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  1. Translation: the Lindens need to add arbitrary human discretion to search functions, in order to respond to ARs that you put in against your competitors -- and they need to rule in your favour. LOL. The real problem here is that there is any "SEO guru industry" at all in the tiny and arbitrary artificial world of SL. It's misleading, it's overpriced, and it's easily outdated. If you are paying anybody anything to help you show up in Search, you are paying too much, and doing things that likely the Lindens will be changing in the next iteration to stop what is indeed merely sophisticated gaming of Search.
  2. Blondin, When Viewer 2 stops *shutting off my wireless service* then I can test this. This special Search Test beta viewer is like every other Viewr 2.x, beta or release, *it cuts off my wireless service*. Not just crashes me, but SHUTS OFF MY INTERNET. No piece of software should be reaching into my machine and doing that sort of destructive thing. Please don't tell me *I* have to do something to change this. I don't. It's not my problem. It's not about my cache settings -- they are exactly the same as on viewer 1. Changing the cache settings doesn't change a thing anyway. It's not about anything else. Please don't blame it on OTHER software on my machine that DOES NOT cause this, because Viewer 1.23 does NOT cut off my actual Internet service. It's a pretty big nuisance, and it's worsened -- before I could get 5 minutes of time online before the cut off -- it now cuts off immediately upon log-on. So you Lindens MUST become curious about this, must validate it, and stop telling me there's something I need to change -- and I will pre-emptively cut off anybody telling me "it's my computer" in subsequent comments, too, because software that forces an Internet disconnection is the primary problem -- whatever it does, has to be stopped. Lots of people saying "they crashed" in fact likely had this problem. And others do, too. If you deprecate 1.23 search and other functionality, I'll simply have to sell my land. I don't plan on buying a new computer, switching my ISP from Verizon, or whatever combo of tricks might get your software not to do this. You need to change your software. I realize you want to shift the blame for this, but then, have less customers. As for saving search for only 15 minutes, that's not progress but only more frustration. It should save until *I* close the window. Google doesn't save its results only 15 minutes, and you're using the GSA. It's a completely self-serving gimmick you're forcing in to make people see the ads again. It doesn't help shoppers, as they will flit from place to place and not linger and buy due to this dumb time limit. There's only one reasonable thing to do to save the economy -- put back 1.23 search, make search/places plus traffic order the relevance, and stop trying to be the Internet. We are not the Internet. If you have completely removed traffic at all (in past viewer 2.x it was lessoned but in theory still available as one sort -- although wildly inaccurate) -- you've only harmed the econonmy's chief free and fair signal of quality. The gaming of the first few slots is not the problem you and the geeks imagine. It's what enabled merited higher results for many people. Those people are forced out of business now.
  3. Contact me inworld if you want to understand why some people end up on the landlord's DO NOT RENT list.
  4. Sometimes those preferences don't kick in unless you've also clicked APPLY.
  5. How could that happen? Is that a place you actually rent? Is it an automatic device you've clicked on?
  6. Why didn't the Lindens post the metric of how many residents have spent more than one dollar inworld when they reported on the Linden dollar economy metrics? They always used to do that.
  7. No, no, no. There is absolutely no concept that says "Second Life HAS to be a sandbox" and "the market is secondary". None whatsoever. That's only one perspective -- and usually happens to be the furry perspective, BTW (Luskwood, e.g.) But it's very wrong to impose this on the entire world. That's the feature of capitalism versus socialism -- if you have capitalism as the basis, socialism can deviate and mooch off it. But if you have socialism as the basis, capitalism is suppressed. So that's not freedom. If you want a collectivist sim, then, make one. Do not impose that on everyone else who wants normal market sims. The Lindens are in business to sell sims and currency. And it's more than fine that some of us, are too. If we weren't, they wouldn't be. It's just that simple. The market sustains those who want to play collective farm -- and that is what is secondary, not the market. The market is primary, and that's how it should be to sustain the world. By claiming "it is not promised or guarantee to be any one ideology" in fact you are cleverly trying to impose one idea -- the "no market" sandbox idea, and act as if the market is "secondary" or "optional". It's not. It's fundamental. Since time immemorial, real-life human societies have made markets and bought and sold at a profit. It is only with brutal force is this disrupted in some places at some historical periods (i.e. Soviet Union, 75 years). The tabula resa is the market; the sandbox is built on top of that as a deviation. The primary goal is not "to bring people to play with each other and create things". That may be your goal; it may be some people's goal. It isn't even the formal mission of LL, if you read it, which says something like "to connect us all to a virtual world to better humanity". But it doesn't matter even what the original framers think -- SL is too big, too diverse, and too free, fortunately for us all, to have to be under the yoke of collectivism. Open source sims (in culture and in code) without IP protection, monetarization, economies, DRM, etc. don't thrive. They're like Biosphere 2, artificially maintained by outside wealth and unable to sustain themselves.
