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  1. Do you realize that companies are ALREADY judges and juries! And that's what's wrong! This law would make it possible to get around the problem of having signed a TOS in a place like Second Life, where you have to wait for the company to do something, and makes it possible to litigate in a court of law on the merits of a law against piracy. Lawsuits against copybotters in SL so far have revolved around trying to track individuals through nicknames and trying even to charge LL with culpability for being the platform, which it has been able to deflect on "save haven" grounds. But now under SOPA and related legislation, if a platform provider is negligent and inactive in defending IP and doesn't mvoe through some kind of process reasonably to deal with complaints, you will have more remedies to challenge them. That's a good thing for content providers.
  2. For all you smarties pointing out that this is merely an American bill in Congress and therefore has no relevance to the rest of the world, and make it seem as if raising the question of why SLers don't support it is some kind of ethno-centric crime, again, I suggest you go read the bill. It's about FOREIGN piracy. That means it will affect YOUR COUNTRY -- particularly if you are in Europe, Russia, China and some other high pirating areas.
  3. I think you have several premises here that aren't necessarily tested well with a broader set of data. In fact, the only number to watch on the SL economy, for my money, is "number of people who spent more than one dollar this month inworld". And that figure, after dipping, is now steadily climbing toward the half million mark, and that's what you're dealing with: half a million people, quite a few of them alts/mules, who are willing to spend on your business. So plan accordingly. You don't have millions. You have half a million. Before, we used to get this figure disaggregated. The lion's share of them spent the equivalent of less than US $10 inworld per month; only a tiny cadre of 300 or something would spend US $2000 or more (big landowners). The demographic that you as a rentals agent or a content maker would have to aim for is those people in the US $40-80 a month bracket with disposable income, not free accounts, not large businesses that might not even buy content anymore (or make their own) but consumers. And that figure was something like less than 100,000 people. So there's your reality -- a very small pie, with a lot of people fighting for it. A pie that's growing, but not fast enough given the pent-up creation and especially freebies and Linden offerings competing in the market. Rather than tell everybody to buy more, you'd be better off to lobby against freebies or start reselling transferable freebies to get people to stop glutting the market with them. So -- as for your premises. First, is this idea that "the big businesses aren't advertising" in search. Search is still broken and not working, i.e. the old concept of a data table with search working well for this small world (as distinct for the wide Internet) is no longer used, the Lindens use the Google Search Appliance and it's not really well adapted. People used to search easily in search/places. Now they can't. That means that people like me don't put in search/places ads at $30 a week as much because it's so pointless, the content can't surface easily and well. Second, you note that traffic is low. But no one has any incentive to have high traffic anymore, now that traffic is basically removed as a relevance factor in search. Before, people like me who reject bots as a method would at least put in things like events or sales or whatever to get higher traffic. Now, there's no point. Traffic doesn't make sales; sales make sales. To make a sale, you need people inworld in a circle who buy from you, or you need to be visible in search. The SL Marketplace has started to kill off some of the inworld store traffic and sales. Every time you get an impression that SL is "winding down like an old grandfather clock" you have to remember that it is only winding down for old grandfathers. New sons and grandsons come into the world, start businesses like pets or low-prim furniture or mesh stuff and sell up a storm. The rapidity and nastiness with which this happens, given that people's livelihoods are at stake, is of course disturbing, but it's usually the case that when one person feels like SL is dying, it's only dying *for him* and someone else has taken away his business. There isn't enough of a customer base to go around, and that sort of becomes a vicious circle -- in one respect, if people felt they had a steady flow of customers or more customers coming in the door as new signups they might do more to attract them, but it's difficult for them to first innovate and have a better mousetrap and then get that visibility to the outside world of new signups -- Destination is state-controlled by the Lindens; and even their state control (or especially their state control) can't give visibility to more than a keyhole's worth of people. You can't just exhort everybody to support creators and buy stuff, they won't. They're in a recession and cutting back. But there are 10 things that have to be done at once -- search has to do more for people, advertising capacity has to be built up; the ability to land newbies on your properties has to improve, and much more.
  4. They should. This is anti-piracy legislation that would establish the rule of law over intellectual property rights rather than the code-as-law and arbitrariness we have now in the TOS of platform providers and their dilatory handling of DMCA cases. There's no "censorship" involved in legitimately pursuing pirates, and there are thresholds that would have to be met and defense mechanisms within the law itself that would prevent the things the hysterics are claiming would happen, i.e. all of Facebook being shut down over one person's pirated movie (ridiculous). Second Lifers should be the natural constituent of this legislation, but if anything, the open sourceniks who prevail are probably opposed. But has anyone thought about it and are they writing their Congress people? I wrote mine, fortunately they support the bill. I hope it passes.
