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  1. Greetings, All! Once again, Off Topic posts have been removed. If you believe that a post violates the Community Participation Guidelines, report the post and a moderator will review the report.
  2. Greetings, All! Recent Off Topic posts have been removed.
  3. Greetings, All! Before this gets worse, the thread has been locked. While the Community Participation Guidelines allows for non Second Life Discussions, there are some topics that should really not be discussed on these forums; Religion, Politics, and now public bathrooms.
  4. Greetings! Users can sell Vouchers and Gift Certificates through the Marketplace. There is a specific category for those listings under Business - Retail - Gift Cards and Vouchers. If the item is not an actual gift card/certificate or voucher, the item can be listed in the Services Category. (portrait packages can be listed in either category as both categories are equally appropriate). Items in the Gift Cards & Vouchers category should be listed for the full selling price. So if you are selling a L$500 gift card for your in world store, the price on the listing should be L$500. Or if you are discounting a gift card, for instance, selling a L$1000 gift card for L$750, then the listing price needs to be L$750. If you are selling a Service that doesn't have a set price, for instance if the final price depends on what the buyer chooses as additional options, then the price of the listing needs to be at least 50% of the cost. This is primarily for sellers who make custom content. If you offer custom shapes, or skins, or landscape or interior design, etc., then the listing price should be around 50% of the final cost that the buyer will be paying. A seller can absolutely create items with trackable Serial Numbers, with a little bit of work. Use a non seller account and create builders boxes (or gift bags, etc.) and set it to No Copy, Modify Enabled, Transfer Enabled. Send that item to your merchant/seller account. This guarantees that the seller account has items that are No Copy, which will force the Marketplace to only offer that item only 1 time for sale. The seller could also buy a ready made Gift Bags created by another user that is already set to No Copy, Modify Enabled, Transfer Enabled. The seller then creates Notecards in world and names then with the unique serial number. For Instance: "Custom Portrait. Package 1. SN 2021526-1" and make sure the item is set as No Copy, No Modify, Transfer Enabled. Each successive Notecard would have a change in the last number: Custom Portrait. Package 1. SN 2021526-2: Custom Portrait. Package 1. SN 2021526-3: Custom Portrait. Package 1. SN 2021526-1-4, etc. The seller then edits that No Copy, Modify Enabled, Transfer Enabled box or gift bag and changes the name of the item to match the specific Portrait Package and then adds the Transfer enabled notecard into the item. If using a blank builders box, the box itself can have textures added it to so that it isn't just a plain box. The seller can add anything else to the package/item that they wish. Additional Notecards with information about other packages that they offer, landmarks to their in world store, a thank you card for their purchase, sample textures of their work, etc. The seller will then create 1 Marketplace Listings per package type. So if Custom Portrait Package 1 is for a single Portrait, then they would send the box/item named "Custom Portrait. Package 1. SN 2021526-1" to the Marketplace through the viewer and create the initial Listing for that package. Since the item itself is No Copy for the seller, the system will automatically create the listing with a Stock Folder and place that first item into that Stock Folder. Edit the listing and change the name of the listing to remove the unique serial number so that name of the listing shows as "Custom Portrait Package 1". Once the listing has been created, add all other items with each successive serial number for Custom Package 1 to the same Stock Folder. When the item is bought by someone, the system will randomly send 1 item from the Stock Folder and that item will be removed from the folder, since it is a no copy item for the seller themselves, preventing multiple sales of items with a unique number identifier. This process would need to be done for each separate package that the seller offers. So if the seller has Package 1 that offers 1 portrait, and Package 2 that offers 2 portraits, then this would need to be done for Package 2., etc. * If the seller has copy enabled permissions on the package prim (box or gift bag, etc.) then the system will not see the item itself as Limited Quantity and the original item will remain linked to the listing and will not create a Stock Folder when the item is sent to the Marketplace. * The seller CAN manually set the listing to Limited Quantity and specify the number of sales, but it will not prevent the same unique ID number from being sold multiple times. The system will just unlist the product when the number of specified sales happen. So if the seller sets an item that is copy enabled for the seller to 10, then the system will unlist the item after the 10th sale. The seller can then use a Spreadsheet, either on their own computer, or saved to a Google Drive account, etc, in the cloud, to keep track of the Unique ID's and they can add the name of the buyer of the item. If you limit the number of items in the Stock Folder to say 5 items with 5 unique numbers, then when the item is sold, it will be easier to see which Unique ID Number was purchased and the seller can add that buyer and/or receiver name to the spreadsheet entry for that Unique ID number along with the MKT Order Number and sale date. This would also let the seller keep track of who bought the item, but hasn't contacted them yet to have their portraits taken. They could then follow up with the buyer/receiver in world a few days after the sale if they haven't heard from them yet. Once the notecard itself is returned to the seller when the portraits are done, the seller can change the Serial Number to increase the number by 1 on the notecard, (creators always have Copy, Mod, Transfer rights on an item they created), set the permissions on the Notecard to No Copy, No Modify, Transfer Enabled, use another Box/Gift Bag for the item and change the name of the item to include the new serial number, drop the notecard into the package, and then add it to the Stock Folder for that package. As I said, this does require a bit of work, but it is totally doable.
