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  1. Please!? Hurt you? At work? Has there been a snowflake explosion or something these last few years or what?
  2. Well, wow, zowwee. you must be one hot bit of stuffs to be getting all these awful people (you mean, of course, men) .....gasp.....asking for pixel sex! I am shocked, honest....I mean whatever next? I wish that was all I had to worry about, either in SL or RL!
  3. Really, you didn't honestly expect anything but mediocre variations of 'it's life, just fly off to another sim where unicorns and puppies play merrily' from the forumites, did you? And yes, LL do not appear to give a monkey's about griefing; not even when it occasionally embarrasses even themselves, like the infamous Torley YouTube tutorial TP into a griefing happening.... c/w swift exit, or the (admittedly amusing) millionaire SL estate agent Chung's self-pat-on-the-back-look-how-great-I-am-doing showcase lecture event, which was griefed most efficiently with flying phalli. These gems are probably still on YouTube, along with a myriad griefing videos from the sad spectacles who get off on doing the actual griefing. One in particular was slightly disturbing, involving - if I recall correctly - a 14 year old girl being griefed in a sim, on voice, ending with her father coming into the room and immediately (and wisely) ending the griefing fun (and any subsequent enjoyment she may have gotten out of SL, as that was almost certainly the end of SL for her!). Indeed, this was - unless I am much mistaken - once the subject of a post here in the forums, way back......with more than a fair few of the feeble brained forumites blaming the 14 year old or her father...! Ya couldn't make it up lol. Tools could, and should have been at the disposal of most residents, with guidance on their use. Instead, LL, as usual, let residents do the hard work and 'create' griefing tools, of varying ingenuity and price, which could be marketed as 'anti' griefing tools, with LL then pocketing nice wads of cash via their sales. And this was back in the day when you actually could see a Linden inworld, from time to time. Still, perhaps now, Ebbe has got his boys n girls sorting it all out, super swift and efficient like?
  4. Ahhhhh, good old, Prokov. Coming in from the cold, rather like myself, from time to time, to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, with the ever hapless forumites about insignificant significant things. Still, to exercise my fine fingers. Paid accounts only? If the Lindens actually gave us something substantial for them, they would happen en masse. Which they easily could...... if their accountants didn't get indigestion rather easily. So. You already know the answer to your question. Fire off a missive to the crazy cats partying on a friday afternoon (do they still do that? anyone?) as they will know full well why such a procedure would instantly kill SL......and their parties Grieffing could, and should have been dealt with effectively by LL years ago, when it was significant. They chose not to do so. Also, I not seen any bad grieffing for some time, mainly because I suspect the grieffers themselves have tired of this platform.
  5. Well....'eyes widen in surprise'! Although, I do recall seeing a Linden - once, in all my SL years - actually inworld, about 6-7 years ago, so wonders do happen. You score low, to answer your question. Are you really telling me, the PC's Lindens run day to day at Linden HQ are that spec? Somehow, I do doubt that. I probably been in this game longer than you, methinks. BTW, doesn't the HP z600 have two quad-core Xeon CPUs (the server equivalent of i7 chips)? What would you say is an average rig for the average user......in europe? The place where we pay over the odds for all things high tech?
  6. Same old, same old....doesn't mater if it was 7 years ago or now, below par performance which is always passed on as a user end problem. No progress from LL, but same old problems a plenty...and same old forum clique shills telling us how 'their' SL runs immaculately :O) As a friend of mine, who has been in SL since 2006, says regularly.....'SL just isn't good to move around in'. She parks her ass on a beach and cams and IM's or creates stuff for her shop.
  7. Yep...SL always does and always has...regardless of your set up. The Lindens have tip top PC's that will make your set up seem like something from The Flintstones, and they have a knack for assuming all their users do. Mindset. You are correct in querying the SL servers........minimum is spent on these, and lag conveniently explained away as being on the 'user side'. Always was thus, sadly. Accountants hold enormous sway in US companies, to the detriment sometimes of the dynamic do-ers in such companies and the end users.
  8. I return to the forums and lo.....do I laugh or do I cry?! Am I triggered or triggering?!! This post is a gem, a beaut, and even has a Linden leaving a comment. Well, laying the law down...but hey, still. Some of the forum elite clique have posted thousands and not a Linden, so bet they pretty miffed he he. To answer the serious OP seriously.......I think you will find there are plenty of quiet and even deserted sims without requiring a special one to recover from men/male avs/Donald Trump/Alpha rays/Books by Nabokov/Books by John Norman/Hippity Hop records/Milo Yiannopoulos/ancient (male) nude statues in the British Museum/Flights of Fancy/pre 2008 SL avs with clothing layers/football (mens)....etc etc.
