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  1. I have stalls in Alston and Baileya for $50/35 prims and elsewhere, visit my shop and look at the commercial land notecard. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alston/119/23/38
  2. Hi, this meets some of your requirements, $500 a week, with 100 prims to use, fully furnished: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moraine/17/32/47 It's in mature, you can put in a skybox and have pets. You get perms in the group to use ban/eject and put in your own music. No security orbs allowed, they're annoying to everyone else.
  3. Well I'll go ya one better. Large groups won't load...the chat won't work in them...the people won't alphabetize or even be found in them -- it says "not found" even when they are there...the land in them won't show up...the acres left won't display so you can't tell, is there enough tier or not... In short, make smaller groups.
  4. I now have about six different stories with six different scripts and cut prims and stuff -- it's like asking directions from 3 people in Maine you happen to see in a gas station. Ayup...wull ya wanna go up to Rt. 96 No no no. What he wants to do is take the back road behind the Wal-Mart Nope. I'll tellya whatcha gotta do. Whatcha wanna do, see, is you go up to the stoplight. Etc. Very confusing. Second Life is too hard.
  5. What is a linked prim, and what is a root? That is the question. That is, sure, I know -- after 7 years in SL -- the theory of these things, and I know there are "root prims" that one must be careful to "link to right". But in layman's terms, it's easier to explain it by the actual object. Like the bottom of the box is the root, the lid will be linked.
  6. Hi, thanks, I'll have to try this. So far Void Singer's script is what is working for me because it enables the lid and box to be linked, which they need to be in a product like a box of cookies that would have to be moved around by the customer, without having to rez out aggregated prim batches every time. But you do have to link it right, I believe you start with the bottom of the box, then link the link second -- or else the entire object moves up and down. When you see it doing that, you know you haven't linked in the right sequence. Cutting prims is something that isn't an automatic easy thing to do for beginners or even people who are simply mathematically challenged like me. So I'd rather have a script that will move any object of any cut or type, prim or sculpty, so I will try this other script. But for now Void's is working because Osprey gave me a pre-cut prim -- she's the best!
  7. I have a simple thing I want to do that always drives me crazy in SL. I just want to put a lid on a box, and have it click to open and shut, to go up and down. Why is this so hard? If I put a door script into it, it gets all messed up because of the way doors are in SL, which are really solids with half invisible with strange things going on with axis this and that. I have one box I made someone helped me with where DoorAxisX worked. But now it won't on another box, possibly due to conflict with another script, or horrors, the way the prims are linked up. That is always confusing. Can somebody just baby-step me through making a box lid with a script in it that works at any angle, i.e. wherever rezzed out.
  8. Hi, I think if you apply the same energy you are putting into scatter-shooting your request to obtaining some focus, you might do better. Just as you feel you don't have the patience to attend classes and they might not be convenient to your schedule, so other people may not feel it's convenient to adjust to *your* schedule and spend long hours trying to type out to you or voice to you the basics that you might master on your own. You don't have to go to a class and sit, there are self-paced tutorials in places like Builder's Brewery and Ivory Tower of Prims where you can start clicking and trying things on your own -- you learn by doing. Like a lot of technical things in life, learning on your own by trial and error can work better than reading a manual or sitting listening to someone. You can also narrow your focus and avoid frustration by first deciding what you want to do in SL. Do you want to socialize and dance? Do you want to shop? Do you want to make friends? And then start adjusting your business idea to the activities you really like doing yourself. The whole furniture industry is in transition now from prim and sculpty to possibly mesh, but at least from prim to sculpty. So it means simultaneously struggling with three types of tools or learning difficult outside programs like Blender, which even the most patient artists say is really finicky. Clothing is possibly easier to make, but requires Photoshop as well. Try making your own appearance, finding freebies, and shopping a little and seeing how you make up looks to see if you want to try to learn more and break into this competitive area.
  9. You can visit my Business Tutorial for SL in Iris at the Moth Temple -- there are tips, scripts, etc. all available there. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Iris/124/153/23 a work in progress
  10. Hi, I have a snow mountain roadside and waterfront combination parcel on the Mainland sim of Refugio. I think it fits many of your requirements. $2900/wk with 10 percent off for 4 weeks in advance. It's 8016 meters and 1834 prims. It faces open Linden sea. If you want serendipity and fly-bys for a store, this is next to a road where people run vehicles, and it is near my rentals and plaza where there are a number of art galleries and shops. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Refugio/168/19/63 But if you want privacy and a residence, it is not a very busy sim and on that side of the sim you are next to other residences. We don't allow security orbs, you only get ban/eject powers in the group. Prokofy
  11. Hi, I have the haunted monastery of St. Thaddeus in Tethys which you can visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tethys/49/212/81 Tethys is really a unique old Linden-made mainland sim which has among the highest baked-in mountains in SL and a really cool tube ride on the rapids made by ancient Lindens in 2003. I worked really hard on making this monastery last Halloween, and I had help from various friends like Fleep Tuque. I have the potions maker there which is really fun. I recently bought the land next to it so I have more prims -- and now I'm looking for more ideas to decorate this year, send me your suggestions. This is part of the SL Public Land Preserve.