  5. Greetings, All! Off Topic and Inflammatory posts have been removed from this discussion thread. Community Participation Guidelines. Interpersonal Disputes or Personal Negative Commentary: If you have a personal disagreement, do not post about it on the Second Life community pages. Residents who have personal differences have other channels of communication available to them — private messaging in the forums, IM within Second Life, or chatting within Second Life. No Flaming: "Flames" are hostile or disruptive posts, or messages intended to incite an angry response. Spirited discussion and constructive disagreement are welcome, but name-calling and airing of grievances are not appropriate in our discussion areas. We will also not tolerate any post that encourages others to violate any policy of Linden Lab Off Topic Content: Please keep your commentary relevant to the discussion and within the format that the forum, board or question and answer area require. (For example, in the Answers section, please follow the Q&A format of the discussion.) Content that is blatantly off topic is not permitted. You may also not post regarding subjects that do not relate to Second Life except in the General forum discussion board. Second Life Community Standards Disclosure Sharing personal information about other users, either directly or indirectly, without their consent—including, but not limited to, gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual orientation, alternate account names (including account statuses, such as whether it is on hold, suspended, or active), and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their user profile—is not allowed. Except for the purpose of reporting abuse or any violation of policies to Linden Lab, the remote monitoring, posting or sharing of conversations without a participant’s consent are prohibited.
  6. Thank you to all of the Merchants and buyers who donated to and came out to this years Bid the Lindens Bald Event. I was on the losing team this year, so I lost my hair, and while Grumpity WAS very gentle with the scissors since she had the honor for being on the winning team this year, I seem to have lost an ear too! It is for a good cause though!
  7. Greetings, All! Since this thread is about avatars, we have moved it to the Your Avatar section since it is more appropriate in that area. Cheers~
  8. Greetings, Lilith Bloodrose! Your new ticket was merged into the original ticket you created, which is why the new ticket is showing as closed. The agent who was helping you with your request will continue to assist you as soon as they can.
