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Found 30 results

  1. Hola: Estoy buscando persona responsable, y comprometida con el tema propuesto para hacer la publicación de anuncios en grupos dentro de SL y redes sociales, fuera de SL, como Facebook, flickr, instagram y twitter. Por favor contacta conmigo a través de una nota en mi perfil, gracias. P.D: No tengo idea del precio que hay que pagar para este servicio, si alguien lo sabe y es tan amable de comentarlo, se lo agradeceria. Un saludo cordial a todos.
  2. Wishing Star Marketing & Promotions and Job Recruitment offers a wide range of services to help create and grow your Second Life business. We assist our clients with the daily tasks such as advertisement, research and finding ways to get their name known, help them with the recruitment for their business, offers ad boards and other services. We work with our clients to create a plan focusing on their individual goals for their company. We are currently looking for media specialists, who are hard working enthusiastic to join our team. Who are willing to perform their tasks and duties excellently. A friendly and stress free environment with handsome pay. Duties/ Requirements/ Job Description: Media specialists: Must have social media or willing to use it Must commit one hour, 6 days in a week. Must be able to use discord. If you are interested in this job and want to join our team then fill the following form:  https://forms.gle/qfDJczqzhMuAToht5 Completed forms will be contacted by sarahadam Resident to book an appointment with the CEO/Founder for an interview.
  3. Hey all So I am really just looking for some marketing strategies and have a question. I am a jewelry designer, I also dabble a bit in eyes and nails. Anyway. I have a store on MP and after all these years I am still wondering how the listings get arranged. I looked the other day under jewelry and went through about the first 15 pages and didn't see one listing from my store. I DID see multiple listings from other stores. My question is, does MP just list things as they are listed each day by the merchants, or are the listings I am seeing, ones that have been enhanced to land on a certain page? Good Keywords?? Thanks for any answers in advance
  4. Hey there viewers, I just recently got back to SL and I'm back to square one, broke, no land, not even having a mesh body. (but I still look / dress decent, phew) With that said, I am currently looking for a job. I am a really hard worker once I know the amount of lindens I get paid or potentially get paid. I will not lie that I do want to make a good amount of $L. Not because of my own satisfaction but mainly because I'm trying to help a dear friend of mine who is having money issues IRL and could use a helping hand. (yes I plan to convert the $L to RL currency even though you only get little back, but hey its better than nothing) What I'd like to work with are either of the ff: • Manager • Personal Assistant • Administration • Sales Agent • Customer Service Second work options: • Coordinator • Photography • Graphic Designing / Web Designing • Modeling (but yeah, i don't have the mesh bod for that atm) What I think i'm not qualified or prefer not to work on are the ff: • Clubs (because I do not have the power of friends for club invites) • Adult related jobs (strippers, etc.) • As much as possible nothing in commission unless if business is guaranteed busy and active Some of my experiences on SL: • Alabastoria Resort Worked as a PA, it was a place with variety as there were stores for rent, apartments for rent, host events, etc. • Cayman Rentals Worked as a Sales Agent for quite some time and learned the ropes as how any other Sales Agent normally needs to learn the basics. • Tropical Asian Paradise Worked as a PA on a SIM that was Asian themed, I helped in creating ideas, managing tenants, events, helped on their website and info which was powered by Wordpress. • Royal Family RP Roleplayed as one of the princesses of the family at our own SIM and etc. • Turtle Creek Real Estate Worked as a PA, advertised on forums, helped managed land, managing tenants • Devour Photo Graphic Designs Studio My own studio for awhile, as I have graphic design experience. I do morphing, image manipulation, web design, or anything else general needed for the most part. If you are in need of samples please message me inworld (Katchan). Please also note that they are years old already and not up to date to some graphic designs on trend. I know I have been through a lot more jobs in the past before on Second Life but I don't remember them any longer. What i've written out or the tags you see are pretty much what I have experienced in general. You can always ask more thorough information of what i've worked on before if you so wish. Just contact me inworld. Information about me: Second Life username: Katchan Age: 25 turning 26 in a few days Gender: Female Location: Southeast Asia Timezone: +8 GMT Can speak English?: Yes Can use voice?: Yes Speak other languages?: Yes, but I prefer to say them on private. What do I do IRL?: I work as a Junior Web Designer / Assistant but it is online and my job hours are flexible Times available on SL: Pretty much whenever I am awake and when I need to head to bed for the most part daily. I usually wake up late and sleep late so its usually around the time from 3am - 4pm EST or 4pm - 5am +8 GMT. I'm also a bachelors degree graduate of Information Technology so I am familiar with some programming, coding, scripting. I also have Blender, Maya experience. I'm actually looking through wanting to learn how to mesh here on SL and learning how to script so if there is anyone who would like to take me as their apprentice or to even work for them while learning with them with a small wage that would be nice. I'm an ambitious person. Thanks for reading! ♥
