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  1. "Twee" -- I love that word. So apt. I need to remember that word. Meanwhile, Phil Collins is sick and going off the road -- Su-su-su...
  2. No. Read the requirements here: https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US 3450 is not on there any more. Even when it was in the list awhile ago, SL didn't work very well with it, I used to have it. Of course, you're always welcome to try to get SL to play on anything you can, it may be surprise you. Just put all the graphics settings as far down as they will go and eliminate all the stuff like atmospheric shadings, etc. & it may run.
  3. You should explain what your university or company affiliation is if you want to build trust. Strangers on the Internet have no special need to fill out your survey -- they're a dime a dozen in SL. There isn't any public area or board that all of SL sees. You could take out an ad on some of the infohubs but it won't be effective. Many academics and marketers before you have been frustrated by the fact that there isn't massmedia in SL and there is no way to reach the entire population or even a significant portion of it, just like you can't reach "the Internet". In Facebook, you can take out an ad and pay for that ad and attach it to Survey Monkey. In SL, you can put a notice here likely in off-topic, and then possibly go around to welcome hubs and infohubs and blogs and such and ask them to post your notice. It's work. Hard work as there isn't some instant board and instant device that will do this for you. It's like real life in that respect. Example: you can go to two public bulletin boards I maintain on the infohub sims of Ross and Iris where newbies are landing all the time and oldbies returning. You can post a notice "Fill out my survey for money!" and place a URL to Survey Monkey. You might be seen by several thousands of people over the week, maybe 10,000. Of these probably 20 might answer. Most people conducting surveys in SL use SL only as a connection and staging area, and use Survey Monkey or other survey sites offworld on the Internet to post questions and collect data. Otherwise, you have to fumble with notecards, notecard givers, and notecard takers. These are not optimal. I have seen some marketers set up survey bots with pop-up menus or put NPC-like bots on islands to ask questions. That gets costly. But you can probably find an SL service provider to set that up for you if you have a budget.
  4. You can try using "discussion" and "culture" on the events list on the viewer, but that can be laggy and cluttery. One thing I've been doing is typing "university" and "college" into the search/places list. Then I find various universities that have interesting builds, sometimes public lectures etc. One thing I've been a bit disappointed with in SL is that for all the talk of open university this and free university that, in fact, they are not open to avatars in the general public, they are only open to their RL students matriculated in real life --, with very few exceptions. I can count on one hand the number of free and open university lectures I've actually attended in SL even trying to follow this. SLED is one thing to watch, but that's a mailing list where a lot of the time the members are just complaining about how they can't copy everything full perms in Second Life due to the permissions system and copy it free to Open Sim. So I'm sorry, I can't suppor that perspective. That's actually only a few very radical and persistent educators with an agenda, but it tends to fil up the room. If you would like to go an intelligent lecture and discussion organized by a university professor, although not exactly "a course," look up the group Metanomics inworld and go to their events, they have good speakers.
  5. I do wish I could have "contacts" like a business card and "friends" who are really true friends. The lists are out of control. I look down the list sometimes and note the ones that have my build perms. Those are true friends.
  6. I find Ray Kurzweil's ideas and the concept of the Singularity to be quite totalitarian in nature. http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2009/07/why-singularism-is-fascism.html Jay Lanier is a genius and a breath of fresh air among all these tekkie collectivists. I heard him speak in real life last year, wonderfully inspiring.
  7. The General Discussion forum acted as a focal point for the community, like a clubhouse. Bingo. THAT is the problem. There isn't one community. There are many. *edited for possible harassment* Yes, it was EXACTLY like a clubhouse. And it shouldn't be -- because SL is not just for a handful of people who have time to bond with each other over their shared perspective and harangue others. It has to be an open platform for a huge variety of users. Cliquishness drives people away from the forums. *edited for possible harassment* P.S. I haven't gotten any rares in ages. Why do you think that is?
  8. Here's how I can tell, usually 100 percent of the time: 1. They go out of their way to harass, bully, heckle, AR speciously, etc. -- these are male-to-female transgenders who find that my status as female-to-male really gets their goat; they don't like my strong views on open source software (highly critical) and so on, so they cross the street to heckle me. A stranger I've never noticed before crossing the street to harass me is 9 times out of 10 a f2m in SL. 2. When people arrive at a new space, like a prospective rental or a concert, most of the time, the female who is really a female in real life sits down. She wants to get a feel for the place as a home, she cams around to see if she can tolerate the camera angles and views, she wants to get settled. Males, on the other hand, scurry around and sort of "mark the territory". They race around or fly around looking at everything at once. They go through the property rapidly to see if the whole place is suited. So that "nesting" versus "territorial marking" behaviour that is wired into genders for millions of years is how I can tell in SL, where people don't stop being people. 3. If someone is evasive about their gender in RL, or starts lecturing you why it doesn't matter and you should be soul mates, or won't go on voice, well, you have your answer. If that is not an answer you like, don't date that person. 4. *edited for mature content* 5. Computer programmer. While there are a tiny percentage of females in this very male enclave and always a few will show up huffily in a thread like this to claim it isn't a male enclave, in fact we all know it is. So if your date has *edited for mature content*, races all over a territory, and has like "AWGroupies" in her groups and loves going to the bug triage office hours, unless you like soul-mating, this is not the date for you.