  12. Do you have a beautiful yacht hidden in your inventory that you never get to show your friends or use for entertainment because it doesn't fit on your land? Wish you could sail instead of bang up against the sea walls on private islands? Come to Carlisle on the Mainland where you can have all this and more. Beautiful old Hidden Lakes Mainland sims, park your yacht on self-service for just $1/prim/wk, no waiting for the group. Stay as long or as short a time as you like. Use the yacht club and add any furniture you need. Beautiful place to stay, delightful fairy grove next door. Boating throughout the mainland from this point. Join the SL Public Land Preserve for a one-time fee of $5 and help keep SL public spaces open.
  13. Also I couldn't agree more about the "don't rest on your laurels" and "blog, blog, blog". Ever since "World of SL" went away, there hasn't been an all-purpose fashion feed to look at, or a feed that mixes both SL commentary and fashion both. I can individually subscribe to a few, but I don't know what to pick and I'd rather have a medley of the best picks. What do you recommend as an aggregator or feed for SL fashion?
  14. I love Zaara's, her stores have nice architecture, too, the sims are nice to visit. Do you know Shekhawati-The Land of Merchants? Great Indian mall with realistic architecture, shops, art, clothing. There are hundreds of real-life country sims in SL, I have a list of many of them you can pick up at the International Bazaar in Ross. I've come across this claim that there are no good black skins in SL or that they are merely white skins tinted black. It's not true. There are tons of them, and they are high quality and realistic. Use search/places which often yields better results that search/all.
  15. Well, I guess we've arrived, eh? On Oprah and all... I thought this was an extraordinary film. It was shown last year during SLCC10 in Boston, and it was quite controversial for some of the SL oldbies especially -- you either loved it or hated it. I loved it because it featured some very real second lives and very real situations, but some of the idealistic oldbies felt that it was "too negative" and that films about Second Life should be only Happy People Eating Noodle Salads and only positive. It was really quite something to follow these different lives. Here are my reviews -- and my review of the viewers... it was really an eye-opener for me to see how much the educators couldn't appreciate this film and wanted to assign the film-maker some social role of portraying only "educational" aspects of SL. http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2010/08/im-real-hes-fake.html http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2010/10/ive-been-meaning-to-write-this-post-since-slcc-there-were-many-positive-things-i-had-to-say-about-this-years-very-well-manag.html
  16. No thank you. A similar idea was mooted by those Spaceship people who concocted the first versions of Viewer 2.x which were so horrible -- no. We need to have a landmark as a discrete object in inventory for the following reasons: o to be able to rewrite it with a store name -- tenants need to do this in rentals, people need to rewrite landmark names all the time -- "that cool store I liked" "where Sarah's birthday party is going to be, etc." Any device, pointer, thingie that doesn't enable the user to grab it and rewrite it is counter to SL and hinders sharing and exploring. o there are all kinds of devices that give out landmarks in stores all over the place. I have several servers that I updated regularly that give out landmarks to real-life country sims in what I call the International Bazaar and also Sacred Places of SL. Everywhere merchants, socializers, explorers have landmark givers that depend on their ability to take a concrete object and stick it inside a prim with a script to give it out o it doesn't matter if they get out of date. Many people in fact LIKE the fact that they have a landmark that has a name on it of something that was once there, that is no more, or leads to "no parcel". Just about everybody probably has sentimental treasures of this sort o no, we don't want some sort of clutchy, grabby, geeky override "into everyone's inventory". Heck no. Especially for the reason I just explained -- people rewrite landmarks all the time for various reasons, they save them for various reasons, it's all good. Let them. Don't invade their space. o you can't have a system that depends on people owning land -- landmarking is currently open to anyone unless turned off, and it usually isn't -- this is vital for exploring, socializing, business o there isn't a real customer need and customer requirement *and use case* (except in your hypothetical) that involves "needing to have an asset that changes as the location changes and doesn't get out of date". It's just not there. People put up a temporary landmarker giver leading to the new place. It's not that big a deal. The loss of control over that asset in inventory, being able to rewrite it, safe it *for whatever reason* -- this is just not worth the "convenience" that nobody has asked for, ever. No one has asked for this; there is no clutter when you use search to find something in inventory; for most people, cluttery inventory isn't caused by landmarks; and we just can't have a system where these assets we currently control are then run centrally and rigidly hobbled like this. No thanks. Of course I care what region my store or home is in. Sense of place is hugely important in SL. You seem to be devising an abstraction from the symmetry of some system theory you want to promote, rather than actually studying how landmarks are really used by real users in the real virtual world. Have you explored, have you run a business or any other project with landmark givers, do you never rewrite them? I suspect not.