  5. The Scifi HUB Director Of Marketing Position Sheet We want to thank you for taking the time to consider yourself for this position. All info will be listed below. Our custom mesh sim is waiting for you to join our team! If there are any questions please feel free to reach out to darthwyyrlok Resident JOIN OUR DISCORD FOR UPDATES: https://discord.gg/yPejRCw ______________________________________________________ The Scifi HUB is composed of multiple admin level administrators. Please make sure you are contacting the correct one when you have any questions about rental's or events. ▪ Φ Cyprus (darthwyyrlok) - Owner ▪ OPEN - Marketing & Rental Manager ▪ Brother Kobi (parx.oran) - Sim Mesher (Lead) ▪ Tommy Numbers JR. (tyiler.scarborough) - Sim Mesher ______________________________________________________ --Responsibilities-- -Managing Rentals & Ensuring they are full. -Managing Events (both exclusive and non exclusive) -Being the first point of contact for all rental options. -In charge of all marketing campaigns including youtube, bloggers, and other postings. ______________________________________________________ --Pay-- The Salary will be based on total sim commission. You will get paid based on all sim commission. Salary will be delivered weekly through the transfer of Linden. If the sim is making 10k a week, your salary would be 1,000L a week. If the sim is making 20,000L a week, your salary would be 2,000L a week. This is to encourage growth of the sim. The more you sell, the more you make! ______________________________________________________ --Questions-- If you have any questions please ask Darthwyyrlok Resident
  6. ONLY 2-3 SPACES AVAILABLE FOR THIS POSITION.❗ Customer Service Representative The following will state what the job entails/requires & what is the pay rate is like. We are only looking for 2-3 Customer Service Agents. As a customer service representative, you will be expected to (while on duty): - Greet clients and answer all their inquiries. - Must be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours a week. - Write and distribute press release (All press releases must be authorized by the CEO or specified manager). So therefore, good grammar and professionalism is essential. - To expand business contact via personal networking or attending sponsored. Must be social and have good interpersonal skills to do outreach to get people to come in and bring more business to the company. - Responsible for social media promotions and responses. - Calendar maintenance for appointments and events. - Manage your time appropriately while on the clock so you will be more productive. Requirements: Must be at least 3 months old. Excellent English. Basic knowledge about SecondLife. Excellent English (Speaking other languages as well, is a bonus). Knowledgeable about Google Docs. Pay: Base pay plus commission. If interested or have any questions before applying.. Contact jenelleayeisha Resident or partha53 Resident inworld or email dashagencysl@gmail.com !
  7. Arcadian Rapture Station is hiring! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stardew Valley/10/124/2557 Though we serve a wide range of clients, we are currently looking for more gay(or bi), male, human or furry staff to fill a variety of roles. https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 ARS is a large sim with a Mall, 10k FP Mesh/Texture Library, Clubs, Hotels, Galleries, Dungeons Theaters - and so much more! Over 80 locations made for HD VR filming! Currently the three main sections are a CyberDeco (cyberpunk art deco) space station, magical fantasy sky islands that descend to the sim floor, and the fantasy Japanese forest below. We are striving to provide everything possible in SL, in high definition and quality. Interested? Positions include: Store Position - Design Intern Store Position - Voice Actor Store Position - Virtual Actor (HD VR Adult Film) Store/Sim Position - Blogger Store/Sim Position - Photographer/Videographer - HD VR (Adult Content Included) Entertainment Position - DJ Entertainment Position - Escort / AFK Escort Entertainment Position - Performer Entertainment Position - Bartender Entertainment Position - Host Entertainment Position - Maintenance Staff (Escort Division) Sim Position - Security Sim Position - Marketing/Networking Agent Sim Position - Employment Manager Sim Position - Advertising Manager Sim Position - Customer Service Rep [Store, Rentals, Services, etc] -> Most payment is commission or tip based, though staff gets gifts, free products, and many perks. Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 These are just a few of the positions open with us - and we help other sims get staffed too! If you don't see what you want, send in an application anyways so we can get you something to do!
