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  1. They are the most annoying creation on the Second Life grid. Just how many bots is one player allowed to even have? You (general you) just get a feeling that you know they're all owned by the same person because it's the same naming convention over and over. You ignore and ban one; another one comes into your supposedly private island. I get that LL thinks they're okay as long as they don't IM you or whatever, but seriously? The sheer amount alone is nuts! Five or six a day. Heck even a few times one after another. So yeah go ahead and ignore or block, more will take their place. There totally needs to be a limit but will LL do anything. No. They're perfectly fine. (I had to lock my island down to Payment Info on File only; unfortunately, they now rez into the renter's parcel who has no such lock down on their parcel.)
  2. Oh my gods. Thank you so much. Your assistance was valuable. It was the eye applier HUD that had the left and right buttons! I found the buttons (they finally made an appearance) when I un-ticked "show highlight" on the applier HUD itself.
  3. With the latest Catwa head update, I have EYES RIG v3.4. For the life of me I cannot find how to make left and right eyes different colors. I can't find anything in the Master HUD nor in the Eyes HUD M v4.5. I have Catwa eye appliers that will apply to the left eye, but the right eye does not accept the applier. A review on the eyes said it was easy to do two differently colored eyes with Catwa, because the eyes had a left and right button. I see no such buttons. Is there a way to fix this issue?
  4. You could try Heart of Gold. It's not as populated as say IYC. On Sunday nights in particular, there is a DJane that plays rock mixed in with some novelty songs. She gets a fairly active local chat going. There's a few of us are over 45. I am, but I'm hardly mature (and not really a furry), but I'm sure the others might be more your cup of tea. Friday night is more quiet, but the DJ plays rock on occasion and some specialty sets. He is one of the original furries and I believe over 55 years old.
  5. My favorite colors are terracotta, celadon-jade green, turquoise, pale pink, and cobalt blue.
  6. I'm over 40. Most of my SL activity focuses around attending DJ sets.
  7. Cold ginseng green tea with no sugar Black coffee with enough sugar to get hyper then crash really hard Red Bull, or other foreign brand energy drink Red Bull with Jägermeister Spice (for shots) Harvey Wallbanger (Chopin potato vodka, store brand orange juice, Galliano) Tequila (añejo or reposado) in a random mixer Any cinnamon or cinnamon blend booze that isn't Fireball (straight or in an appropriate mixer) I drink the alcohol beverages one night a week, usually on a weekend night. I rarely snack at the computer but when I do it's usually leftovers from lunch/dinner.
  8. Raimi after Ted Raimi after he played Joxer the Mighty on Xena: Warrior Princess, and I became intrigued with the actor (try to see every movie he's been in.) He usually plays characters that are clumsy, mean well in their deeds, and are different from 'regular' people in some way. Like me in real life. Syaka (from the list when it existed) because I wanted my avatar to be perceived as from Japanese animation, which I like to watch on rare occasion.
  9. Yes. It is set in the parcel. And they still cannot terraform. (Also, from my understanding now, the entire region also has to be set along with the parcel? I'd rather they not be able to change my region, only the parcel but it looks like I will have to set both?)
  10. Last I checked, in May 2016 setting land to group owned and giving the group members edit terrain permissions with the proper role was working. Fast forward to today, my group member cannot terraform the parcel even when they are in the group, under the role allowing editing of terrain, and is listed as owner of the parcel with the group set up for the parcel. No matter what I do, they cannot terraform their parcel (but they can terraform my entire island??) Has this group ability been disabled?
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