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  1. I have the Maia [AK]-AKERUKA head and got a free update to BoM with redelivery. Looks like they are releasing them one head at a time as they are updated, and a number of them have already been done.
  2. I am 5.01 feet tall according to the viewer, in my 12 years I have never been banned from anyplace because of my height. But my avatar looks nothing like a child.
  3. If I use BoM and put on bra and panties, bake them in place, when I TP anyplace I will never again rez completely naked. What is baked on is like my skin, if my skin shows, my baked on lingerie shows, so never completely naked on TP again. I like BoM a little better all the time, if that is how it works.
  4. For viewers: From Kokua 6.3.0 Release Notes "The primary driver behind this release is LL’s 6.3.0 release which introduces Bakes On Mesh."
  5. Some do but its because I did not see it and there was no demo, so low linden cost mostly. And I have found you can turn off the alpha in the body HUD. But when you relog its back on, so I just don’t use them very often. But clothing I use on a daily basis has no alpha included or needed.
  6. It took me a long time to go from the Classic Avatar to a mesh avatar, but the one thing that pushed me over the edge is getting rid of ALPHA CUTS. To me, alpha cuts are for the Classic Avatar and if you need them for a mesh body, your doing something wrong. I have loads of clothing that fits. If I see clothing with an alpha I will look long and hard for something else rather than add an alpha to my body, that is what I spent loads of Linden$ to get rid of. That is how “I” look at alphas and mesh bodies.
  7. I think Bellisseria will have a negative impact on the privet rental business. I have rented before and lost my house because one reason or another having nothing to do with me. Being on Linden land and in a Linden house I feel safe that that will not happen. Oh wait, I have a house in Meadowbrook and the Linden’s are saying they are going away at some point after Bellisseria and the new homes are all in place. So not much different from renting in the privet sector, house goes away having nothing to do with me. The safety aspect of having a Linden home over the privet sector is gone, or will be.
  8. I have the Tonic Fine and it can use slink shoes. I have a lot of shoes and have never seen any that don't fit.
  9. What will become of the old Premium homes? I know they say the old homes are going to disappear but I hope it will be a long long time. I have been in my older Linden Home for years and dearly love it. I looked at the new homes and don’t like them, well I can’t really say I don’t like them, its more like I hate them. The tiny little rooms that “For Me” are completely useless, I have no interest at all in decorating, I just can’t do it. I made an alt Premium for a month and got a new home rather easily, very lucky I guess. I put up a sky box and wow do the people in Bellisseria love their sky boxes, they were everywhere! Hopefully the Lab will make future homes with more room in them, or I guess I could just leave it empty and live in a sky box. That is what my alt did for the three or four days she had her house in Bellisseria, then she abandoned it and went back to Basic.
  10. Ayela said: Remember, just because something isn't illegal, doesn't mean that a business is legally obligated to provide you with that service. That’s an understatement. But still does not answer my question, why keep me out of the sim. And no I do not expect an answer, I just find it nonsensical.
  11. I live in Florida and what I don’t understand is why I can’t even go in the sim. I understand I can’t gamble but that can easily be taken care of, the same as it keeps me out of the sim. I like the live entertainment in SL and when there is a show in a gambling sim, I can’t go see the show, has happened. Why keep me out of the entire sim and not just keep me off the gambling equipment? But I do admit I know nothing about it because I don’t gamble any how. I’ll be back in a minute, I need to go get my lottery ticket. And that is another thing, gambling is rampant in Florida, but I can’t gamble in Second Life????? (LMFAO)
  12. Any chance the Alchemy Viewer will get updated now?
  13. I have had glasses for years, don’t even know when I started. Got these not long ago, just updating my look a little.
  14. I really liked Kirsten's viewer and when Nirans Viewer came along it was a pleasure to use. But Black Dragon leaves me cold. Its not that I don’t like it or think its bad, I just don’t have the skills to use it, at least that is the best I can come up with thinking about why I don’t like it. I have installed it two or three times only to just give up on it. But seeing this post I now know why Nirans Viewer felt so good to use, it was a beautiful piece of work. My viewer of choice now is Alchemy and I’ve been using it for well over a year now. I keep Kokua installed and updated along with the Second Life viewer but I use Alchemy 90% of the time now, but the poor thing hasn’t been updated for about two years now. I will hate to see it go away, its comfortable.
  15. Have the trailers set so every time you change styles instead of just disappearing it burns down before the new trailer style appears, or have that so it happens randomly when changed.
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