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  1. You have to go into view/preferences/graphics check off "custom" and then add the shadows.
  2. This is definitely, definitely caused by Viewer 2.x Many people will argue with you about it; take my word for it, it is most definitely the cause. Switch to viewer 1.23 on the downloads page, or get a third-party viewer.
  3. I believe it's your anti-virus program. That often interferes with SL. You may have to disabled the AV program temporarily in order to log on to SL.
  4. I wonder first of all about the technicalities. Is the friendship list a thing that is "a load" on the database? Are calls to it "expensive"? that is, does merely loading its long dead tail each time I log on creating lag for me or the whole system? If so, then I'd be happy to be mandated to prune it. I used to try to put things in folders -- events, customers, builders, actual friends, etc. But it got hopeless and I gave up. So many people friend me because they are worried that they might need something in their rentals and can't tell if I'm online or not that they friend me for that reason alone. I always tell them not to fret, IMs in fact *don't* cap if in fact you tie them to offline email so they shouldn't needlessly friend. Even so, I let anyone who wants to friend, wny not? The result, however is hundreds of cards, quite a few useless. And of course people who tend to abuse the cards to force-TP you to clubs and mall openings. As for "actual friends" I just can't see removing them on some time schedule or some "activity" basis. For example, recently an old friend returned to SL after a 4-year hiatus. I was able to see she suddenly logged on and visit her. And that's a great thing to keep -- why not? It's like an old-fashioned telephone book where you have written in your friend's numbers. You wouldn't have gone through and crossed out the friend or torn out the page merely because you didn't hear from them for awhile. Why this urge to delete online, in the pixel version? So unless someone tells me that it is somehow "healthy" for SL to prune this list, I won't!
  5. Good reporting job. And good that you didn't zoom in on some of the pictures as they were obscene and gross and that would get your film removed from here. But it's important to keep documenting this. Don't be fooled by the fake "Stop Racism" hippie-style sign you see spewing -- other pictures this griefer spewed are indeed racist and of course obscene and broadly offensive. Among the many broadly-offensive memes spewed is my real-life picture : ) It's pretty creepy being summoned by tenants agitated by a grief attack only to be greeted by a giant RL picture of yourself flashing over a sim. Not for the first time, but it's always a shock. There's a tendency to view these attacks as just random, just bored young kids. That's not the case. They're from Anonymous, and they are very concerted, organized and there are perfectly grown men behind them. Their purpose is to control the Internet, so it is only used as they feel it should be used, and not in any other way. It really is a case of "they hate our freedom" when it comes to the creativity of virtual worlds that can be used for socializing, education and business. These pictures are assembled by very definite groups in SL, LL knows who they are, there are very definite texture UUIDs, there are very specific vaults of these textures and scripts used in attacks which are held by a number of main accounts for whom these are the alts, there are very specific groups on the alts --even the alt names all help identify them. The Lindens are swift for the most part in removing them. But we all know that there are certain groups/sims they don't remove which are the root of this. I personally find it helpful to remind the Huffington Post's Ken Lerer, an investor, and now Ron Conway, noted early Google investor, that their investment in Canvas by Moot is part of what enables this sort of Anonymous attack to continue. Moot is the owner of the 4chan.org site (made an advisor in Lerer's company), and 4chan.org is the source and repository -- and incitement and coordination zone -- for a lot of these attacks in SL and elsewhere. The support by Silicon Valley investors of these goons' "creativity" and the ensuing whitewashing of their reputation enables them to go on harassing others under the radar and harming other people's businesses. If every business harmed by these sorts of Anonymous attacks wrote to Ken Lerer and Ron Conway about their unwise investment decisions, we might see some change. Little else would work. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/14/technology/internet/14poole.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=Ken%20Lerer&st=cse
  6. Group finances only process in the Second Life system only once every 24 hours. So you will see it in your account tomorrow. Make sure that you only have alts in a group like this because if you sell land with members in it, the money distributes equally and automatically to every member of the group. So look on all your accounts for your money. Also MAKE SURE to go to the website www.secondlife.com under your accounts and find LAND and GROUP LAND and *lower your tier*. The system will NOT do this for you automatically. It assumes that the tier you made available to that group remains in use. So you have to physically remove it out of the group, and then go on the website and tier down to the next level, or you will be banged with another bill for that tier level. Hopefully you will do all this before your tier date hits. You are always billed for the highest amount you had for that month. So even if you tiered lower, at the end of the month you will be billed for you highest level. But the next month, you will have a lower bill.
  7. If you are on a laptop, that's your problem. Sounds like it.
  8. Are you using viewer 2? That could be overheating it. They always say SL wasn't meant to run on a laptop. You do need a fan.
