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Found 11 results

  1. I have been trying to relog several times, and my av never load. I can't wear alphas or textures on the body, never loads. i have cleaned my viewers cache several times. Help?!?!
  2. Hello! I would like to ask a question about the Second Life beta (Aditi). I've seen several videos on how to get in but it gives me a message about invalid user/password. I'm kinda of new to these things and I would really like to test meshes in Aditi. (Sorry for the bad english btw ;;)
  3. Hello everyone! I got my account approved for the Beta Grid, I got my confirmation email yesterday. But I still can't login to the Beta Grid. I have did everything that was needed in the Preference menu. Whenever I try to log in, I get this error https://gyazo.com/2dc3bfb5887b9c64ee436ef23334c7db Does someone know why?
  4. I have an alt who is not Premium but has the Mesh Studio program that changes prims into mesh so he is on the Beta Grid building and testing a lot. Yesterday Verenda Sandbox that I've been using on Aditi was offline so I moved back to the Sandbox on the Morris sim. Today I tried to teleport back to Verenda only to receive a message saying this sim was only available to Premium Members. There is a new sandbox sim adjacent to Verenda called Astutula and that too is Premium members only. Wanderton Sanbox is still open to all but that is a no script sandbox. That appears to leave just the 2 small sandboxes on Morris open to all where you can run scripts. Is this the beginning of a move by the Lab to restrict Beta to Premium members only?
  5. i hate to have to ask this, but... i can't tell what's going on from the regular status channels. according to the twitter status feed https://mobile.twitter.com/SLGridStatus and the sl status page https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/ there's no report of anything about the beta grid. whirly fizzle also provided this link: http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php which i'm not sure what everything means, exactly, but from what i understand, there are a few people on aditi. i have tried logging in to ahern, morris, and arena with two of my accounts, but i cannot log in. does anybody know what's going on? and is there a specific beta status channel i'm missing? thanks!!
  6. First time posting on the SL Forums so I apologize if I put this in the wrong category, etc. For the past three days, every time I try to log into the Beta Grid via Firestorm Viewer, I get the message "unable to connect to a simulator" . I have searched this problem up on Google already, can't find any answers. Anyone else having this problem? How can I solve this issue if it's my problem? Thanks, if you can help me that would be great.
  7. I've only been using the beta grid Aditi for about a week. My avatar doesn't render. I'm using a low poly/texture complete mesh avatar. I'm not sure why I'm only getting the cloud thingy. I see other rendered avatars around me and my shadow looks like my avatar. It's just me that's not rendering to me. Is there a fix. I read somewhere that changing my password and re-logging in might be a fix but it didn't work.
  8. ANSWER: Well you may have guessed that it was the cube physics and Firestorm although I have made a lot of stairs lately with no issues and now OMG land impacts. I used planes physics(thanks to Aquila) and the stairs came in at 2 on both Aditi and Agni. So evidently the Havok code is not the same on Agni as Aditi . And while things LOOK like they will be fine, once changed to prims the cost is way overblown. I am going to check the cube physics using the Linden viewer and see what I get, but it will be VERY good when Firestorm has the new code included (maybe September). IF things hadn't of worked so well on Aditi, I would have figured it out sooner. Not all that great :D. My build just got 18 land impact lighter ^^. This is good. CUBE PHYSICS uploaded with the Linden Viewer came in at 3 land impact and cost $14 to upload ON THE MAIN GRID -- 2 land impact and $11 on ADITI. So STILL inconsistant I have been noticing this for a long while now and mentioned it a time or two (or at least meant to) but it is easy enough to convince yourself that you simply did something wrong. We all make errors. But today, this is a BIG difference and I repeated the process and double checked my outcomes. The beta grid is still good for testing physics and textures and mapping and such but when it comes to costs (both upload AND land impact) the numbers aren't always matching. This doesn't seem to happen on anything small or perhaps it is the "use a cube for the physics idea" that is the difference. Here's what I got today. Lani over on the beta grid testing stairs. The stairs uploaded with the default LOD settings (I checked and the default LOD settings are the same on both grids) and the exact same physics model (cube physics not plane and the physic is great on both grids). The Aditi version came in at 5 after being changed to PRIM status. It cost $14 to upload. Over on the main grid, the same stairs file with the same default settings and the same physics model came in at 11 land impact and cost $22 to upload (twice - LOL). Am I missing something here? I am not so concerned about the extra 7 lindens but the land impact is over TWICE on the main grid version. ADDING INFO: I went into the MORE INFO tabs in the build menu and here are the results. Unlinking the builds shows that it is the STAIRS PHYSICS on the main grid that is uping the land impact. Even the platform and railing are different though. 2.1 in Aditi and 2.9 in Agni.
  9. Today I have been trying to upload my textures into the beta grid and they just apper like this... I don't know If it's the grid or what, because I have been rebot my pc some times and the viewer and it just still the same. I try to uplaod to the normal SL and they upload so normal. Viewer: Firestorm
  10. Just a note especially for anyone not used to the beta grid, that my alt has been getting reoccurring (before the grid went down yesterday - early in the day and still now) incorrect alerts. It cannot find her mesh head even though she is wearing it and is looking for a URL for Lelutka and that pops all all in red letters quickly in an alert box. Then she lassoed a bunch of prims (only hers) and linked them and got a warning that she needed to select more than one prim in order to link (well duh!). It linked fine. So things are WORKING OK but it might be frustrating for folks that aren't over there often. EDIT a bit later: This just came in from Lelutka so that is part of the issue. I haven't seen any problems anywhere I have been on the main grid. Odd that for me it has only been on Aditi. That doesn't address the other odd message which was what made me think the beta grid had issues *wink*.
  11. Ohlno

    Beta Grid

    Hello- I'm not able to log in to the beta grid. Each time i've tired I get an error message telling me my username/password is incorrect (which it isn't). I've never been able to log on to the beta grid in this account, I remember the last time I tried they recommended you change your password but I see this is outdated as of June '16, so do I have to contact support to get access to beta or is there some other way? I've already taken the ip tutorial and have payment info on file. Thanks.
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