  8. ☻Marketing manager needed☻ Requirements: ☺Previous marketing/sales experience ☺Involvement in Anime/Furry/Kemono community ☺Event experience is a plus Payment: ☺10% commission ☺ Bonus 500L after every 5 sales *Contact αυвяεץ zαмαяι (angelaleigh93) or вяσηvүη zαмαяι (bronvyn) for application*
  9. META is a new brand for mesh avatars in SL. We currently have a full male mesh avatar (Bento) that meets all criteria required for a mainstream mesh body/avatar in SL. We are looking for some to join our team, who can handle the marketing/promotion side for the current and upcoming products. The tasks include, advertising for the products through social media and helping us get into various shopping events in-world. If anyone is interested and feels up to the tasks, please contact me directly in SL and we can discuss further details involved and payment.
  10. Hi there I am an experienced marketer and have promoted several big and small brands in SL. For an extremely affordable fee, I make sure that your brand/business is well advertised inworld and on social media. For details, just send me an IM in SL.
  11. Hi! Starlight Designs are looking for product passionate folk to join the team! It is still a very small business, specializing in Bento mesh head Shapes, Makeup appliers, and Mesh clothing + Decor! Payment for these positions are the objects that you will be blogging. The style of the store is Vintage Chic with an array of products. Should you be interested in joining this little store drop me a Notecard inworld @Miley Mowbray along with an IM, and I will be in touch ♥
  12. ello ? Are you seeking employment ? Consider New Life Employment. New Life Christian Fellowship Church is seeking to fully staff all of it's offices in the church and community. We have a wide range of freedom and creativity needed for such positions. We are seeking open minded dedicated people to fulfill the following positions. All of the positions require good communication skills , ability to multi task , the mindset to help others and the drive to innovate the New Life Campus. Just to name a few positions... Church Secretary ,Greeters/Hospitality Staff, Security , Event Planner , Advertisement ( Marketing ) , Video Recorder ( Sunday Service ) , Sim Management/Estate Manager , Facilities Coordinator & Pastors Assistant. All positions are paid hourly except the video recorder. Please feel welcomed to apply to this wonderful company today at the following link below or inquire about the position further by contacting ( drjclarkson1 resident ) by way of a note-card. Thank You in Advance. New Life Employment https://goo.gl/forms/GmbZMMcnxd5aV6Uw1
  13. If your a biz owner, I'll be more than happy to help you grow your biz the right way. I am a very experienced marketer in rl and my rates in sl are negotiable. Contact me inworld.
  14. Are you good at marketing? This position is open to anyone who wants to work on their own time. For more details, please send an email to blogveridical@gmail.com
  15. Currently looking for someone who is talented at marketing. For more info, send an email to blogveridical@gmail.com
  16. Reina Photography & Art Gallery Click here to view our Flickr Reina Photography & Art Gallery is looking for 3-4 people to join it's team. Below you will find descriptions of the positions available. If you think you will be a good fit, please contact me in world via note card to Beyonkah Resident. Please be sure to include the following information: Your Legacy Name: Position you are interested in: Day/time you are available for an interview: Positions Available- Marketing- This position will be in charge of marketing in world and on social media. There is base pay to be discussed during interview and room for bonuses, commissions, and raises. Individuals will need to be dedicated, driven, self motivated, organized, and know how to spread the word. AV must be 18 years or older (No children AVs), they must be at least 1 month old, and they must have a presence and working knowledge on Facebook - Plurk is a plus. Customer Service Representative- CSRs will be in charge of selling photo packages and answering any questions customers or potential customer may have. Individuals will need to be dedicated, driven, self motivated, organized, 18 years or older (no children AVs), SL account at least 1 month old, and have good communication skills. BOTH positions require applicants to speak English fluently and devote at least 2 hours a week to their position. Thank you for your interest and please remember to contact Beyonkah Resident in world using a note card.