  9. Greetings, all! Welcome to mid week! Linden Lab posts notices regarding scheduled maintenance in advance and tries to post notices as quickly as possible when there are unscheduled issues that happen. As pointed out in this thread, those notices are posted to the SL Grid Status Report page and feeds that link to that page are included in multiple locations, including the menu on the Forums (above ^^) and on a dedicated Twitter account (see below). We strongly encourage everyone to make use of the available resources so that they are kept apprised of issues in Second Life that may affect their in world adventures. If you feel that the recourses available are not widely known, or the information about maintenance is not communicated in a timely manner, or you have suggestions on additional ways that the information could be communicated to users, please feel free to join the appropriate User Group where you can submit your suggestions directly to Linden Lab. These user groups exists specifically for users to be able to receive information directly from, and communicate directly with, Linden Lab team who work on various aspects of Second Life. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups Insulting, or attempting to insult, your fellow users is never an appropriate reaction nor response and Linden Lab and the moderators of the forums would really hate to have to action someone's account because of an off handed public comment that was made when someone was irritated and didn't stop to think about what they were saying. However, we WILL do it, if it becomes necessary, so please keep that in mind. I imagine it is rather annoying on its own to find your entire access to Second Life suspended because of a ill thought reply on the forums. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines
  10. Greetings, All! 1. Avatar Top Level Categories. Avatar Appearance used to be the top level category for Avatar Components, and that was split off, leaving Avatar Appearance as its own category. The Avatar Appearance category was not shut down at the time because there were still listings that had been, incorrectly, placed into the Top Level Category in violation of the Marketplace Listing Guidelines and closing the category would have removed all of those wayward listings. Decision was made not to overly punish sellers, so the category was not deprecated/removed. 2. Avatar Accessories are for just that, accessories that you wear on your avatar. Jewelry, hats, etc. 3. Avatar Components are parts, including the whole, that is an actual Avatar itself. Body parts, shapes, skins, etc. 4a. Marketplace Rules and Enforcement. There ARE rules. Every Single Seller agrees to abide by them when they are presented with the Marketplace Listing Guidelines that they must agree to when they create a store. How many of you have read them, or read them recently? It IS your responsibility to know them and comply with them. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines 4b. There are a very limited number of members of the Governance Team and they have duties that include, but are not limited to handling Marketplace Reports & handling the multiple hundreds of reports that come in daily as Abuse Reports. There are multiple thousands of you, the users. It is far easier for you, during your normal usage of the Marketplace, to flag an item listing that you see that you believe violates the policies for the Marketplace (you know, those in #4 that everyone should know if they sell content on the Marketplace?), so that the Governance Team can address the report than it is for the Governance Team members to be pulled from their normal duties to try to pro-actively search through the Marketplace actively looking for violations. 5. Search and General Marketplace Suggestions. The Linden Lab Web Team is in charge of the Marketplace web site itself. If you have suggestions, as users of the actual service it behooves you to attend the User Group that was set up specifically where you can talk directly with members of Linden Lab regarding Second Life issues. The Web User Group is an ongoing group that meets regularly. If you have suggestions you /should/ attend or meet with other users and pick someone who can attend and bring your concerns and suggestions directly to the appropriate team. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Web_User_Group Ask the Web User Group to open up a suggestion period for new Marketplace Categories. It has happened in the past, and will happen again in the future, but they also have lots and lots of duties to attend to and have no way of knowing if there is a demand for new categories unless you, the users of the service, ask them for it. Mind Reading is not one of the requirements for a job with Linden Lab. And on that note, Linden Lab IS Hiring. As someone who has worked for the company for nearly 13 years, I can absolutely state that it is an amazing company to work for with a product (Second Life) that has some of the best and most interesting users that I have had the honor and privilege of talking with and helping in those 13 years. If you get a job here, you will not regret it. https://www.lindenlab.com/careers Please remember, Second Life and the Marketplace are a service, provided to you. If you see or have issues with the service, especially if you have suggestions that can make it better for you and the other users of the service, find the appropriate channels for letting us know. We really do care and we really DO want to try to make it the best it can possibly be for everyone involved. No one would work for a company for almost 13 years if they believed otherwise and there are a LOT of us who have worked here for that long, or longer and many, many, more who have worked for the company for 5+ years already with no signs of stopping any time soon.
  11. Greetings, All! Recent off topic posts regarding non Covid related post have been removed. Please do not bring them up again or additional action may be taken. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines Off Topic Content: Please keep your commentary relevant to the discussion and within the format that the forum, board or question and answer area require. (For example, in the Answers section, please follow the Q&A format of the discussion.) Content that is blatantly off topic is not permitted. You may also not post regarding subjects that do not relate to Second Life except in the General forum discussion board.
