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  1. And there is nothing wrong with that display name, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has a sense of humor and does not get offended by such things.
  2. Don’t know how it pertains to the lack of new regions, but. The north east Meadowbrook land mass has, or did have, a line of about 21 empty regions across the northern border. About 18 or so of them are now missing, have they been used for new regions?
  3. A new skin and eyes and some mods to the shape. I like it. Thanks Catwa.
  4. (I bolded) LOL, you did not check my age... I was born September 1, 2007. And I don’t dislike BoM, in fact I love it, its just it has limits, just like everything, and Omega fills that void.
  5. I don’t see Omega going away. The day its gone, so is SL. I think its that entrenched in the life of many Residents, me for one. Will BoM be more prevalent, I think yes, but Omega will still be around. Some mesh bodies still make it available. I mix BoM and Omega when I dress. What I would expect to see is an Omega to BoM HUD, that would be nice, but the materials “thing” will need to be fixed. I have a sequined body suite that BoM can’t do or even come close to, I would hate to lose things like that.
  6. A ticket has been submitted. #1520684
  7. Not sure where to report it, but Search is not working. When I bring it up it appears to be okay, but if I try to use it I get “Server Error (500)”. I get the same error on different viewers and the latest LL viewer. It started yesterday and I have logged in and out numerous times on the two viewers I use.
  8. I took the plunge! I got my first Linden Home back in 2013 in Meadowbrook, today I am the owner of my fifth Log Home. Don’t think I will stay in this one but I think five is the limit per day, so in a couple days I’ll abandon and see what else I can find. I’m in Moleborough right now, have picked up homes in Grey Duck (twice), Partridge Nest and Naehice, but have not found the one that “speaks” to me like the one I had in Meadowbrook. But for now I have a Log Home.
  9. Hi, I’m in Florida, but I don’t have that problem. But, I can’t get to my Linden Home, I can’t get in the region. I have put in a ticket so I’ll wait and see. And my connection and my network are one gig, so your speed is not the problem most likely.
  10. Last night I had black beans and rice. My first attempt at making it from scratch and everyone liked it. Some time ago we got tired of cooking and we now cook one day a week. We use Mason jars to put things in and will usually have three different dinners to pick from. Veggies are up to the individual but sometimes a dinner is a one dish meal. We have been doing this for about six months now and its so nice to just heat up dinner and eat. But its not a hard fast thing, sometimes we cook or order pizza. Our only problem is only one microwave but that works its self out.
  11. I like to think I have some kind of style, but I doubt it. I don’t shop a lot, that takes money and that is limited. But I like nice things. So I guess my style would be to look nice. The stores that have impressed me the most lately are: MOZ and Powdermoon I did just pick up a cute little skirt from Sylvia’s Pretty Nice Things, the store is really small but the fit for my Tonic Fine body is perfect. Then for the store I keep going back to for shoes is KC, the prices can’t be beat and almost every shoe comes with a menu for changing the colors. And my hair that I think is a big part of style is old but I don’t think I’ll ever change, its from a store that has been closed for years, Zero Style or 0-Style. And yes its flexie, I don’t like the to much hair spray look of the mesh hair but I do have some just for photos, if your not moving it looks lovely. My RL hair never sits in one spot perfectly formed, so I looked for that for my avi. As I am writing this I realized I am talking about two avatars, my main and my alt, but my alt says she is my main and “that” other piece of fluff is the alt, but because I, the driver, decides what looks nice they both shop at the same stores, kind of, mostly. The big difference between us is my alt will have no part of that frizzy ugly flexie hair, she shops at eXxEsS for most of her hair.
  12. The nails with my mesh body are just not long enough. So looking around I found some mesh nails with very long to very short and lots of colors all in one package. But even though I was looking for longer the longest in the package are just to long, for me, but the next length down are perfect. So now I have what I would call talons and I mostly keep them turquoise, I’ve gotten more comments about my nails than anything else about my avatar. I don’t notice designs or shorter nails on others and thinking about it, I never cam in to examine anybody. Over the years that has always caused way to much drama.
  13. I am just a user, I look at search for someplace to go, not post for others. The absolute biggest problem came about with the new format where you only see a few listings on screen and a lot of dead space. Loosing the older listing format where you can actually see what is listed was a dreadful loss. With the older format you could look at the listing and not need to scroll for hours to see what is scheduled. A lot of the span was caused by the new format, people think they need to post over and over to catch your attention since you see so little on your screen. Making five or more lines for one Event listing was useless and just asking for trouble. (and you got it!) I have never used Firestorm but seeing the listing posted by Jaylinbridges I may need to give it a try. I always use Kokua but for some reason Events was removed from the viewer search, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! And because of that I was left with “useless” or “bloated” to look for places to go, and for me that was terrible, about the only thing I do in SL is go to Live shows, and I just don’t do much of that anymore, and I see the format change to search as at least part of the problem.
  14. Unreadable display names. Wish it were a fad but doubt its going away.
  15. Yes, don’t go back in time to look for clothing for a modern mesh avatar. The clothing looked bad then and to think it will look any better now on a modern mesh body is mindboggling.
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