  5. Years ago, the original content creator class of SL used to lobby the Lindens vigorously for a different feature in the permissions system -- a separation of "sell" from "transfer" or "give away" as it is now known. In other words, instead of having the transmission combined in "transfer/resell" as it is now, they would have an action whereby if an object was not set to sale, the transfer could have an option that would make it impossible for the next owner not to set it to sale, either. I'm not advocating this change, I'm just asking this about it: Is is ideology or technology that prevents those functions from being disaggregated? It would be a server-side coding change and not trivial, but is it impossible? This used to be said to use by Lindens. The advantage is that you could give away freebies that were transferable, so that people could give them to other people, but they couldn't resell them. (I'm actually for keeping the ability of reselling freebies, but I'm asking this again, as a technological question).
  6. Hi, What is the definition of a "valid agent" in the SL system? Is it a person whose account is in good standing and is in the People List? Example: I have an oldbie tenant who has content for sale on a property and even though he disappeared for some reason from the People list, i.e. not for a ban but because he may not have paid his bill or something, I'm assuming that he could come back, reactivate his account, and his content sales will still show in his account. Or will this defeat that option?
  7. This notion of "corporativism" is a chimera. It's a concoction of the left. In the case of Linden Lab, there isn't some evil giant corporation. It's a small private company with at the most 300 employees, many of them part time making $9 an hour. Philip Rosedale is the last person you'd call some kind of evil corporate overlord, he's more of a technocommunist share-bear than you are, trust me on this.
  8. Those places you are dancing in are run by people who play tier, dear. None of this world would be here without the tier-payers. They are what keep Linden Lab in the clear with $75 million in profits a year. And that's ok, and that's valid. This is not a stone soup open source picnic for everybody. And that's ok. Servers cost money; governance, content, search -- they cost money. It's ok to charge for land -- the land ownership metaphor works to sustain the economy. Everybody gets it that they don't really own this land, it's a license to access content. So what? Works good enough to make an economy. Communism is not viable. Somebody always pays.
  9. Sorry, but I'm never going to endorse squatting. Societies based on communism don't work and are even destructive, and societies based on communist grabs by some and capitalist support by others don't work -- you're freeloaders. Nobody owes you anything in Second Life. It's virtuality, and it is not a human society with taxes or charity where the poor can be helped, even when not deserving.There isn't that luxury in a world where every server inch costs the platform providers money. Now, are you telling me that you can't afford $9.95 a month for a 512 parcel even? You can't give up one or two lattes? Oh, you can't even afford *US $1.99 a month*? That's what my rentals cost at the lowest end -- $150 Lindens for 150 prims a week, with $540 a month advance payment. I refuse to give away land -- everybody can pay at least something, and $1.99 a month is ridiculous. Oh, I even have a land preserve where I ask people to pay at least a one-time fee of $5 and $10 a day camping -- most people can do that much. There is just no objective need to encourage the pernicious notion of squatting in SL. Anyone who doesn't even want to spend one red cent in SL -- and red it would indeed be! -- can fly around to all the NUMEROUS Linden-created areas -- there are something like 1,000 or more Linden sims -- parks, builds, reserves, waterways, etc. You probably couldn't get through them all in months of exploring. Er, go and stay in the Falmouth Hotel, for example.
  10. Er, no. The question is: why would anyone use mesh and the mesh viewer? There is hardly any mesh content. What there is has uncertainties and problems, it's not clear how it will impact land and you can't edit it. I have only seen one tenant with a boat I couldn't see because it was a mesh, but I'm used to that -- I see sculpties as a big jumble of junk until I get up close and I simply prefer prims. And that's ok. I'm like a lot of people. The viewers 2 and 3 all make land management 10 times harder. I'm sticking with 1.23. Occasionally I go on viewer 2 just to walk through things and write help cards for my tenants who are new to SL and start out with 2. I even tell some of them to go to 1.23 because certain things are easier. Mesh -- not for us. It's not soup yet.
  11. It's kinda cool. First, you have to have a premium account to find the Mystery Portal. Hint: look around the premium sandboxes. Next, you have to viewer 3 on to see mesh--without the ability to see mesh, this will be kasha. Then you get to this other world and... well I won't say more : )
  12. It's not a "report" Qie, it is a *fact*. We've replicated this dozens of times now. Phoenix/Firestorm does not handle group changes UNTIL you relog. Sometimes even twice.
  13. You have to make sure also that you really grouped your land. If it says "set to group" and "owner makes contribution with deed" that's not the whole process. You then have to press "deed to group" and have a group ready with the available tier, or that "contribution" has to be enough to cover tier. Until the land says not your name as owner but XYZ group owned, it isn't completed.
