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  1. I love looking through 'how does your avatar look today' and am, quite honestly, as green as peas jealous at the makeups I often see, especially eyeshadows.. I have a Genus Classic Head and except for a very few eyeshadows I have that actually sit right, for the most part my eyes tend to look like my 2yr old grandson has done my makeup with a paintbrush... Is there something I'm not doing with my eye sliders that I should be to make the shadows sit right or at least a tad more like the pictures that made me buy them in the first place?
  2. absolutely love your dress, I've been searching for something similar but cant find any shops in either MP or inworld,, can you tell me the best places to shop for these dresses, please
  3. Thanks Skell, turns out it was my graphics were set to minimal - problem now sorted. Thanks again. x
  4. I'm sorry if I'm repeating this but can't find my original - I have recently returned to SL. I use Firestorm and had to install the newest version. When I got back in I noticed that my skin is blotchy. Ive tried everything I can think of to rectify the problem. I have taken Jaz back to the original non mesh version, re-applying all my mesh parts, tried applying new skins, replacing outfits with previously saved ones but nothing is removing the blotches and i'm now totally out of ideas. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do or what may be wrong?
  5. I have been away for a long while and on coming back have noticed that my previously normal skin is now blotchy. As well as on my legs its also on my chest. I have gone through everything I'm wearing and haven't found anything. I've tried changing my saved heads and bodies and they're coming out the same. Ive been and bought some new skins and nothing is changing. I'm using firestorm and have done a complete uninstall and re-installed but no luck. I use Maitreya body and genus head, the skinnery skin. . Any ideas, anyone, please because I'm at a total loss.
  6. Have started to dip my toes back into SL and after years of using my standard head with Maitreya body dug out the mesh heads I had in my inventory. These are Lelutka Greer and Simone, Genus strong face and Catwa Catya. Over the last month or so I've been demoing shapes, skins etc but have run into what may or may not be a problem. After seeing all the beautifully made up Avi's on 'how does your avi look today: I thought I might get some help. My problem is No matter what skin for what head, or what shape for what head I buy the end result leaves my girl's face with strong lines, especia
  7. thank you for all your advice, was much appreciated and worked x
  8. i bought some with both maitreya and slink but the feet still didn't turn the same colours as the legs, which is why I think i'm missing something that's probably obvious but I'm just not seeing it.
  9. I've finally got my skin to match up with my maitreya body, old head but now I just need one more piece of advice please. I'm sure i'm missing something very obvious but how do you get the feet of stockings to match the legs. I'm using my maitreya feet as I thought it was an issue with my slink ones but I still can't figure it out. I'm sorry if i'm asking an obvious question but it's got me stumped. Thank you xx
  10. I have looked all over for the answers I'm looking for and I just cannot find them. I do sincerely apologise if someone points me to the right place and it's been right in front of me... I have a classic head, maitreya lara body and slink hands and feet but I'm finding it nigh on impossible to find skins that link all 3 together. Is there a store or 3 that sells skins that cover all 3 bases or do I just have to keep fiddling and faffing.. Thank you in advance - Jaz
  11. Okay, so I finally got my mesh body sorted, skin etc with my classic head but I've noticed that when I add hourglass clothes more often than not have patches of skin showing through. Am I missing something? I have changed the body to make it smaller but other than that I've left it as it was. Advice all warmly welcome.
  12. She stepped one, two, three steps closer to the light that was new, there were 2 lights, one in the room with her and the other in the distance, low to the ground, a light under a door perhaps but what had her attention was the light near to her. She thought back to a moment ago when she had heard a voice. Unable to discern if it was male or female but it was deep, dangerous and the words 'HURT HIM' had been loud enough to have been in her head. Did she say it? Why would she say it? And who was him? She didn't know a him, did she? Letting a shake run from her neck to her feet she stepped towar
  13. Suddenly something seemed different and still on all fours scrabbled forward quickly, the tiny hairs on her body standing up in fear she thought, but there was something else, a feeling she found confusing, excitement. Taking in a deep breath she quickly stood up and like a whirling dervish she turned around in circles trying to see if there was someone, something there. 'Hello, who's there, please talk to me, help me, I don't know where I am'. She knew her voice had reverted to that of a child. Wrapping her arms tightly round herself she tried to remember her childhood but it was like steam,
  14. but then stopped...suddenly her thoughts going round and round, where had she come from? how did she get here? She had always thought she lived in a home with others like her, but try as she might she couldn't bring anyone to mind. Did she have friends? Do they know she's here? She knelt down on her haunches, grabbing her hair in her hands, eyes screwed shut. Maybe she'd been in an accident and this was her recovery process, releasing her hair, her hands back on the cold floor she opened her mouth slightly and in the shadows, the absolute darkness she heard herself whisper 'hello, anyone, plea
  15. In her head she felt something strange, like a tangle of nerve endings but her eyes continued to look for the light. It seemed further away than she thought it had been. Stepping one bare foot in front of her, afraid that if she moved she would fall into the hole in the ground but the floor was cold to touch and solid. Wishing she could stop her body from shaking, the thin material still a clothing she'd never possessed, it felt old, Victorian, but like a thousand million soft kisses against her skin, the smile on her face the only giveaway of how she felt. Slowly she pulled her other foot to
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