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  1. PRICE DROP TO L$500 PER PARCEL. IF YOU RENT 2 OR MORE NEXT TO EACH OTHER THE PRICE PER PARCEL DROPS TO L$470 PER PARCEL. YOUR RENT IS GUARANTEED NOT TO INCREASE UNLESS SECOND LIFE COSTS INCREASE. Full terraforming and landscaping help available including trees, rock, and plants. YOU GET CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LAND and you don't need a premium account! Contact Marie Resch or go here to view: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anu/184/57/25
  2. Still have these lots up for grabs. Also the land is ideal for G&S or other farming systems, if you grab more than one (remember, 2+ and the rent falls!). Just opened a public G&S equipment area on the main half sim. I will bend over backwards to help you landscape and/or terraform if you need the help. My rental office is located at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anu/184/57/25 with a teleport pad to the parcels.
  3. This sale has been cancelled, and the land has been parceled out smaller. See the following post:
  4. 1024sqm, 468 prims, on ADULT land, L$558/week. If you buy 2 or more adjacent (next to each other) lots the rent per lot falls to L$500/week. I will combine rent boxes and I offer landscaping assistance including trees, plants, and rocks. Very friendly place, very attentive landlord. I get all IMs via email so if I'm not on I will see it in email and sign on to help you. My rental office is located at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anu/184/57/25 with a teleport pad to the parcels. Not suitable to large clubs; if you have something smaller and more intimate
  5. Ravencrow Estates is happy to announce their WINTER SALE through February 15 - Rent any available ADULT 4096 plot and pay just L$1575/week. That's 1875 prims for L$1575/week. Rent more than one parcel and pay just L$1500/week for each. YOUR RENT WILL NEVER GO UP. LANDSCAPING HELP AVAILABLE. Contact Marie Resch inworld or visit the office for more information! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anu/184/57/25
  6. Still have these parcels up for rent, also have apartments available on the other half sim if you don't need land...
  7. 4 4096 parcels for rent, 1875 prims apiece (30k region), L$1675/week for a single parcel - If you rent more than one at the same time the price drops to L$1500/week per parcel! Breedables and farms allowed with restrictions (see Covenant at land). Come home to Ravencrow! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anu/184/57/25
  8. Yep! Bad idea and I can't really say anymore than what has already been said. Considering that I do not expect LL to change course on this decision, I started thinking about the possibilities for an educational environment in the free market. Yes, you have to pay full price, but this also includes the ability to raise your own money freely on the grid. Students could donate items to sell in the marketplace to support the sim. Or the sim could hold events or even hold concerts, plays, or whatever. For the educational sim, these would be off peak hours for them and could earn the sim money to
  9. You might wish to archive this post...the monitors are certain to nix it because it "encourages" others to leave SL... They make it hard to stay but they worry about who will leave. Well, I guess when they get everything all nice and streamlined, they still want a few people around so they have something besides pea green land and faux water to sell to the next owner...
  10. Check out my blog, http://fanciful_muse.livejournal.com . The other grid I hang out on would be more than happy to accomodate you for much less money and far more advantages.
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