  9. I find that the way to make friends in SL is to have common interests and attend events together inworld and visit each others parcels in world and share shopping, decorating, etc. tips or some common interest (pets). Attempting to reinforce friendships in one's posse through various "friend" labelled threads in the high-visibility "Make Friends" slot in fact likely makes more enemies than it makes friends.
  10. I often find newbies instantly friending me as soon as they land in the welcome area or infohub. Most of the time I click "yes" if I'm not AFK because I figure they need help building a friends' list when getting started. If they IM me to chat or ask questions later from another sim because they have my card still, that's fine. I don't mind them staying my "friend" until they begin to send out mass messages to me to join them at a club because they are either now owners trying to build traffic or they are hired to produce traffic by owners. That ends my little friendship with the newbie sometimes, but I try to err on the side of friendliness. Another thing that happens is when tenants friend me who aren't really my friend but just want to friend me so they can find me online for service. I assure them they can reach me offline in email and I answer all IMs promptly but they like that little reassure so I'm happy to be friends. This does somewhat devalue the notion of friends but that's ok : )
  11. I think people who have their established posse in SL already should use offworld forums for reinforcing their posse, and not try to exploit the SL forums for this purpose, especially when their posses aren't open to recruit new members.
  12. In addition to rebaking you can go in the debug menu and try "test characters" -- that often works. It's changing back and forth between 2 viewers that causes this I find.
  13. I don't know what RIC means. What I do know is that my usual posture on the forums for years, even when harassed and persecuted mercilessly, was never, ever to flag or abuse report anyone. I thought it bad form. I don't like the notion of a police state where people inform on one another secretly to the secret police, i.e. you cannot face your accuser, there is no due process, and you don't see what reports were made on you. But on this new forum, I am going to abuse report whenever I am badgered, heckled, harassed, chastised; when ill will and evil intentions are impugned to me; when people tell me to "get out," when I am told to "stop being destructive' etc. etc. -- all of those things that constitute *harassment* indeed under the guidelines. I can and will report them as abuse. One of the reasons why the playing field has always been so hopelessly tilted on the forums is that people like me have always considered it really poor form (and also just not worth the bother) to file abuse reports. That's changing. I think Mitch Wagner was absolutely right when he said that banning from forums is not caused by excessive moderation; it's actually caused by a failure to moderate *enough*. It's about them not intervening early and fairly so that a person doesn't feel goaded and doesn't feel they have to fight back. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it's about moderators not intervening very early on and very clearly and repetively to make the environment fair for all. When moderators don't do their jobs, people fight back. It's when they fight back, and try to create fair conditions through persistent fighting, that others with ill will can then AR them and then the mods ban people for fighting back. It's because the mods respond to those fanboyz with their pudgy little fingers permanently pressing on the "abuse report" button, and don't come in and see the Lord of the Flies atmosphere themselves against those who *don't* AR. That's changing. I'm not for moderating forums in this fashion as a principle. But if they *will* be very strictly moderated, then I will definitely be part of what calls for them to be moderated fairly and impartially *in just this fashion*. Claiming that people are "abuse reporting as a form of abuse" is itself abusive, and a form of intimidation. It implies that everyone is supposed to sit in silence and be bullied and harassed and have evil impugned to them. They won't be doing that. That's changing.
  14. DQ Darwin, you and your gang are the ones that suffer from that problem. You keep imagining that your group's threads deserve to be on top, and serve as "the community threads" that give you mindshare and marketshare and the ability to remain superior over others. Evidently they don't. They belong in off-topic. Er, I've never, even in my life suggested that "others that disagree with my concept" should "leave the forums". What I've suggested is that if you have your own offworld forums where it's very comfy for your group, and your in-crowd, why come here? What purpose does it serve for you? It's not like you're even recruiting new people for your club? This notion that you can sit in judgement on people and describe them as "destructive to the community as a whole" is again, what's all wrong with your approach. It implies that "you" are "the community"; that you "determine what the community is" and that you can decide "'what strengthens it" or "what destroys it". This is just not appropriate. So once again, stop trying to speak for the entire community, stop bossing people around, and stop impugning malice to them. Group reinforcing threads need to be offworld in their clubs, or in off-topic. That's clear. Seems like a perfectly fine policy.