  12. Greetings, All! We have moved this thread over to the Land - General Discussion area where it is a better fit.
  13. Hello, helx6 Moon That is distressing. Since you have already submitted a ticket, I would log into the Support Portal and pull up your ticket and add a new comment for the Agent. Let them know that you have waited approximately 24 hours after upgrading your account to a Premium account and the system is still giving you the error message. Even if the ticket may be set to Resolved, you can re-open it and the Agent who is assigned to your ticket will receive the notification and your new comments. https://support.secondlife.com/
  14. Greetings, all! If you upgraded to Premium and then immediately tried to access the Name Change options, the system might not yet have fully propagated that your account is now a Premium account. It may be necessary to wait a couple of hours for the various web sites and internal systems to propagate your new Premium Account status. If you are still not able to access the Name Change options after 24 hours, please submit, or reply, to your Support Ticket letting the Support Agents know and they will be able to get the issue investigated further.
  15. Greetings, All! A slight necropost, so forgive me for that. SLX/Xstreet SL had the original restriction in place so that sellers wouldn't use that Marketplace to advertise their items and, as Rya said, avoid paying the commission on sales since it was a 3rd party, user built and run system, and was how Jay paid for the web site and upkeep. We did have leeway though, in that if the item price was less than the %5 commission difference, an item wouldn't be unlisted from SLX/Xstreet SL. A seller just couldn't put a price like L$5000 on an item and then say in the listing that someone could buy it in world for half that price, etc. When the SL Marketplace was built on the foundation of that system, the existing policies were brought over at the same time. As was pointed out by sellers a couple of years ago, the Second Life economy functions the same way whether a user is selling an item through the Marketplace or at an in world location, so sellers shouldn't be punished for having separate prices on the Marketplace compared to their in world stores. This would mean that a seller who chose to have an in world sale would have to spend additional time changing the prices on all of their items on the Marketplace to match the sale price on the items in world, etc. After discussion with sellers, Linden Lab chose to no longer enforce the price matching on item listing, with the separate exception of Real Estate Listings which must be set to Zero cost. If anyone is interested, they should be able to search the forums for posts and threads regarding the Inflated Listing Price discussions that happened.
  16. Greetings all! Relevance is a matrix of bits and parts of the whole. The better and more appropriate your keywords and name of the item, the greater the chance that the item will be shown in specific Searches on the Marketplace. If you spam the listing with keywords that have nothing to do with the item, your item will slowly degrade in search returns when viewing by Relevance since the keywords are not relevant to the item being sold in the listing. Sales also contributes to Relevance, but it is weighted counter. Generally if a buyer searches for an item, then clicks on your item, and then buys the item, the Relevance will increase on the listing. What this means is if you include a lot of junk keyword spam in your listing and your listing shows up on searches that have nothing to do with the item, and your item is not purchased, its Relevance will go down over time and future searches will result in the listing being shown lower down/further back in the returns. ALWAYS keep the keywords on your listing, including the ones in non English languages, as relevant and on point as possible. Cost also has a minor impact. The lower the cost, the more times the item needs to appear in search returns and the more times the item needs to be purchased to help increase its Relevance. Make sure the item listing for your product is in the most appropriate sub-category for the item. If the item is a pair of Women's Jeans, placing the item listing in the Women's Bottoms category, but not the Women's Jeans sub-category, can impact its Relevance, not to mention if someone is looking in the Women's Jeans sub-category for an item, your item will not be shown. There are other metrics involved that are in the system designed to even out everything based on over time, not just one day impacts, that are known only to those who built and maintain the system. Essentially, the better your keywords are, the more times it will show up in appropriate searches, the less times it will show up as a result of keyword spam, and the greater the chance of your item being sold. Over time the Relevance on your item will increase (or decrease). This keeps the system from having wild fluctuations. So if an item sold well today, but not tomorrow, it wouldn't automatically be at the top of the list of items the next day. This also means that if an item isn't selling well this week for a merchant, their item wont suddenly end up at the bottom of the list either. The system evens everything out a bit to keep those big changes from happening. The biggest thing it to make sure your product has good pictures, a good name, appropriate keywords, a good item description in all languages, and it is in the correct sub-category.
