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  1. What would you call a normal height of an avatar, my avi is 5’ 1” and I am smaller than most almost every place I go. LOL, I see a lot of bellybuttons.
  2. I just measured them, my 512 house the ceilings are 5m, my house in Bellisseria is much less than that, they are lower than a lot of builds in SL. The Bellisseria houses are just tiny, lower ceilings and smaller foot print, and there is no way around that, they are just small.
  3. Over the years I could take photos of the region I am in and the ones around me and shown it to be busy, other time I could show it almost empty, it changes. But I agree, not a community, but its not built with that in mind from the way it looks to me. I think Linden Lab has learned from their first Homes and have made improvements. Looking at them there is no comparison at all between the old and the new, they are completely different, the land the houses, everything. And it looks like the improvements are paying off for them, but Bellisseria is very young, we will see how it goes, but I have high hopes for it. But with that much land to place a house on I am hoping they provide something with more floor space and no tiny rooms, even like the old Linden homes, make a subdivision for different style homes. Without looking I believe the old homes are on 3 or 4 different continents, we may see that with the new homes also in time. And just a side note, when I first got my Linden Home, I would get the message that no houses are available like what I was looking for, very much like Bellisseria is now, just saying.
  4. Did not want to hear, but have you tried it? 1. So now I can say, yes I have given it a chance. 2. I am thinking a sky box could work, lot more prims. 3. I hear other models are going to show up, now I’m ready for one. (if I stay) 4. Its all about the challenge of the acquisition.
  5. I’m still in an older Linden Home and I don’t care what others think, I love it. Compared to the new homes there is a lot of space in my house. The problem with the older homes is there is no yard and they are stuffed together to tightly. There are no roads, some picnic tables, not much landscaping, all in all not pretty like the new homes area. But I’m not leaving my 512 house and all the room I have inside. My alt has one of the new houses and its like a pool table in side, I just keep bouncing off walls, the rooms are to small, she will not be making it home like I have made my 512 home for over 4 years now.
  6. Well, I always have been the odd one out. But I don’t like the new homes. I like the idea, the setup, the community, the layout of the roads, everything about them, but I don’t like the houses. The rooms are to small and cramped. I’ve tried to decorate before and it just looks trashy, so I quit trying. Not to mention it cost to much for all that furniture and that leaves me out right there. I will be in my Meadowbrook house until a Linden tells me, Get Out Teagan! I’ve been thinking I could get a house and just put a sign in each room, This Room Intentionally Left Empty, and then live in a skybox, I already have a house I can use for that, we’ll see. What I would like to see is a ranch style house with an open floor plan.
  7. It’s been said but it needs to be said again, there needs to be homes with more open floor space. The new homes are beautiful but to cramped. And with all that land (1024) they are on, they are just to small. I still have my old Linden Home and I Love it to no end. If I move to a new home it will only be because I can put a sky box above it that I can live in and be able to move around in it without bumping into walls. Please add new homes with open floor plans, some of us would really appreciate it.
  8. It looks like the login page for Alchemy viewer is off line. I have been trying for several hours but can’t get logged in with Alchemy viewer. Anyone know anything about this? I know the viewer is old but I really like it and would hate to see it go away.
  9. I have an older Linden Home and Love it. The new houses are to small, to many rooms that are to small. My Linden Home is very spacious, and it feels like I could put two of the new homes in my older home. However the lots are bigger and the prim count higher, as I understand it. I guess I could be satisfied with one of the house boats, they have more open space than the houses, more like an old Linden Home. I know a lot of people like the new homes but for me, I just don’t like them. Don’t get me wrong, I thing they are pretty, but I don’t like all the little spaces in them, walking through them they feel cramped.
  10. I don’t like the idea of giving up Premium but my Linden Home is the only reason I have it. I can’t see myself moving into a pill box. And adding on to it is just about out of the question, I have tried to build before and it has never ended well. But like you say I still have some time, to enjoy my Linden Home, maybe they will come out with something I can live with later on, I can always go Premium again at a later date.
  11. Don’t know if this has been said before, the thread is to long to read at this point. But I will not leave my Linden Home for a new one, the new ones are to cramped, tiny little rooms. The houses look pretty but I love the open space of my Linden home, I have room to walk around and even dance to see how clothing fits. The new homes feel very small.
  12. Also, you can be banned for something that never happened. Say you don’t have a tail, you can be banned because your tail is to long. It does not matter, banned is banned no matter what the reason, even made up reasons. LL does not care and will not intervene, its a resident to resident problem.
  13. I find this kind of strange, facebook does not like avatars. So what kind of info is being collected? Can facebook get our real names from LL? And if not why bother. But for me that would not help, I don’t have a facebook account, so then what good is it?
  14. LOL, when I saw that I thought, your trying to be funny, right? But sarcasm could be correct too.
  15. Interesting, I got an update to my avatar last week but have not used it all that much yet. Just went and looked and with the update the cracks are gone.
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