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  1. What's really scary about this thread not only for Second Life but real life is that two major coder Lindens, Oz and Yoz, have come on to soothingly explain why we can't have democracy, citing the usual code-constrained geek arguments. Suddenly, you come up with this idea that "the votes aren't democractic enough and don't include enough of the user base" to claim that as your reason for making less democracy. Orwellian! The answer is to put in a "no" and advertise and simplify it better, and maybe even considering going back to the old Feature Voting System, which was simpler, less geeky, an
  2. You could be helping to change that, Oz, but you Lindens have always refused to, and you are heavily distorting the issue here. Yes means yes, and no means no. Watch means interest, for or against, but that's not enough. Ask the people in Tahrir Square whether they want to just "watch" Mubarak or vote "no". Long before there was a JIRA, there was the Features Voting System. And hundreds of us put up a proposal to have a yes/no vote on that system. That system was Linden-coded and could have easily gone on serving the population on *features*. There was no technical reason whatsoever that the
  3. Democracy is always removed and authoritarian is always installed because there is always a class of elites upon whom the government can depend to applaud their removal of democracy.
  4. Let the record show that the last vestige of democracy has been removed from the tools after 7 years, ironically just at the moment when in real life, people in Yemen and Tunisia and Egypt are crying for democracy. First, the town halls were cancelled in 2005. They were griefed too often or uncomfortable unscripted questions were asked. Then, voting was taking out of the group tools. "Nobody used it," said the Lindens. Then, one very overactive and aggressive resident, Angel Fluffy, was allowed to thresh through and vet the entire old Features Voting System, which was better than the JIRA,
  5. When you get all indignant that 6800 sims are "running on empty", you're forgetting several very basic facts: 1. There are 4 sims to a server. They need to run the servers anyway. It's not like they have to fire up lots of extra servers to handle this "burden". There are 32,000 islands or 8,000 servers roughly. Of these, then, 1,700 run "pointless" Mainland infrastructure. 2. A lot of that Linden-owned land rivulates through simulators that people have land on and pay tier on. For example, Ravenglass, one of those old sims where the Lindens put all this Linden water to have boating right-of-
  6. Nelson, I don't think you do yourselves or anyone else favours by removing key figures that used to be transparently available in these tables on a daily basis on the website, and now are pulled. And that's the number of "positive montly Linden flow" accounts, i.e. accounts that monthly had more Lindens than they spent. This number was tanking, and maybe that's why you wanted to stop showing it, but it's important because it tells us whether large and small businesses still find SL a place to operate. I'm also asking again whether "economic participation" means "spent $1 or more" or what it
  7. Hi, Rodvik, all that sounds neat. Roman toga -- perfect outfit for this game. Well, here's a few cheats and walk-throughs: On the mailbox, there's a way to make those scripts less laggy so they don't "listen" all the time and lag your sim but "sleep" -- I think Ordinal Malaprop will know how to fix this, and I hope you get things running so that she would want to come back. Talk to Ordinal, get all her free scripts, then go back to your camp. On the cabin, don't use actual logs as they take up prim space, put on a texture instead. Go to The Alchemist's, get some potions, go back to your c
  8. Yes, I insist on having open groups. There should be a toggle -- invite only or open. The one boon I would like is to have the ability to ban people even from open-membership groups. I'd like to keep the convenience of open groups for the majority of people who are law-abiding, but still be able to keep out frequent-flyer griefers who just join open groups "because they can" to be annoying.
  9. Great news about the groups! I'm always having to leave groups every day and go through the nuisance of rejoining them again, even my own groups for land and activities, because of the limitations. So this will really be a huge boon! Thanks! In fact, I'm surprised not to see more gratitude here because people have asked for this for years, furiously. Guess it's the rising tide of expectations! I realize you are following the stampede everywhere on all the platforms to increase traffic and sales by linking Facebook. But I do wonder if these new web profiles can EASILY be an OPT-OUT or even bet
  10. Dear Rod, I love your name, it sounds like a Second Life name and I hope it speaks volumes! Don't give yourself an alphabet name like "M' and the marketing suits who came before you, call yourself "Humble Linden," find 10 ways of listening to customers every day, be it a drop in to the forums, a blog post answering queries, or an in-world townhall, and I guarantee you will have many eating out of your hand, after 7 years of Arrogant Linden. I couldn't be more pleased that you're from the Sims. I'm a refugee from the Sims Online myself and I kept my account there until the last "GAME OVER" s
  11. I've had the same critique, for longer than Deltango Vale, and about many other things (the outrageous tolerance of the ad farms and grief cutting of sims for four long years, starting with the "Impeach Bush" guy, devaluing people's land terribly. But I don't view this as a problem that has to do with "negligence" or one manager's poor performance, nor do I believe that the departure of Jack himself would somehow fix this problem. That's because these issues aren't functions of negligence or poor management, but an inherent contradiction in the nature of the business model: it's in Linden La
  12. Dear Jack, Second Life will leave you with a better resume leaving than you had coming in, which can't be said for all Lindens: o group tools and communities o new user experience o ending ad farms and traffic botting o Concierge, estates, Homestead crisis o Linden Homes, Atlas All of these programs, features and "solutions" to challenges are all or in part to your credit and you can proudly list them. I don't agree with some of them obviously as they harm *our* business, but for *your* business, they were a good thing. But there's one thing that should accrue to your eternal shame, and
  13. I've decided, on balance, this is an initiative that has to be welcomed: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2010/12/thank-you-grant-linden-rip-thank-you-nelson-linden-may-you-live-forever.html It's a breakthrough for the Lindens to share their precious eyeballed ad space with us, even if the first pancake always turns out lumpy, as the Russian proverb says it. (Pervy blin komben). I can't quite tell the prices here -- are they really saying it would run me $12,000 US to run an ad on their auction page for a month? Well, that wouldn't be something I could do, but a large land
  14. Nelson, This looks great. I'm in. I'm not one of these hippies or Leninists who thinks there shouldn't be advertising all over the place, I love advertising, it gets media paid for, and that's why we're all here! And I also don't care if you charge a lot, because this is prime time, your properties, eyeballs out the wazoo, such as we can never get from classifieds, which are likely invisible after the first two pages, or search which is, well, broken. Now, I just have a few questions: 1. Do you mind if I put an add for my rentals next to your Land Auction pages? I know it might sound count
  15. I'm starting to see the new people come in now on 1.23 as "Mildred Resident" or "Herbert456 Resident" and then I see them in my transaction as just their first name like "Twinkletoes". But what happens if multiple people chose the name "Twinkletoes"? They can't have two "Twinkletoes Residents" and more to the point, they can't have a unique name for their creations, should they make them. How will that work? Or does the system reject you if you type in "Joe123" and there is already a "Joe123" as a user name?