  8. I think it's great that some special residents get to make autopiloted vehicles that fly around sims and help advertise their businesses, on Linden highways or other people's sims. What steps can you take so that we can all enjoy this privilege? I want air balloons to fly around with my logo and pick up people and take them to my rentals.
  9. You have to be careful with "share with group" because that enables people to return objects even when set to the group, against the usual rule of not being able to return group-set objects. So you have to either tell people not to put things in share or don't enable that function, or they will end up returning prims, which destroys them if they are not copyable.
  10. You must be careful not to put your objects in "share with group" but only SET to group. Also, don't "deed to group" except for televisions, and then when you make the roles with different powers in the group, make sure the power "sell group deeded objects" is NOT checked off for tenants. You must avoid "share with group" so that items can't be returned or moved by various people in the group, sometimes with malicious purposes, i.e. inserting a script into a modifiable object, or returning a no-copy object, which destroys it when it is returned from land. In order for your tenants to use media, you have to give them the power to "deed objects" so that you don't have to run and do it all the time for them. But you should refrain from giving them the "sell deeded objects" power to avoid people stealing expensive TVs from each other. When they are ready to move, you can come and sell the deeded object to yourself for O, then transfer it back to them/
  11. The system of SL Mentors was disbanded some years ago and no longer operations. To get live help you can go to Help Island or Orientation Island or go to NCI, for new citizens or The Shelter.
  12. No, no, there are not less but way, way more. I used to see them only occasionally in about a dozen sims where I have rentals. Now I see them constantly, a huge stream, and more aggressively, i.e. buses on water, cars on rail tracks, etc.
  13. Look, this is a pretty simple principle here and I don't understand why some of you are having such a hard time getting it -- or aggressively posting contrarian messages. NO ONE RESIDENT OF SECOND LIFE SHOULD GET TO HOG THE PUBLIC RESOURCES OF LINDEN LAND INTENDED FOR THE USE OF ALL RESIDENTS OF SECOND LIFE. It's a pretty basic principle. Yes, there are other violations like "selling on Linden Land," long an official Linden policy, although apparently not spelled out in the TOS. You can't solicit or sell in sandboxes or at infohubs or welcome areas, there are signs up forbidding this, they are prosecuted and we can see cases on the police blotter -- why would you get to do this on Linden *roads* just because you scripted a self-navigating sim-crossing device??? This notion that they are "fun" and "a ride" and "you're a meany if you don't get it" is contradicted by the obvious: there are way, way too many of them (I count dozens of them an hour crossing areas where I own land) and they are inappropriate in a number of ways -- cars running on railroad tracks, buses running on open Linden seas, etc. The Lindens should put out scripted vehicles like this to maintain quality and appropriate themed content --they used to do this on the SLRR with trains (the late and great Nigel Linden who is sadly missed, he died in real life). I realize there are challenges and the Lindens may not want to put out a product until it is "their best" but we are being overwhelmed by these idiotic things, they fly in the air, they crash into people, they pile up on land -- they have to go! What's most annoying is the sense that the Lindens are allowing this, despite numerous abuse reports for cause, because it's a free load test for them. There's also the issue that the Lindens never met a script they didn't like. Even the most destructive scripts, they tend to deal with not by deprecation but by saying "well, you can't sell that on the marketplace but..."
  14. This was perfect, thanks! I didn't see the unicorn, but I found the horse rezzer, and the great thing is, it has a "fly" mode, so that people can fly their horses up the hill to the path from my house. I was wondering how I was going to work this, and whether I'd get those horses to walk on the rope bridge. This is a great option as you can get horse and buggies, double riders, etc.
  15. Oh dear God, I can't believe all these people turning up here to praise this awful action of the Lindens that will flood the market needlessly and once again punish Mainland land owners, rentals agents and other businesses. We've been ravaged so many times, and now this. There doesn't seem to be any good reason why these parcels couldn't be going to those who already own on the sim. To characterize these people as evil big land barons blah blah is ridiculous -- they might be non-profits or poor people who just happen to have land in SL to realize their dreams. And why can't there be land barons, for that matter?! They pay the tier around here. I just never heard a good reason why this couldn't have been done in a way to give the people already on a sim first dibs -- it seems technically possible. The Lindens should simply accept tickets with offers to purchase abandoned land. There won't be that many tickets, truly. And existing landowners -- have a care. Can't we prevail upon you to have a conscience? IM your neighbours first and offer your land, rather than dumping it to Governor Linden and the ravages of bots and flippers.
  16. I'm looking for a merchant who has a ridable horse and has a vendor that sells such horses for temp or permanent use, I want to set them up on a property I just bought next to this lovely Linden-made bridle path. What I don't mean are the Amaretto type horses that you "wear" to ride. I mean horses that you can actually use "sit' to mount and then steer to ride. There used to be some like this on the old Mexico sims. If there was a vendor to sell Amaretto type horses I could consider that, too, but it looks to me that all the available vendors for that system involve you having to put horses you've already bred yourself into a vendor, and I am looking for something to start from scratch as I don't breed the horses (and don't want to right now). Any other ridable creatures welcome -- I have Jesrad's ridable bison for example!
