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  1. If you have put it in search/places by paying 30L for it to be in search/places, a search on the exact name should turn it up in first place, with not so many returns. That was the previous behaviour for years. So if I put 100 lots from Ravenglass Rentals in search/places for 30L each, then I had a list of 100. Now I have a list of thousands and not all of them show up in the first pages. The Lindens (and some forums regs) seem to think this is a complaint about "not showing up in search on top". But that's not the complaint at all. I don't expect that if I type "rentals" in, I will show
  2. Thanks for your response. I personally have filed a ticket that I have added to for months, have been told it was fixed, have persisted because it wasn't, have had many answers, and then the Lindens fell silent, and I was told to start over again. So eventually I will do that. In the mean time, let me help you replicate it. So type "Keira Linden" into search/people More than 1000 returns, yet fortunately, you are on top in the very first return. So exact searches must work, right? OK, now try "Dottie Linden". Try "Space Linden". Try "Izzy Linden". Starting t
  3. It got ignored at the Lab Gag meetings. I don't think it's worth pestering Wendi Linden again with this at Concierge, they can't make decisions but just take notes, and they've noted it twice already (and no change). So maybe web users' group? It's inworld search, however that is really the pain point.
  4. Good Lord, I remember that movie now but none of it made sense at first, it was a long time ago!
  5. It would be great if the Lindens had even made a rule against orbs, builds over two stories, domes below 500 m in the sky, and flat boards on the parcel borders -- even if they had done it just for Brown, Nautilus, Bay City. But they didn't. And to do it for the entire Mainland would be too much work. So they made Bellisseria and try to drive people there where it's manageable for them.
  6. I'll pass. I like it the way it is. I try to make my areas nice. Perhaps there's that unfinished continent with a lot of its interior abandoned, where the Lindens could hack at it even more and leave it even more of a puzzle piece. But all those people who paid a fortune for waterfront would be mad if the whole thing was rolled up. The Lindens did what you wanted. They made Bellisseria. Oh, you don't care for it so much? Well, there are private islands. Re: I would really like to see an end to commercial sub letting on mainland, that will clear out a ton of ugly 'prospecting' j
  7. When you can't justify an action, see if you can exaggerate it to absurd proportions to discredit the criticism of it, that might work! Except...that the original impulse does create a world of unfreedom when multiplied and it's more than fine to call it out. I am now actually coming to see that this particular merchant may be acting because we bought a piece of abandoned land on a sim where evidently a friend of hers feels he has a veto on who should get this land.
  8. I went to your store and you had perfectly nice creations, I don't know why you weren't chosen, it could be an arbitrary or random cut-off. I hardly ever buy jewelry but I think a lot of people would. Could it be they are focused more on house wares to fill up their Linden Homes? I didn't see very many clothing stores but then I have only seen perhaps half of it. I personally am more interested in furniture and decor but obviously clothing and accessories are very big in SL. No one ever thinks to create an alternative residents' birthday. The Linden in fact gave up on the birthday themsel
  9. No, I'm not "demanding" anything, dear, nor do I imagine that my view is "the only correct one" just because...I express it (there is often confusion on that point from people who imagine an expression of a dissenting view is an imposition on them -- they can't seem to find any other way to object to it). Real life has worked fairly well for thousands of years, and markets route around tyrants and obstructions, long before some coder thought to coin the phrase about the Internet routing around. And generally open markets where goods are sold freely are successful, and things like the Sovi
  10. This is total edge-casing. Just because E-bay enables the blocking of buyers doesn't mean that it's a good idea for the Metaverse as a whole. In real life, if you make a mass produced item and send it to distributors, it's impossible to block some individual buyer because you don't like what he writes on his blog. Perhaps Etsy or E-bay are blocking people who resell their craft items at considerable mark-up, I have no idea, I very rarely sell anything there, so it would be interesting to know what the use cases are. But unless you are in some tiny general store in Vermont a
  11. The Devil's Vortex. I won't say more in case you haven't found it yet.
  12. But LL is not out to help FF sell or gain donations, they're here to sell their own content, understood. I don't know if this is worth $40 to anybody but I do see people getting out of bad name choices by buying these new names so...wouldn't it be great if they had a monthly lottery for them!
