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  1. Is anyone else tired of seeing amateur modeling in product groups? Im not talking about bloggers I am talking about the thousands of photos of people looking for attention. I want to buy stuff not look at some of these lame photos. I think if a group is gonna promote products and state they are promoting products then get rid of all the ridiculous selfies. Why do product groups allow it?
  2. My avatar changed so much over the years...
  3. And there it is ... I was asking opinions and gutter sniping goes into effect... thank you all for your input . All I was asking is shouldnt this be taken more seriously...
  4. I am a republican like half the us is republican yet lately theres Trump and republican bashing going on and clubs arent taking it seriously enough. I dont care what your politics are but you dont discuss politics or religion in a club. I was told free speech... ok but if i argued back Im the one who gets the penalty. Whether we agree on politics we should at least try to be civil we are here to have fun. I am calling for a boycott of this club... any opinions on this?
  5. My problem is the remapping of the breast area and a couple other areas of the 5.0+ maitreya body. My skin designer is wonderful and made bom fixes for the cleavage the skin glitches arent enough to make me change bodies but when your ocd its downright annoying.
  6. First off I didnt know where to put this and there is nowhere to comment on the lab gab videos that I can see anyways.. I have always adored your videos...but please your audio in all your videos is very very very low and if your on laptops without very loud audio... its very frustrating not being able to hear you. This has been the case for all the years I have been watching your videos... 4 laptops later and I still cant hear you lol.... your voice is very low and soothing but Id love to hear you better... thank you...
  7. One of my biggest concerns is Linden Labs is letting the same people do that same thing they did with the old tmp bodies. How many people got screwed when TMP just disappeared and KEPT selling their bodies? Its like a ponzi scheme. They keep making promises breaking them still promoting the body and accepting lindens. The reason I bought it is because the shape and skin is absolutely stunning! Everytime a timepline passes for a promise made about appliers...they report THERES A GLITCH. I dont know about you but other head and body makers seem to get through a project without all these mysterio
  8. I checked my inventory for 2 days...every cluster file i have rezzed...even did an inventory cache cleaning in case there was an issue...she should have warned us...let us move...4 months in advance gone...live and learn i guess
  9. Holy heck she did intentionally screw us and not tell us....thats HORRIBLE I am selling four (4) private full sim, tier of $195 USD/month (grandfathered). Contact me for Tier dates. There is a $600.USD transfer fee payable to LL for keeping the grandfathered status of this private island sims. I am asking 1600.00 USD - that includes 600.00 USD transfer fee to maintained grandfather status. Keep in mind that a grandfathered sims saves you $100.USD of tier every month (and they are no longer available directly from LL). Sims are currently used as rental properti
  10. 8 years i have lived on her sims off and on just a simple note would have been nice and thank you all for your help
  11. i will try that but when i map the sims they are barren but with some luck maybe the stuff is still there
  12. i didnt mean to snap hun i am just frustrated...all those old gachas gone...the lindens oh well...live and learn i mean she was in buisness for about 8 years I would have never expected this from her...all her sims are empty
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