  17. Blondin, those lotteries existed long before you came or before Mia became a Linden. There's no reason why *another* Linden can't run them! So why don't they?!
  18. Linden Homes harmed the mainland rental business, there is no question, and some of the private island business. I simply had to cease my program for low-cost newbie homes on one sim and convert it to all ages and I have to run the other sim remaining at a loss to keep my 365-days-or-less only program, it's only a pain to manage. There are something like 50,000 of the Linden homes, and while a lot of them are oldbies who used their 512 this way, that also prevents oldbies from making the mainland better with mainland purchases or joining groups and contributing tier to group projects. Linden stores, a notion that was contemplated at one point when Xstreet was taken over by the Lindens, would make it even worse. The Lindens argue that they have to streamline the newbie experience and that having too many choices and too rocky a path to the market means they have to have socialism. Except...those problems exist because of state intervention in the first place, not only in breaking search and never making it usable again, but in refusing to allow newbies rental agencies to advertise in welcome areas. So fearful are the Lindens of the free market and advertising and commerce -- and so hysterical and fierce are their oldbie supporters on the forums who hate commerce and hate the idea of newbies being exposed to a billboard -- that the normal, natural thing of real life never happens -- people travel here, never see a Motel 6 or a Hilton billboard on their way from the airport, and never get a hotel even to start, let alone a condo or a home. And as a result, the teeming market filled with people willing to serve newbies at a low cost, willing even to give them free housing if they want to start in their themed communities, are never integrated into the new-user pathway -- and deliberately so, for only ideological reasons.
  19. Well, to build a set to match your novel, you'd have to own or rent land. You could rent it temporarily or for longer term from residents inworld or you could buy it to control it more. Depending on how complex the scenes are, you might need more or less land. I don't know what 2-L means. But if you mean going around the world and finding already existing scenes that sort of match your book that you would sort of adopt, on the mainland there isn't an issue with filming these locations but on islands you have to see their covenant policy, some allow filming with credit, others don't, etc. You could just ask.
  20. Had it not turned out that way and the bid went through, you do have the option of filing a ticket saying you don't want it. This used to be easier to do, but it was deliberately made harder because people abused the system, just to jack up prices in general, bid on a lot of parcels, keep others out of the market, and then essentially do chargebacks. I think the Lindens control this better now. It is put in your name inworld to sale for you, and if you opt not to take it, and file a ticket, it will be taken back. If you buy it, it will immediately raise your tier (it takes you through menus asking you if you want it). There may be something different and changed -- I haven't gone on the auctions in about a year because they are so unscrupulous -- but that's about it. Another thing you could have done was post ad offering it for sale even before the auction and explaining what happened -- then someone might take it off your hands and you'd reimburse yourself. BUT the down side to that is that in order to take possession of it such as to sell it again, you'd have to tier up. Even a second of tiering up is billed as a higher level for that whole month.
  21. Actually, they have Linden stores already but they don't seem to get much advertising. They are inworld. They're called Busy Ben's Vehicles, Galleria shopping mall, and I forget the other one, boats 'r us or something somewhere. They used to get more traffic when there was more of a call for them. Every each, they run a lottery for these stories and you have a random chance of winning a free tier-free store.
  22. You can abuse report it but that might literally take months to get attention -- or never get attention. It's part on Linden Land if it is on a road. So go to the HELP and find where to submit a ticket (go to the very bottom of the page). On the pulldown menu, click Issue on Linden Land and also paste in the SLURL. If you put that there's a problem like this on Linden Land, they will get to it quickly.
  23. Normally an object that another person is wearing or has put inworld that can act on you cannot do that unless you click "YES" when a blue screen drops down or you see chat that asks the question "animate your avatar?" To turn off animations, go to the top of the screen and look for STOP ALL ANIMATIONS.
  24. Prokofy Neva


    The biggest reason I hear is that people have friends build for them and they don't want items to return. Of course, they could group their land, put their friends in the group, keep it closed, and then put autoreturn on, but that's too many steps. If you have a closed group, then you have the chore of always having to invite people into it and make sure the roles don't get messed up.
  25. Enjoy the freedom of the mainland -- refund any time. Get a huge parcel of 4608 meters for only $1700 a week, 1054 prims. Beautiful bay view, roadside, perfect for store/home combination. Skybox, pets welcome. 10 percent off for 4 weeks, instead of being locked in for 4 weeks. Leave any time! Join the group on your own, no waiting for invitations. Then get ban/media/plant powers. The Mainland is the most flexible option, and if you have a premium account, put 512 m2 tier in our group and get $250/wk off your rent. Take it out any time. Freedom!
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