  9. I find FS horribly bloated, but that's just my opinion. the good news is there are a lot of third party viewers. try CoolVL viewer......similar to Singularity ( I preferred Replex, which wasbased on Singularity, but is now, I think, no more)
  10. Rhonda Huntress wrote: This is going to get long and ramble at times .... Conversation starters ... http://conversationstartersworld.com/250-conversation-starters/ Rule #1, do not say anything negative. Removing negativity from your speech and actions not only make you seem more confident and fun to be around, it will make your own personal life brighter. Rule #2, ask about her and make "me too" comments. Keep the conversation about her. Ask follow up question. If you have something in common, be sure to let her know but otherwise keep the topics all about her. Rule #3, ask about something she said before. Here's a great thing about SL, you can keep a notepad on your desk so you can write down something she says you want to bring up later. If she mentions she is going to do something later be sure to ask how it went the next time you see her. Rule #4, Confidence is sexy. Don't be arrogant. Own your mistakes. Laugh at yourself. Too many people think confidence is about not making mistakes and that is just wrong. That arrogant inability to admit mistakes just screams "insecurity." With all of that out there, be sure you tell her how you feel. Yes, you need to keep the conversation on her for now but sometime in every conversation be sure to tell her something about your emotions when you are with her. DO IT! Tell her you enjoy talking to her. Tell her if she makes you happy. Tell her what you feel when you see her name pops up when she is online. You don't have to be sappy about it. Keep it short but she needs to know how you feel. Rule #5. Sincerity is the key. Once you can fake that, your golden. ....like that claptrap, for example. Do. Not. Do. This. I have a horrible, sad feeling our young suitor has already got burned, though, and is wondering why.
  11. Awwwwww, bless 'im. He's what we girls call a 'nice' guy.....and the honest women among you will know exactly what I mean.....which is why he's doomed. I shall sit back, here...arms folded, and wait and see if any of the honest women tell him what ne needs to do, and not some wishy washy nonsense which they don't believe themselves in a million years.
  12. You should be in PR. I cannot recall a single post where you have not plugged your sim in the general discussion group.
  13. Welcome back to pre 2009 SL and LL servers seemingly from the same period. Go see if you get these jelly beans in WOW or Elder Scrolls Online.
  14. As you have discovered to your cost you have come across two SL downsides. These are namely 1) The 'forumites' patronising replies to your perfectly legitimate problem, and 2) LL's silly jelly bean avatar we-can't-be-arsed-to-fix/improve-our-servers-so-we-will-introduce-this-laughably-ludicrous-thing-we-call-avatar-complexity-which-means-in-english-our-servers-don't-work-as-well-as-they-did-back-in-2008. For future, you may safely ignore any posts from the 'forumites', the sad saps with anything above 1500 posts; they spend more time in the forums in their tiresome clique than they actually do inworld in SL. Unbelievable, but true. As for the 'jelly bean' shambles. Yeah, it's hard to believe, ain't it? Yeah, you are right - RP is killed stone dead, as is having to look at these pre 1999 graphic representations of avatars in clubs or beaches. But, hey!...it's the dozy creators fault for making these cool mesh avs, (which LL takes a tasty cut of), and are too complex, and not done 'correctly' so you can't see them and they can't see you. Great, huh? Solution? Stay off the forums, with the possible exception of the SLU forums (google it) and stay in quieter sims with your friends.
  15. ....don't blame me; I not been on the boooooooooring forums for ages n ages.
  16. Oh,Cerise....puh-lease. You know fine well certain - ahem - 'skill' games that were anything but were nonetheless allowed to flourish long after the casinos - and by that rationale, gambling - made a no no by LL, and again in 2014. Besides, are you seriously telling us these Zyngo machines have been able to 'phone home' for two years after the 2014 gambling fiasco? If so....why? How? Have no Lindens been in SL since 2014? Are no Lindens checking on the gambling/skill/gambling fiasco since 2014?
  17. FFFFpPPP Whatthhhhh Pfffffffff. English, s'il vous plait. Aren't you a tad old for young text/internet 'spiel'?
  18. ....you sure about that? It's a mess, afterall.
  19. Erm....why do you sign your name on a post where we can all see you are the author? You are lingering in these forums, poor Dres, and it will be your doom. Look at yer rez date and post count. Shake your head, just say no.... and take deep breaths and venture back to SL. All will be well.
  20. Um...if you don't know the 'forumites' who dwell here, and flee like vampires from venturing inworld, then you never will. Did you seriously expect a sensible response? This is not the 'forum' for you, try SL universe. Fortunately for you, Hoshi - when the time is convenient - ventures in, shines a light and tells it how it is, and watch dem forumite 'roaches run! How they grit their teeth with their ludicrous - and damming - upwards of 1000 plus posts, in some cases, talking about nothing whatsoever.
  21. ....actually, yes...you can get in trouble for ranting about LL. Where you been living since last TOS? Mars?
  22. Yawnzzzzzz.. Seriously? Get back into SL.....the virtual world. Pu-lenty of dramas there happenin' everywheres....all da time.....no need to drag old memories from when you last visited SL. Stuffs is happening right now. Go see. Go participate. Free youselves from the shackles of being a 'forumite' where a select clique give a damm about what you say. Go DO something inworld.
  23. Ah.Right. From 2014, Doofus. As the old saying goes, if you can't stay in the kitchen (find a good item of drama) then get out (stay outta da thread)
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