  14. This is a problem on Viewer 2.x and on Phoenix/Firestorm viewer. After you have switched the tenant to the role with the deeding powers, or after you have sent him an invitation to that role, make sure he then *relogs*. Sometimes *twice*. Relogging should then make it work. That is how I've done it many times. I have hundreds of people in mainland group rentals, and relogging fixes this problem.
  15. I've had billing problems a number of times. One trick I use is to go to "add credit" on the billing menu. I put a credit on to my account for the amount of the tier, or what's owed. Then it zeroes out.
  16. Is there going to be new content in the Premium Account this month and every month? I forget where you go to get it.
  17. Since you don't seem to want to read a wiki, although there is a lot there, you should go to a public sandbox and just start putting out cubes by using the "create" tool and seeing how it works and practicing and experimenting and learning from others in the sandbox. And go to Builder's Brewery and Ivory Tower of Prims
  18. This isn't something you can report because it's not an offense of the terms of service. Linden Lab doesn't deal with inter-residential disputes. All you can do is try to keep IMing them and to go on SL blogs and forums (not this official one) and expose the name so that the public knows you are dealing with a fraudster -- if that's the case. Some groups have you join the group on your own -- well, perhaps I'm one of the few that has people join on their own just so that this very problem doesn't happen. It's a reason you should preferably pay into a rental box or terminal that you can refund from and that provides some inworld evidence of your payment rather than paying an avatar directly. But since a terminal only leads to an avatar anyway, you are never 100 percent ensured against fraud in SL. Buyer beware.
  19. It's that time of year when stuff starts following you, ghosts, creepy pumpkins, flaming hell-skulls. The question is, how to make the follow thingie *stop* following you? Here's the follow-fairy script or the Burning Man flame follow thing, looks identical: float radius = 8; default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llSetTimerEvent(start_param); } state_entry() { vector pos; // get the current position the the object pos = llGetPos(); // make object phsyical llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); llSleep(0.1); llMoveToTarget(pos,0.1); // get the key of our owner key id = llGetOwner(); // set up a sensor to find our owner llSensorRepeat("",NULL_KEY,AGENT,radius,2*PI,.4); } sensor(integer total_number) { // llDetectedPos returns the position of the object that triggered // the sensor, in this case the avatar we want to follow vector pos = llDetectedPos(0); // calculate an offset so we do not end up right behind // the avatars head vector offset =<llFrand(2) - 1,llFrand(2) - 1, -0.8>; pos+=offset; // now move to the position our avatar is (plus the offset) llMoveToTarget(pos,.3); // finally, turn to face our avatar llLookAt(llDetectedPos(0) + <0,0,-0.8>, .1, .1); } timer() { llDie(); } }  But how to get it to sTOP? Is theer just some simple like that makes it die? Inky Jedsky's flaming skulls die after like a minute. P.S. And if this script contains a "die," it's not dying. What do I need for it.
  20. I have stalls in Alston and Baileya for $50/35 prims and elsewhere, visit my shop and look at the commercial land notecard. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alston/119/23/38
  21. Hi, this meets some of your requirements, $500 a week, with 100 prims to use, fully furnished: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moraine/17/32/47 It's in mature, you can put in a skybox and have pets. You get perms in the group to use ban/eject and put in your own music. No security orbs allowed, they're annoying to everyone else.
  22. Well I'll go ya one better. Large groups won't load...the chat won't work in them...the people won't alphabetize or even be found in them -- it says "not found" even when they are there...the land in them won't show up...the acres left won't display so you can't tell, is there enough tier or not... In short, make smaller groups.
  23. I now have about six different stories with six different scripts and cut prims and stuff -- it's like asking directions from 3 people in Maine you happen to see in a gas station. Ayup...wull ya wanna go up to Rt. 96 No no no. What he wants to do is take the back road behind the Wal-Mart Nope. I'll tellya whatcha gotta do. Whatcha wanna do, see, is you go up to the stoplight. Etc. Very confusing. Second Life is too hard.
  24. What is a linked prim, and what is a root? That is the question. That is, sure, I know -- after 7 years in SL -- the theory of these things, and I know there are "root prims" that one must be careful to "link to right". But in layman's terms, it's easier to explain it by the actual object. Like the bottom of the box is the root, the lid will be linked.
  25. Hi, thanks, I'll have to try this. So far Void Singer's script is what is working for me because it enables the lid and box to be linked, which they need to be in a product like a box of cookies that would have to be moved around by the customer, without having to rez out aggregated prim batches every time. But you do have to link it right, I believe you start with the bottom of the box, then link the link second -- or else the entire object moves up and down. When you see it doing that, you know you haven't linked in the right sequence. Cutting prims is something that isn't an automatic easy thing to do for beginners or even people who are simply mathematically challenged like me. So I'd rather have a script that will move any object of any cut or type, prim or sculpty, so I will try this other script. But for now Void's is working because Osprey gave me a pre-cut prim -- she's the best!
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