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  1. The key to a proper segue is note for note, key for key and beat for beat. Two of three choices would work well. You don't want to come out of a slow song into one that spins the head or out of a song that has a 7/4 count in to something really slow (few exceptions). It would be like hitting the brakes on your car from 70 mph cruise control to a school zone limit. Work from one end and climb, or descend. Experiment with songs of your choice and see what I am saying.
  2. Thanks for the info, BTW. I filed an AR as well.
  3. @Vanessa Linden @Linden Lab First off, apologies for posting this here. I tried to file an AR the right way, but the AR's require an offender name and frankly, didn't offer a summation choice of my problem. I was flying over Bellisseria until I was shot down by a security orb, no warning at all. "Can't move object 'MD 900 Explorer v1.1' to { 99.506, 187.625, 200.56 } in region Comfy because your objects are not allowed on this parcel" and "You have been teleported home by the object 'Mint Home Security System V1.9.0' on the parcel 'Abue Home Chuche'" Absolutely no warning was offer
  4. A simple question. What are the best settings or proper size to use when uploading a picture?
  5. I do have the same problem while wearing a lace top (on my back. Again, I restyle and the problem goes away). Ok, I can deal with that. That answers my question. Thanks Chic.
  6. As you can see, when I am against a dark background or wearing dark clothing, the outline of my Truth 'Delicate' shows up. This is not unlike a poorly trimmed video of a person in front of a chromakey. The color shows like a 'halo' (blue or green). When I adjust the hair (restyle), the effect disappears. My question is what possibly causes this? As far as I can tell, no one else has commented on it in-world, so it seems to be a local problem (my viewer?). DISCLAIMER: I am not knocking Truth hair or their products. Just attempting to find what might cause this outline problem.
  7. It's a really noob question, I get that, but where do I find some gesters? One I am really interested in is "I love the song ooo la la!". Is there a shop in-world that sells them?
  8. Can anyone recommend a store that sells three person poses for portraits? I'm not asking for three way sex poses but something three friends can use for a nice pic.
  9. I recently changed my skin from one bought at 7 Deadly Skins for an LAQ Next Level skin. I was able to render the LAQ skin on to the body, but the 7DS skin remains as loaded. I'm using a Maitreya body. How do I lose the 7DS skin since it's no longer needed?
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a course or training (if you will) of how to be an effective, but fair Domme? I remember a weekly thing from years ago where the subject matter was being a good sub. I'm hoping there might be something in-world that might teach from the Domme side of life. Thank you Ren. Accept my apologies for originally posting this in the wrong forum. My thanks to the person who relocated it to the right place.
  11. A Whois search shows it out of a PO box, in New Windsor, NY and an AOL email address for email contact. I understand I'm not answering your question directly (pertaining to the LL legality), but if I need Lindens, I'd prefer to use the Lindex. I'm sure others will have a better answer for you.
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