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  1. Hm, calculated maneuver to dump on some people's projects? Hippie, when you use the all-purpose term "infohubs" I don't think you're distinguishing among four types of properties the Lindens run: 1. Welcome Areas -- most trafficked, most griefed 2. Orientation Areas 3. Linden Infohubs 4. Resident Developed Infohubs on Linden Lab I work on two infohubs, one which is part of the Resident Info Hubs in Ross and the other which is a Linden infohub Iris. The Resident Infohubs are the legacy of a 2005 Linden program to replace the old Telehubs with Infohubs designed by residents who owned property on them (you could either sell back your infohub land to the Lindens and be compensated, or opt to develop the land for public use). There are about 14 of them. All together there are about 40 of the Linden-owned infohubs, Linden properties (like the Governor's Mansion) and resident-made hubs. These should not be confused with the Welcome Areas like Moose Beach which are the most heavily trafficked because the new-user system currently routes everybody who skips orientation to these large areas -- people who go through orientation have the option to click on a notecard giver and be randomly delivered to one of the Linden or Resident infohubs. In my view, welcome areas are more griefed,more filled with jerks hanging out all day and annoying other people, trying to fly under the radar not to be banned, and "wall-sitters," cliques of people who hang out and chat. The Lindens have designated on Destinations some areas as "chat locations" to try to make virtue out of a necessity. It's a good thing that there are open public places like this in SL. But it seems that the Lindens simply don't have the manpower to police them and they easily fall prey to gangs. The resident-made infohubs are better kept up, more frequently updated and more orderly because there are residents at them invested in making and refreshing the content, helping people and also regularly abuse-reporting griefers. They don't have any special powers to ban anyone or anything like that, and are not in a guild like the old Mentors as Linden pretty much ignore them, but I think many people are happy with their resident infohub experience and come back frequently for visits or hang out. Many people indeed make friends at infohubs, I see it all the time. And even the more sleazy welcome areas are in fact places for people to make connections, like it or not. There needs to be better circuit-riding of Lindens through them, however.
  2. It used to be a big problem with the old Mentors system (and among the reasons it was disbanded -- primarily there was the fact that the system simply did not help to retain newbies, and proved to be a refuge for those helping as a form of vanity or sales promotion). More than once I personally caught these Mentors who were allegedly out there to help newbies friending the newbies to chat them up and get them to come to stores, and slinging them a folder of landmarks all of their friends' stores. I myself got Shanghaied to a store to spend my scarce stipend dollars when I was new (in those days there were no outfits in the library except a few really ridiculous ones). I was fixing things up in the Moth Temple today and I heard this woman arrive and fly around the sim crying "Anyone want a cheap place to live?" and friending people. I'm all for hustling for sales and for a free market. It seems the friendship card is really debased, however, when it becomes a means merely to try to make a sale, chat somebody up and teleport them to a store.
  3. 2 questions 1. Are you willing to self-limit your blog posts for the same reasons? Der, of course I would, cupcake. I propose things that are about the rule of law, for the good of the whole user population. I don't propose things that are in my self-interest or those of any one grouplet. 2. Would you use a blog service that limited your blog posts? Off-topic. Irrelevant to the issue here which is about posting comments, not blog posts. I'm trying to understand what's really behind all this jockeying for position.Does it produce more sales?
  4. You have to make sure you have linked your inworld IMs with an email. Go to view/preferences/communications and check off the box to get IMs as emails.
  5. This whole section seems cluttery and confusing. Can we have the ads for land sales and rentals in one very clearly marked contained, and the discussion about issues for land in a separate one?
  6. Buy the hourglass that tells you how many hours you have been logged on, and follow it. One that I've found that works great is by Thickbrick Sleaford for $150. It sends reports by email too. New Vermont Enterprises http://slurl.com/secondlife/Brolga/150/11/351 You can probably find other gadget stores with this. Angrybeth Shortbread makes a bear gadget you wear that tells you when to log off: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Port/18/28/26 Look for the bus that has her educational devices in it. It's $75. I don't think you can really expect Second Life, which is sedentary, to help you with your RL health. You have to make a RL health plan, and stick to it inside RL, and SL will fall into place if you are serious.
  7. I find that if I want to get a decent hair, skin, suit, etc. I can't do it for under $2000. However, starting out, you can find a LOT of freebies on the SL Marketplace and inworld at places like the Shelter, the Dovet, etc. and various infohubs, so you should first do your best with that before you spend a lot of money.