  16. Thanks a bunch, Jack. I heard that people could now make new avatars with just one name, and so people were taking business names to harass others. I logged on to find that both "Prokofy" and "Ravenglass", the name of my business, were taken by day-old avatars with no payment on file. So, I imagine you'll tell me I can't do a thing about this because I haven't trademarked my names in RL? I expect you to do that, because you are cynics and you did this deliberately to shake us small businessmen loose. Getting a trademark isn't that hard, but it's costly and time-consuming and may not work.
  17. This is a welcome development. I tried the test but got neither option, I couldn't EXPLORE or JOIN but just play the video again. When I refreshed the page, I got a different video. One thing that really struck me: how silly all that typing animation stuff looks. Especially in an ad. You might think of filming the ads without that typing because it's hard to understand for an outsider. One thing I liked was the sort of flourish that went swirling around and then turned into the design of the SL hand. I thought that was really cool. It took the hand away from its culty mystical beginni
  18. To undo that billing, there's another thing that has to happen or it will keep billing you even if you fix up your land/deed problem. You must go into the group and take out the 512 you donated on top of that land that was deeded. And make sure that in that group your contribution is only 512 with an excess of 512 showing (that's the 1024). Then WITHDRAW THE 512 EXCESS from the GROUP -- otherwise it keeps billing. It doesn't know this is excess and not applied to land. Then go on the website, and move the tier down -- check off 512, not 1024. It will say "512 available" but you must move
  19. I realize with all your exhaustive ministrations, you believe the KB is "correct". But it's wrong here. You don't need to have the ability to deed land to deed the land. You can CHECK THE BOX making the option to deed available WHICH GROUP OFFICERS can then use to deed. So the contributor can set the land to the group he wants to deed to, check off the box, and leave it for the officer -- that way officers/founders of a group don't need to have each m ember be able to deed land -- which means they could steal any piece of land out of the group and deed it away elsewhere. Furthermore, the
  20. No, that's still not the full story. You have to use DEED to group AND contribute to group BOTH to send both your land AND THE TIER covering it to the group.
  21. If you are donating LAND and not TIER ALONE to a group, you have to click on DEED TO GROUP and also the box ALLOCATE TIER WITH DONATION and then both your tier and that piece of land go into a group. You should not face any other charges then. (The reason you ARE facing charges is because you did both contribute/deed AND contribute via the about land contribution interface -- two separate actions -- and you have to undo the second in the group, and on your web page, or it will keep billing.) The "known issue" sounds like some confusion to me. I haven't seen that. What I see happening is peopl
  22. What likely happened is that you kept your 512 first land, and didn't release the 512 tier covering that 512 m of land. Then when you tried to donate 512 to a group on top of that, the system billed you for 1024 m2. In order to donate land to a group, you have to first sell or abandon that first 512 you were using, or leave your Linden Home. Then you have the 512 free and clear to donate. I have numerous people who donate 512 or more in tier to my group to get a rental valued at $250 or a discount of $250 -- and nothing bills them any further. There is no mechanism to bill them further
  23. That's right, Pathfinder! First, build the pipes and flood the reverse-engineered sims -- including one that you are now leading the community at -- and copy, copy, copy content -- from Second Life, from each other, from the Internet, from whatever -- but mainly rip it from Second Life. Teleport around the Hypergrid *which does not currently recognize, maintain or ensure copyright with any sort of copy/mod/transfer system as in SL that sticks* and fill up those empty, sterile sandboxes without commerce on them. That is, you can copy something in one grid, take it with you in your inventory, r
  24. Those ex-Linden posts were fake, but they could get people believing on that "the residents are losers" stuff because that *was* true. We have that documented in public speeches (Mitch Kapor at the SL birthday party calling early adapters "misfits") and in the "you look good, we look good" efforts of some key Lindens in 2005-2006 who let it be known that they saw the lousy builds and low culture in SL as an impediment to mainstream attractiveness.
  25. Yeah those "ex-Lindens" were fake, and I said so myself, for precisely that reason, that real Lindens wouldn't be obsessing day and night how to block me, or block other Lindens that were blocking me, blah blah blah. I have a fairly popular critical blog. But it's not like I run griefing raids on SL. I run a modest rentals business and a land preserve and wait on customers. I don't think the Lindens could really find fault with me. I suspect the posts were written by someone flogging the new open source grids to get customers by getting across the message that "SL can't scale". Of course, it'
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