  17. Love on Top Magazine is Hiring!!! Marketing/Advertising Director JOB SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS • You will invent new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages. • They need to understand design and smart copy, and recognize fresh approaches to advertising. • Advertising and marketing is ever-evolving, and good a good director will able to analyze trends, look at new data and keep with the times. • Advertising campaigns have timelines, and directors will need to make decisions on final copy, final art, finished commercials and radio spots. • Directors will meet with potential clients and business owners on a regular basis. Being a good communicator to all involved will help greatly. • Directors often have to keep many creatives on schedule, and manage their own time. Fashion Director JOB SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS • Create efficient fashion design plans and cultivate new fashion concepts • Coordinate advertising as well marketing strategies • Attend runway or fashion shows to acquire new fashion ideas and connect with designers • Connect with designers to get new information on the latest fashion trends • Regularly monitor fashion designers (social media, stores, etc.) and set meetings with designers to keep up with the changing trend • Manage bloggers and fashion team • Select garments and accessories that will be used • Organize photo shoots, magazine events, and fashion shows (this will come at a later time) Editor JOB SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS • Selecting articles for issues and planning publication contents • Generating ideas for articles and features • Organizing meetings with writers and designers to discuss and plan the features section of the magazine • Supervising writing staff, including freelance writers, and making sure deadlines are met • Reading, writing and researching features and articles • Rewriting, editing, proofreading and subbing copy to ensure it is ready to go to press • Attending relevant events, fairs and conferences • Ensuring that all feature articles comply with ethical codes of practice and legal guidelines. Assistant Editor JOB SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS • Assist the Editor • Selecting articles for issues and planning publication contents • Generating ideas for articles and features • Organizing meetings with writers and designers to discuss and plan the features section of the magazine • Supervising writing staff, including freelance writers, and making sure deadlines are met • Reading, writing and researching features and articles • Rewriting, editing, proofreading and subbing copy to ensure it is ready to go to press • Attending relevant events, fairs and conferences • Ensuring that all feature articles comply with ethical codes of practice and legal guidelines. Fashion Bloggers JOB SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS • Generating, researching, and pitching ideas for blogs • Writing, editing, and promoting content. • Promoting new posts using advertisements, emails, social media, and other methods to alert and attract new readers. • Maximizing site traffic by utilizing Search Engine Optimization keywords. • Monitoring responses to posts via the website, social media, or other platforms to better understand the audience. • Staying current on industry trends for possible opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content. Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeD2SH0mlaDro9AM_bzuknS_ZBQUdfYUhiuJWyfdNcZHqFKrw/viewform
  18. Before you ask this is a PAID position. Tara's Creations is a huge design house which has been in SL for years (previously under the name of TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes). To give you an idea on the size the MP has over 6500 items listed. What your qualifications should be: ★ Fashion Savvy ★ Understand Mesh & Classic Clothing (including appliers) ★ Have contacts in the Blogging and Group industry of SL ★ Understand Marketing & PR in SL ★ At least 2 years in SL (that is the absolute minimum) ★ Creative thinking out of the box for PR & Marketing What you need for this job: ★ Responsibility ★ Keep to a time schedule you will decide ★ Most of the time you will not be expected to be in the store unless someone asks for help (which these days in SL is very rare) ★You will be expected to be dressed head to toe in Tara's Creations clothing, boots and hair etc. and able to visit places and spread the word about the clothing and hair. (Of course all clothing for you is free) ★ To have a well proportioned Avatar which is pure feminine. (No 8 foot tall women, or those who insist on having huge boobs or big asses.) ★ You will be of the female gender. These are women's clothing. ★ You will understand the Classic market as well. ★ A big plus is that you understand scripted objects (though no need to script yourself). What You Will Help With: ★ Tara's Creations is a proud sponsor at RFL. Usually an entire Sim. I also participate in other fairs etc. All of which are either charities I believe in, or fairs which are important for Marketing on sales. These take time to prepare and you will be expected to help during the fair times. You Will NOT BE: ★ a Drama Queen ★ A model looking to model my creations for the posters and vendors. Ty, but I do not need it. What you will get: ★ A Salary ★ All Clothing is free of course Feel Free To Visit the MP & InWorld Store To see for yourself. Tara's Creations @ MP Tara's Creations InWorld Store If you think you answer all the above, and are interested, please contact me via IM or NC. I am currently looking for one person, but that may grow. (TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes had a huge staff). Send an IM to Tara (SL NAME: Random Sixpence) or a notecard which is preferable telling me your background in SL and why you would want this job. Be straight and honest. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tara
  19. Welcome To Dell 'AtTi Marketing Ad Board are available For rental Advertisement , Marketing,Business Strategy, Business Solution, Problem Solving,Core Business Management in Second life..... * Key Values *Business of promoting *Selling products *Services *Market research * Advertising. Land Listings,Communites, all size land available For rental, Homes ,Stores,shop. Come in and take a Look around. I help you get your Business on the Noticed in Second life. Come to my office lets talk http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyades/243/5/28
  20. A few years ago, along with TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes, I opened and ran a fairly successful Woman's Lounge called Woman-2-Woman. The group still exists and after coming back to SL and opening up Tara's Creations I have also decided to try and reopen the lounge as well. (You are welcome to check the success of Tara's Creations on the MP or InWorld). This is not a hook-up club, nor a dating club. It is meant for serious issues in a wonderful fun environment. This is the basic idea behind Woman-2-Woman This is a paid position, and is not related to selling clothing in Tara's Creations. You will need the following qualifications: You are serious about woman's issues in our modern world. You are reliable and trustworthy. You know how to navigate SL Marketing and Groups. You can find (with help) decent lectures on issues that are of interest to Women. You can use Voice (this is critical). You are a great organizer. You spend a lot of time in SL and have been in SL for at least 18-24 months. You are easy to get along with, a great marketer, and devoted to the modern issues which women face both in Real and in SL. If you meet the above qualifications please contact Tara Simone [Random Sixpence] by IM or Notecard. These days due to rl my hours in SL are limited, so if you cannot catch me on line please send me a notecard about your qualifications and interests. If you know anyone who is interested (and you are not) please pass this information along to them.
