working materials. Ebbe mentioned on Twitter that they were working on a fix, but I haven't seen any other confirmation of that. I updated before I realised, so don't be me... no need to update right this moment.
  23. The problem isn't so much that people are awkward, but in having unrealistic expectations based on that. If you're shy and awkward, posting here asking people to contact you is unlikely to work. You know that you're not going to keep the conversation going, so it'll fizzle most of the time. It's one reason why I've tried to suggest relevant events and to join the groups for those events. No single person has the carry the conversation in a group, so it's a good way to get a feel for things without so much pressure. The event also gives an obvious topic to talk about. But it's hard to pers
  24. There's a lot of money to be made on YouTube from mukbangs, so he's probably crying all the way to the bank.
  25. I've never understood why people are hostile about the idea that other people might be having fun building whatever they like on mainland. I get that a lot of people would like builds like mine to disappear, as it's a shop, it's not realistic, and other things like that. But it's really not hurting anyone and it doesn't stop there being areas with stricter rules elsewhere. I'm glad that I've had a chance to build whatever I like without having to be wealthy enough for my own region or deal with the stress of private landlords. I've been on the same spot for over ten years and built all so
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