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  1. guided by my dreams i have been researching patripassionism this is a branch of the christian faith that says that jesus did not die on the cross but instead time stood still at the crucifixion and we are living through jeuss christs last death throes when i logged on today something very mysterious happened my computer date next to second life said 1 january 1970 this never happened before! i beleive that second life might be an illusion of time is it possible that second life could all be occuring on one day, 1 january 1970? if so we are trapped in a day in the past that seems to last foreve
  2. sl can be useful to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons i am rational enough to agree, and can see the good. but i also see the bad. and there is something about sl that is of the antichrist. i honestly believe we are living in the end of times. the real world is falling apart - why not the virtuall world too? but i cannot claim to be some expert in my last post, i said i had a dark dream, some of you mocked me, well i still beleive that i think that nelson shelter is still coming and it will be terror and ruin i cant convince any of you of my position. i dont have any answers, but
  3. last nite i had a dream about sl an av called nelson shelter rose up, he was great and fearful, he waged a war in sl he destroyed many furries and vampires and sieze control of sl he won much land and glory but blazed hellfire i wonder if this was just a dream or premoniton
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