  9. I've been visiting the Japanese sims, looking around to see how the owners are doing, if they survived the tsunami. Some are empty and I hope the people are alright. They must be going through a devastating experience. One of my favourite Japanese areas: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sapporo/177/142/26 Also Japan Tempura is very beautiful: http://slurl.com/secondlife/tempura%20island/104/234/33
  10. It's not the job of Linden Lab to support resident sims, even very good resident sims, when people cannot pay the tier. The job of Linden Lab is to make and suppor the platform and create fair and equal conditions for any kind of activity on it within the law. When a sim like this closes, it means the community did not value this build sufficiently to enable it to stay. Those are the facts. People are quick to demand that "somebody" pay for tier, but they never want that "somebody" to be themselves. 28,500 is not very many people, given that Numbakulla has been around for at least 6 years. As long as I can remember, it has been a feted oldbie build with lots of Linden attention in terms of writing about it in their publications and so on and featuring it on their Destinations. Yet precisely because it *is* a Myst-like game, it's not for everyone, and perhaps even frustrating. I don't think Lindens should play favourites to "rescue" sims. They already play favourites by putting them in Destinations, and this game has already been featured for a year in Destinations. Rather than weeping for lost sims, get your friends together, and if you get enough of them together, perhaps you can rescue it. But if you can't do that, it means it isn't sufficiently valued, so don't expect others to value it.
  11. Use search/places with the term "Ravenglass Rentals" to find all our vacant listings. Also there's a notecard giver with the main communities and vacancies and specials listed that is updated daily. In fact the key words "Mainland" and "vacancies" and "communities" will turn up a lot of good rental options from various companies on the Mainland that offer rentals for less than islands, and have more flexibility, i.e. I have refund any time.
  12. Beautiful old-world Mainland, roadside, and with breathtaking bay view with nice builds. Access to boating as you are adjacent to our land preserve. Pets welcome as are skyboxes. You can make a shop or home or combination here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maryport/74/55/61 $1700/week or $6120 a month with 10 percent off. 1054 prims. Get ban/eject, terraform, media powers.
  13. Any human can chose to exercise self-restraint in the first place. Whether they chose to do so is a manifestation of character or absence of it.
  14. Some people are abusing the ability to put up threads and essentially spamming the view, posting numerous specious and vacuous threads just so they can hog the view. They do this either as a means of essentially advertising their stores, or gaining power over the forums in a manifestation of their "lifestyle". Not everyone will figure out to put on ignore, nor will they put on ignore before first being spammed for a time. Attention is a scare resource, and the top view is scarce "real estate" in a forums. It's not about being able to use a filter if you don't want to see a particular person; it's about no one person grabbing the scarce resources in a community in this fashion. Proof that of these intentions being dishonest is the fact that this kind of thread-mongering didn't occur with the old software because it didn't have a top view in the same fashion. The real question is why you are carrying water for the people doing this. There are other ways of dealing with this problem besides limiting everyone, of course. The moderators have the discretion to apply the TOS. And they can apply it with a warning of spamming to specific individuals who do this with threads so they stop feeling impunity in doing this. This shouldn't be a "scaling" problem as most people don't have a burning need to start a dozen threads to get into the view.
  15. I find that the worst people can be friends of your friends on Facebook. In SL, it doesn't always work that way. Is this about weak ties getting weaker on social media, and virtual world immersion being a better substrate for human relations?
  16. The Mentors were disbanded. That's evidence enough. Um, no, dear. I wouldn't be complaining about one week when I was a newbie when I got hijacked to stores. Not after six years, um, no. But it's witnessing that happen to *hundreds of other people* that didn't make me "bitter" but made me -- and others who witnessed this -- indignant. They were caught at it again and again. In fact, one of the funny things the Lindens did to try to curb this problem was to promise anyone who helped as a Mentor on the Help Island that they could have their freebies featured in a store, and they also began to feature Mentor prefabs, furniture etc in a showcase on that island. It was hilarious to see them favour people that way as a sort of "incentive" but also as a bribe to get them to stop hawking in the infohubs. It didn't work lol. They always wanted *more*. I could list numerous cases of Mentors that were disciplined, and some permanently banned finally for their antics. They lorded it over other residents, it was a system that was heavily abused. Those in it who reined supreme with it will discount this; so will people who simply don't like me for whatever reason; so will those who are in similar groups today. I don't care. The proof is this: the Lindens disbanded it. End of story.
  17. Linden accepts inworld abuse report tickets on the viewer, i.e. you have to pull down Abuse Report from the menu inworld on the viewer panel. There is "$L fraud" as one of the actions, but usually that does *not* refer to rip-offs, it refers to people attempting to launder money through your account. Using the online ticket support system for that will only result in the moderators bucking it back to you and telling you to file an abuse report inworld. Usually the Lindens do not intervene in these kinds of commercial disputes. So you are left to Twitter, blogs, inworld groups, etc. to warn other people of this fraudster.
