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Found 12 results

  1. I can log into SL but NOT into Aditi beta site using the native SL viewer and the FS viewer. I changed my PW¸ dunno why tho. I re-logged and rebooted. I asked others and they had no problem logging on so I realized resetting my router was a waist of time. The same error message I get is; Login Failed Sorry! We couldn’t log you in. Please check to make sure you entered the right; Username… Password… ect ect (That sorry part is a crock but, anyway…) So, I had a thought (really, I did) that if it was me with the wrong PW then I shouldn’t be able to log into SL as well. It would be all or nothing instead of only Aditi. (maybe) Or if I wasn’t allowed to log in then the error message would tell me so instead of implying the error is on my end with the wrong name and password. If that was the case then (again) it would be all or nothing, I wouldn’t be able to log onto SL. And the message I would receive would be to the likes of I am not allowed in, yet. I was a Premium but not any longer, had cutbacks of my own, again. (I was once a Premium member then I wasn’t* then I was again and again I am not. *But I could log onto Aditi.) So what to do, what to do? To whom do I speak with to figure this out? Distressed
  2. Just in case you missed the post in the LSL Scripting forum, upcoming changes to LSL http-out are now live on some beta grid regions. Details are in the original post:
  3. For the past 2 weeks none of my HUDs or appliers work in Aiditi. Anyone having similar issues? I've changed viewers, restarted, detached and reattached HUDs, all without any change. When I click on the HUD, nothing happens. No error either.
  4. I have an alt who is not Premium but has the Mesh Studio program that changes prims into mesh so he is on the Beta Grid building and testing a lot. Yesterday Verenda Sandbox that I've been using on Aditi was offline so I moved back to the Sandbox on the Morris sim. Today I tried to teleport back to Verenda only to receive a message saying this sim was only available to Premium Members. There is a new sandbox sim adjacent to Verenda called Astutula and that too is Premium members only. Wanderton Sanbox is still open to all but that is a no script sandbox. That appears to leave just the 2 small sandboxes on Morris open to all where you can run scripts. Is this the beginning of a move by the Lab to restrict Beta to Premium members only?
  5. Does anyone know what happened to the 2 sanbox regions next to the Verenda sandbox on aditi? Last monday one of them started to fail with uploading items. Then they were showing offline on tuesday and today they seem to be gone alltogether. Only Verenda remains. I miss the one next to it because it had an open space of water to build on.
  6. I have tried to enter Aditi with my Second Life account, trying my old and current password, but a user / password error occurs. I had not entered before. I have read the article in "http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid", and it reported that this error could occur, and if it did occur, I had to contact support. I have searched the different forums, but I can not find a way to proceed. Should I send a ticket?. If so, I can not find the option "Access to Aditi" or similar option in the "Issue type" field or other fields. Can someone tell me how I should proceed?. Thank you.
  7. I've only been using the beta grid Aditi for about a week. My avatar doesn't render. I'm using a low poly/texture complete mesh avatar. I'm not sure why I'm only getting the cloud thingy. I see other rendered avatars around me and my shadow looks like my avatar. It's just me that's not rendering to me. Is there a fix. I read somewhere that changing my password and re-logging in might be a fix but it didn't work.
  8. How I can get the rights to upload mesh models in the Aditi SL version?
  9. When I try to log into Aditi it says that it's unable to connect to a simulator. What should I do? Also, I'm trying to find the Aditi grid status web page and can't seem to find it. Can anybody send me a link please?
  10. How do you get items copied to the beta grid? At one time it was automatic and happened daily. Then that broke, and you had to ask support. Now I got this from land support: Q: Request inventory recopy from main grid to Aditi. Thanks. A: Thank you for contacting us about this issue! In order to get this done, I am escalating your request to another group. They should be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your patience. That was 8 days ago. Looks like support forgot how to do this. Is there some specific way you're supposed to ask?
  11. Hi Fellas, hope everyone of you are having a good time! well I dont know if this is the right place for place this topic, But I dont have much idea where to publish this. happen that I´m making some SL Outfits and custom avatars, but I dont have acces to the preview grid for testing those assets, I have try to contact the support to ask for the access but I dont know how to do that!, if any one here can help, I will be so happy, And maybe I can gift you some cloths
  12. Hi! I'm trying to upload mesh to the second life Aditi or preview grid, but i'm encountering an annoying problem: I don't have the right to upload mesh to the grid yet (which i do already have on the Agni grid). I'm being told to verify my payment information and to get certified I need to update my payment information. The problem is that when i go to https://cashier.aditi.lindenlab.com/addpaypal to validate my paypal it won't load. After some googling i found out this can be circumvented by completing the Mesh Intellectual Property tutorial but of course, the page with the tutorial doesn't exist anymore... So how does one get certified these days?
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