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  1. 2 + 2 = Zebra :matte-motes-wink: American Common Core math at it's finest.
  2. steph Arnott wrote: Am not disputing some could be, but i do doubt the numbers are very high. Hear so many exagerated claims that it hard to get a realistic count. If some one has the time and abilty then they can do well any where. The biggest issue i have is that the MP is so full of garbage now that it is nie impossible to find anything. Just my opinion. If only LL would have followed through on adding an Advanced Search with selectable Options...we could filter through the "garbage" and find the "gems" a lot easier today. I remember when that was actually a topic on LL's collective m
  3. I won't go to Sansar. I'll be one of the kicking and screaming rats that'll go down with the SL Ship.And even when I drown, I'll just move to Inworldz or what ever other Grid that is closest to that of SL.
  4. As a long time creator of system clothing and skins, I'm wondering just what the future does hold for them. It seems, rightfully so I suppose, that mesh has taken over. Mesh this, mesh that. I have nothing against mesh clothing, hair building parts or objects. Although I do have a certain, distain, for mesh avatars. I'm sorry, but there is less uniqueness and individualism with what few mesh avatars and styles are out there. I do, however, LOVE the way builds can be much less in prim impacts by using mesh shapes and linking them properly. System clothing was the only option several years ago.
  5. You're absolutely correct, Dresden. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me. It wasn't and isn't laziness. I chose RL over SL when it came to how I spent countless hours. And the market is saturated in those regards. I made my successes from items that were truly unique in SL at the time. And if I can't afford the time to sit down to create something that is truly unique...it just isn't worth it to me. I always led, never followed. And if I did follow, I greatly improved. I had my time, now just isn't my time. Maybe again someday, maybe not. But I am considering releasing a large share of
  6. A few years ago, I was one of the ones doing extremely well. Enough to afford a few new laptops a month, if I so wanted. But in the past 2 years, sales dropped off. I blame Mesh. Why? Because I am just not skilled enough nor have enough time and patience to sit on Blender all day and all night. Many want Mesh clothing now...not old school system clothing. So, I've been standing on my last leg of holding on for a year now. And I'm about to throw the towel in after 7 years.
  7. If your sim is connected to other sims (ie, mainland sims or even connected Estates) and you don't have your settings set to not allow others to see you (parcel settings/Options)...yes, they can see you by increasing their draw distance and free-camming around.
  8. Would you two please go get a room!!!! I just threw up a little in my mouth, no thanks, ugh.
  9. I see what you're attempting to do here. Why aren't you mentioning the times I have clearly said the I wasn't blaming LL for the MP listing issues. Or how I have clearly admitted that if it was a technical issue regarding my Forum badge photo, that I apologize for false assumption? Stop trying to make it look like I'm attacking LL, just so I get in trouble. Not very nice of you to do that. I don't know you, you don't know me. One should play nice. And not stoke fires in rooms filled with combustible elements. Now, I have said everything I needed to say and am allowed to say per Forum rules.
  10. I haven't accused LL of anything. It's not their fault that there are some people in this world, who feel they need to cause drama and hurt to others, to make themselves feel "big". LL is helping me. I have nothing against them. I've known and worked with a few Lindens over the years on several projects. They're good people. Business people, but good.
  11. And to DejaHo, I am sorry I hijacked your forum post. Please forgive me.
  12. If I go in to any more detail here, It will violate the Forum Rules. And I certainly am not willing to give this person, the satisfaction of watching me get banned. ETA: All the information pertaining to this issue, is in the hands of the proper LL authorities. Which is FAR more detailed than what I can post here.
  13. I just explained it very clearly. I'm sorry if you didn't understand what I said. I've been around here since 2009. I think I know how things operate around here by now. I'm not some drooling WoW player that just signed on to SL last week or something. I know what happened, I know how it happened and I'm taking care of it. Other Merchants be warned, it can happen to you too. Case Closed.
  14. It was malicious. Very. Considering the person was waiting for me to relist the items and immediately flagged them again. upwards of 20 items that I made and have been selling since 2010. As soon as I got an item relisted, an email came right back in, saying it was flagged. This went on for over an hour. And yes, I filed a ticket. And LL has appointed a specialist to oversee this case.
  15. Really. Says the data sheet that showed over 1000 units of evey item sold. Welcome to my long list of blocked idiots.
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