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  1. So I visited Bellisseria for the first time to see what the hype was about. The lag was atrocious with 2 avs in the sim! So I flew to other ones and it was just as bad. Ending up crashing twice. Tp'ed home and bam 100 fps no lag. Tped back waited 10 minutes for all to render and..still as laggy as a music concert with 60 ppl in the latest mesh. Computer is new med range gaming system and draw was around 120. Given this thread I am guessing I aren't the only one experiencing a less than optimal experience. I'll keep my mainland.
  2. I agree Alwin - I was focusing more on the lands at mainland edges - (not sim edge with a view of unusable water) but real land on real LL water on coastal waterways with real sailing and flying. Those prices I am seeing a significant drop in prices.
  3. I'm looking around mainland at the moment - and yes there are the usual abandoned plots - but I see more and more coastal waterways land at 10L or less p/sqm. I remember see this type of land being 20, 30 heck 50 L p/sqm a year ago. Am I imagining this? If not, what is causing prices to sink?
  4. Like all things technogical unless they are constanttly being refined and improved, they will be left behind."Hippo" I think of more as a dinosaur now. You may want to consider how long hippotech has been around, and the level of development that is continuing today. As for customer service your expereince is no different from others. IMHO and experience write off the cost and look elsewhere. As well as here, ask in-world in merchant groups who has a great product - and customer service. Best of luck. An ex hippo-user
  5. 100% agree! My emotional response is that Gachas are a sick plight on the world and should be eradicated like any disease. My business response is yes, the need to have their own category for the simplereason they clog up the categories genuine creators and merchants use to sell their wares. An analogy would be a designer running a RL store and having someone set up a flea market inside your store selling similiar cheap items imported from some 3rd world country. Genuine merchants, by this I mean individuals who spend time, money, and thought in creating actually contribute to the SL world with new items, full outfits, and full builds. Gacha sellers to me are no better than carnys flogging the stuffed toy from their games to the general public. .
  6. I couldnt think of a worse idea as ones user name is the only identifier in world where people can chnage everything else others see of you. As for preventing trolls and griefer it would most likely increase that action as the troll av chnages name and gets unbanned in the systems.
  7. Have to agree LL doest care or didn't correctly implement demos - or for that matter "almost free" items. ."Sort by popular first" and yes - you will get demos and low priced items as they are sold more often than those items that cost 500 or 2000L. It really makes for either at best a ridicoulous sort, or at worst, a gamed and useless sorting tool. Nte on the Jiras to get demos out of the lists - or provide for true boolean searches where I can use -demo in my search!
  8. Primbay (by Casper Warden) is simply another avenue to sell your products for CasperVend users I have some success there as a buyer and seller. I liek to buy from it becasue of its use of boolean searches and I can actually find what I am looking for unlike MP. As a retailer using the CasperVend system it is little "work" to add the products to Primbay so why not do so?
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