  8. The creation of threads, especially those in the top view all the time, should be limited. That's to prevent any one person or group from constantly, aggressively, outrageously trying to gain the mindshare and the marketshare accordingly in Second Life. Attention is a scarce resource; the real estate space of the top view threads is a scarce resource. No one person or clique should get to grab an entire platform's scarce resource. They are limited. Making two prims in world isn't the same as the arrogant attempt to grab the view and grab attention -- and power and sales that go with it -- with contant thread-mongering. Of course, one hopes that those who use this infantile method will self-discredit at some level and people will begin to ignore them. But that doesn't necessarily always happen quite that way, so I'm for limiting attention grabs like this.
  9. A lot of people have that problem today.
  10. There's a store with great top hats in the Mainland sim of Grace at St. Paul's Church plaza.
  11. You should be able to click through screens that give you an option to pick a Linden home and then get an email confirmation that you click through to go there to the location. You have to go to customer help if you aren't getting those screens to work. If you don't want the Linden home or have one already, you have to abandon it inworld before you can go buy another land, say an empty parcel on the Mainland without the house so you can pick your own.
  12. Are you on a laptop? SL is not meant to run on laptops. And many laptops seem to log you on and let you see the world, but then...you can't move. Be sure to put the draw distance in view/preferences/graphics to 64 and turn off all custom graphics options, also turn off media, that can help.
  13. No, I didn't get mine, I think the system is down today for this. Normally it distributes Tuesdays. All the group debits and ad debits went through fine though.
  14. Sometimes people die in RL and don't tell you. Other times they need a fast getaway.
  15. Don't you wish Linden Lab would offer a friend-reaching service? i.e. when someone doesn't log on for awhile, that you could file a ticket, and LL would contact them using the email they supplied when signing up (which you might not know -- and rightly so, people shouldn't give out their real emails to strangers on the Internet). Sometimes I get tenants who tell me they are dying in real life -- I'm never sure if it's true, but I think possibly it is in some cases. I sometimes have tenants with partners, they live with them for years, and all of a sudden one will dump the other and not explain and just disappear, and that person left behind suffers terribly -- they wish they could at least get an email confirmation the person is OK, but just not wishing contact. Once I had this couple who rented from me for years, they led a robust and creative life with creations, stores, events, lovely interior decorating, and one day suddenly both of them disappeared at the same time, never to be heard of again. I think of them as somehow, perhaps they drove off into the sunset and fell off a cliff, like the tragic RL couple that formed the basis for the song "The Way" by Fastball. Of course, this should be an opt-in. For example, it could be a service you pay for "add friend-reaching". The Lindens could automate it so that they didn't have to fuss with it. Of course, some people set IMs to go to email, and if you do that, IMs really shouldn't cap (and they don't, despite what many say). And that should be good enough, but some people might supply a different email for the "friend notification service".
  16. That's odd, I've never heard of this. Are you using the standard SL viewer? Which version? Version 2 has an annoyance many have complained about which is the search window closes after you teleport. But what you're describing is that you can't even click on the link and get to teleport with the search result. That shouldn't happen. I'm trying to think what this could be about. Packet loss?
  17. You only have to use the prefab that Linden binds to the land in the Linden Homes program if you opt to move into one of those sims. But there are many other sims on the Mainland that have plots available of 512 m2 that you can purchase from other residents -- some very low priced, some more high priced, depending on location. Give yourself time to shop and study the market and the surroundings before spending because you cannot get a refund. If the lot is only 512 m2, you will then have your tier, or maintenance fee covered, as part of your premium subscription. Another thing you can do is use the 512 to contribute to a group, and get a rental discount or cash-free for tier only -- I have this plan in my rental groups and you will find other Mainland groups with the same option. Yet another thing you can do is rent or buy on an island, but then your tier of 512 m2 can't be used, and it wouldn't make sense to keep your premium account. I would encourage you to shop on the Mainland because it's a buyer's market now, you can find very nice deals, and with the premium you get the stipend of $300 a week, plus access to customer service.
  18. This is the sort of complex case you really do need a lawyer for. Getting a lot of uneducated and unprofessional advice from a wildly different set of random people from all over the world is not really going to help you. Lawyers are expensive. They cost $400 a hour in New York where I live. You can find some websites by Googling that help you define your rights better and help you file the DMCA, but you have to be prepared to dig in and do it right, and use your real life name and address. In the SL situation, not everyone wants that. It's not really a matter for SL, even if related, it's not on their servers.
  19. I'm seeing some people start 7-8-10 threads all at once in the top view forum headings and it's really obnoxious and annoying. This is being done by a small coterie of people to try to keep their old forums mindshare/marketshare on top, in the view, and constantly in your face. But we're not all friends with this group, nor do we want to be. There should be a limit on how many threads you can start -- per day, month, whatever. If people had a limit, they might be less inclined to fill up the forums with their own persona but listen to others more.
