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  1. Thank you all very much for your replies. I've visited Mesh Sandbox 2 and taken an lm. As I'm Premium I'll try Live Chat first and then raise a ticket if needed. Added after Live Chat - I've been told that it looks as though the change to Premium Only might be intentional but it is being looked into in case it needs to be modified.
  2. I have an alt who is not Premium but has the Mesh Studio program that changes prims into mesh so he is on the Beta Grid building and testing a lot. Yesterday Verenda Sandbox that I've been using on Aditi was offline so I moved back to the Sandbox on the Morris sim. Today I tried to teleport back to Verenda only to receive a message saying this sim was only available to Premium Members. There is a new sandbox sim adjacent to Verenda called Astutula and that too is Premium members only. Wanderton Sanbox is still open to all but that is a no script sandbox. That appears to leave just the 2 small sandboxes on Morris open to all where you can run scripts. Is this the beginning of a move by the Lab to restrict Beta to Premium members only?
  3. Hugs to everyone still having a problem. I also see on https://e*****up.com/slstats/ that number of users online has started to climb.
  4. Okay, I'm back in. Whatever the glitch was it seems to have recovered. This is the first Grid Roll after the big maintenance that caused the last outage so maybe things are bit unsettled.
  5. So maybe the network maintenance that caused the last big problem hasn't settled in as smoothly as everyone thought?
  6. My home sim came up for a restart about an hour ago, just before RL dinner, so I logged out. Now I can't log back in. I finally got the "Login failed." message on screen. Have logins been disabled?
  7. @Sylvia Tamalyn Thank you........Have just checked out the posts around 18th April and found a pic of the area taken at that time. I now see they've filled in what appeared to be a gap in the water sims in that area so perhaps more than just a staging area as suggested by @Fritigern Gothly.
  8. Hmmm interesting. Just had a look at SSP on the map and noticed an extension up in the north east corner sticking out eastwards. All the sims in that block are called SSPXT. Now, could that be an abreviation for SSP Extension? Going to east to..........? (Unless of course that new extension's been there all along and I've missed it concentrating on Pickle progress.)
  9. @Marianne Little Not too sure they miscalculated demand since surely that would indicate that they actually had a way of telling how popular the houseboats especially would be. It's been said in other threads recently that if Lindens had waited longer, created a lot more houses & houseboats, then dumped the whole lot on the Grid they'd have had real problems sorting out the problems that there are bound to be with any new product. And what if, for some weird reason, the house and houseboats hadn't turned out to be as popular as they are? A huge, partially finished continent with lots of empty houses and houseboats would have surely caused an awful lot more complaints. I have several alts who all share my one houseboat which I luckily got in the first release but I have no desire for any of them to go premium and grab more houses/houseboats, certainly not while demand is so high. I think they've done it right, giving us a preview at the Homes & Gardens event a couple of months ago then releasing a large but managable number of new homes & houseboats to see what the demand was. Clearly, they were caught out by how high the demand was at the first release, then worked very hard to bring out more houseboats as they were clearly the most popular, and are now working on another small launch before another BIG release possibly around the time SLB 16. And of course it's going to take time to get more houses & houseboats out because one of the really big factors in the amazing popularity of Bellesseria is surely the indivuality of each region and building that individuality takes time and effort. There, that's finished my little vent. Off to wander round the Pickle.
  10. Join the citizens of Belliseria in welcoming the new Squishy Pickle houseboat area in Dorma sim - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dorma/132/173/22
  11. @Suspended Shepherd Simple answer, yes😃 See
  12. Logins are enabled. Everything seems to be in the right place. Thank u Lindens for all your hard work😃
  13. @Dyna Mole I did rez a new copy of the houseboat before finding my eventual solution tomy alt & friend being unable to access the Houseboat Controller. Sadly it had no effect.
  14. I'm sorry I missed reading this Forum and seeing others were having problems with their house / houseboat control panels - the panel by the door - after the recent upgrade. I, too, had this problem. My alt and my friend suddenly found they could no longer open doors or access our houseboat control panel. I used Live Chat to ask for help and at one point I had three Lindens including Patch trying to sort the problem. We all thought the problem was fixed after my friend suddenly found she could, again, open doors. However, the following morning she tried our houseboat control panel and found she still couldn't access it. The final solution proved to be this - First, clear the whitelist in the Control Panel, remove all names. Set the house / houseboat access to Anyone. Recreate the whitelist with all the names of those who you want to have access. Then set the house / houseboat access back to List. I, personally, don't use the new Security System panel as I haven't, so far, had any problems with trespassers and it's 5 Li. However, I did briefly instal it while having the access problem and found the easiest way to add names to the access notecard you drop into the board was to get the house / housboat control panel to list the people on its whitelist in Chat and then copy this to a notecard.
  15. @Sylvia Tamalyn I'm not really sure how my problem was sorted to be honest. It might have been something done by one of the Lindens on site (I had 3 Lindens at one point helping sort this problem, including Patch) or it might have been that I had to add a Linden to the houseboat access list (not the Security System list) and doing that reset things. The problem started with my friend logging in to find she couldn't open my houseboat doors and no longer had access to my houseboat controls, something she'd had 2 hours earlier before logging out. I took her name off my houseboat access list, added it back again, no change. I set my houseboat to allow anyone to access it, no change. So, maybe all of this activity finally reset things, I just don't know. I know the Lindens on site were poking at things and then suddenly my friend found she could again open doors. Changes so often have unintended consequences.
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