  17. $2850/2121 prims/9132 m2 Unique property at the Sutherland Dam with flat top mountain for building, roadside, rolling down to waterfront in the dam basin. Perfect for combination shop and home. Pets and skyboxes welcome. Gorgeous views, boating, landscaping opportunities. Move right in, no waiting for the group. Get ban/media/terraform powers. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sutherland/77/219/58
  18. Beautifully landscaped private island with white sand and mountain combination, very flexible terms as you rent and can refund any time. $850 2048/468 prims $1700 4096/937 prims 10 percent if you pay 4 weeks in advance Get extra prims for $350/100 or $450/200 Move right in, no waiting for the group. Get ban/media/plant powers. PETS WELCOME! Skyboxes, too Teleport to Ravenglass Realm
  19. That was an experiment Linden Lab tried around 2006, after they deleted the telehubs and paid compensation for telehub land to Anshe Chung and other telehub sim owners. Then they tried to think what they could put out to get them to buy land again. And that was it -- mainland that was sellable in parcels (islands were not yet able to be divided into parcels) and that looked like islands. They were called "bulk sims' because you could buy them in bulk, or last Anshe could. She was also allowed to name them (as were others) and they gave them the name of famous scientists and also famous residents, hence, Flyingroc Chung. They weren't flat and boring at all, but hugely in demand. People *want* flat sandy waterfront, and this is what they got.
  20. Parcel in mature mainland sim of Brownlee, 7168 m2. Comes with 9-story modern apartment building with teleporters that lock to resident name. Great way to start a rentals business. $40,000 for land and apartment apartment, which is on transfer -- or best offer.
  21. 2048 -- $850/wk 468 prims 4096 -- $1700/wk 937 prims Combine two or three if you like. Extra prims are $350/100 or $450/200. No waiting for the group -- join on your own. You get ban/plant/media powers in the group. 4 weeks advance is 10 percent off Refund Pets welcome! Skyboxes welcome! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ravenglass%20Realm/128/128/2
  22. Mine: o first purchased object ever in Second Life -- "The Axe of the Leviathan" made by valacia Leviathan o first object I made -- Club Fame Display o first notecard -- Kick Info -- Bedford Automated Zone Sentry Game Tag Violation o first snapshot -- Lordfly's Library o first landmark -- Ivory Tower of Prims (second landmark: Ingrid's store in Miramare) o first outfit -- a suit made entirely out of copper foil texture I uploaded from the Internet \ I currently have more than 32,000 objects in my inventory.
  23. Ready for winter? Move to a cool mountain winter sim with both protected Linden sea waterfront and Linden roadside -- perfect for combination of store and home. Lovely old settled mainland, secluded and spacious. Parcel is 8016 meters, flat on top for building, rolling down to waterside -- 1834 prims. You get landscaping/plant, ban, media powers. If it's a store, it can be renamed and put in search, search/places ad is included in rent. PETS WELCOME! No waiting for the group, jump right in. My favourite thing to gaze at here at the Linden sea are the icebergs in Ice Bay! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Refugio/128/128/62
  24. Er, no, dear, but thanks for playing. You don't pay mainland landlords "more money" to manage your property. You pay them *less* than if you were buying land from Linden Lab and paying tier, or buying land as a "rental" from a "sold" island property. Much less. Mainland landlords can leverage bulk prices for sims after the first half sim, and also leverage group tier of 10 percent extra tier, and leverage simply economies of scale, i.e. putting out free prefabs for people. These perks that Lindens provide to encourage group living and infact encourage rentals -- which they have ALWAYS encouraged because it sells them more land with less customers to take care of individually -- is a good thing. There is no "gaming" of the system. Offering bulk discounts or discounts for repeat buys or aggregating customers -- these are all normal. Open, normal, quantifiable -- anybody can buy mainland, make a group, and have the exact same advantages. What's strange is the SEO guru that feed on the carrion of broken dreams...obfuscating knowledge...pretending that their hunches are a science that must be sold...
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