  13. Yes, I just saw a Linden asking for suggestions of first names to put with these new last names. Sigh. Very bad idea and they are looking for trouble or perhaps making it easier for certain types of TOS violators to make themselves easier to ban.
  14. I can't remember the last time you were helpful. Anybody? I'm happy to call out Bolshevism where it exists. As for Juneteenth, I haven't been "triggered" in any way regarding this well-deserved holiday, you must confuse me with someone else? Although it's great Joe Biden recognized this holiday, that's not the same as achieving real equality and there is still far to go. Do you have Juneteenth in the UK or nah.
  15. Welcome to my world. Search is broken and has been for more than six months. It is broken especially on the regular SL viewer; it is less broken on Firestorm apparently. It does not matter if you have checked off the 30L box for an ad in search/places, it does not mean that a search on your exact name will work to turn up a search anywhere near the first or even third page. It may be in the results somewhere -- but often there are 4000 results so you will not find your place even going through many, many pages. So join me in filing a ticket to the Lindens, actually I've had one
  16. I put some photos and comments on Twitter @prokofy I think the flora and fauna are the best part of it -- there are new trees, flowers, rocks and also you can hear birds that are different. They are really well done. There are elf bridges and such. I'm a big fan of crystals and magic woo-woo so I would like these better in principle than other LH areas. The one thing is the houses seem sort of too-big and bland -- but on the other hand, they aren't too weird with twisty mushroom caps and spinning wizard things like the first round of Linden magic homes in Elderglen and such, and
  17. To the extent that Ebay or any other platform allows for the blocking of any buyers, they, too, are helping to return the world to the Middle Ages.
  18. Once again, banning a copyright violator and theft is hardly a solution when that needs a DMCA takedown and ban inworld. And that is not the the most common use case as far as I can tell. I don't see that Ebay has the option to ban buyers. It's not the norm. SL is more like real life than you are willing to concede because it has humans in it, who have had markets for millenia despite the best efforts of tyrants to control them. Speaking of "scopes," you're seeing capitalism only through the keyhole of one merchant who gets upset at a bad review. Looking at the entire
  19. No, the world doesn't work that way in most modern cities outside of developing countries with marketplaces or bazaars. And most markets have middlemen of some kind in them whether an online platform or a mall or a store. If you make a product and it is delivered to stores all around the US, you don't have a way of blocking the purchase of it by someone you don't like, say, Trump voters. Amazon doesn't have a way for you to block people as far as I know. Good! It's not just about middlemen. Even if you're a little boutique gift shop, it's not in your interest to block customers
  20. Doesn't matter. The techinistas have always hated land, hated user equity, hated servers they have to upkeep, and have this dream -- this illusion -- that they can make bank on content sales, on currency sales, on taxation, and move away from the land model. But they can't. Look at what their balance sheet is, visible in world. Ebbe had described in one of his last interviews the profit for LL, and it is nearly the same figure as taking all the islands and all the mainland and multiplying by their annual tier. The end. The marketplace taxation and currency fees just doesn't equal th
  21. To me, the jury's still out on whether Bellisseria cuts into mainland sales and rentals. I believe it does if you have a themed community that also didn't have choice of houses. If you have more choices, then not, but perhaps it will soon enough, I can't say. I find that my customers often have both my rental AND Bellisseria. Or they leave and go to Belli for a turn, then come back when they run out of prims or are bored. But this is the cycle on a lot of things. People move in with partners, or they can't pay any rent due to unemployment, they bail, they come back later sometimes or not
  22. Yes, they did change it, it's something anyway. Not much.
  23. People have asked for graduated tier since the dawn of time. Since so many other services in life actually become less expensive the more you buy of them, i.e. with a bulk discount, it's especially annoying. That is, to be sure, once you get over a full sim, there is a small discount, but you are still stuck with the graduated tier problem. Example: like me, you leave a buffer of tier in case any donors pull out, and then all of a sudden, land goes to sale for a low price in a sim where you own at least half or more of the land, it's a parcel where 5 tenants look straight on to
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