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  1. Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    In order to be part of a 'donate your tier' group and become a donor, a resident would have to be PAYING linden lab to even have tier to donate. So again, somebody, somewhere is paying Linden Lab whether its through donation or not. Let the land sit for years. Linden Lab is still getting their cut. I am sure donors are being compensated for the tier they donate or it would not be a thing.
  2. How did abandoned land get sold without an auction?

    As the article states those are only guidelines, it's really up to the lab to make the final call. If the land had been abandoned for some time or if they are just looking to sell as much land as possible. If you see land you want it never hurts to put in a support case whether you meet the guidelines or not. We could speculate all day or you could ask the resident how they did it.
  3. How did abandoned land get sold without an auction?

    You can file a support case to request the sale of abandoned land. The attached page explains more on how a resident can request the sale of abandoned land. Sorry you missed out.
  4. sold land to group

    Payout will be tomorrow
  5. Is this possible?

    Also, If you want the L's to go directly into your account instantly then the land must be owned by you and not deeded to a group. If the land is deeded to a group & you are the owner of the group, then you will get the L's the next day. Just make sure "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" in the Group Profile > Roles is DISABLED in every role except the Owner role. This will ensure the funds will not get split among the group members and the owner(s) of the group will get 100% of the L's. If there are multiple owners in the group then the L's will be split among the owners. I see that you just joined today, Just make sure you do all your research before you try to jump into a virtual business. I highly recommend exploring the grid, familiarize yourself with the viewer options and controls, and meet people before trying to start a business. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!
  6. Is this possible?

    You could set up a parcel right outside the door of the building where "Anyone can visit", then set the building on a parcel where "Sell passes to Anyone" is enabled. These option can be found in the "About Land" window under the "Access" tab. As far as the prompt go, I've never done land passes so I am not sure if they will get a prompt or not, but you could always set up a greeting prim for that. More info on land passes can be found here >
  7. Main Office
  8. Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    As I stated in another thread......As long as someone, somewhere is paying the tier on the land, Linden Lab has no concerns. Now if the real estates companies decide to abandon the land then some concerns may arise from the Lab. Land Barons usually know how to price the land and adjust accordingly to changes in the market. Just because you don't feel a piece of land is worth 12KL doesn't mean the next resident will feel the same.
  9. Thanks for all the fish...

    Land Bots have been long gone but what made you assume land flipping and hovering for sale signs were banned years ago? Linden Lab would never ban land flipping. Land flipping means somebody, somewhere is paying the tier on that land, now why would Linden Lab want to go and disrupt that.
  10. Main Office
  11. Quick Question

    Can take up to 24 hours per the Auction FAQs page.
  12. land tier fee changes?

    Si, that is correct. For example, if you only own 16,384 sqm during the period you will only be charged 67.00.
  13. land tier fee changes?

    The highest tier level you hit that month will be what Linden Lab charges you for. Does not matter if you get rid of the land before the billing cycle is up. Nothing is prorated. For example, if you bought a full mainland region (65,536 sqm = 175.00/ month) and then go down to 1/4 region (16,384 sqm = 67.00/ month) before Linden Lab charges you, you will be charged the 175.00 for the full mainland region that you owned during the billing cycle.
  14. Full Mainland Sim For Sale

    Someone has already purchased it for 95k and raised the price to 850K.