  15. Check out all the line of sights so that you don't suffer a bad view inadvertently. Never assume that you will be able to convince your neighbour to change something about what he's doing. Never assume that land for sale or abandoned will "never" sell. Check the FPS (ctr-shift-1), i.e. see if it says .99 for the time dilation and 45 for the FPS, that is the optimal. Also check out "spare time" under scripts -- if at 0, don't move in. See how many scripts are operating on the sim, i.e. more than 3,000, you have to worry. Right-click and look at the these things in each of your neighbours: o date of their land purchase -- a long time ago? Good, they may be stable o date of avatar age -- old? Good, they may be stable o name of club or store even if no building? Bad, they may build a lag monster at any moment, and have shouting objects o war groups/war games/mafias, etc. --Bad, they may shoot you even if you are on safe A good neighbour is worth 1,000 pretty sunsets in Second Life. Fly around and see if you run into any red ban lines for group-only or any security orbs. This is the biggest buzz kill of any area, if you have that around you. Never assume it will change.
  16. It almost never happens. You can try, but it usually doesn't work. You couldn't have a free land market unless people were allowed to set their sale price at any sale. One man's extortion build which we all know is extortion will be said to be another man's art build, especially by that man, and the Lindens may agree.
  17. Are you saying Oz started a brand-new JIRA and is making you try to turn out your 1,540 votes again?! Please sign the petition to keep voting in the JIRA: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/slvote/
  18. Go into the settings and turn all the graphics options off and put the view distance to 64 to see if that helps to get going.
  19. If you didn't receive the email that gives you the link to get your house, then it is lost in a spam filter -- check in the spam folders, and if not there, contact customer service. Only customer service can help you with this now.
  20. I think what you're finding is that the Lindens now are prepared to moderate the forums fairly and not allow any one clique to seize the mindshare or the marketshare by keeping their personal threads in the top view. I hope so, anyway. Anyone who is unhappy with this forum of course has a wide selection of offworld forums now.
  21. I recall much bigger battles in past years between, say, furries and Goreans. I don't see those kind of big battles now but I think it's because the world has gotten larger, more dispersed, etc. I have rentals open to any style and I see furries, Gorean, fairies, norms etc living side by side and the lifestyle itself doesn't cause them friction. What causes problems are other things like encroachment on the view, putting up giant megaprims, etc. However, I personally would never go to Luskwood if I were not a furry. That is, they will have concerts there open to all and you could just fly around and look at the forest, but it's a furry community. It's meant for furries. Same with the Goreans or whatever. They are intended to be a certain culture and style and aren't interested in PC integration.
  22. You have to select the style and model and it will assign you a location. Don't just look at pictures -- fly to the areas where these houses are inworld. I know the "fairy" theme one has a landing at Elderglen with a lot of great magic freebies. Look around -- see if you want this area or not. Zoom out of the map from there -- you will the other areas like the A-frames and such. Go and walk around the areas first to see what you are getting before you pick.
  23. Hello, The first thing you need to do is make a group. These cost $100 to make. Think of your name carefully as you will be stuck with it -- it can't be changed. Look at how group roles work carefully. Then decide whether you want your officers and employees to have all or some or a combination of powers in the group. Be mindful of: o who can get a payout in the group (it's a checkoff box) o who can deed and sell land o who can change other things on the land These are all powers to study. You can pay a whole amount into a deeded cube to distribute equally pay once a week (it would distribute 24 hours later. This is sort of a workaround to make groups pay out. But there are payment devices for sale in gadget shops that can be set up to sell objects and split the pay, or pay as tip jars, etc. You can just decide to "make someone manager," or you can use group tools to give them powers: o can ban people o can put in music o can remove non-group set prims Some businesses have several groups and divide up the land. One area might be tenants with a general group they all can join. Other areas might be vendors or a club. Depends on the thing you're doing/selling. Chose officers/partners very carefully. Do not share things that are possible for one to steal, i.e. land where you both have rights to sell, payment objects that split in half or to everyone in the group regardless of their input. Even your very best friend might turn out to mess you up -- there are many tales of woe like that in SL. On the other hand, with a little planning, a little trust in your fellow human being, you can make fun businesses like clubs or stores or services and multiplying those online to help can compound your profits if you set it up right. Be prepared for a period when you invest at a loss until you figure out how SL works. Never consider land as an investment. Land in SL is a hole in the Internet into which you pour money. Treat land and tier as a fixed cost always. It almost never can be sold for what you paid. View it as an expense.
  24. Customer service will often explain to you that SL was not meant to run on a laptop. Even the most blazing Alienware computer my son had purchased will pop up a message that SL is not known to play with this graph card etc. I think you risk having an SL that will not play at all by buying a laptop to play it. I've found that myself. I wish the Lindens would build a customized laptop of any make or model that was optimized to play SL and sell that as a package with SL already loaded and tweaked, maybe with some content in it as well. I would buy it for sure.
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