  18. So is the rule here that if you post a destination that is your favourite, or you feel is a cool place, if you are involved in it in any way, whether it is commercial or non-profit, that will be viewed as "advertising" and then be subject to an abuse report? I didn't see that this was a rule. Unless a Linden has already selected it or suggests it be recommended it for Destinations on the sidebar? Or how does the rule work?
  19. Is this an island you made? It seems in another thread you described this as a project you and a group of friends maintain. I'm just wondering if the rule here in this section is that you can't post about your own property.
  20. Why is it ok to heckle a DJ for two minutes? These clubs don't need customers so badly that they can tolerate disruptive behaviour. There are a zillion clubs in SL. Move on to another one.
  21. Question: Are people raising questions about the legality of live performance musicians in SL who used to promote live music with a tunes kiosk but who didn't get sufficient participation and praise and support now feeling a sense of sour grapes and wishing to stick it to people they previously tried to help for reasons of vanity?
  22. I think there have to be 100 or more. Mainland has way more than a dozen. There's the SL RR run by the Lindens (originally started by Eric and Ben Linden and developed by Nigel Linden, all gone now, Nigel died in real life, he was a great man who did a lot for Second Life). There are a lot of sims on the Atoll Continent Heterocetera or whatever they call it with that toxic-waste blue-coloured sand -- I know it ends in Tuliptree and goes through all those sims nearby like Obscure, etc. In Tuliptree you can see the resident-made rail line too. Recently I found a cool Japanese resident-made rail line that starts in Burns, beautifully made. Maybe Michael Linden of the Department of Public Works could give a scientific answer, but he may only count the Linden-made ones.
  23. Hm, calculated maneuver to dump on some people's projects? Hippie, when you use the all-purpose term "infohubs" I don't think you're distinguishing among four types of properties the Lindens run: 1. Welcome Areas -- most trafficked, most griefed 2. Orientation Areas 3. Linden Infohubs 4. Resident Developed Infohubs on Linden Lab I work on two infohubs, one which is part of the Resident Info Hubs in Ross and the other which is a Linden infohub Iris. The Resident Infohubs are the legacy of a 2005 Linden program to replace the old Telehubs with Infohubs designed by residents who owned property on them (you could either sell back your infohub land to the Lindens and be compensated, or opt to develop the land for public use). There are about 14 of them. All together there are about 40 of the Linden-owned infohubs, Linden properties (like the Governor's Mansion) and resident-made hubs. These should not be confused with the Welcome Areas like Moose Beach which are the most heavily trafficked because the new-user system currently routes everybody who skips orientation to these large areas -- people who go through orientation have the option to click on a notecard giver and be randomly delivered to one of the Linden or Resident infohubs. In my view, welcome areas are more griefed,more filled with jerks hanging out all day and annoying other people, trying to fly under the radar not to be banned, and "wall-sitters," cliques of people who hang out and chat. The Lindens have designated on Destinations some areas as "chat locations" to try to make virtue out of a necessity. It's a good thing that there are open public places like this in SL. But it seems that the Lindens simply don't have the manpower to police them and they easily fall prey to gangs. The resident-made infohubs are better kept up, more frequently updated and more orderly because there are residents at them invested in making and refreshing the content, helping people and also regularly abuse-reporting griefers. They don't have any special powers to ban anyone or anything like that, and are not in a guild like the old Mentors as Linden pretty much ignore them, but I think many people are happy with their resident infohub experience and come back frequently for visits or hang out. Many people indeed make friends at infohubs, I see it all the time. And even the more sleazy welcome areas are in fact places for people to make connections, like it or not. There needs to be better circuit-riding of Lindens through them, however.
  24. It used to be a big problem with the old Mentors system (and among the reasons it was disbanded -- primarily there was the fact that the system simply did not help to retain newbies, and proved to be a refuge for those helping as a form of vanity or sales promotion). More than once I personally caught these Mentors who were allegedly out there to help newbies friending the newbies to chat them up and get them to come to stores, and slinging them a folder of landmarks all of their friends' stores. I myself got Shanghaied to a store to spend my scarce stipend dollars when I was new (in those days there were no outfits in the library except a few really ridiculous ones). I was fixing things up in the Moth Temple today and I heard this woman arrive and fly around the sim crying "Anyone want a cheap place to live?" and friending people. I'm all for hustling for sales and for a free market. It seems the friendship card is really debased, however, when it becomes a means merely to try to make a sale, chat somebody up and teleport them to a store.
  25. 2 questions 1. Are you willing to self-limit your blog posts for the same reasons? Der, of course I would, cupcake. I propose things that are about the rule of law, for the good of the whole user population. I don't propose things that are in my self-interest or those of any one grouplet. 2. Would you use a blog service that limited your blog posts? Off-topic. Irrelevant to the issue here which is about posting comments, not blog posts. I'm trying to understand what's really behind all this jockeying for position.Does it produce more sales?
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