  21. Get the marketing, advertising or even clerical help you need for next to nothing! Hire are 3 compelling reasons for hiring me as your marketing assistant and/or personal assistant: 1) I have RL ad agency and marketing experience - more years than I care to say 2) I am an accomplished marketing strategist, branding expert, copywriter and graphic designer... and have Adobe Creative Suite (for work) and know how to use it 3) I work cheap!!! I'm not looking for a job for the money really but just to meet people, help them, and have something productive to do other than stand around and... y'know On top of that, I've been in SL since 2006 and definitely know my way around, am obsessively vain and have a gorgeous meshy av and more clothes, hair, etc. than i can ever wear, am decent at SL photography (you can check out my Flickr - link in my in-world profile) PLUS am fun, friendly and funny and super-nice to all. And i don't do drama... unless it's required for the job. I can be available for consulting or creative gigs. But my preference would be to have a regular ongoing job reporting to a boss. For me, it would be an awesome change of pace to let somebody else be the boss and call the shots! If you need help and can't afford to pay, that's OK too - but you will have to be nice. I am on pretty much every day for many hours - nights usually (6-ish to midnigh-tish SLT) tho I can also pop on during the day sometimes as work permits. I am self-employed irl so have some flexibility. If Interested, please contact me in-world. Thanks! Mason Elizabeth Monroe (username - Mason Lauridsen)
  22. In need of a logo or some flyers to pass out in your Second Life? Then look no further! I'm now available for hire to create content and promotional materials for your businesses. Feel free to send Skye Haruki (Demi.Verino) a notecard if you have any questions, want to get a quote or see previous creations.
  23. I have a small shopping district in my region. There are also a few spots near the club. How do you attract/invite businesses to consider renting a space? What perks can I offer? I recently decided to add a few of my parcels separately so I can offer parcel control with the ability to add logo and keywords in the parcel description. I can also offer to list in search. Do you have any tips or ideas? Thank you.
  24. Mark1 & Aurora Weddings Mark1: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mark1 Services/225/79/23 Aurora Weddings: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mark1 Services/63/71/23 ...is seeking a highly motivated, driven individual who excels in marketing and advertising using both in world sources and out of world sources. This position pays 3,000L$ per week if completed satisfactory and hours are met. There is room for advancement in time based on performance. REQUIREMENTS: ◘ Your SL account must be at least 6 months old ◘ You must have a presence on social media for your SL AV (Facebook is mandatory). RL facebook can NOT be used for this position. ◘ Posting guidelines and hours are discussed in interview ◘ Position requires team member to write attention grabbing advertisements for all products and services and post them in appropriate channels ◘ Will write MP listing details ◘ Must have exceptional written communication skills There is just one spot open for this position. Interviews will begin today (11/13/2017) and end on 11/19/2017. If interested, send a note card, in world to Beyonkah Resident with the following information filled out completely. ♦Your SL Legacy Name: ♦SL Account Age: ♦Do you have marketing/advertising experience? If yes, please list in detail. ♦Please link your SL facebook ♦Please include any additional information you think is relevant here:
  25. R.I.S.K is a mature minded BDSM establishment open to all. Offering BDSM discussions, music events, games & a casual gathering locale. RISK is growing so fast, which is why we need a marketing and events coordinator. There is a lot of work involved. I am looking for ... -High work ethic. -Reliable & trustworthy. -Must have great communication skills verbally and written. -Must understand and meet deadlines. -Must be personable, friendly, bubbly and confident. If you match those requirements and are interested in this paid position , then contact Tahlia Snoodle, inworld during office hours, or leave a notecard after office hours. Thank you, and I hope to be speaking with YOU at your earliest convenience!
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