  17. Hello everyone! We are very interested in trying to get this issue resolved. Normally we resync your account status to the Marketplace and then have the user clear their browser cache (to force clean/fresh loading of the web pages) and any Second Life cookies (so the browser sets a clean/fresh cookie on the browser), to try to resolve the issue. This /should/ allow, as noted, a clean, fresh process without any conflicts. Unfortunately, as noted by comments on this thread, that process isn't happening, so we need to investigate further. Thank you for the Bug Report. I would ask that additional information be provided that should assist the Devs in their investigation. What browser and build are you using? Usually found under Help - About Web Browser If you cleared cache and cookies, did you happen to note how long it was after you cleared them before you were logged out. Some people mentioned about 6 hours, for instance. Are you getting logged out of any other Second Life web sites? Others mentioned that they are getting logged out of the main Secondlife.com web site, but not the forums. Thank you all for your patience and we are sorry that this is happening and causing these issues.
  18. Greetings, All! Off Topic posts have been removed. If you wish to discuss something not directly related to the OP request for Group Names, take it somewhere else.
  19. Greetings all! Such a spirited conversation, but do try to remember to keep comments ON TOPIC. The recent posts about some film company have been removed.
  20. Greetings, All! This thread has been cleaned. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines
  21. Greetings! If you are getting the Page Not Found error message when clicking on the Listed or Unlisted link from your Manage Listing page, the issue is caused by a malformed URL and the Engineers are working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. When you click on the Unlisted link (for example) this is how the URL is showing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/merchants/NUMBER/store/products.NUMBER?page=1&product_state=unlisted (NUMBER is your own MKT Store ID Number) The store information after the word 'products' in the URL should not be there. If you remove the .NUMBER (dot & number) from the URL it will work: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/merchants/NUMBER/store/products?page=1&product_state=unlisted
  22. Greetings! The Engineers are aware of an issue affecting some Merchants after performing a lot of actions on the Marketplace. This is normally seen after merchants bulk redelivered a lot of items to their customers and a post is on the SL Grid Status report page, located here: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ If you are experiencing this issue, even if you are not a Merchant, please submit a Support Ticket using the options: Marketplace - General Marketplace Issues Include the following information in your Support Ticket: Affected Avatar Name Are you a merchant: Y/N The URL where you first received the Error Message What actions were you doing when the error message happened?. For example, where you trying to list an item, redeliver a product to users, pull a sale history report, etc. If you are experiencing the issue with multiple accounts, for example both your main account and one of your alt accounts, please include the name of the alt in the same ticket. It is not necessary to create a separate ticket for each affected account. Thank you for your patience while the Engineers work to investigate the issue as quickly as possible and for your cooperation in providing Support with the above information if you are also affected.
  23. Thank you, Oz, for everything you brought to Second Life and everything you have contributed to the platform. Your experience has been an excellent asset to Linden Lab and Second Life and you will be missed by a great many people. May your next adventure bring you as much satisfaction as this one has and may you always look back on this time with fond memories as we will remember you with the same. Be well, friend.
  24. Hi, Milly MacIntyre Personally, I would recommend creating a Fat Pack Version of the items and use that Fat Pack Listing to link to the Demo Item. You can then use the Related Items on both the Demo and the Fat Pack listings to link to the other versions/colors. For instance, if you are selling a Jacket in 6 different colors, create a Fat Pack that offers all of the colors together. Then create a Demo Listing for the Jacket. Link that Fat Pack listing to the Demo and in the Related Items on both the Fat Pack and the Demo Listing add the individual listings for all of the listings for the individual colors.
  25. Greetings! Linking Demo Listings to the Full Version of the item can be confusing. If you Edit a listing, the field option is "Add Demo" not "add Full Listing". This means that the Demo has to be linked to the Full Version using the Full Version Item Listing itself and not the other way around. Edit the listing for the Full Version and in the field for Add Demo, link the listing to the Demo Listing for the product. If you try to link the items using the Demo Listing, the Demo Listing itself will say "get demo item" instead of "Get full Version" and you wont be able to link a demo listing to a demo listing.
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