  20. Second Life is a shared, collaborative space. That's how its framers (Philip Rosedale et. al) devised it. You have plenty of privacy tools on your islands or parcel to block out the physical presence of people without having to obliterate their appearance. I think it sets up a really awful society when people can obliterate others like that for any reason or no reason. While it always seems as if your own choice in this is justified, once you see tens of thousands of people doing this, it becomes a world where you cannot have basic fundamental human values that enable people to have a civil society. I don't believe that all view of content or appearance even of people I ban from my land should be a feature in the world. And it falls into the "do unto others" category.
  21. When LL says the video card isn't supported, they're not kidding. This is the list that everyone needs to check BEFORE they buy a new graphics card or computer with a certain card in it: https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US It's harsh, but there it is, your card is not on there. The series 4000 is, but not that one you h ave. So you should simply take it back and try to get another one on this list. Good luck, because you may find, even if you live in the media capital of the world like I do (New York City) that not a single one of the consumer-oriented computer stores like Best Buy will have these cards, or have computers with these cards in them. You can try to order a custom Dell computer. But don't be surprised to discover that oh, these cards don't seem to go with the cheaper PCs there either and just don't seem to be available in the configurations you want online, or even after you call the live help. Keep in mind that if you do buy one of these higher-end graphic cards, be prepared for it to overheat your computer and blow out UNLESS you also buy the bigger fan needed to cool it and install that. By the time this expedition costs you $350, you start to think maybe you should get a new computer, not a new card. It's really a shame that Linden Lab will not make their software to fit what is mass produced for the consumer, rather than make the consumer run around like a chicken trying to find the right card, but it's the reality of our virtuality. What happens is that the Lindens and the close circle of techs around them custom-build their computers and they don't really have empathy for the situation of the average non-technical consumer. They aren't motivated (yet) to have this empathy because they don't need/want the world to scale quickly into the millions (yet).
  22. If you moved from 76 listings to 3, I can only respect you more. One thing I find really clutters up the Marketplace needlessly is when a merchant lists separate entry for each and every colour/texture change of one product. I believe they should simply put this in text, or put in pictures on one entry, and not burden the system with all the needless colour changes. In fact, I wish that were in the TOS because I think some people game search by putting in 100 colour changes to a product as a separate product in each instance. I'm never quite sure how it works with the product replacements myself and find the instructions not clear and easily accessed on the store itself which is where it is needed, not buried in a knowledge base. Through trial and error and asking around, I've discovered that if you have a product that you've updated by improving or adding something to it, but you don't want to call it now Product 2.0 because that would be silly and misleading. you can just delete the product out of the magic box and then put in a new one with the same name, and it will override the file online and the previous description will stay in place. If you delist the item first because you think that seems intuitive, then try to reload the item with the same name, you will wind up with a new listing that you then have to repeat the description, photos, etc. for all over again, which is a chore. And it turns out, even against the TOS on fraud grounds. The reviews are still not working. I see numbers for them, but when I click on them, nothing is there.
  23. Translation: "Some days I ran the clubhouse, other days I didn't". @Nany Yes, that's the problem with clubhouses. Sometimes you run them; other days people get fed up with your posts and AR you or even go further because you've done that to them. That's why I avioded the forums and only posted when there seemed a critical issue. Yes, the forums have been lobotomized now and are under ridiculously tight management. But that's what happens when users themselves cannot arrange self-governance fairly, and only end up encouraging vigilantism or worse. These forums can still be useful in a limited sort of way if the mods really work hard to get in early and often now and move or delete all those topics that certain cliques are posting merely as a means to mindshare and then of course marketshare. They've always done this with impunity; it's good to see that they can't now. Unless, of course, they continue to pester mods and bully other residents and the mods give up, as they have before, or unless these customers are so important to the Lindens because of the revenue their businesses bring in that they become arbitrary and selective in how they moderate (a problem in the past). I believe strongly in not having conversations about a virtual world moderated in this way because I think the only way to address the bad phenomena in any "country" is to have a free press that can cover crime, corruption, unfair privileging, incompetence, etc. But because that's not possible here, I run my own blog. And others have their own forums to go to and should use them for that purpose until such time as the system here changes. In the meantime, if the Lindens want to make the forums a bulletin board, in a sense, for very narrowly-defined topics and a very strict culture of presentation, that's fine for what it is, then I want them to police it fairly.
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