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  1. BYOH = BRING YOUR OWN HOME Empty Landscaped 1/4 Sim SkyLand 400L/wk + 400 Prims 16 Landscape Scenes in 1 unit! MultiScene! Taxi: Island/127/101/212
  2. • INFO • 1/4 Sim - 16,384 400L/wk + 400 Prims 10+ Landscaped Scenes in 1 Box Change Landscape anytime! Landlady: Lisa006 Baxton DEMO LOCATED IN OFFICE • Taxi • Island/127/101/212 • Gallery • • DEMO • Island/127/101/212
  3. Return Mainland to LL

    Go to "About land" > click "Abandon Land" on the first tab.
  4. Griefing of land

    Open your region/estate tool (not the land tools) and go to the debug tab and return anything that is owned by this resident. You enter thier username. You can also turn scripts off in this menu window. It will turn scripts off throughout the whole region until you turn them back on. It's easier to use the region/estate menu instead of trying to find or get to the parcel the prim is on.
  5. BYOH = BRING YOUR OWN HOME Demo Available Island/127/101/212 8/29/2017 - 2 New Landscaped Scenes Added
  6. BYOH = BRING YOUR OWN HOME Island/127/101/212
  7. Wish access to land from mainroad

    *waves* Hello @mllop Since it's abandon land then you can put in a request to purchase it through a support ticket. Here is a link that explains how to purchase abandon land and what requirements you may have to meet in order for Linden Lab to consider selling it to you. Just remember your monthly tier may be affected to purchase this small piece of land. Good Luck.
  8. Mesh Artist Wanted

    Project completed.
  9. Can you hide notecard text?

    Also I think Linden Lab only intended for notecards to be used to relay messages between residents. This could be why they're not as secure as scripts.
  10. Can you hide notecard text?

    If the object/notecard is copy perms you can not hide the content. If the object/notecard is no-copy perm then the notecard content is hidden. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I am pretty sure this is how it works. Its better just to have a script created to keep the uuids hidden.
  11. BYOH - BRING YOUR OWN HOME 400L/Week + 400 Prims Additional Prims only 1L extra per week Stop by the office today and try the DEMO. Island/127/101/212 Contact Lisa006 Baxton for assistance
  12. Mesh Artist Wanted

    Seeking a mesh artist for a small job that deliver .dae files and texture via email and that can do quick 24 hour turn around. Message me inworld for details. I will be more than happy to pay 1/2 of project fees upfront if portfolio is provided. Thank you, Lisa006 Baxton
  13. BYOH - BRING YOUR OWN HOME 400L/Week + 400 Prims Additional Prims only 1L extra per week Stop by the office today and try the DEMO. Island/127/101/212 Contact Lisa006 Baxton for assistance
  14. Automated change of land ownership fro rentals

    *waves* @Silverfang Tedeschi Most Estates sets the land for sale for as low as 0L or the first week's rent (recommended), the tenant purchases the land and then have a certain amount of time to pay the rental box before the landlord reclaims the land. If the land is sold for the first week's rent then that time will manually be added to the rental box by the landlord. This way the new tenant has ownership of the land right away. If you go to "Search" in your viewer and look at the "Land Sales" tab for "Estates Sales", you will see examples of how estates have their land set for sale. If you decide to go this route, your avaliable parcels will also show up in the Land Sales tab.
  15. need help about buying a land

    You will not have to pay tier that is why you pay the landlord "weekly fee" so THEY can pay linden lab tier. Some landlords even give a discount if you pay multiple weeks in advance. You are simply buying the land to have full permissions to it. Nobody really OWNS land in SL, there is always a monthly fee owed to Linden Lab. The landlord is giving you the convenience of paying it weekly to them and they pay Linden Lab the monthly tier. There is alot of estates out there, so yes do your homework. The marketplace has a section dedicated to Real Estate. Prims are pretty much what everything in second life is made out of. You can right click > EDIT any object in world and see the land impact of it in the edit window. This will tell you how many prims that object will allocate on a piece of land. So if you are shopping for a home, or a lamp, or a chair for your new land, the marketplace product page will usually tell you how prims the product takes up. Here is some more info on renting from another resident from the wiki: What a prim is wiki link